Monday 31 March 2014


For April we have not one but two brunette's!

My two no navel girls Raven and Winter. If you read this blog you will know that I do love these Gotz No Navel Sasha's. For me there is just something special about them.

Raven is wearing Pink Vintage Sasha and Winter is in green. You can see that Winter is slightly smaller than Raven and also has brown eyes.Both have the eye style that is half defined. No Navel's were made only in 1969 and 1970.

Winter's hair is also darker brown than Ravens.

A close up of Raven.

and of Winter.

If I had thought about it I could have taken these photo's at the weekend in daylight but being me I forgot! so I'm sorry about the quality due to the lighting. I will if the weathers good take another when I get back from work which will hopefully give a better view of these lovely Sasha's.


Sunday 30 March 2014


Here are the Slate eyed girl's in the final colour change of the patterned button smocks.

Callie in the navy and white which I knew would suit her because blue looks so nice on the redheads.

Now she is joined by Simone in the beige and white again it looks good on her.

Finally Ava in the Purple/Mauve which looks good also.

Yesterdays photo.

The first photo.

Here is closed up of Ava.

And one of Simone.The girls go off chattering about which colour they like best!

Oh Look here's Zac , What's that?  Oh you wanted everyone to see that it was Toby wearing the ribbon and not you ! Where are your shoes? You were in a hurry in case I stopped taking photo's and went in !

Winter arrives and looks at Zac's feet " Where did you get those socks? " she asks
" From the sock drawer " Zac replies

"GINNY!" she calls over her shoulder  " COME HERE A MINUTE !"
"Why are you calling Ginny? " ask Zac

Ginny comes hurrying in! " What's wrong? " She asks worriedly
" Look at the socks Zac wearing "
Zac looks at the socks, mystified ? They're just ..socks?..
" Mmm " Ginny says looking at the socks.

She moves closer and they all study Zac lilac socks.
" No " says Ginny finally " They are the wrong shade !"
" Yes I agree " confirms Winter " They are too..lilac!"
" Yes they really need to be more.. " Ginny searches for the right word.... "mm ... Lavender !"
" Yes! " says Winter " That's right Lavender "

"Lavender? " questions Zac
" Yes Lavender " Ginny confirms " I'll have to keep searching but thanks anyway "
She turns and leaves a very confused Zac .

Zav studies Winters socks and shoes " Do you want Lavender socks too? "
Winter laughs " No Silly !"

She looks down at her shoes and socks " See !" she waves her foot forward " I have a very pale green sock made by Aunt Gill "
" And? " asks an even more confused Zac
Sighing  Winter continues " It's just the right shade to go with my green shoes and outfit "

She turns to follow Ginny " Not just any colour will do! It must be the right shade of that colour!"  she says moving off.

"Well! I never knew about shades !" says Zac standing in his various shades of purple........


Saturday 29 March 2014


After the Slate eyed girls post Kendal asked to see the girls wearing a different colour set. So last night I changed them and this afternoon had a chance to take the photo's.

Here we have Simone in the Purple/mauve set complete with toning ribbon.

Callie is wearing the beige set with another pretty ribbon.

" Oh No! " says Simone " That Cats heading this way!"
" Don't look at it and it may just pass by " says Callie quickly and the cat did just pass by , after mum stopped it a couple of times!!

Now we have Ava in the blue set with a fetching blue ribbon.

A closer look at Ava

A closer look at Callie. Tonight I'll change them all once again into the set they have not yet worn.

Later we find Robin and Zac in the garden " I wonder how long this is going to last !" Says Robin " I did not know we'd have to wear ribbon's in our hair!"

" I'm NOT going to school wearing a ribbon !" Robin continues " They'll call me a cissy!"

"Well you were listed as a Cissy doll when Mum bought you" says Zac
Robin's insulted " What! just because the lady did not realise I was a Gregor! Does not make me a cissy! "
he goes off in a huff with a very apologetic Zac following behind.

Callie's pushing a pram round the garden and appears to have two passengers!

Why it's Edward and Mossy !!

"How long's this going on?" Demands Mossy " I feel all restricted in all this green! I have a ribbon round my neck why do I need one round my head?"
" Because " says a patient Edward " Mrs Mum received a missive from Lady K asking why we did not have ribbon's on, so now we must wear ribbons !"
Mossy thinks about this for a few moments " Well I can hardly hear a thing with this round my ears! But if Lady k says Ribbon's are in ! Well we'd best not argue!"

" I think you both look very sweet in your ribbons !" says Callie looking at the bears glum faces

Edward looks out from the Pram " Please Lady K Are you sure that Panda's need to wear ribbons? "
"Who are you talking to? " asks Mossy looking but just seeing the garden
"Lady K!"
"Oh " says Mossy " Hey Lady K, bears don't want to wear rotten old ribbon's! We ain't girls! What are you up to? Eh! "
"Mossy ! " says Edward sternly
" Oh Thank you !" finishes Mossy...Edwards sighs and covers his eyes.......


Thursday 27 March 2014


Claudia wondered how would we find out about the lovely people that do not blog! But that do come along and leave a comment now and then  and who are our Sasha friends!
So this blog post is for YOU!

If you would like to leave seven facts about yourself in the comments, then we can all get to know more about each other. Those of you are unable to leave a comment can just send me their seven facts and I will leave them in the comment section.


Tuesday 25 March 2014


Sharon of blog Sharon in Spain was awarded the versatile blogger award by Nymphaea of The Doll Barn blog.

  The rules of this award are: choose 15 bloggers to pass this award on to, and tell the award giving blogger 7 things about yourself.

She kindly chose me for one of the fifteen to pass it on to! Unfortunately she also passed it on to most if not all of the bloggers I could have used, so I do not have many to forward it to!

However here are seven things about myself.

1/ I was born in South London and my playground was the site of what is now the MI5 building, the Tate Gallery, the Palace of Westminster, The Jewel Tower and Trafalgar Square and the art gallerys and museum's of south west London.

2/ My first job was for the National Westminster Bank in the Kings Road Chelsea in the 70's next to which Terence Conran opened Habitat a life style store and from where we bought our sofa's one of which we still own today!

3/  I was married at Nineteen in St Pancras Old Church in North London which is believed to be one of the oldest sites of Christian worship in England and where seven years earlier the Beatles had taken part in a famous photo shoot for the promotion of their single Hey Jude and the White Album.
And my husband had been an alter boy at the church when at school.

4/ I once collected my children from primary school with my skirt tucked in my knickers! but fortunately it was a long flowing skirt and I was in my early thirties, so still had a decent figure!!

5/ I am totally unobservant. Paul once shaved off his moustache and I did not notice until he pointed it out!!

6/ I have the hand written manuscript of a fantasy novel that I wrote in my thirties still waiting to be typed and polished!!

7/ I am a member of an archery club and have wandered the grounds of Castle Hedingham in medieval dress , shooting at targets in the woods and surrounding countryside.

So that's my seven facts about me!

I have only two left to pass the award on to who may or may not take up the baton and they are:-

Michelle of  Sasha and Friends

Karin of Sashamania

Thanks Sharon for giving me  the baton, I hope you like the answers :)


Sunday 23 March 2014


I thought I would put my slated eyed Sasha's in the three remaining Vintage Sasha button smocks. These smocks I purchased one at a time from Sarah's website last year or possibly the year before. They have the same pattern in the fabric but are in contrasting colours.

First up is Callie wearing a beautiful mauve set, it appears more purple in this photo but definitely has more of a pinker tinge to it. She is wearing man made socks and  white Rosie Bloomfield shoes.I will need to find just the right colour socks and shoes to go with this outfit but the white looks nice for now.
This set is usually worn by Violet one of my Velvet twins although it's looking very nice on Callie so she may have to give it up !

Next we have Simone wearing the same fabric but with the colour in reverse, navy on a white background again with man made socks and Navy Rosie Bloomfield shoes.
This is usually worn by Sapphire my other velvet twin.

 Last up is Ava , wearing a beige set with white pattern along with white socks by Gill and double strap Jean Jensen shoes in beige. These are the three Button Smocks I have owned the longest.

A close look at the beige set on my pale skinned Brunette slate eyed girl Ava .

Now Calico Kate one of the first two slate eyed Sasha's I ever bought, she is a favourite of mine. I think a colour matching pair of shoes would help this outfit sing !

Then we have Simone wearing the navy on white , I like the white socks with navy shoes so would not change this combination.

A final photo of all three. It took me a long while to get a Blonde and Brunette slate eyed Sasha to make up the set and then they both arrive almost together Simone at the end of the year and Ava just in time for the beginning! I am very happy with these three I now have.
Although that does not stop me being tempted when I see others! and especially when I see Gill's six, two of each hair colour!! But I am trying to steer clear of that path....... :)


Saturday 22 March 2014


Well at least in the village! Today it is bright and very cold and windy! Which stands to reason because I wanted to dress my girls in some new clothes and take photo's outside.
Well I was not giving up, so all was made ready and then it was a trip into the garden for a photo shot.
And of course as soon as I stood the first girl up for her photo the wind rose and swirled around!
I hope you enjoy the results and a warning there are a lot of photo's!! so may be best to get a drink before starting to view.....

We begin at the Chat n Snap last October when I spotted this lovely pink linen button smock outfit by Sarah of Vintage Sasha which I snapped up and put away until now. It's being worn by Raven my No Navel along with socks by Gill and shoes by Rosie Bloomfield.

Now I had seen a gorgeous teal green one on Sarah's blog site but was to late to purchase it much to my regret because I adored the colour, so I was over the moon to find that Kendal had commission one for my clan for Christmas.

Here being worn by Martha my red haired No navel, the most gorgeous no navel in my opinion, she is also wearing Gill's socks and Rosie Bloomfield shoes.

Now having these two outfits set me on an idea to have all my No Navel girls wearing Linen button smocks in a plain colour by Sarah, so having seen a Natural and also a lemon colour in her previous sales I asked if she could make me one in each .

So here we have Ashley wearing the lemon one that Sarah kindly made along with Rosie shoes and socks by Petrana.

Now being very cheeky I went back to Sarah and asked what linen she had as I needed some more plain coloured button smocks for an idea I had for the blog. She said that she would search through her stash of fabrics make some up and I could chose what I wanted.
So the lovely Sarah did this and then sent me the photo's and I said Thank you I will take them all! She was a little stunned thinking that I had only wanted a couple but I believe in striking while the iron's hot as when would I ever get another chance to have such a select of colours. So they arrived in the post even the Orange one! yes Orange, Sarah tries to say it's Coral but it is Orange! More about that one later...

So now we have Agnetha in blue this time with Jean Jensen shoes and Gill socks.

A closer look at the Blue and Pink.

Now Ginny as joined wearing the Lilac set with Jean Jensen shoes and Sarah socks.

A closer view of the lilac set with the blue.

and now Winter my No Navel Brunette as joined wearing the mint green set with Sarah socks and Jean Jensen double strap shoes.

A closer look at the lemon and mint sets.

There they are all six of my No navel girls wearing plain coloured linen button smocks by Sarah of Vintage Sasha , it is just what I was hoping for a lovely range of beautiful colour.
and I cannot quite believe that I had almost the right colour shoes and socks to go with each set! This comes from having been collecting for a few years now and making the decision to buy good shoes in a range of colours along with good socks also.
Gill if you are reading this I need a pair of lilac and a pair of mint green socks :) but hold fast there could be more!!

Now this photo includes all the other plain button smocks.

Here is a close up of Sophie the only later girl in the line up. She was the last one I dressed because I am not a lover of Orange! So every time I put this smock up against a Sasha I decided it did not suit! and put it to one side then tried another colour until it was the last one... Sarah laughingly tried to tell me it was Coral! But if you are reading this Sarah the socks she's wearing are CORAL the smock is Orange!!! I must say I nearly decided not to use it but when I found the apricot Jean Jensen shoes and the coral Gill socks it seemed to come together and looks quite nice on Sophie, so for now it stays.
I know you are wondering why did I buy that one if I'm not a fan of the colour but in the overall look of them all together it adds to that side of the colour range.

On the other end we have in purple Belinda with White Gill socks and Jean Jensen shoes. Jocelyn in Berry with Gill socks with a pink edge and Jj shoes and Paige in Natural with cream socks with a claret stripe by Gill and JJ shoes. Belinda is a 68 single fringe girl and Jocelyn a 68 full fringe girl and Paige a 69 Dungarees girl. I think these three colours go well together.

So here they all are again in their range of beautiful coloured Vintage Sasha Button smocks.I just need a pair of berry coloured shoes and toning socks along with a pair of purple socks, which I may have somewhere!

here are some photo's I took of them on the covered bench out of the wind.

Did not realise until I just put this photo on how the no navel girls are going up in height!

The sun decided at this point to get in one the proceedings !

Very citrus looking this end.

Here I tried to take the photo through the trellis hoping to get a line of the girls.

Not quite all of them and the sun is shining again!

side view but only three in shot!

ALMOST! I should have moved Sophie a little forward and then she's have been in the photo and not just her lovely foot!

The last one with the sun but still a very cold wind but at least on the bench they are sheltered from being blown over.

With thanks to the wonderful Sarah for agreeing to make me the plain button smocks in all the colours she had available. Also thanks to Gill for making such a good colour range of socks but we need more !! lol I believe she is aiming for 300 assorted pairs for this years Chat n Snap!  To the late Jean Jensen for her wonderful range of shoes colours and also Rosie Bloomfield , we miss you ! xx

Now I do have three more Button smocks of Sarah's but in a pattern fabric, maybe I'll put them on my slate eyed girls tomorrow, although two of them belong to the twins  ! I'd best ask first!!