Saturday 31 August 2013


Yes I know it's a day early but I am not around tomorrow to put on this beautiful girl and she is so beautiful she deserves to have an extra day for you all to drool over her!

So the blonde of the month for September is the one and only Kim a 1967 NP Sasha .

Look at those Eyes ! Such a beauty. She seems to radiate light.

Here is a closer shot of that face. Sigh......

A full length shot of her in the lovely silk dress her Mum Brigitte made for her.

I must once again thank the lovely Brigitte for taking the time to photograph and send me these wonderful photo's of the fabulous Kim all in white to share with you all

These photo remain the property of Brigitte and anyone should seek her permission to use them.

Now If I could just find a dirtier one of these girl's in a second hand shop for a tenner I would be one gibbering idiot!! Don't say it Ronny .. :)

Once again we wish all people whose Birthday falls in the month of September a happy one.

Friday 30 August 2013


Jocelyn has been waiting patiently for a change of clothes since she arrived earlier this year.

"Excuse me Mum " she says softly " Can I have a summer change of clothes?"

" But you look so nice in your Ginny of A passion for Sasha dress and red J j sandal's " answers Mum.
" I do love them Mum but I saw a very pretty dress that came just the other day that I would love to wear " replies Jocelyn shyly.
Mum know's just the one she means " That would look lovely on you, so yes let's get you changed "

A little while later....

Jocelyn is back wearing the new Karen Warnaka smocked dress and blue socks by Gill and a blue pair of Jj sandals.

"That suit's you nicely " says Mum " But I wonder what we should do about your hair !"
"My hair ? " asks Jocelyn
" Yes Turn round let's look at the back "

"Yes " says Mum " I wonder if we should cut some of the length off ! But how much ? "

Mum pushes all the long lengths of Jocelyn's hair behind her back , so it appears short
" Mm " mutters Mum " should it be cut this short ? "

"Or " says Mum " keep a bit of length ? " she pulls some of the hair back " I wonder what the other's think? "
Jocelyn feels quite excited that she may get a trim or a chop!

So Followers and visitors, what do you think  I should do with Jocelyn's hair? go very short page boy look ?or keep some length?
Please leave your comments .

Here is photo of hair with big ribbon to side.

I quite like this look.

and here is picture with bunches

Not to sure about this, makes her scrappy fringe look worse and not to sure I would put her in bunches
 looking like this!

Thursday 29 August 2013


Thought I would share a few photo's of the village clan..and guests..

First up is Ginny and the ever present Mossy !!

Gill's slate eyed girl's love the brunette's especially .

One of Kendal's lovely No navel girls' wearing a coat by Sarah of Vintage Sasha, which I saw on ebay when I first started collecting Sasha's, I thought that it was an original coat due to the price it went for!!!

Hattie in one of her hats!

One of Ellen Church's No navel girls.

The girl's at their Ballet lessons.

A Gotz Angela looking good in white.

Three of Ellen Church's blondes.

Love this photo of Ellen's children waiting for the ski lift!!

Verity my second Dungaree's girl.

A Gotz David in his original clothes.

Arabella My Gotz no nose girl.

Eleven blondes I owned at one time..and now only two still live here !!!!

Two brunette limited Ed Velvets, one of  them now gone to pastures new...

I am amazed to be able to say that these Gregor's and Sasha's celebrating the queens jubilee are ALL still here.....

Nate my 68 shorts boy.

Cassandra's NP Girls.

Well hope you have enjoyed this jumble of random photo's.If you are anything like me , you'll love looking at any Sasha or Gregor photo and seeing how different they all are.

Wednesday 28 August 2013


The children in the village were very happy and a little bit envious to receive some postcards via the computer from their good friend India who'd been taken on a lovely holiday to Barbados by her Mum and Dad.

"Hello to my friends in the Sasha village " writes India " It is lovely here in Barbados, today was Dad's birthday so he opened all his cards and Mum treated him to a bottle of bubbly , but I was not allowed any I was only allowed a coke!"

"This is a photo just for Toby ! Look Toby it's just like a walnut whip! How funny " writes India showing off the lamp in the hotel room.

" This is me standing on the balcony overlooking the beautiful island palm trees." writes India " We are off for a drive "

"this is the little car we used to travel round the Island , I wanted to drive but Mum would not let me !"

" This is Mum holding me so I cannot run off and get an ice cream ! I had to wait until after we'd had lunch!"

" Here is a photo of me in amongst the plants, you can see the lovely Beach and sea behind me, it's so lovely here , I wish you could be here too !"

" We spend a lot of time sun bathing by the pool, Mum bought me this sun suit especially "

" I did not feel to good this day, I tried some of dad's beer and it made me feel all giggly and then quite sick! Mum said I had to stay on the sun lounger until I felt better "

"We found this little playhouse , I wanted Dad to buy it and bring it home But Mum said it would cost to much. It's a shame as it was sooo nice !"

" Well I must say good bye I'll be back in England soon and will tell you all about the great time I had ,
Bye !"

Tuesday 27 August 2013


I thought I would share a few more photo's of the three No navel girl's Ashley, Raven and Ginny in their 'Spanish ' style summer shorts and tops outfits, with fabric tied braids.

I think they look very cute in their fabric tied braids.I love the No navel's, they are Sasha's but with a different look to the others. They have a sweet pixie look to them.I confess that when I first saw a No navel I was not in the slightest bit interested in them! but like all things with this obsession your tastes change over time, so much that I find it hard NO to buy a No Navel when I see one!

But I must confess that Ginny ( Virginia ) is my favourite, she just has such a sweet look to her.

A true waif, having several missing plugs to both sides of her head and also the back at the bottom.
her fringe has been cut by some youngster in the past but luckily enough underneath the top layer, so does not look to bad.

She is also strung in such a way as it makes her have to stand with her leg to the side throwing her hip out and she is quite petite compared to her sister No navels.

And she can wear an outfit like this one and look so cute! She was the first No navel I ever bought and would be the last one I would ever sell, she is for me a Keeper!

hey ! and she's a red head, what more could a Sashaholic want!!

Monday 26 August 2013


Ashley, Raven and Ginny  decided to look on the internet and see what was happening out and about in the world of Sasha!
They came across Sharon's post of her new girl Lyric and were taken with her braid ties!

"She's very pretty"say's Raven "I like her braids tied with fabric!"
" Yes " replies Ashley " It matches her blouse "

They find a bigger photo of Lyric and spend some time  inspecting what the Sasha's in Spain are wearing this summer!

A close inspection is needed!

"I like it " States Ashley " I think we should try and go Spanish!!"
" Yes" "Yes" the other two agree..

Time is spent trying to find some stripy socks, Ginny's not impressed with the long one's Ashley holds up!

Decisions made regarding to stripe or not to stripe they go off to finds some clothes to wear like Lyric's.

Some time later they return with their hair braided and tied with fabric and wearing shorts and tops!

"Do you think Hattie will be upset that we have cut up her scarf? " worries Ginny
" Mm maybe " answers Ashley
" It's not our fault really it's mum's !" says Raven
"How come? " asks Ginny
" Well she locked up all the other fabric after that time that Toby and Zak cut holes in loads of it !"
Ginny's not so sure that it's Mum's fault that they have used Hattie's scarf for braids but Raven starts calling out Whola At the top of her voice !!

"Why are you shouting Whola? " asks Ginny
"It's hello in Spanish !" states Raven " Or is it Hoopla ? "
" It's doe not have a W at the beginning " says Ginny firmly " It's hola and hoopla is a toy! "
The girl's all have a giggle at Raven's mistake !

They all turn to the camera and holding up their hands shout  " Hola Lyric !"


I would like to thank Sharon and her new girl Lyric who inspired the idea for this post.