Monday 31 October 2022





Come one come all

It's Hallow's eve

There will be things

you will not believe

Upon my feet

I wear cat slippers

Don't worry there real

'She quietly snickers'

Now I must away

for the night will come

and deeds most dark

must get done

But don't you fear

when the sky grows dark

it will only be the spirits

having a lark

By Hattie Bonham Carter Owen

Sunday 30 October 2022


Well, I know I say this every month, but I do feel that October's shot round! One minute there was a couple of weeks to the Chat n Snap and then it was happening! Then it was over and now it's the weekend again!

Not been a good week, Paul finally got his date for his operation only to get an infection and have it cancelled until he is well again! Not only that but he has also got a bad cold! So, after waiting more than nine months, when originally told three! it was within his grasp only to be taken away! But it is understandable, he needs to be well before he goes in. So back to waiting!

Lindsey's been reading up on Fen Shiue! And bought a waving cat, which is supposed to bring good fortune to the house and its people. She put it in her bedroom window on Friday night and I'm not saying it's connected but I won £4.10 on the Euro millions that night and found £15 in my jacket pocket, I'd completely forgotten about, on Saturday morning!  We may need a bigger waving cat!! ;)

I have been changing the children into their warmer clothes, Ashley got the new dress from Ginny, bought at the Chat n Snap and looks nice and toasty.

On the doll front, I did buy another doll well actually two but not for me! There were a lot of Sasha's and Sasha babies on eBay this last week, starting at quite low prices. I won a baby for a very good price and bought a Sasha for a reasonably cheap price. I have bought them for next year's Chat n Snap Raffle.

This is the Sasha.

I've put her in some of the girl's clothing for now, but she will have her own clothes come the raffle. I thought she would need a wig, but her hair is not bad, lovely and soft. But I want to get her eyes painted as she just as the tamper eyes. For some reason the name Avery came to mind, so I will call her Avery while she gets her make over and new clothes and shoes over the coming months, until she's all ready to appear at the Chat n Snap.

She needs a few months with a sock on her head to bring down her fringe on the right side.

The baby is wearing some of Elton Ron's clothes until she gets a nice new set for herself. She's got nice thick non falling hair and raised eyelids, so a nice buy.  I know it's a year away, but you need to get these things when you see them. I just have to remember not to leave their outfits etc until the last minute!

Even though the Chat n Snap was just last weekend! Seems longer than that for some reason, I've come back, and ben buying a few more items of clothing for the dolls! I think the reason that's happened this year is, I was selling the raffle tickets, so sitting at a table most of the time and chatting, so didn't get round the sales tables until part way through and some I missed due to others already being at them, so didn't get back for a look.
Also, I have a rule that no sales before the tables open which means I don't get much of a look in.

Which brings me back to my coming home and then later going through the photos and spotting things, that I then email sellers about or just going off on a small spending spree, having got the bug at the Chat n Snap! 
So, I do have a few items that have arrived or are on their way. But I have also sold a few items over the last week, so not quite so bad.

Some of the boys still need re dressing and there are still oodles of things that I need to sort through and sell on plus I want to bring the Sasha sitting room back into the house for ease of use (don't tell Paul. It can be a nice surprise) and to help me get back into the story telling.

So, I'd best go and workout where all the things that are in the way can go!

Have a lovely healthy week ahead,


Saturday 29 October 2022


 A lovely gift for Rufus arrived today from Simples! Mind you I am not too sure if I will ever get any more parcels delivered after what was written on the box!!

They handed it over and rushed off back down the drive! I wondered why and now I know!!

Inside was a lovely Emma Bridgewater dog bowl for Rufus.

First, he was like " Four years I have been here and only now am I getting a bowl with my name on it!"

Then when I explained it was a gift from a big dog loving friend, he was much happier to pose with his new bowl.

Now they both have their names on their bowls. 

Many thanks to Simples for finally giving Rufus a EB bowl with his name on it, we won't mention it's second hand from a now departed dog or he could go right off me!  I just hope the cat cannot read...

Tuesday 25 October 2022


 So the saying goes! And that is what it's been like here in the village! First, we had the waif that is now Charlie, who arrived but then refused to go along to take part as a raffle prize! He is still complaining about opening a door to a boy and then planning on shutting it! 

Then there was the unexpected mad fire sale to buy Josie, the red-haired NP lass, who suddenly came up for sale and captured my heart.

But in between these two, three if we count Margo's return, there was another doll I saw and took a shine to! I'd seen her on the Sasha bazaar for a while and kept going back to check on her to see if I really liked her as she was a re wigged and repainted Sasha.

The seller wanted to sell her along with a re wigged and repainted baby but would sell separately if necessary. Well, I kept checking and then her priced dropped! Which tipped me in favour of asking after the Sasha without the baby. Longish story short, I did get her, and she was on her way to me when I saw the NP red.

Before she arrived, I was thinking she may have to be in and out quicker than Charlie boy! But once she was here, I just loved her look, and since the fire sale was going well, she was saved!

She is by Kelly Wenarsky and part of a pair of "Play clothes " dolls, showing wear and tear on children's clothing when they play outside. Her official name is Payton but I will be calling her Maria.

She started life as an 80's Sasha.

And here she is wearing one of the new dresses I bought off Ginny at the Chat n Snap along with some Rosie Bloom shoes from the shoe drawer.

She just needs a ribbon to help control her hair and she's almost all set. She needs to be restrung. Her strings are too tight and have caused a bit of carving and at some time her body has been in a doll stand as there are a couple of marks. So, in the next few days, she'll be having an out of body experience and a torso hot dip, restring and then she'll be good to go!

So that's about four dolls in seven weeks! worse that the PM's office!!

Monday 24 October 2022


 Well, you know I was gathering together the adoption fee for a doll last week and she was obviously meant to come home with me, as I raised her fee by Friday night! One week later after first seeing her! 

So here she is dressed as when I met her at the Chat n Snap.

It was just on the 16th that I said I'd quite like an NP doll! and almost before the blog was printed this girl appeared up for sale. There had been a few others before her that had appeared for sale, which may have been why I suddenly had a desire for one. But so amazing that this red head appeared when I had said it!

But even more so that I raised her adoption fee in a week! She came in the lovely Frances Trickett set you see her in above.

I even had a bit more luck, as all my finds were for the NP but I managed to sell a BJD doll body on Ebay while I was at the Chat n Snap which meant I could have a little spend up.

One of the first dresses I bought was this beautiful dress from Jane Mcluskie, whose been sewing while stuck indoors for several months.
It's got a sweet sailor collar and you can remove the inset panel across the front if you wish. I need to find her some socks and a cardigan and she'll be fine.

I went back near the end and bought another in pink.

I also had a little spend with Dolly Doodles, finally getting a Snoopy sweatshirt I've been after for ages and also this lovely reindeer sweatshirt and a Sasha outfit. And I didn't realise I'd gone down the red route!

My next spend was with Ginny of A Passion for Sasha, first asking her to hold onto the dress set on the right for me then going back near the end to get the other two items. I was sorely tempted by a shirt and pair of cords as well but managed to resist. 

and my last purchase was this dress from Lee's table, which I had not even noticed until the very end as it was the only thing sitting on it.

I didn't really get a chance to look at the other tables, which was a shame as I'm sure I could have found a few more things but on the other hand the NP purchase meant I didn't have a lot to spend.

I did find these two items on Dolly Doodles table that a friend asked me to get for them.

Which worked out quite well as it meant I hadn't spent as much as I thought!

I won this item in the raffle, my only win. All the top items had already been taken but funnily enough I'd seen this and thought it could be good as went straight to it.
Pleas are always so generous in donating raffle items and there are always some items that are worth buying a good number of tickets to try and nab.

Well, that is all I brought home with me, a small but select batch of goodies. Now I'm off to check out other people's photos in case I see something I need to enquire about lol

Sunday 23 October 2022


 Well, it's surprising how it all comes together on the day. Although we had less people this year, due to some having to drop out due to illness etc. But those that did attend had the chance for a good old catch up and to make a few purchases. 

So starting with the sales tables, this was Jocelyn's, who was selling a few of her wonderful Sasha and Gregor collection.

a closer look at this couple.

next along was Lee who was sharing a table.

more of Lee's items.

on the other half of the table was Jane McL selling some beautiful homemade clothing. A new creator of Sasha clothing worth buying from.

more from Jane.

next up is another Jane's table, this one Woodward, with her love dolls food and knits

Jane's knits

more of Jane's.

Next up was Dolly Doodles table.

More Dolly Doodles.

the end of DD and onto Tricia's table.

Tricia's table

You can see Tricia's doll in her dresses. Another talented Sasha dressmaker.

a closer look

Next was another Jane's sales table, this time Jane Woodbridge.

more of Jane's.

Last but by no means least, was A Passion for Sasha, Ginny's sales table.

more from Ginny 

Alas a few who had booked table were among those who could not attend but still a very good mix of good to buy and tempt us.

I totally forgot to take photos of the raffle prizes! But the raffle made £400

The dolls on the Royalty display table.

Brilliant work done on outfits.

 The late Queen's piper..sob..

Below the dolls who attended

Love these twins of Leni's

So that's all my photos from the Chat n Snap. We have raised just over £700 for charity, not bad considering the times and attendance.

Next years will probably be the last. Tomorrow I will share photos of my new girl and my purchases.