Thursday 31 October 2013


All is quiet in the village, everyone is home in front of the fire. Some went trick or treating while other's stayed with mum not sure they liked all the spooky goings on.

But down in the high street a stranger is about ........

She? is looking at the village store filled with Halloween treats galore!

The large black cat bag she holds aloft, ready  to fill with sweets to scoff !

In the window things to do and a bag of ghostly poo!!!

Along the top Pumpkin bags do reign their toothy grin's hoping to gain
Sweets and treats and tummy's full until it hurts to grin at all!

One Halloween bag appears to tremble! Two green orbs try not to blink
if this stranger should see them, he's sure his heart would sink!

She stares out into the darkness not wanting to be found
she's having so much fun wandering around

Oh no someone's coming she worries what to do
Then she remembers, she's invisible too!!!


I would like to thank Catherine F who saved the day! She very kindly gifted me with the trick or treat bag full of goodies and ghost Poo! I had bought some lovely things for my Halloween window but search as I might I cannot find them anywhere! However I did find last years unused items of the cat bag and the pumpkin bags, so maybe I'll find this years purchases for next Halloween.!!


Tuesday 29 October 2013


Here are some photo's of the Sasha's, Gregor's and Babies who attended the Chat N Snap with their Mum's and Dad's.

A super hero or two turned up !


Love the girl in the tartan kilt and green cardie, knew as soon as I saw her cardigan she belonged to Catherine! and she's a Dungaree's girl, one of my favourite Sasha's.

Two came straight from school!

Verity my dungarees girl seems to be getting friendly with the young Gregor in the blue hat! Arabella at the back is keeping a watchful eye on them.

This young lady rode all the way so she could snap up a bargain.

Karin school display inspired by last years Sasha festival school boy raffle prize. I love the girl in the cricket outfit and also the tracksuit, so life like!

Thank goodness Rueben did not see these Np's standing all together on a table!

Two Batman fans hoping their idol might need to turn up and save the day!

another set of lovely sasha's here.

 Another couple of NP girls.

And another

 A pretty No navel girl

Another pair of dungaree girls.. love them

A beautiful reroot by Sarah wearing a beautiful dress by Vintage Sasha made from  a vintage christening .

A close up.

A basket full of Ronnie's Beauties and a Sasha ready for the wind and rain storm that was predicted for later on Sunday.

Sarah W's Saucer eyed Sasha , she does look quite nice.... maybe....

Two more scary eyed ... I mean saucer eyed Sasha's belonging to Sarah.....

 Proof that they are alive!! this one moved why I was taking her photo...honest...well......

I think I will leave it here ! who knows who was walking about the hall while we were all shopping!!!!
Them scary eyed girl's for a start!!!!!!


Sunday 27 October 2013


Well I finally got to see the shops all together in a high street setting and they look just as I had hoped they would.

The village high street complete with a few shoppers.

Checking out the toys in the Village toy shop.

Pausing to look at the shoes in Jean Jensen's shoe shop.

Heading to the village boutique where Hattie can be seen awaiting any customers in need of a new wardrobe.

Hattie checks the stock on the rail to make sure everything is ready for a busy Saturday of determined Sasha shoppers.

Setting up ready for the off.

Waiting and chatting, over at the back I am admiring Jocelyn's Bargain shorts boy who must say did want to stay with me , I did offer Jocelyn a quick Ten pounds profit but she was having none of it and insisted that Tom was very happy in his new home!

Elsewhere people were discussing Sasha's who were visiting and taking photo's.

Sarah arrives and starts to set up as it's nearly time to start to sell !

After the first rush people start to take their time going round again for a second or third look.


We do not have any photo's of the busy time as well everyone was busy! and I think my official photographer was chatting!!!But here you can see people going round again taking their time making those important decision's you know the ones! Eat well for the next week or buy that gorgeous outfit and live on beans on toast ! Why do you think that storm's coming tonight with all that wind!!!!

Meanwhile back on the high street two of the Sasha's are checking out the boutique.

They are admiring a lovely smocked dress and a yellow winter jacket.

Over at the graffitti wall Toby is saying he did not write on the wall while Zak is saying then why does it say Tobes was here !

 Catherine's boys have driven their new car to the village for everyone to admire and have brought along their cleaning equipment to show it off at it's best !

He is working hard on keeping the car shining.

His brother at the other end starts telling him he needs to work harder and put his back into it!
They start arguing about whose side of the car is shiniest!

They are so busy arguing that they do not realise the car is gone!!!!

Stunned he looks about for it!

All their cleaning equipment is still there but no car!

They start arguing about why didn't the other one see it go!

 Hold on! Whose this? he's not a Gregor!

Oh It's Mike the big brother of the Village clan , what have you been up to Mike? Nothing! Mm we don't believe you lets have a look at the photo's.

What that in the back ground while Catherine's boys are arguing? looks like a kidz n cats boy to me!
Let's get a closer look....

Yes definitely a Cat's boy moving that car!
Well mike what have you got to say for yourself!

Oh you were just winding them up and you were going to show them where it was later ! Well for that you can take over cleaning the car while they go and have a slice of cake,...NO..don't argue just do it!
That's what comes of letting a Cat's bad boy into a Sasha event. What's that mike ? No we do not want to see your tattoo ! What do you mean you showed it to a vicar or was she a vicar's wife your not sure and another fine looking blonde woman ! the shame!!

I think I should end this post here while I have a little word with this young lad.
More photo's later this week of the Sasha who attended.