Wednesday 30 July 2014


"Hello Lucas , that's a nice hat you have. Who gave it to you?"

Lucas just looks down and says "Shoes!"

" Well they are lovely new sandals! and the perfect match for your outfit, where did you get them? "
" Mon ka!" says Lucas in a happy voice " Mon ka shoes!"
" Sandals "
" NO Mon ka shoes!" insists Lucas
Mum thinks for a moment and then asks  " Do you mean Monica ? "
"Lucas signs gustily " Said Mon hic a !"
Mum decides not to argue and asks instead " Did Monica give you the hat too?"

"NO!" cries Lucas
Then Mum remembers " Oh I'm sorry Lucas I forgot it was Judith's toddler Aster who sent you the hat!" Mum smiles " I think she's sweet on you 1"

Lucas checks his front " No Sweet!" he says confused " No sweet on Lucas!"
Mum laughs, " I meant that I think Aster likes you, she thinks you are a sweetie"

"No sweetie!" says Lucas getting annoyed , he looks away  " Aster a  a .. a.. a ..G I R L!"
he says the last word like it's the worse thing possible.
Mum smiles " Well girl or not I think she must like you if she sent you a hat !"

" No!" says Lucas turning his back " MY HAT Not Aster !"

Mum tries to reason with him but he's having none of it and refuses to turn round and have more photo's taken, then he's off walking along muttering about sweeties!!

Well Mum would like to thank Monica for making the perfect match sandals for Lucas's outfit ( her details will be one info page ) and also Aster for asking her Mum, Judith, to make and send Lucas a hat to match his outfit , Aster who IS a little sweetie, for some strange reason likes the bad tempered tot!!


Tuesday 29 July 2014


Yes Judith's finished her first re root!

Judith plaited the hair to keep it tidy while she worked.

A back view.

Front view.

Judith is considering giving her a single fringe. Like me she's going to take a break while she decides exactly what she's going to do.
But she looks great and I cannot wait to see her 'finished' and smiling at us from a photo.

Well done Judith a fabulous job, I bet you feel chuffed !! I know I did when I finished Lulu and she was only a partial re root.
Love her pink top a Judith OOAK just like this Sasha :)


Sunday 27 July 2014


Where does the time go? Such plans I have when I get up in the morning and without noticing suddenly the lights fading or the clouds have arrived and nothing's been done!!

Is it just me? or does everyone suffer from these runaway weekends? It does not help at present that it's so hot but thats really just an excuse! :) I can show you  lists I have made the night before of things to do and I'm lucky if two have been achieved !

Last week, we were trying to book a week away , it took three hours one evening of looking at holiday cottages in the area we wanted to visit, then another evening of an hour whittling them down to two with a break of an hour or so before we settled on the one we booked!! There are three of us going, my daughter Lindsey included, but still three people and at least five hours to book one cottage for a week!!!

Take today I had decided that I needed to get a few things done before I attack any more Sasha's hair problems. So what did I actually achieve...some hoovering, some tidying and that's it!!

What happened to the photo's for the story rattling around in my head for the blog? or the clothes I was going to sort out to sell? or the trip to buy some white cotton and some acrylic paint for Lulu's lips?
and a  few other things that were meant to happen !

How is it I managed to avoid these tasks? Is age catching up with me?? If that's the case I'd best try to run faster!! Mind you If I did try to run any distance I'd be having this conversation from my hospital bed!!

But yet again another weekend is drawing to a close and just a tiny faction of what I intended to do has been done and a very large faction not!!

So tomorrow is Monday a new week! I'm going to go and write a list of all the things I want to get done by or have started by  next Monday and hopefully this time I'll have at least halved the list come next Sunday night!!
Maybe I'd best just put two things on it then it will be a doddle !! No Just kidding, It will have ten things I need to get done/ started by next Sunday night, I'll let you know what happens......



Ellen Church sent out a round robin of photo's of her new boy and girl, although most of you receive these
I like to share some of the photo's for those who don't or just so they can be seen bigger.

Love this new lad's sailor outfit.

This photo reminds me of those old Hollywood movies with Gene Kelly and Donald O' Connor who go on to sing and dance their way down the streets. gotta dance.......

Ellen also acquired this gorgeous girl who she's called Alison , Just love her face .

I love this dress with the Elephant fabric almost the perfect match for her eyes.

LOVE the colour and print on this dress which again shows this young lady off to a T!

Fred Astaire pops up again this time with out his hat...gottttaaaa Danceeee!Love this lads face

another gorgeous dress on this gorgeous girl


Well I hope you enjoyed that little piece of eye candy, I know I did.
Thanks once again to the very generous Ellen Church for sharing her lovely dolls with us all.


Saturday 26 July 2014


Well we managed to get Ava back together again but may need to go back again and tighten her new stringing although she is fine and we may be being a little fussy, so we'll see.

With the re string we are finding less is more, meaning you only need a very small piece of elastic to achieve what you need.

And here she is .

She still needs her hair trimmed to length and also for me to decide if she needs a very long side fringe or a short fringe to the front but first she needs to rest after her surgery!.

The colour I used for Ava was called Chocolate Brown and I think it's worked out a good match, you cannot really tell what the new strands apart from the longer side's that still need trimming.

Another view.

Well another village girl's been given a mini spa and salon treatment, just a couple more to go!!

I think next I will go for the hard headed Trendon!!!


Thursday 24 July 2014


Well I dipped or should say placed Ava's torso in boiling water for a few seconds and it removed the caving a treat!

and here it is looking all full and upright!

I tied the string to the leg holes so that I could put it in and out of the boiling water easily .

some re rooting at the front but I am deciding if I should remove all the shorter cut lengths or root between ?

A little peek at her face...


Wednesday 23 July 2014



Yes Judith is re rooting one of her girls after seeing me do Lulu. Mind you she's gone straight into the full head re root!
She says this is after 30 hours work.......and it's all my fault if no clothes get made for her website!!

To that I say, you could always make a couple of items , then do some rooting !! Hey we are women ! We can multi task!!

Now I must get back to Ava!, I'm trying to decide exactly what short hair needs to be removed before continuing with the rooting.....


Monday 21 July 2014



Well having almost finished Lulu, I decided thatthere are a few others in the clan in need of a little TLC, so yesterday I did this....

Yes we took Ava apart so she could have her fringe re rooted. But in doing so we realised that her stringing was very tight and had caused some neck caving. She was also very dirty around her leg and arm joints.

On close inspection what appeared to be only a missing front row of plugs was in fact a second row at the top was stubble which is what makes her 'fringe' stand up!

and here you can see she'll need some of the top removed and re rooted also, I may leave the longer hair and re root amongst it to help it blend in.

Her chest also had some caving from the tight strings.

You can see it more if I put her head back with her body.

Unfortunately I broke the neck ring getting the string out but was straight on the computer to Shelly to get a couple more!!

So another new thing to learn, getting rid of caving by dropping into boiling water for a few seconds and working out how much string I need to cut to restring her without causing new caving!


Sunday 20 July 2014


The slate eyed girls had gathered in the garden for a mini photo shoot. The sun had started to shine and the temperature was beginning to rise, so Mum decided to take the photo's of everyone on one of the covered benches.

Mimi and Ava stood together for a photo.

So Lulu and Simone decided to stand together.

So Callie had to stand on her own.

Callie misses not having a red haired slate eyed sister to share things with.

Simone's very happy that she now as a blonde sister who almost looks just like her!

And she loves her new mustard yellow dress.

Lulu also loves her new dress and loves that her sisters are all wearing the same style .

She just wants mum to paint her lips so she can smile properly.

Ava's been admiring Lulu's new hair and wondering if maybe Mum could sort out her fringe?

But then she's not to sure she'd like an out of body experience !

Mimi's just glad her hair is perfect and thick with no missing anything!

She's been watching mum hold her sister up to the computer screen looking at hair!!!

The girls stand about waiting for mum to get ready to take their group photo.

Mum goes off in search of something or other and tell's the girls to wait there and not move! So they start chatting.

Simone and Lulu start talking about the best shade of lip colour that would suit Lulu.

Ava tells Mimi she's worried that mum's going to get Dad to remove her head!!!

Callie listens to the others chatter wondering when she's have a special sister for her to chatter with !

Mum comes back and soon  the girls are ready for their group photo and Callie forgets about wanting a special sister for the moment.


Oh and Dad's started work on the centre piece for the display at the Chat n Snap.........  :)