Tuesday 26 February 2013


She has arrived! No I did not cry! She is very unique! and first I was rushing around trying all sorts of clothes on her and taking photo's but now I have calmed down and decided that Anastasia and myself need to spend some time getting to know each other and so for now I will just put on this photo which was the only one that in the end looked really nice.

The DH cannot see what all the fuss is about and  as just said she's got a look of Hattie!

Monday 25 February 2013

LOVE IS.....

a husband who when hearing you gasp and bemoan the fact that you have just seen your most perfect Sasha and you have no money, says.... " I will buy her and you can just pay me back half ,as and when, and the other half can be your Valentine/birthday present!"

This incredible Sasha is on her way to me today, so now I feel it is almost real I can confess and tell all.

I am going to call her Anastasia Valentine and she is my first and probably only NP.Here are Shelly's beautiful photo's until i can take some of my own.....sooooo excited.......

This from a man who never buys Valentine's cards or gifts.

Now you know why several of my Sasha's and Gregor's are moving home and are up for adoption.

I just hope I don't cry when i take her out of her box!!!

Sunday 24 February 2013


with the arrival of Agnetha I now have four no navel's.

Here we have Agnetha and Ashley .

A closer look at the girls. They have the two different eye styles. Agnetha having the half style and Ashley the full.

All four girl's together. From the left Ginny, Agnetha, Ashley and Raven.

Here is a closer shot of them and I can see I have three with blue eyes and one with brown, three with the half style and one with the full.

A full view . I love Raven's Ruth Hartley Scottish dancing outfit.

A nice close up of Ashley and Raven.

 and Agnetha and Ginny. I think Ginny looks the youngest and quite shy.

So four lovely girl's .Some time in the future I would like to add another brunette and possibly a red but only time and funds will tell...oh and also the right one appearing at the right time....

Friday 22 February 2013


Before Christmas I saw this young girl on Shelly's and I was smitten! I did resist for a while but then like we all do I gave in and asked to have her on layaway due to the rapidly approaching Christmas holiday.

She arrived earlier this week but due to work and fighting off the really bad cold, that both the DH and number two daughter had caught , I have not been able to attend to her until today.

Here she is in her clothes when she arrived.

It would appear she does have a strong character, I was going to call her Ava  but once she'd been washed and dressed , she decided her name was Agnetha and she did not want to wear the blue and white dress I had taken out for her but white trousers and a fleece winter top

 Here she is after her wash and wearing a hat to try and tame her fringe which is a bit wayward!

A closer look at Agnetha behind her fringe.

I have taken off her hat so you can see her more clearly, she does have a sweet face.

She's already asked the DH if he could make her some skis!!! She was not impressed when he said yes he was sure he had a couple of lolly sticks some where!
She may be a sporty type....only time will tell!

Sunday 17 February 2013


What is Hattie up to?

"Mum does this outfit look ok?"
" Yes Hattie, very nice, I like the boots especially"

 "My new pixie boots, I wanted a poppy red pair as well but the colour that came is not right"
"Never mind  maybe we can keep a look out for some "
"And why is this playpen still full of the babies?"
" They don't want to get out! They love it in there" replies Mum " Where are you going? "
"I'll be back in a min"

Hattie returns in red boots!
"This is the colour I wanted but in the Pixie style "
" I see ..Now where are you going?"

Hattie return's back in the black pixie boots.
" Have you finished wandering off ? are you ready to do your party broadcast? ..Yes Good"

"A very VERY good friend of the Sasha Village recently went through a terrible trauma at the hands of the ICE QUEEN of SUSSEX"

 "When OUR  FRIEND LONELY'S Teddy was finally returned we bought this to send to the Ice Queen as a thank you for the happy ending BUT then that nasty little Lucas was allowed to break OUR LONELY's heart and on Valentine's day ! So..."

" the Ice Queen can buy her own Caramac , we've eaten this one! "

 The babies are loving the taste of the smooth caramac......

" So Brother's and Sister's of the Sasha world I say to you JOIN the BE KIND TO LONELY PARTY OR ELSE..."
" Hattie ! You cannot say or else "
" Why not ?"
" Because it's not nice "
" Neither is the Ice Queen "
" That's beside the point"
"Hattie do not shout! are you going to finish this? "

everyone calms down

"So brother's and sister's of the Sasha world I say to you Join THE BE KIND TO LONELY PARTY and make one lonely little Lonely know that she has friend's out there who love and support her in her trials in T.H.A.T house and maybe one day she can be released and allowed to enjoy life . JOIN TODAY  WARM LONELY'S WORLD AND MELT THE QUEEN!""

To join leave a comment saying you are joining......

If you go to youtube and look for ofmonstersandmen and their new release King and Lionheart ,watch the video and listen, you will see what our Lonely puts up with....

** I put the wrong name it should be ofmonstersandmen and their new song king and lionheart****


Gill decided to get her hairdresser daughter Zoe to cut her girl Niamh's hair to tidy it up, she was thinking about putting her on ebay to sell.

Here she is looking very trendy in her Sasha emblem dress.

Side view.

Gill loves Niamh's new hair cut so much that she's been saved from the adoption market ...well for now...

I am in the process of selling a few Sasha's and Gregor's , the why of you which you will find out soon enough, but It is so hard ! Every time I take a photo to put on their adoption details, I think ..Oh she/ he is so lovely do I really want to part with this one........one's so far been listed and then once I went to take his photo, I caved and he is off the adoption list !

But some times you have to be hard as nails like the Ice Queen  :) and send them off knowing that whoever buys them will also love them and be happy to have bought that Sasha/Gregor they've been after for a while , as you will be when you receive your new adoptee !

Friday 15 February 2013


The babies have been complaining that they cannot see what's going on when they are sitting
in their playpen!

Here they all are chattering away. Well they complained to Hattie! of course Hattie knew who to call
and was soon chatting to her good friends Ken and Doreen,aka K D and yesterday a package arrived for the babies!

a lovely new playpen! and it folds for easy storage...

Here is a photo of how it opens.

and fully opened, there are clips that fix it in place to stop it folding shut on the babies.

"Hello George. Do you like the new play pen? yes good"

It comes with a lovely play mat by Doreen, covered with bright animal's for the babies to discover.
they also sent the babies a present. "Stay there George I'll just go and get it" Mum goes off.

The door is barely closed before George has thrown Nellie in and is climbing in IN? to the playpen! I always thought babies tried climbing out!

Quinn and Minnie have arrived and George encourages them to climb in too!

 What's this? Freddie and Rosie are now chattering away in the playpen with George, Quinn and Minnie.

Oh No! Here comes Elton Ron and Maria , I don't think there's any more room! But Elton Ron wants to get in and he is not stopping!

"Hey!" says Freddie who Elton Ron is about to squash!

 Elton Ron laughs as he falls in amongst the others!

Some how Maria's managed to get in and all the babies are happily chatting away.

Freddie likes this new playpen , he can stand up and see what's happening.What's Quinn, George and the others doing? Oh they are waving a thank you to K D.

Minnie's discovered the little coloured beads and is happily playing.

Mum's back with the present K D sent the babies! "What! How! " sighs Mum "Mmm I may have to ask KD if they do a bigger size if you are ALL going to want to play in it together!"

I would like to Thank Ken and Doreen once again for making this beautiful Playpen and mat. The details are on my info page if you would like to order one for yourselves, it truly is a thing of beauty.Hopefully they'll have time to make you one...I may need to order another bigger size and I'm sure there's something else I need......

Thursday 14 February 2013


Well of course it had to be Edward Robert Panda Bear . Edward is a Panda of class and loves to eat bamboo sandwiches, NO crusts!, he likes things to be tidy and organised and living with the clan in the village calls on a lot of his patience.

He is the head of all the little Bears in the house and they all come to him with their worries and problems.He does not have favourites but Mossy believes that he is second in command to Edward and Edward allows him to enjoy that belief!

He can be fussy and bossy but his heart is in the right place and he loves his little miss, Paige.He keeps watch over all the Sasha children and their bears and animals and would be first into the fray at the first sign of trouble.
All the other little bears complain at his fussy bossy ways but they love him really.

He is very taken with the new window seat and likes spending the afternoon napping...ah I mean watching out the window...

 Bliss for Edward is nodding off....I mean resting after Miss Paige has finished reading one of Beatrix Potters stories to him.

Sunday 10 February 2013


Now when I asked the DH to be my prop man there was a couple of thing's I wanted made
you have seen the fireplace and now I show you the second item.

Again Ellen's Church's suggestions were very helpful, she recommended that the item be made deeper and longer .

Paige and Edward very kindly offered to be my model's, to help show size and scale.

A window seat. Ellen recommended that the seat be made deeper and wider to allow the Sasha's more room.
You can see that Paige is able to rest her feet on the seat while reading a story to Edward.

Marnie's arrived and wants to know if she can listen too!

Both girl's and Edward can sit comfortably while reading the book

Here Paige and Edward play hide n seek, Edward's hiding in the window seat!

Here we have both the window seat and fireplace shown side by side with Duncan wondering , along with mum, just where she's going to stand these!!

Once again I must Thank Ellen Church for her suggestions re sizing which worked beautifully!

I am trying to convince the DH to make a couple of sets to sell at the Chat n snap!