Saturday 30 June 2012


Just to let you know I have put more pictures of Festival on the wordpress site.


Only two hours and a few minutes later  Hattie,Ginnie,Paige and Toby were home, having dropped Blossom and India off on the way.
The girl's all scramble out of the car and rush inside full of  excitement and wanting to tell the others of their adventure.

"HEY" shouts Toby finding himself left with all the bags of goodie's!" I'm not a donkey , you know!"

Hattie returns " Really?"
"Really what?" asks Toby puzzled
" Your not a donkey! I would have said you were an ass"
"Wait till I tell mum you called me an Ass! You know she does not like us using that word"
"That's Ass not the other word"
While Toby is trying to work out a cutting reply, Hattie grabs the bags and carries them inside.

They find Zak and Dominic playing in the living room.

While Hattie takes off her coat, Toby starts telling his brother's about his adventures.

"Ha Ha" cries Hattie when Toby says that he went on a Barge on the river " I'm telling Mum ! You were told to stay in the room "
" Well I did not" smirked Toby " It was boring , so I went out and about"
" When mum hears your'll not be so smug" says Hattie turning and hurrying off.

Zak and Dominic tell Toby not to worry about Hattie, they are sure that when she finds Mum she'll have calmed down and wont dob him in!

Within no time Toby is showing the others the cars he as bought for each of them " Here you are Zak, I got you this lovely blue one"

" Thanks Tobs" He says with excitement , he loves cars. Next Dominic is given his.

Then Toby gets out a lovely big bus.
"Wow" exclaims Zak " That's awesome! who did you get that one for?"
"Me" replies Toby
"Oh It's great" says Dominic" Can I have a go playing with it?"
"Maybe later" Toby says " Lets go find the others so I can give them their cars and we can all play"
Zak looks at the lovely bus and wonders if Toby will actually let them have a go playing with it. But decides his car is nice too, so they all agree to find the others.The boy's that is, Toby aint bought no cars for no Girls!..

Friday 29 June 2012


Well it’s the last day for those not going to Dawn’s on Monday and while his mum and the girl’s are having brunch and seeing what they may win in the raffle. Toby goes off to the library to get something to read while he waits.

But much to his surprise he finds a baby waiting quietly in a carry cot surrounded by lots of pink and white clothing and things.

Being a polite little boy he enquires if she is Well
” Hello, my names Toby, what is your name?”
The baby just looks at Toby and blows a few bubbles. ” Did your mum leave you here?” he tries again
A voice comes across from the next table.
” Baby’s do not talk! ” a very serious boy’s voice informs him
Looking over Toby sees someone on the next table so he makes his way across.

” Blimey!” says Toby ” You’ve got a lot of stuff!”
The little boy sigh’s ” Yes, I do have a considerable amount of clothing but I do not have any stuff!”
” Bli..I mean you sound just like Edward”
” Edward?” enquires the boy ” Your big brother?”
” No my sister Paige’s Panda”
The boy take’s a deep breath ” I see”
” Why have you got so much”
” Because I am off to boarding school once I get my new mum”
” If you are getting a new mum, why are you going off to school”
” Because I am highly intelligent  and I need to go to a place that can help me reach my full potential “

“I see ” says Toby not really seeing at all ” Well I hope you can reach it when you get there and then they let you go home to your mum”

” Reach what?” asks William bewildered

” Your potential, I hope it’s not too high up so you can get it quick and get home!” Toby has spied some thing on the next table that he just as to go see” Must dash, have a good one” he rushes off leaving William wondering if what had happened, had really happened!

“What a beauty” Sign’s Toby ” I would love to take you home! Everyone would love you”

” Why Thank you sugar! ” a sultry voice says, making Toby jump and look to the side

“Oh Hello I did not see you there”
Cora gives a sigh ” You mean I’m not a beauty and everyone won’t love me?”
” Oh I am sure someone will love you and you are very pretty but I was talking to the barbecue”
“Boys!” exclaims Cora ” you only ever think of your stomachs!”
“That’s because we are always hungry ” explains Toby helpfully ” Well I must go, my mum will be looking for me”

He turns to leave but then asks”  Do you know where I can buy a Barbecue like that?”
Cora tells him but by the time he find’s and tells his mum whatever letter’s she told him have become jumbled and changed, so the likely hood of him getting one are slim to none!

Then it’s time to leave and Mum give’s Toby the keys to leave at reception.

Toby get’s mum to take a picture of Junita and him as he hands over the keys.

Then she shakes Toby’s hand. She has watched the little scamp slipping in and out of the Hotel all weekend, giving her a cheeky grin and a wave as he vanished outside. I think she has a soft spot for him.

Then it was everyone into the car for the journey home after a very busy and lovely weekend meeting and making new friends.


Where is Toby off to now! It’s the last full day in Stratford and there is a full programme for the festival attendees and it looks like Toby is sneaking out to take full advantage of his family being too busy to notice him missing!

Lots of lovely barge’s are down on the Avon moored in the town.

This that who I think it is?

What is that little tike doing on that boat? He’d best get off before they see him.

Thank goodness he is getting off!

Toby is very impressed with the barge with the union jack doors.

What this! The Barge Gallery, walk on board! Well thinks Toby I do believe I will

“OH ” says Toby ” This looks very interesting, all these lovely pictures. Maybe I can find a present for Dad

“These look nice, How much? ” he asks the man in charge
The man answers and Toby looks at the few pence he’s got left after buying himself some sweets and an ice cream….

He decides that Dad does not really like pictures , so he goes on his way into town.

Toby comes across this cobbled alley way. “This looks funny” he walks down the uneven cobbles and climbs up to look in the window.

He spends some time looking about and then heads back to the hotel, it is getting late and mum and the girl’s will be finishing for dinner soon and he’d better be back in the room before they arrive.

He hurries back and just gets inside before he hears his family coming down the corridor, that was a close one he sighs.


Paige and Edward have been allowed to attend , as long as they do not try to make any bids!

Miss Paige”  says Edward climbing on to her shoulder, to get a better view” I cannot see Oakey! I hope he is well”
“I am sure he will be fine” Paige reassures Edward ” He will be looking forward to seeing who will be his new special Sasha or Gregor”
” I would just like to get a look at them ” worries Edward ” Just to be sure”
” I understand” says Paige

 Wow” sighs Paige as the lovely pink dress set by Catherine French is held up so everyone can see before the bidding starts…Where did mum put her number?? she wonders….

Meanwhile Toby as again been left to his own company and again he’s gone out to look around Stratford!
He wanders into the town and comes across some statue’s of people from Shakespeare.

Being Toby he climbs up onto the statue so he can get a closer look ” Mm it’s says Hamlet, is he the one that says two pea’s or not two peas, answer the question!” he calls out at the top of his voice!

Lady Macbeth!  do you know that you have not got your shoes on? Is that why you have such a sad face, are your feet cold?”
Lady Macbeth ignores him so he wanders off.

” I’m sorry Mr Falstaff I cannot hear a word of what you are saying” calls Toby from down by the statue’s feet” Hold on, I’ll come up!”

“Tobias Montague Owen ! Are you meant to be out on your own?!” Falstaff appears to say

"Of course ” says Toby ” My Mum know’s exactly where I am”
The statue appears to laugh, knowingly
” Well she thinks I’m in the hotel which is where I’ll be soon” confirms Toby getting down and wandering off.
He’d best hope he is back before his mum returns


Toby is bored waiting in Hotel room while mum and the girl’s are having fun with all the people at the festival! If he’d known it would be this boring he would have stayed at home!
He decides that he’ll go for a walk.
He comes across a canal and goes to take a look.
Lucky mum’s not about , she would be very unhappy with him wandering near the canal on his own.

What is that naughty boy doing! climbing on the lock gate.

Look he is going closer to the water!

He is really being naughty, walking on the gate, Who will know if he falls in!

Now he is trying to open the gate!

Luckily he is too small and not strong enough to move the gate even an inch, so getting fed up and tired after all the pushing, he decides to go back to the hotel and order some lunch. All that effort’s made him hungry.

Monday 25 June 2012


I have just added another blog  next to this one called Sasha festival2012.blogspot to load on all the pictures from festival please have a look.Unfortunately It still says I have used all my space so only contains a few photo's rest I have put on sasha mart under files headed festival 2012.
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Hi Everyone

I have run out of picture space on this blog!! I know! no one told me there was a limited amount and due to the fact that I did not reduce the size of all the earlier pictures. it keeps stopping me loading more.
I have gone back and reduced that size of some of the earlier  photo's but this is very time consuming and also means remembering which photo's were used and which file they are in.
The only way to continue on this site is either to do the above or pay to add photo's/pictures so I have decided to move the site onto
I am in the process of setting up the site but of course I have added a post! even though I have not yet customised it( needing daughter to get back from work to help me out)so please look for to find the new blogs.

Hopefully you will all be able to still leave your comments and it may also make it easier for some of those that could not on this one.
I look forward to continuing on the new site with you all.


While the rest of the girl's settle in to the room and have a rest Hattie goes down to meet all the other Sasha's and Gregor's attending the festival.

Here she is having her picture taken with a Sasha that's come all the way from America to take part in the festival.

This young lady belongs to Rosie Shortell, she is standing greet the guest as they arrive.

More Sasha's and Gregors arriving.

Two of Christina Meatyard's family, her boy fresh from his victory in a local cricket match.

Hattie is still gossiping !

The room is beginning to fill .

Blossom and India have finally come down and are chatting to Gayle's daughter.

These are the brother and sister that had a holiday at Henry's now back with their mum.