Friday 30 November 2018


Well tomorrow it's December 1st! I did, I believe blink and that must have been when November happened!
So December the month of Christmas and Family and holidays.... lovely.

I'm sharing a photo of Colette , my biggest wichtel child in her new dungarees made by the lovely Ginny of a Passion for Sasha. I think she looks very festive in them.

I remember when I first saw this face sculpt, with the open laughing mouth ,I was not too keen but like with most things, after seeing one up close, that belonged to a friend, I warmed to them. Now I love her happy smiling face.

It's been a strange day today...

Granny Fortuna asked me if I was working tomorrow...... when I said yes , she smiled...... then asked would Mr Dad be around.. I said yes.... she looked thoughtful then wandered off muttering about only one  and wool pulling  and eyes?  I'm sure she's beginning to lose it!

Well I best be off I need to find my bank card it appears to have vanished? So I'd best go check.

NB no worries my card was in it's case, just where it always is... I must have no looked properly.....


Sunday 25 November 2018


Yes it is the last Sunday in November! I have found this hard to get my head round since it's only the 25th day of the month.

I was asked to babysit Clara on the last Sunday of the month, which of course I jumped at, then spent months thinking it was dated the 28th ! , don't ask ! So when I saw it was actually the 25th I was quite surprised. One tends to always think that if it's the last Sunday in a month , it will naturally be  around 28th to 30th not allowing for when the days will fall in the calendar!

So I find myself writing this strangely early last Sunday of the month post,with five days of November still to run !

Well this month we had a Sasha arrive! Totally unexpectedly as I have sold a few lately with the idea of downsizing them slightly.
But I saw this button nosed lass on ebay and found myself watching her fate. I expected she'd be bought at the end of her auction but no! So of course when  I saw she was now on a bin and I looked again.

Why ? Well lets get serious.... she's a red head.... and she's a button nosed red what's not to love?... Originally she was going to be my Christmas present from Paul and she still is part of my present but she needed some tlc first.

Her hair was pure frizzy! So I tried using some Argan oil but it did nothing especially at the ends. So I had thought of cutting her hair before she arrived and after seeing just how bad it was still, after the treatment, I decided to go ahead and cut it back to her shoulders.

It probably still needs a little more styling but I thought I'd let her get over the shock before I carried on. Magda is over the moon to have another button nosed sister in the family.

Now I know that Kendal will be tutting about me getting part of my Christmas present early but I just cannot put the poor girl back in a box for another five weeks now she's met her new family.

I have also been working with Ginny of A Passion for Sasha on finding some fabric suitable for Dungarees for the twins. I saw this one and Ginny had a look and agreed that the pattern was small enough for the Sasha's , so this week I received the finished items.

Since the twins are in new outfits at the moment I'm going to save these until the New Year.

Ginny also made me a pair for my largest Wichtel girl.

She will get to wear hers as soon as I get a chance to change her next week and find her the right colour t shirt to go underneath.

I have also commissioned a couple of cardigans for the girls from another Etsy seller, TriciasixT.

On another note it will be Clara's first Christmas, so Grandee is doing her bit by getting a few things for her to start to feel in the Christmas mood, not that she'll have any idea what that is for another couple of years but hey I'm having a great time!

Clara loves these .. That's not my.. board books, each page mentions an item which is somewhere the baby can feel rough, smooth, shiny, fuzzy, furry etc. So I have bought these Christmas ones for her to feel.

Of course I have a few more for part of her Christmas present, along with a few other items. I'd like to say that she will not be spoilt but it may be better to say she won't know she's been spoilt as she's so little. Most of what I'll buy her will be clothing for her next growth spurt but of course I'll have to add a toy or six...  lol

My Christmas tale's is starting to form in my mind, so now that Decembers is rapidly approaching I need to start gathering together the players and the props for this new Christmas village story !

So have a great week.


Friday 23 November 2018


Some one's looking round the kitchen !

mmm their checking out the cupboard...which village child is this...

Mag..whose this?

Is it Magda? did she cut her lovely hair!!

It appears not!  " Hello " says Magda to the stranger " I knew Mum was up to something !"
"Mum? "
" Yes Mum , the woman who helped you from the parcel you arrived in "

"Oh ! She made a lot of tutting noises and smoothing noises and said it would be fine " the stranger told Magda " and then I had a bath , oil was rubbed in my hair more tutting later and then... " the girl gulped and her lip quivered " She cut my ... hair... "

Magda looked at the new girl with sympathy " Oh she had to cut your hair ? was it very very very frizzy? "

"Well I suppose it was .. it stuck out like a ball of red wire wool! her words not mine !"  The girl sighed " Then she said there was no help for it but to cut it shorter and she quite liked girls with shorter hair !"

" If you don't mind me saying it still looks quite frizzy  " Magda commented " but I do like it , it makes you look very now!"
" Now? "
"Yes Now! of the minute.... fashionable... chic "

The girl though about this for a few seconds and brightened up " Well I do like to be chic ! "

"Come on " said Magda putting her arm round the new girl's shoulders " Let me take you to meet the others "
 " Thank you "
" Oh do you have a name? "

"Well I think it's Margot because that was the first name .. Mum.. said she thought of when she saw me on ebay but then she considered Mathilde cos of my Matty hair she said , although it wasn't matty just frizzy "

" Mmm well I like Margot so Margot it is ! I'm Magda by the way and we could almost be twins! "
" We do look similar " smiled Margot
"We do , now lets go find the others and get you settled in properly "

They head for the door with Magda leading the way talking nineteen to the dozen about everyone Margot's about to meet.

Ollie whose just entered the kitchen from the hallway Looks stunned ! Did he just see Magda with short hair ! Mum's gonna kill her!


Sunday 18 November 2018


Another week rocks by in a whirl of work and home. I started writing this post this morning and then removed most of what I'd written and now it's 12 minutes to midnight and I've just returned.

So a quick look in the old photo files and I came across this photo of Toby and Zak looking at their new bedroom cupboard from a year or so back.

I hope you all have a good week ahead and I'll be back mid week...ish


Tuesday 13 November 2018


Saffron managed to get her five minutes of fame on the FB page.

Saffron's got hold of the popular Linda Simpson lime and purple cardigan to wear along with the purple A Passion for Sasha Cords.

She's nice and snug and ready for the winter weather.

So whose next in line for a winter change? There's always someone needing to get changed!


Sunday 11 November 2018


The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month  we shall remember them.

 Hertford Castle

Knitted poppies.

a beautiful tribute to all those who fought.

a river of red

To remember all who fought and died in these terrible wars and especially the first world war where so many young men never returned to their families and loved ones.


Saturday 10 November 2018


 The chopping block! Higher higher !!!!

Friday 9 November 2018


Just we two!

The twins, Violet and Sapphire are so happy because Ginny at A Passion for Sasha had another dress available just like the one Violet had. So now they can be dressed the same.

"We're not quite dressed the same !" says Sapphire to Violet

" But our dresses are exactly the same !"

" But" says Sapphire looking down " our tights and shoes are quite different!"
Looking down Violet see what sapphire means " Well we didn't have any tights that were the same colour !"

" And " Sapphire continues " surely I should be wearing the bright blue tights cos I'm called Sapphire!"

" Mm " sighs Violet " but when I was dressed we didn't know you were going to get the same dress did we? "
" No that's true "
" And if you wear the bright blue tights what can I wear?  my names not sunshine!"

Sapphire giggles " Well not when you grouse in the morning getting up for school it's not!"
 They both have a giggle.

" But I do think the bright blue tights look nice on you " Says Sapphire

" Well I like you in those bright yellow tights " agrees Violet

So they agree to carry on wearing the tights they were given..... well until they want to confuse people then they'll swap! Or maybe they'll manage to find another pair of those blue tights then we'll be very confused!!


Thursday 8 November 2018


Lucas what are you doing?
 No you are not supposed to climb on the watering can that's a planter !
I'm sure your mum didn't say it was okay!

Stop waving your arms about ! You'll fall off!
what do you mean no!

Just you stay there I'm going for your mum....... pardon! well little people like you should not say such a rude word! Just wait till I tell your mum.....

The sound of a very large raspberry being blown carries across the garden...that child !


Wednesday 7 November 2018



Hello Mary , how are you?

Bored ? Why? because mum's been busy doing all sorts and leaving all you children to just go to school then come home and play  ! Really?

Well she does need to work,  to keep you all in the style to which you've all become accustomed  !
Best enjoy it while you can, she'll be retiring in a year or two, then you'll be lucky to get a sniff at a new dress! I'm sure she's getting a Christmas story sorted maybe you'll get to be in that!


Tuesday 6 November 2018


 Robin is that you?  It's ages since we've seen you, where have you been?

Nowhere! Just going to school then hanging out with your friends and your brothers ? Well we have missed seeing you here.

What's that? You only think your here now because mum wanted a photo for the FB group  red theme week ! No surely not ! I'm sure mum just missed you..... then where are your brothers you ask....I'm sure they'll be right behind you.....and time soon .. ish...



Monday 5 November 2018



Or in our case , dolls , shelves and photos!

Up first is Violet and Sapphire from the Sasha village ! The twins now both have matching dresses but have chosen different coloured tights and shoes.

Over at Gregoropolis the boys are happily playing with their cars and buses.

and even the new girl is playing with the monkey game.

Here are a fabulous pair of twins from Karin, Sarah and Sophia, wondering what's happening!

Meanwhile Viv's kids were watching the fireworks exploding in the evening sky !

 From Ginger  comes her girls, Mae, Morgan, Penny, Briana ready for the cooler weather

Many thanks to everyone for taking part and sending in your doll shelf photos. There is still time if you'd like one added.

Enjoy the week ahead


Sunday 4 November 2018


Well it's the final month of autumn ! The cold weather is already making it's self felt. Paul's spent the afternoon clearing out the greenhouse and then putting in all the plants that will need some help to get through the winter months.
The days are nice and bright but that cold is just chilling the edges ,waiting for the sun to lower in the sky to remind us winter is coming.

Now it's very rare that Hattie ever asks for something, in the clothing line, she tends to throw a few different items on from whose ever wardrobe or chest of drawers she's looking through!

But when she saw this on auction on ebay , she was very taken, however she does not bid! And she forgot to tell anyone else just how much she loved it, so alas it was sold ! But Hattie was not down hearted, she just sent off an email , in my name, to Rosie requesting if she had enough wool left could she make her one.

and below is the result !

Hattie is a big fan of Charles Rennie Macintosh , so she is one happy girl.

Unfortunately Valentine is heart broken! Because Hattie's taken back her tartan trousers which he loves and had been wearing.

I've let him have free reign looking in the new and as yet unused box of clothes , things bought at the SCW and the Chat n Snap and elsewhere. He's only slightly appeased but as I told him it';s about time he found himself something new to wear!

He's taking his time choosing so no photos yet! I think it's because now everyone knows there is box of newbies and he's enjoying making them all wait a while before they can look.

I won this little fellow on ebay, he's one of the very smallest of the Schoenhut elephants and will make a lovely addition to the herd in the sanctuary. One of his ears is missing , so we'll call him Pardon? .

I'd like to say I have been good since the Chat n Snap but it would not be true. I have been buying some new clothing for the Sasha's and some shoes.

I've managed to organise myself and take a few photos to share on the blog during the week. Hopefully we'll have some doll shelf photos for tomorrow but by now people get busy , so not so many appear but I hope to have a few to share from other not just myself.

On the home front Casper and Rufus , 10 months and 6 months this week are growing strong and their personalities are showing through.

Paul managed to get them to sit next to each other just long enough to get a couple of photos!

Well have a lovely week and I hope you all have time to share with your doll families.

Dee x