Tuesday 29 April 2014


Toby is in the garden with Erik and Robin , they are telling him off for sending Gunther to see Sir Walter wearing the Dragon Puppet!

Toby hangs his head feeling just a little bit ashamed at tricking the friendly Gunther " Nothing happened!" says Toby
" But It easily could have " Says Erik sternly " Sir Walter could have chopped off poor Gunther head! Then what would you have said!"

Erik moves away hoping that Toby's learned his lesson while a much kinder hearted Robin pats Toby's shoulder in sympathy!

Erik suddenly calls out and points towards the bushes " Look ! Something is hidden under that bush!"
The other turn to look where Erik is pointing.

" Come on!" says Erik totally forgetting Toby's misdeed " Lets go see what it is !"

Telling Toby to keep watch , Erik and Robin try to move the object into the open.

Toby soon forgets all about keeping watch and helps the others pull the object out into the open .
" Look's like some lady's shopping basket " says Robin checking it over
" But why is it under this bush right at the back of the garden? " questions Erik

" Maybe someone stole it and hid it here to collect later !" wonders Robin " although it looks new and unused "

" I'll climb inside and check to see if there's a purse or anything to say who owns it!"

Erik climbs in and has a good search " The baskets completely empty "  he tells the others " I think your right Robin and it's new "
" Well why would someone leave a new unused basket here? " asks Toby confused

" Maybe so someone can find it!" says a voice from the path. Due to Toby no longer keeping watch Hattie's managed to walk right up on the boys without them noticing!

" Who? and Why? " questions Erik " Do you know Hattie? "
" Yes actually I do " replies Hattie
" Well! " asks Toby " Don't just stop! Who? "
"Yes " carries on Robin " and why? "
"Duncan " says Hattie, the boys look confused " Before he went to his new home in Wales , he decided to hide the basket here for someone else to make use of it "
" What was he going to use it for ? " Erik asks impatiently
" I believe he said Hot air Ballooning!" says Hattie turning to leave " Well I cannot stop "

and she's off striding back up the path " I only came this way to see what all the huffing and puffing was about !"
" Hattie ! Come back and tell us more " demands Erik , but Hattie does not stop and is soon out of sight!

Giving up on getting any more out of the now vanished Hattie the boys look at each other their minds all working nineteen to the dozen! Hot Air Ballooning !
Erik's the first to speak " We could..."
Robin almost talks over him " For Duncan's sake .."
" We cannot just leave it!" joins in Toby
The boys all look at each other their faces filling with big happy grins.

Erik climbs out the basket " Right if we are going to do this we must keep it a secret NO ONE  and I do mean NO ONE can know! So lets swear on it" he puts his hand on the side of the basket and Toby and Robin quickly add theirs.
" Now repeat after me " says Erik solemnly " I swear on the life of the person I hold most dear, never to tell another living soul about this basket and the adventure we are going to have ballooning " The boys all repeat the words , then spit over their shoulders.

"Right " says Erik " lets hide it back under the bush while we make our plans"
The boys pull and push until the basket is once again hidden from easy view.

" I cannot wait ! " Exclaims Erik hugging Robin's shoulder " You can look up all about ballooning and then let us know what else we need to make it work "
" I know we'll need a very big balloon to help lift us all in that big basket " says Robin his brain busy on the project in hand
" And sand bags " pipes in Toby " They always have sand bags round the sides !"

Someone watches as the boys wander back down the path talking about what they will be needing quite loudly for a secret!!

Hattie whose doubled back round while the boys were hiding the basket , watches them leave pleased that Duncan's dream of using the basket for hot air ballooning may finally come to pass!


About three years ago if not longer I saw this basket and immediately thought it was just the right size for some Gregors to use for hot air ballooning, so I purchased it and it's been waiting ever since , like quite a few of my other items , for me to get round to using it, So yesterday I remember all about it and have now set the wheels in motion.....so now to fulfil poor Duncan,(who was going to be my adventurer) dream of flight!


Sunday 27 April 2014


Unfortunately did not get a chance for any Sasha play today but did go out to buy some bulbs for the garden did not find the bulbs we wanted but did return with four Acers and a very Large Cornus Kousa !

The Cornus has been put into the flower garden to give some height to the back of one of the beds and the Acers were put into pots and arranged on the patio.

Not that best photo as we are still sorting and cleaning the patio but these are the four Acers we came back with..we are a nursery or garden centre owners best customer! As the lady who was collecting and putting her plants into her car said " You've made me feel not so bad now I've seen what your getting!"

We then of course needed to go out and buy just one more pot of the right size and look to use despite having about twenty odd sitting about. Then we wanted to use the square pot you see in the photo which had a holly we were going to train into a small tree but had since changed our minds, so that had to be found a new place in the garden which led to more weeding !

You can see more of our wobbling fencing behind the plants, today we ordered the next lot of five fence panels, posts and gravel boards which will come in a couple of weeks! Then it will be another couple before we have the time to put them in!

Here is another photo of today Mabel the Lodger Cat .......

Deciding that Igor the gargoyle is the best place to sit while watching whatever is happening in the planting!

She sat there for quite a while much to Igor's embarrassment!!


Saturday 26 April 2014


A large parcel arrived for Mossy!

 Ginny and Mossy have torn the first wrapper open and are studying what they have found.

"Someone's sent me a box? " asks a bemused Mossy looking at the purple box they have uncovered.
" No silly !" says Ginny pulling the box open " That's just to protect it, there's something else in side "

"What can it be ? " wonders a very excited Mossy
"Well lets open the wrapping and find out " replies Ginny helping Mossy lift it out.

"A CAR!" gasps Mossy " Filled with treasure!"
" Look" says Ginny " There's a letter, lets see what it says "

"It's from Lora your number one fan" says Ginny reading out the letter to Mossy.

Mossy pulls all the treasure out of the car, which turns out to be sweets for the Village Clan, then he climbs in the back!
" Why are you sitting in the back? " ask Ginny
Mossy looks a little guilty " Because when I took Edwards car I occidentally run over some policeman's foot!"
"MOSSY!" gasped Ginny " You did not tell me!"
" It was not my fault! The policeman should not have been walking on the pavement!"
"MOSSY!" cries Ginny " you were driving on the PAVEMENT!"
"Well there was an old lady in the road shaking her walking stick at me just because she'd dropped her shopping all over the road when I bibbed her!"
" Don't keep saving MOSSY " says Mossy getting annoyed " she should not have been crossing the road on that black and white thing with the lights!"
"MO .." Ginny just manages to stop
" Anyway That Policeman said I was a danger to the world at large and was never ever never ever to get behind the wheel of a car never ever never ever never ever..."
" I understand " say's Ginny cutting in " So you are not allowed to drive ? "
" Never Ever Never.."
" Yes yes !" says Ginny " Well we had best send it back to Lora "
"NEVER EVER" cries Mossy " It's MY car ! "
"Well you cannot drive it !"

" Go and get Percy please , he can be my driver " asks Mossy " A person of my fame should have a driver anyway !"

Ginny goes off to find Percy and see if he'll drive for Mossy.

By the time Ginny's found Percy and returned Mossy's helped himself to a red lollipop!
"Oh yes " sighs Percy looking at the little car " A Fizzy Chick 100, It's just perfect ! "
" It's is? " says Mossy confused then recovers and adds " Of course it is ! It's from Lora you know my no 1 fan, she's got fabulous taste in cars and Bears !" he finishes smugly.

Percy wastes no time getting into the driving seat and checking out all the dials and gadgets! Hugo also came along when he heard about the car and he looks at it in wonder.

" Can I come for a ride ? " Hugo asks Mossy
" Sorry " says Mossy " There is not enough room for you and my lollipop "
" You could always leave the lollipop behind " suggests Hugo
" That would not be polite to Lora who kindly sent me..I mean us the sweets" Hugo looks very sad making Mossy feel a little tiny weenie bit bad " I tell you what " says Mossy brightly " After Percy's taken me for a ride round the garden  " Hugo starts to smile " You can give it a wash !" finishes Mossy and with that Percy drives off!

"Where to? " asks Percy loving the purr of the engine
" Where to Gov !" says Mossy
" It's your car where do you want to go? " asks Percy again " And you don't need to call me Gov!"
" NO! " says Mossy " You should ask where to Gov!" I'm your Governor, it's my car !"
"Do you want me to drive you somewhere or what?" asks Percy getting a little annoyed
" Yes!" sighs Mossy " Lets go round the garden !"

Soon they are whipping down the garden at a fast rate, Percy loving the smooth drive, Mossy loving sitting in the back like a Lord eating his red lollipop!

" Let see what she can really do!" calls Percy putting the pedal to the metal! The little car shoots down the cloisters in seconds.


He whips the car down the cloisters does a very tight turn and rushes back standing on the brakes just in time to stop the little car from shooting over the step!
Mossy's feeling slightly sick at the speed and slightly sticky from going face first into his lollipop when Percy hit the brakes!

" Wooo Hoooo !" Yells Percy in excitement " What a ride!"
" Let's go home now " says a subdued Mossy from the back " Hugo needs to get the car washed before he goes to bed, we don't want to disappoint him"
The two Gargoyles look on in disbelief that someone's let them bears out in a car again!...........

"Just once more !" calls Percy turning the car and racing away " I want to try a Hand brake turn like Lady K does when she's in a hurry!"......
Mossy's beginning to worry he's stuck in a car with a monster !!


Mossy when he finally manages to get Percy to drive back to the house would like to thank Lora for her Wonderful gift of a car just for him! and the sweets..that are not just for him :)
I'm sure he will be having lots of practice driving... I mean being driven round and about by Percy , if he can get Percy to slow down.....


Tuesday 22 April 2014




"Sir Walter? " asks the Dragon confused " Who is this dragon you will slay? "
" Why you Dragon ! Pass not over the red cross of St George unless you are prepared to die!"

" Sir Walter! It is Gunther ! Have you not the looking glasses so you can see it is me ? "

Sir Walter looks closer through his tired old eyes " Gunther lad! What an earth are you doing pretending to be a Dragon on this day ! " he cries " You'll get your self killed!"

" I am not pretending to be the Dragon !" says Gunther
"Then why are you wearing the puppet dragon ? "
" I am!" exclaims Gunther in surprise " It was Toby who says wear this hat Gunther and go find Sir Walter you'll be dying to meet him!"

"Why that little tike! I'll be dealing with him later " says Sir Walter " Now Gunther lad , do you not know the famous story of St George and the Dragon? "
" Nein! " replies Gunther starting forward
" DO NOT CROSS THE FLAG OR YOU MUST DIE!" shouts Sir Walter making Gunther jump
" You English are Nut cases ! " says Gunther getting annoyed
" Never mind lad you'll soon be just as crackers once you've lived here a while " then laughing he crosses the flag and taking Gunther by the shoulder says " Come away to the kitchen and I will tell you all about Saint George and his Dragon "
" Does this tale include cake ? " asks Gunther
" Yes "
" Then lead on Sir Wa..I mean Saint George "........


Sunday 20 April 2014



Here is a little Easter picture puzzle for you all.You need to study this photo and then look at the one below and there are several differences.

A little Easter gift to the person who tells me correctly by email what the differences are! Please do not list them in the comments section so that others who may come along later can also take part.Any comments that do list them will be removed.
The Judge , that's me ! decision is final!

Happy hunting.!!
Email address is on sales page for those who need it.

Seen anything yet?? some are very well hidden.......I'll say no more but...... good luck........


Saturday 19 April 2014


After the twins had finished telling their tale of giant green girl eating lizards roaming the garden ! Mum had taken them into the kitchen for some hot chocolate to calm their nerves.
The boys however who had listened to the tale with growing excitement had charged out into the garden whooping and yelling battle cries of ' find the killer lizard !' ' The lizards mine! ' ' Can we keep him for a pet? '

They were soon down into the damp shade garden and where the girl's had abandoned their trugs!

Little Albie puffed out from running to keep up with his big brothers sits on the step, so happy that he now has shoes so can follow the others when they go outside.

Toby looks around " I cannot see no Giant lizard!"

Erik , Robin and Valentine look around searching for a giant green lizard.

Albie's not to sure about giant green lizards .
" What's in those trugs? " asks Robin.
" I'll have a look " replies Toby

He lifts off the blue trug and then drops it with a small start when he suddenly sees Gunther blinking at him!
" At last " sighs a sleepy Gunther " Now we can go for tea!"

At the first sign of movement in the trug Albie shot off the step and sheltered beside Erik for protection.
" Don't be frightened " says Robin " It's only Gunther "

Robin goes forward to speak to Gunther .
" Have you seen sign of a giant green lizard? " Robin questions " is that why you hid in the trugs? "
"Nein ! " says Gunther insulted " I am frightened not! of green lizards ! I am a bear of much bravery and cunning "
" Then why are you in the trug? " Robin continues
" The wind is chilling and I took shelter not knowing how long before the screaming girl's would return!"

Robin leans forward and lifts Gunther out of the trug asking " Did you see any sign of a giant green lizard? "
" Nein " confirms Gunther " no lizards or their foot prints !"

" We'll take you back to the house once we have had a quick look..." Robin is saying as Toby suddenly
starts laughing
" I think I have found the lizard !" and he waves the green dragon puppet around for all to see!

The boys laugh at the girls being frightened of a PUPPET! Gunther explains that he had to carry it on his head , which sends the boys into more laughter imagining the puppet bounding through the plants towards the unsuspecting girls!

"Nein!" exclaims Gunther " It was I who frightened off the junge M├Ądchen ( young girls)"
" It's not your fault " says Robin soothingly " Those silly girls should have made sure of what they saw before  running home!"
Gunther feels a little better at Robins kind words." I am very tired " he sighs " It's hot and heavy work to carry the giant puppet through the plants "

Valentine picks up the empty trugs and after making sure they are not dirty or smelly puts them on his head to take back to the house!
The boys try to decide who will take turns to carry Gunther back to the home.

" I'll go first " says Albie , Robin's not sure his little brother will be strong enough to take a turn but does not want to upset him by saying no!
" Look ! " says Albie turning round " I have the perfect place for him to ride!"

" So you have ! " laughs Robin, lifting Gunther up and placing him in Albie's hood!
"Right " says Robin " you lead the way and we'll follow, Erik you can take Gunther once we get to the Lychgate, Then I'll carry him from the flower  garden gate to the house " now the decisions been made, the boys set off.
Gunther is loving his view from the hood and calls out " Let us sing a walking song to help us on our way 1"

He clears his throat, hums a few notes then starts to sing " ich liebe zu gehen ... " English" calls Valentine from his place at the back " traurig .. sorry " says Gunther and starts again.... " I love to go a-wandering along the mountain track ..."
 The boys all recognized the song and join in " and as I go I love to sing " Albie pipes in " My Gunther bear on my back!" the boys laugh and sing  " My Gunther bear on my back!!" for just a minute Gunther cannot sing for the lump in his throat he is so happy, quickly he swallows and his deep voice joins back in with the boys " Val-deri, Val-dera , Val- deri......." " where's my tea..thank you ta!! "sings Toby, the boys all start changing the words about, each trying to out do the next and lots of laughing and giggling follows their progress down the garden to the house....


While outside with the boys I thought I would take a couple of phot's of Erik and Robin who both have the NP style hand painted eyes.

A full length shoot to start with.

a closer look.

They are wearing Ginny of a passion for Sasha, cords and Erik is wearing a Gill sweater and Robin one by Michelle. It was hard to get a good close up of the two because the camera kept choosing Erik's brighter blue eyes as it's point of focus. I'll try another time.