Sunday 23 February 2020


So how's the week been for you all? In my area it's been half term for the schools, I love half term ! The roads are almost empty when heading off to work in the mornings, so I arrive in half the time nice and early and can just relax while I wait for others to arrive before starting the day.
Plus it also means less customers because they are off elsewhere with their children etc, so as it's quieter we get a chance to catch up on things at work.
We are constantly being given information to read and then be tested on to make sure we are compliant etc and at this time of year when the powers in charge are setting out their new year goals we barely get a chance to catch up, so half term gives us a little space to at least make a start.

For those of you who are yet to be thinking of retirement I can tell you its a double edged sword.. mentally you have made the decision to go on a certain date but then things start happening and you start thinking.. I could go earlier... I could go next month... I could go next week !!!
That's what's been happening to me! When I said last month , to my area manager, that I'd be going in July and would probably put it in writing a few months before hand, she told me that when you retire you can in fact just say your going anytime!!
It seems another member of staff ,a few years back, decided that due to some big changes happening at that time, that she didn't want to have to train for , said to her that she wanted to leave now! as in at the end of that week, so the area manager phoned HR believeing that a months notice at least needed to be given, only to be told no! if she's retiring she can in fact just decide to stop ! So she did !

Now I want to get to July before I leave but it will depend on how things go ... watch this space...

For the third weekend in a row we have had heavy rainfall and gale force winds for the weekend, although this weekend's weather as not been given a name. Luckily the worse of it around here was overnight and into this morning. The day is bright and blustery with fast moving white clouds.
Spring must be on it's way as my mind re the garden is starting to come out of hibernation and where as I have admired most of it from the safety of the french doors, I'm now starting to venture past the studio and into the rest of the garden, with thoughts of cutting back and clearing up appearing!
Fresh green shoots are starting to appear and those early daff's and primroses are adding their colours to barren area's.

These crocuses are adding a splash of purple to the raised garden. We need to plant more bulbs in this raised bed later in the year ready for next year.

Violet and Sapphire's garden shed awaits the warmer weather and their attention. They are still asking after a greenhouse but may have to settle for using a part of ours.

On the doll front, I have sold another non sasha doll but still need to be hard and add on some more dolls to be adopted.
The only things I have bought dollwise, is one outfit and a wooden table, even I am amazed at my willpower !
There is only one doll I would like to get, if I can, before I retire and she's a very pricy one, so whether I do remains to be seen. But wanting to add her to my collection is helping to stop me wasting money on other cheaper dolls.

And on that note I'm off to look at things to sell to make some space and add funds to the wanted doll fund, have a lovely healthy week ahead.


Sunday 16 February 2020


Already half way through the month! I have had a lovely ..ish week ! I always keep a week of each years holiday allowance for the next year , it needs to be taken by the end of February, so I always have a week around this time of the year.

Like with all my 'spare' time I have lots of things that I think I will get done in the time I have free but like every single time, only a small amount of whats planned , a small amount of what isn't gets done and a lot gets left for next time! But I am pleased that I have managed to get a few things done on my list along side some that wasn't.

It also give me time to chop and change things around. This house seems to be notorious for having piles of items left on most of the available flat surfaces. Beside where I sit on the sofa, being one such place, I'll read my post etc and then place on the little cupboard at the side of me and there it will stay for weeks until finally I get around to moving it all and sorting it out!
But this time I decided that I needed to redefine the area and hopefully stop the pile up of items happening.
I had an idea and then went in search of something I'd actually bought for the dolls to use.

It was the little book rack ! Now my note books and other books plus a couple of dvd's that we've not yet watched can be stored tidily until needed. It was the perfect size for the space as if made to measure.

On friday I was bitten by the 'throw it out ' feeling and so I did throw out some items that have just sat around in cupboards or drawers never being used or needed. Part of me is itching to rearrange furniture but that I have managed to resist so far or should I say for now.

I treated us to some Morris and Co bedding , so now have to decide which bedding will be moved on. I only ever buy quality bedding which means nothing ever fades or wears out, which means it can be hard to get rid of it because it's in lovely condition.

I also purchased another set in Strawberry thief design before Christmas. It must be a good seven years since the last time I bought any actually quilt sets ,although I have bought new sheets during that time.

And I have finally stopped the idea that you keep the good things for special occasions and now I'm making sure to use everything and enjoy it.

I'm writing this at present on Satureday with the wind gusting around the house and the rain falling. I do love the sound of the wind, although it can be destructive when it's this powerful, I still enjoy the sound and seeing the trees moving and feeling that force of nature.

But since I've been 'stuck' inside due to the weather this afternoon/ evening, it does mean my being good as slipped somewhat ! No dolls... yet .. but I have ordered some storage bags and three books , oh and a small doll sized old table... so far....

It's now Sunday and the storm battered the house most of the night , waking us up on occasion. First thing this morning the wind had gone and the rain had stopped but not for long. It's now windy again but nowhere near as bad as overnight but the rain is falling again making puddles on the patio.

So another indoor day. I'd love to say that means I'd been extra productive but in fact, by the time I've read the Sunday paper from cover to cover  discussed what I've read with Paul and had a cup of tea or two it's soon lunchtime, then suddenly it's late afternoon!
I'm selling a couple of non sasha dolls on ebay and need to take a few more photos and add more detail of one of them, so that's still to do, before the light does!

I had been hoping to take a few dolls photos but alas it's too wet to be dragging dolls out of the Studio to the house and back and too dim and untidy to take photos in the studio at present. One of the first things on our list is sorting out the electrics for the kitchen and studio just need to ring the electrician and get him to come and give us a price and a date for the work.
Then we can get on with the kitchen/breakfast room, followed by the bedrooms then the hall, stairs and landing can be finished.
I've already changed my mind about the wallpaper for the hall as if we got with the red/gold it won't match in with the colouring of the tiles in the entry, so I am looking at other papers now but still loads of time until it will need buying!

Well it looks like the rains stopped for a few minutes so I'm off to the studio to grab a few things.

Have a lovely healthy doll filled week ahead.



Friday 14 February 2020


I wandered over wood and field
and climbed atop this wall
I carry with me tokens of
my love for one and all

I chose not one to be my love
for I would not feel good
If one should be left crying
cos they were misunderstood

So one and all please accept from me
my love for all mankind
come dance with me a cha cha cha
please neatly form a line.

Valentine Owen

Now lets go dance.... " I'm putting on my top hat.... "

Wednesday 12 February 2020


Not Sashas I know but I had a chance to pop into my studio yesterday and had a very and I do mean very tiny tidy. One of the things I did was put a couple of the Schoenhut dolls into the cupboard on this shelf, they'd been waiting in a box that I'd filled with things from the house and just left around until I found them.
I really need to get that studio sorted , along with my dolls, so the are at least in places they can be seen!


Monday 10 February 2020


Yes it's that time of year when the date for the Chat n Snap is announced and places can be booked for the event.

They are already queuing for their places, not wanting to miss out on a good old gossip and having their photos taken and snagging a few bargains.

This years theme is a 1940's evacuation of children to the countryside.They'll be milling around at the railway station waiting for their train to arrive or are they already in the country and waiting for their place to stay? We won't know until the day...

I'm really looking forward to seeing this years theme on the stage with peoples dolls dressed for the occasion.

Please contact me for more information, should you wish to attend.


Sunday 9 February 2020


And what a Sunday it is! We are in the process of experiencing the storm that is Ciara , which by the way is the same meaning as Clara, and tomorrow, Monday is our Clara's second birthday.
We were intending to travel down to see her today but had to cancel due to the extreme weather conditions.
Now I do like a good stormy windy day but this is one that could cause damage, so best to stay home and ride it out.

I spent last night finishing Clara's cardigan, it just needs some buttons, so that I could take it with me today but now I'll have another week to wait to see her in it.

I will give her the choice of ponies or cats but I just know she'll chose the cats as she does love cats!

Friday I received a Schoenhut doll that I'd had on a long layaway, not because she was expensive but more because I kept going off and buying other dolls! But finally I made the last payment and she arrived home.

Like all of these dolls , she needs a nice clean and a new outfit. I have several Schoenhuts with this face scuplt,108, it's one of my favourites.

This is Evelyn , my first Schoenhut, who is the same sculpt.

She is also one of the larger 19 inch dolls. I removed her wig to wash it along with all her clothes.
So at present she is wearing this wig....

 I think she looks best with brown /black hair, whether I leave her in this, change her back into her original wig or try and replace the original with the same style I have to yet decide.
Like all my dolls they tell me which name suits them and so it was with this young lady! I said a few names but nothing ! then I said Prundence and that was it, she was happy, so she's Prudence Merryweather.
She still needs a little more cleaning and some better fitting clothes but for now she's watching from the dresser getting used to her new family.

Well I need to go and do a few things, so I hope you all have a lovely healthy week ahead.


Wednesday 5 February 2020


So today is February the fifth and doll photos are ready to view.

 Over at Gregoropolis Rolf is lsitening to Mr Potato head tell of all his adventures with his pal Woody!

Meanwhile elsewhere in the house love is in the air.....

Over at Emma's someone's eating in bed!! and it's yummy Walnut whips ! Now I want to join in...

At Viv's her children and ready and waiting for their trip... is that a hint on their suitcase? Are they off to Paris !

Here in the village Margo's been outside feeding the Robins , she loves Robin because of their red breasts, she says they are the red haired persons bird.

From Chris we have little Miss Attitude!  She looks like a sweetheart to me :)

Many thanks to everyone sending in a photo or two, still time to add more if you'd like to join in.


Sunday 2 February 2020


I do love a cold winter's day , I truly do, you know the ones where the sun is bright but the air is cold , with maybe a chilly wind. Yes It is cold but when that sun is out ,despite the cold, it can be glorious!

Yesterday, the 1st, was such a day, yes that wind was nippy but the air was pure and the day wonderful , unfortunately I only got to enjoy the afternoon as I was working the morning but still it was a day worth enjoying.

I have to say that there is nothing quite like getting inside, nice and snug and warm, on a cold winters day enjoying being with family or even alone and just sipping tea and knitting or reading. Some times it good to just ignore all those things that you should be doing or that need doing and sit back and relax.
It's also nice to now be one month closer to retiring! It's seemed a long time coming and now I'm wondering if it will arrive before I'm ready! Will it be a shock when it comes? Will I miss going out to work daily? I know I will miss getting paid! That will be a shock lol !

I have managed to sell a few things on and am casting my eye over other items that could go to make some space and get ready for the big stop.

Last week I needed to search out a box so Bertie could be readied to travel home to his mame, I left the box on the kitchen table and it's been infested all week !

The latest infestation is Saffy , who decided to spend most of the day in the box only coming out for food and a short wander around before re settling back down for another nap!

It will soon be Clara's second birthday she is growing up so fast! She chatters away and is into everything especially the outdoors , nature and animals. I wish I was allowed to share a sweet video of her reading a book that showed a difference animal hidden in a package that the zoo had sent upon the request for a pet, her voice when she says which animal and why she will send him back! is just so adorable but when she gets to the puppy , she goes totally off script and says " I love him Daddy , he's really nice " I can see a dog in her future !

It's also my eldest daughter's 40th this month! Yes forty I know, I adopted her when I was ten... yes it was so ....back then you could adopt at any age , not like now where you have to pass loads of tests.. I had a dolls pram and cot so I was in ... She's decided to have lots of holidays and trips to celebrate and is off to Iceland this month and Thailand next month and there are a few other trips planned.

I need to announce this years Chat n Snap, which I am really looking forward to, due to the theme planned this year, we just need to pull it off!.

The fifth will be doll shelf day, so if you have a photo or two you would like to share , please send them in, so they can be added to the blog post that day.

Well I'm off to do some or those neverending jobs that need doing, so I wish you all a happy healthy month ahead and a Happy Birthday to those you are celebrating this month.



Saturday 1 February 2020


So the second month of 2020 and winter is still trying to bite! Today is cold but Adam, who had been staying in the studio was more than happy to stand outside for a small photo shoot.

Adam wears his lovely tweed coat and although still in shorts, his long socks helped to keep the chill away for the short time he was outside.

Adam , who is named after that icon of the sixties Adam Faith , is living with me again after going off on an adventure a few years back, then returning home a year or so ago.

 To me he is Adam , but he is in fact a Gotz David in his original outfit minus his cap. Will he be off on more travels? who can say certainly not me ! However a button dropped off his coat when I went to take him out side, so I'll be re attaching that and making sure all the rest are well sown just to make sure we done lose any more.