Sunday 30 July 2017


This weekend's been spent in the garden, well not all the time but a few hours here and there. Paul worked down at the site for the Folly on Saturday morning. Clearing out the last two Laurel's and then cutting up the heavy trunks to enable us to get them into the car.
I was working Saturday Morning. then Paul was out in the afternoon, so I spent the afternoon doing housework and painting the dolls heads I bought.

The roses in the jug are from the Mortimer Sackler rose that we had to cut back hard today, Sunday, so that we could remove the metal arch. These blooms we brought inside, luckily most of the rest had finished.

The work site!

from the far side.

Before we moved the arch. like all garden projects now Paul's started digging out the foundations we have soil we have to lose in the rest of the garden.
So it's slowly beginning.

On the doll front I am selling off a few things to help pay for the unexpected No Navel plus I need to reduce the amount of clothes I have that I am not using!
Plus I see it as if I have sold some clothes , it will allow me to buy some new ones later down the line! mind you much later!

Well on Tuesday its AUGUST!!! I'll not say it! But it' also means that it will also soon be time for those doll shelf photo's , so best go see what they've been up to and see if you can catch them in the act!

I need to start working on the Chat n Snap which is rushing towards me, so more about that in the coming weeks.

Have a great week ahead  and enjoy breathing in that early morning air as the world starts to stir and a new day begins.


Wednesday 26 July 2017


Thought I'd share this old photo of these three No Navel blondes.


Sunday 23 July 2017


Sunday again! another busy week but I did manage to do a couple of posts , even if they were slightly cheating !

Well It's all go in the garden between showers! although yesterday afternoon was more showers than not, so rain stopped work!

Toby surveys the work in progress of clearing the site! Once upon a time the Laurel's were staying but like any design it evolves as you start to study the site in more detail.
And so it is the six large and well rooted laurel's must come out! It's taken us most of the morning to get just one out so far!

We have stopped for lunch which is why I have time to write this, then we need to go out for a few essentials and if the big black and grey clouds that are at the moment working their way across the sky and the garden , have either passed over or emptied their load, we'll be able to continue when we return!

I showed you the lovely Lillian who'll be arriving in August and I believed she'd be the last Sasha in for a good while!
I really should not have these thoughts! because no sooner had I thought that, than I get an email about a Sasha in need of a place to live.......slipping.....

A couple of weeks back I found some of the great stick back chairs on Ebay, so of course with so many dolls of various sizes I snapped them up!

a great set of four, it's rare to find a set and also on a buy it now.

Well keep an eye on my sales page as later in the day I will need to put a few things on towards the purchase of that Sasha that's in need of a home..... you thought I'd resisted? if I tell you she's a No Navel.....

Have a great week and don't put off doing whatever makes you happy , we have but one life and we should live it !

PS for those interested, I will be putting an update on the garden blog tonight.

Saturday 22 July 2017


I've had a doll on a small layaway and finally finished paying for her but she's not due to arrive until mid to late August.

But I thought I'd show her to you now as it's raining and the lights not good for taking photos at the moment. I'm using her sellers photos .

She is an Ochre eyed blonde.

She is also a ponytail girl.

I just could not resist her when I saw her a couple of months back. It's a while since I've had an Ochre eyed Gotz girl.

It will be nice having one again. I'll need to think of a name....maybe Lillian ? .....


Thursday 20 July 2017


What happens when Paul sees another doll shaped parcel arrive in the village.....


Wednesday 19 July 2017


Well where's the week going? time is definitely running away from me at the moment ! But then again quite a lot is happening in my life at the moment  plus the weather yesterday was not the best for doll photos!

So Toby's still not made an appearance........

The new smocked dress is still waiting to be worn and photo's taken!

So I have delved into my photos to find some to share with you until I get my act together!

Caitlin, Ginny and Martha

Ragnor and Robin


The Dancers

Paige with Mossy and Edward


Erik, Jenny, Belle, Meredith and Robin

Belle and Claudia



Sunday 16 July 2017


Well I totally missed posting this week! That's what happens when time just speeds past! I had every intention of taking some photos of the Sasha once I was back from work and then adding them onto the blog but it appears I never made it!

However progress on the house and garden front is being made! We have ordered our stone pieces with which to build our folly and should be hearing back about delivery soon!

This is roughly where it will be going I'll post proper photos, on the garden blog, when the work starts. But today Paul is working on laying the paving in the Lychgate another job that's been on the back burner ever since it was built.

Getting ready to be paved. If you remember back to when we were paving the step at the front of the house I bought a couple of piece's over paving but decided it would not suit? Well we decided this would be the perfect place to use those and purchased a couple more pieces which Paul is going to lay.

A couple of non Sasha dolls arrived this week , one being this sweet little Lexie by Heather Maciak, which I spotted on a site and jumped in quick and bought. I just love these sweet little dolls, she's wearing her original shoes but her dress is different but suits her well.

 I also received this BJD Maskcat doll.

She's been given a wig ,and a dress which is a little short for her and is now awaiting a name! I have a few in mind but am still waiting for the one to fit!

I also started work on cleaning off the face paint on the BJD heads I bought. This is a before photo, you can see why she needs repainting!

cleaned and awaiting a new look! Just hope I am up to the task! I have been studying lots of photos of these dolls and asking the experts lots of questions about how to go about it and finally there is no more putting it off! Today I must make a start !.

I also finally received a body I purchased to go with one of the heads, after a performance with Parcel Force in the end I went to collect it or I'd still be waiting until next week for delivery and since I'd already waited a week I wanted it now!

Of course I could not wait for the head to be painted before I checked it out with the body and a wig!
I did not put any eyes in  since I need to paint her face first but she looks promising in her Petrana dress and a black mohair wig, she does have a name , which is Morwenna.

So no Sasha's in this post but I did buy a lovely smocked dress this week by Wendy, so will put on some photo's tomorrow of one of my girls wearing it.. plus I saw that Toby with.... well I'll let you wait and see......;|)

Have a great week ahead.


Sunday 9 July 2017


I thought I'd do a little catch up post today, even though not much has happened about the house but plans are being made ! Mainly at present concerning the garden.

When the weather warms and the sun shines, it's garden time here in the village. All those plans made over the winter can now be considered and put into action. There are a few plans that have been sitting waiting for a couple of years as other things have taken priority.
But now we are ready to make some big changes and fulfill a long awaited dream.

Today we popped out the Capel Manor Gardens to check up on something and also just have a wander round their plots.

This is the Japanese garden with running water, a beautiful sound.

A cottage style front garden.

A very contemporary garden with large bowls of pink Hydrangea's.

the other side. Capel manor gardens are part of the Capel Manor College of Horticulture and there are many different style of gardens to see and admire. This is just a snippet of whats there because we'd gone to see one part.

But what we'd gone to look at was this.....

Their Gothic folly area.

We have wanted to put a folly in our garden almost since we moved in and a few years back we decided we could build the doorway and window in wood and so we have been getting together the bricks for the walls.

nicely weathered from our friends Tom and Kim. Finally we have decided this is the year it gets built!
and instead of using the wood we are going to treat ourselves to the stone work we need.

I'll say no more here but once work begins I will share the build on our garden blog.

Harry shown earlier this week is my doll from the Sasha's but I have been buying a few BJD dolls as I'm very interested in them due to their ability to be posed and sit etc. I bought a couple of heads which had been badly painted and intend to have a go at repainting them myself.

To that end I have bought some watercolour pencils and pastels which were recommended by some good friends. I'll take photos as I give this a try and you can see how I get along!.

So lots on the list to do garden wise before the end of October and we come back inside to carry on with the hallway!

I also took this photo in the week when the moon was shining through some clouds late one night.

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead.


Friday 7 July 2017


well a few of them do! Control of the blog .

While taking the doll shelf photos, the girls insisted I take a variety , then they chose the ones to share , keeping these back for another post. saying that I was getting quite slow at posting about the village children lately!
I did say they could go and to work and I'd saty home and play but they suddenly found things they needs to do!

Callico suddenly decided this was the pose she should make !

"Like this Mary !" Callie instructs making Mary try out the pose herself.

Lovely girls thank you I say can you send Christie out .

Christie are you hot in that cardigan?
Yes but it goes so well with my dress and shoes !
It does but you can take it off now the summers here.

Well It is quite hot !

"Doesn't that feel nicer?" I ask
"Much" smiles Christie

"Is this a good pose? " asks Christie
"It's okay " I say "Why? "
" Oh Callie said I had to tilt my head and look moody !"

" I would not do everything Callie says"
" Thank goodness " sighs Christie straightening up " My neck was starting to ache "

Once we finish Christie picks up her cardigan " I think I'll go put my cardigan in my room I don't think I'll be needing it for a while "
" No I don't think you will , once you finish come back down and I'll get everyone an ice cream to help with cooling down "
 Christie goes indoors calling out that Ice creams are on the way ! from the noise of running feet I hope she's not trampled in the rush!


Wednesday 5 July 2017


Well we have a nice lot of doll shelf photos for you this month.

First up this month are the Lads from Gregoropolis all wearing their summer clothes !

 A couple more who are loving the paisley

and these lads favouring the check and stripes.

Hold up ! Whats this? Bowie's come back to send a message to his love.... sweet :)

These sweet girls at Viv's are sending a message to our Nini girl Izzy.

Jane's girl is off to read her book but stopped to say high with her little fairy friends.

Karin's babies are ready for the beach.

They love to collect shells.

But Teddy must come too!

In the village Callie and Mary are getting some air.

And Christie's watching the comings and goings of the shoot!

and Jenni's girl wants to sleep outside because it's too hot!

Ursula's button girls are not paying any attention to Mikey who wants to play! They are too busy talking about their Frances Trickett outfits!

While Modesty and Pippa are ready to go hiking in their boots and summer dresses.

Thanks to everyone for sending in your photos, still time to add more, so feel free to get snapping!