Sunday 30 September 2012


My eldest daughter is due to complete on her new house tomorrow and earlier in the week she asked if I would like a small cupboard that she no longer needed and knew that I liked.

For some strange reason :) as soon as I said yes, I knew exactly what I would use it for! Sasha!!

While having a sort out today, I rang and asked if I could come and get the cupboard ( did not want her moving and suddenly deciding that she wanted it after all !) and then I told the DH my plan for said cupboard.

He kindly took me to collect it, then went on to a DIY store to buy the part he needed and then came home and put it together.

Photo of cupboard when finally in place.

Inside of cupboard now with Hanging rails at just the right height!

Beginning to fill with clothes and shoes...

Running out of hangers...

Mmm do not think all this will fit in!!

Poor Sophie who was hoping to be changed into her autumn outfit surrounded by things that still need I am off to buy hangers......and maybe keep my eyes open for a bigger cupboard.....I was sure this one would be like a tardis!!!

Saturday 29 September 2012


With all the lovely sunshine today more of the girl's decided to change into slightly warmer clothing.

First up was Liberty who chose a new outfit that arrived this week .

 Made by the very talented Lesley of Special delivery and teamed with a pair of boots by Lisa of dolly delighter.

Mathilda also chose a special delivery outfit, this one from last year and again teamed with Lisa boots.

Macy also went for special delivery but teamed with Dollydoodle legging and Lisa  boot's.
Last years purchase of Lisa's boots in lots of lovely colours is working well for dressing the girl's this Autumn / Winter.

Here is another photo of the girl's together.

Arabella also went for  Special delivery by Lesley but this time a lovely green and cream smocked dress.She teamed it with Jj sandals and requested that she would need a cream or matching green cardigan now that the weather is cooling and would it be ready by tomorrow! the child's yet to learn how long it takes me to make a cardigan for the clan ..

And here is Belle in Vintage Sasha by the lovely Sarah. " Belle can you look at the camera please?"

" One should never look at the camera when modelling" Belle replies continuing to stare to the side and up." When I was modelling in the 60's with the shrimp , you pretended that the camera was not there!" she informs me.

She looks straight at me as she informs me " You'll never be a professional If everyone's always looking straight into the lens " 

then she's off staring into the distance again!
And yes it's true I have still not washed her hair but I like the way it's still got that sixties look about it, so will leave it for a little bit longer.... a year or two..


Below I have put a couple of close up photo's of the smocking on the tops for those who would like a closer look.

Black and Gold stitching.

Black and Cream stitching.

Blue stitching at the top and bottom leaving a wide middle pleating

Tuesday 25 September 2012


Several of the girl's have changed to warmer clothing for the autumn. These girl's I will show today all decided to raid the Vintage Sasha clothing box and although today has been windy it's quite warm, so I took them outside for a little fashion shoot.

First up is Claudia wearing a lovely outfit in deep pink and navy with a matching headband.She is wearing pink JJ sandals.

Claudia is a 1970 Sasha, she does have lots of thick hair but it does lose a few when brushed, so we very rarely brush.but she does have the most lovely deep brown eyes.

Ginnie chose this lovely purple set, here teamed with Rosie Bloomfield white sandals and yes I can hear you Kendal tutting that they should be a complimentary shade of purple but i forgot to change them before I took the pictures.

Tilly usually wears this outfit but Evie got in first! due to the sun! it appears lighter than it is, which is a lovely lilac. teamed with a pair of purple Jj's.

Paige is wearing a set I purchased via Shelly's, again the sun is lightening the colour which is a lovely lilac linen trouser and lilac pattern top.

I'm noticing a colour theme going on here! another lilac set! this time worn by Mitzi who in her role as Hattie Hat model as teamed it with a lilac hat and Jj sandals.

Bonnie is wearing a Dungaree set by Sarah that again I acquired from Shelly. I do love Sarah's dungarees the shape is so nice and fits so well.

A closer look at the detail of the blouse pattern.

Sapphire is wearing another set of Sarah dungarees, this time with a pretty blue floral blouse.
teamed with  navy Rosie Bloomfield sandals.

Saffy thought you might like a side view .

Violet's decided that you can start with a side view of her Vintage Sasha set.

What's this Violet? You are showing the other girl's how it's done! This is model looking to the side! I see..

Then arms back and smile towards the camera.. Yes that is very helpful but due to the windy weather the girl's have all gone back inside......Yes they can see the picture's later.....yes you can explain how to stand etc...can I just tell everyone about your outfit?..yes...Thank you.

Violet is wearing a lovely dungarees set with a white blouse with red spots and red Rosie Bloomfield Sandals.

There are still a couple of girl's that need to be changed and quite a few boys! but that's for another day or week or maybe even next month....

Sunday 23 September 2012


Today is cold and wet, a day for staying in keeping warm and dry and doing other things. However in this house the heating decided to play up , so it is as cold inside as out !

 The room where most of them stand about chatting, gets very cold if the heating is not on , due to being on an external wall on corner of the house.You feel the temperature drop when you go in. So I have been bringing them all downstairs to the lounge/living room and also the breakfast area in the kitchen.

Now because I'm cold I decide that the Sasha's and Gregor's must also be cold! Especially those who have been up in the cold bedroom, so I have spend a few hours dressing them in nice warm clothes.

Here are the four boys who spent the night shivering in their dolly doodle shorts and T shirts !They have kept their DD, T shirts on but now have warm jeans and trousers and nice woollen sweater's (or in Tristan's case a fleece jacket) on to keep them warm. You can tell how cold it is by how warmly dressed they are!

Luckily we have a fire in the lounge and a portable heater but I figured it was better to bring them all into the warm that try to convince the DH that they needed a heater all to themselves!

There is still a week of September left! but it looks like the Autumn is going to be coming in cold. But for a Sashaphile that's OK! We can  get out or buy all the lovely warm cardigan's and sweaters , coats and hats, boots and jeggings out there to keep our clan's all snug and warm and looking good for the coming Winter .

I just hope when the boiler is fixed , they don't all start complaining that their too hot and it's only September!!

Friday 21 September 2012


Morgan, yes he now is  just Morgan having had he's overpayment finally returned after the thirty day wait! was happy to be with us but I felt he would need a blood sister or brother to help him settle in. So Macy  as arrived to keep him company.

I was actually looking for a Macy ( Cora) when I bought Morgan and although after I bought Morgan I had a strong urge to buy him a twin brother I managed to resist and therefore was able to buy Macy when I saw her on US ebay on a very good buy it now price.

Here's Macy in her new outfit, she likes her new sister Hattie's hats and decided that this one went well with her new outfit.

I do like these darker Cora's and Macy is in almost Mint condition and came with her box and all it's papers.

Here is a close up her  sweet face.

Well once I had finished taking pictures of Macy and it was starting to get a little dark Hattie insisted that
I take some pictures of some new style hats that she is putting on Ebay tomorrow.

They have a coloured centre crown with a large black edge and a matching flower, nice for these autumn days.

Hattie's new outfit came from Shelly's clothing page, it is by Susan ( Chirnside) a lovely pinafore with a cat print. She says that she needs to put a cardigan on now it's starting to get colder, at least if she's wearing black and white what she finds should match........

Sunday 16 September 2012


Violet and Sapphire full of inspiration from their visit go to survey the front of the house.

Just as they thought room for improvement ! They set about finding plants in pots from the back garden that they can use.

They set to with a will and are soon ordering Dad about to fetch the pots they want while they pull them into place.

They move them from one side to the other constantly  looking for the correct spot to place them!
Violet spies a Hosta that Dad's placed on the gravel .

She decides that it is needed for their display, so poor Dad moves it onto the paving.

Sapphire stands back and Violet pushes the last pot into place.
" That's Fine " calls Sapphire to her sister.

"Are you sure?" calls back Violet " Maybe we should change this pot with the one with the pink fuchsia?"
" Come and see for yourself " she calls .

" Mmm" says Violet " not a lot of variety but then we did not know we were going to want a big selection of pots at the front of the house "

" Maybe we could find one more pot with a bit of colour?" questions Sapphire
" Yes , lets have a last look " her sister replies.

" This would look just perfect " Sapphire smiles
" Yes the splash of reds will brighten the whole area " agrees Violet
they start to drag the pot toward the edge of the table wondering where dad's got to!

"Excuse me girl's but where are you taking my pot? " Mum asks coming across the two pushing and shoving
the pot.

Violet hurries forward " We are just going to put it out the front with the other pots"
" But I like it where it is " says Mum " It's nice and bright and I can see it from the Kitchen "

Sapphire joins her sister to help her put their case for moving it. But Mum is having none of it.
" Sorry girl's the pots stays where it is " says Mum in her final no more arguing voice, she goes in search of
Dad who is probably hiding from the twins and their orders.

"Never mind " says Sapphire giving Violets shoulder a pat " Lets go and make a list of the things we need Dad to plant or help us grow for our pots for next year "
" Great Idea! " smiles Violet cheering up " We'll get him to give us a corner of the greenhouse and then we can get well ahead for next year "

The girls' go off happily making plan's, of which  in, Dad seems to play a big part....