Sunday 29 July 2012


Today Hattie went with her Mum, Dad and Lillian to visit her Aunts and Uncles and cousins.

Lillian  stayed indoors listening to the sisters chatting and laughing.The family had got together to celebrate a 16th birthday. Hattie when off to see what her cousin had spent his birthday money on…

It was an old Mini which he is going to do up. Hattie was very impressed!.

” Oh I love this ” sighed Hattie practising her driving skills.

” This steering wheel is very big but I am sure I can manage” says Hattie with determination.

” Mmm I may need a booster cushion, so I can see clearly”

Mum comes out to see what Hattie is up to.
” Mum I want a Mini” says Hattie.
” You are too young to drive Hattie ” says Mum
” I know but I am going to save and buy one as soon as I am allowed ” States Hattie ” and I want a union jack painted on the roof ! ” she declares
” But what about Toby’s boarding school education? ” asks Mum smiling.

” Well Aunty Kendal says that he’ll be home almost as much as he’s away, which is no help what so ever ! She also said I would enjoy going to boarding School being so independent and I may but  that’s up to you!
 I have to start saving for my Mini! How much does it cost to have a union jack painted on the roof? I’ll need to factor the cost into price and then I need to work out how many hats I’ll need to Hattify to pay for all this …mm I may need to diversify…” Hattie goes back inside followed by her bemused Mother…

Friday 27 July 2012


" Hello Hattie , you are just the person I need "
“I am?”
“Yes I need to take some photo’s of a couple of hats. You can be my model”
" Ok I need to ask you something anyway "

“Right Hattie stand there! Oh those boots look very hot for this weather, would you not prefer a pair of Jj sandals?"
" No thanks, I am quite cool in these” states Hattie
" Can you change hats please ” asks Mum.

“Is that one of mine? ” queries Mum

” Yes ” replies Hattie ” That’s what I wanted to talk about “

Mum nods at Hattie to carry on while she sorts out the hats to be photographed.
” See , I have added some pretty flowers and buttons" She shows mum the hat  "and I was thinking we could go into business together. You make the hats and I’ll give them ‘Hattitude’ with the flowers and buttons"
“That sounds like a good idea Hattie ” says Mum smiling " and what would you do with your share of the money? "
" I think that I would help Toby with his education “
Mum is very impressed at Hattie’s words ” That is so kind of you Hattie ! How would you help him ?”
Hattie smiles back at mum "I’d send him to boarding school until he’s 18"
Mum just manages to stop herself laughing ” I see ” she tries hard not to giggle ” You do know that he’ll have to come home for the holidays”
“What! ” cries Hattie ” Don’t they have to stay all year every year until they are released ..I mean finish at 18?”
" No” smiles Mum ” I do believe that they come home for long holidays. Maybe you could ask Kendal, she attended Boarding school"
Hattie decides to find out from Kendal  and hopes that Mum’s wrong!

Hattie model’s for Mum’s new hat photo’s but seems very quiet .

But Mum can hear her mind ticking over, she’s sure that Hattie has not given up on her plan at least not yet.
“Well thank you Hattie for being my model "
"Your welcome"
" What are you doing now Hattie?”

“I’m taking these boots off it’s far to hot to wear them ” She states
" Shall I get you a nice pair of JJ’s?”
" No I’ll wear Nate’s red sneakers, he won’t mind”..


Just a note to say that I have reinstated the page dedicated to the wonderful red haired Sasha's and Gregor's out there.Please send photo's of your  red haired Sasha or Gregor so that they can be added to the page for everyone to see.

I have also added a page called Hello, no not after the magazine of that name ! but after the Lionel Richie Song , have a look to see what it's about.

Saturday 21 July 2012


Edward is in the garden.

” What are you doing , Edward? ” asks Mossy
” I am replying to my critic’s” states Edward.
” Let’s show them what you have to put up with” Says Mossy.
“What a good idea Mossy ” Edward praises and the two go inside.

” This is the playroom after the children have left” says Edward.

The room is a mess of toys left out and not tidied away.

” The toys are bad enough but must they leave their empty drink carton’s and biscuit packets on the floor!”
” Yes ” pipes up Mossy ” Empty carton’s and biscuit……..are there any biscuits left?”
Edward gives Mossy a stern look, Mossy grins ” Just wondering”

They move on to one of the bedroom’s.
” Clothes and toys just thrown about, left for poor mum to clear up ” sigh’s Edward.
” Poor Mum ” echo’s Mossy

“And livestock just wandering about the house” says Edward scratching Nate’s pet pig behind his ear.
” Livestock ” echo’s Mossy

” Someone must have standard’s or where will the country be in years to come!” says Edward passionately ” If that make’s me appear grumpy then so be it ! “
“Grumpy” echo’s Mossy

” See dollmum..”
“Mossy !”
” See People .If he wants to be a right old grumpy panda then he can, He’s got Standards and he rest’s his case” declares Mossy tapping the case between them.
Edward roll’s his eyes ” That is not my case, Mossy and why am I resting someone’s case?” queries Edward
” Because they always rest the case ! “
” Who?”
“How would I know ! The people with cases ” states Mossy with all the knowledge of a bear that know’s very little. ” Come on let’s go back out side and finish the case “
” What case? ” asks Edward bewildered as they go back to the bench in the garden.

” Something’s missing ” mumbles Mossy ” I know! just wait there ” He rushes off and is soon back.” Put these on "

” Where did you get these glasses? I cannot see a thing!” grumbles Edward
” They belong to Ted , he always uses them to do his crossword and he’ll have a cross word when he see them missing ” giggles Mossy “Give them here ,you must be wearing them wrong if you cannot see “
Edward passes them to Mossy.

” It’s all gone fuzzy ! ” say Mossy trying to peer through the glasses ” I don’t know why he put these things on, they are making my head hurt! ” He takes them off and rubs his eyes.

” Are you happy now you have had a grumble…I mean rested your, his , her ,the, case?”
” Much to my surprise I do feel better for getting it off my chest”
” It was on your chest?” asks Mossy stunned ” Can I see? Please Please can I can I”
” You cannot see it ” states Edward, Mossy looks sad ” Because it’s just a phrase “
” Oh I see ” states Mossy sagely , he is totally confused but his stomach’s started rumbling ” Lets go get something to eat …Bamboo sandwiches for you and Honey for me”

” And We’ll both have NO crusts” declares Mossy ” We must have standards”
Edward gulps down the lump in his throat , at last he is making a difference.
” Yes ” continues Mossy ” I’ll eat my crusts later while we watch Paddington goes to town “
Edward roars with laughter . Startled Mossy grabs him and hurries him to the kitchen, worried he must be so hungry he’s lost his mind…

Friday 20 July 2012


Much to my surprise, when I received my Dollydoodles order today, all the boy’s had their summer outfit’s!.
So I took them into the garden for a photo shoot.

Here they all are ! and they are , well most of them looking at the camera! I had to take the photo between rain showers and sit on the grass, so then had to go change, having got wet. But at least the boy’s stayed put while I got a few shots.

Here on the left and from the left we have Tristan ( one of the twins) Dominic,Adam and Tobias( Toby).

In the middle from the left we have Nathaniel ( Nate),Benjamin ( Ben), Duncan and Percy.

And again we have Duncan and Percy but with Zak and Ethan ( twin to Tristan).

All looking very smart in their dolly togs and ready for adventure during the summer holidays.

I am adding a picture of Paige, who I finally changed out of her Vintage Sasha dress and into something a little more play friendly.
She is looking very nice in her new blouse purchased from Ruth Hartley at the festival and a pair of  white cord cropped trouser by Michelle ( snuzz1mich62) my sister and finished with her Rosie Bloom sandals.

Now this dress I was thinking of selling but when I put It on Claudia I liked it and now cannot decide.
I made a matching hat and will have to decide if It’s going on ebay or not.

Thursday 19 July 2012


Paige and Ginnie are talking their bears for a stroll in the garden.

” Oh Dear ” worries Edward ” Why must we ride in this vehicle ! “
” What? Oh the pram ” replies Mossy ” It’s great”
” I am a Panda not a doll! Panda’s do not ride in pram’s” states Edward.

 Mossy suddenly turns his head and peer’s out ” Did you hear that?”
” Sounded just like the click of a camera”

“WHAT ! ” cries Edward jumping up and looking round franticly, someone’s taking pictures…

” Miss Paige Miss Paige! ” he climbs out on to edge of the  pram and clings to Paige’s arm.” We must return to the house now!” he plead’s.

” Calm down Edward” soothes Paige helping Edward back into the pram ” No one is taking pictures”
“He does look a bit pale ” states Ginnie coming round to the side of the pram.

” How are you Mossy? ” asks Ginnie ” Are you happy?”

” I’m fine Mum ” sighs Mossy ” It’s lovely this here pram, very comfy. I could have a lovely snooze if someone stopped bouncing about complaining!”
Edward scowls at Mossy ” Traitor” he mumbles.Mossy just grins back.

Lillian turns up , having been out riding on the scooter.

” Hello, what’s going on?”
The girl’s explain about Edward being worried that someone is taking photo’s.
Seeing Lillian’s sympathetic look Edward asks if he can borrow her hat. Lillian hand’s it over.

Edward puts the hat on , which is much too large for him! All the girl’s start giggling, luckily Edward cannot hear them due to all the cotton covering his ears!!
“What are you doing Edward! ” giggles Paige, at first he does not hear anything but a mumbling sound so Paige talks very loudly.

Edward turn’s to Paige ” I am a Panda ” He states ” I cannot have my picture taken in a Pram!  and I think I’m getting travel sickness , my tummy feel’s all odd”
” Oh you are so sweet ” soothes Paige ” why do you not take off Lilly’s hat and I’ll take you back to the house for a nice Bamboo sandwich? “
” No crusts ?”
” No crusts ” promises Paige. Edward gives Lillian back her hat.

Edward slumps down, riding in a pram is very stressful to a Panda of his calibre !
The girl’s chat for a while before taking Edward back to the house for the promised sandwich, but when they arrive he’s fast asleep !

Saturday 14 July 2012


Short’s seem to be the favour of the month with some of my girl’s. Yesterday when I was changing them several insisted that they wanted to wear shorts, despite the continual rain!
So here are a few picture’s of them in their outfit’s plus the only one who did not change into shorts!

Ginnie who did not even wait for me to tie her plaits!

Dorcus who snaffled Hattie’s favourite short’s set!

Tilly who is really in crop’s but wants to be same as the other’s so did not argue..

Calico Jane who normally like’s to wear trouser’s but for some reason went for a lovely pink and white dress by Patty Rose.
If the sun comes out again I may be able to take some more picture’s as they all finally get a change of clothes.