Monday 31 December 2012


Callie and Dorcas are wrapping up a walnut whip for Dad, although it's no longer Christmas, they are really into wrapping presents and love seeing them opened. Unfortunately the paper they have is too small!
" There is more Paper up in the cupboard " Dorcas tells Callie
" Which cupboard ? " asks Callie " and which room up stairs?"
" Oh I'll come with you it will be quicker!" replies Dorcas and the two girls go in search of wrapping paper.

" Mmm what have we here!" exclaims Toby coming into the room where the walnut whip is sitting on the table.
The three blue nose's watch Toby approach the table, Bruce whispers to Giggles " This is not going to be good!"

" Oh Yummy A walnut whip, my favourite!"

The blue noses cannot bare to watch!

" Mmm this is so scrummy " says Toby with his mouth full of the creamy walnut whip !

"That boy can sure tuck it away!" whispers Giggles to Bruce

Toby leans right over and starts licking up the filling!

Within no time at all he's eaten all of it apart from the walnut! The blue noses watch in astonishment as Toby leaves the room his mouth still covered in whip complaining of feeling slightly sick!

Callie and Dorcas return to find nothing but a walnut on the table! Callie looks underneath to see if the walnut whips fallen off!
" Where an earth can it be ! " wonders Dorcas

They look at the blue noses to see if there are any signs of chocolate on them but they are just sitting quietly, which is suspicious in its self!
" Did you see what happened to the whip? " asks Dorcas
" T." Giggles goes to talk but Bruce elbows him and says " No we was sleeping you just woke us up! "
The girls stare at him hoping he'll fold but Bruce stares back all innocent.
" let go and see if Mum knows" says Callie.
" Why did you not say Toby ate it?" asks Robby ram
" Because A toy never blab's or you'll soon find yourself in a charity shop or a dustbin!"
"Oh " say the others, they'll never tell never!

Several hours later Toby's gone to bed , he's not been feeling very well and could barely manage his burger and chips and refused! yes refused his pudding!
Mum asked if any thing was wrong and if he eaten something that he shouldn't  ! but he said no he was just tired!

He tosses and turns dreams of walnut whips chasing him around the house, he starts mumbling in his sleep as he hears a voice calling him!

He finds himself standing by the table that's now in the middle of his bedroom! A GIANT walnut whip is TALKING to him!! " Eat me Toby! " it demands " You know you want to! Eat me ! "
" No STOP ! " shouts Toby " I don't want to! Leave me alone "
But the walnut whip keeps on " I wont tell anyone! it will be our secret! Come on what stopping you EAT ME "
" No NO " shouts Toby

" MUM MUM " shouts Toby waking and running from the room " It was me I Did IT  I ate the The Walnut WHIP I DID IT...MUMMMM"

Coming back a little while later after confessing all to his mum. Toby's surprised to find that there is no table or giant walnut whip waiting in his bedroom demanding to be eaten " Mum It was right there " says Toby pointing " honest It was so big!"
" Never mind Toby " says Mum" It's gone now and I'm sure it wont be back now you have told me what you did. Come on into bed "

Toby gets back into bed and faces the wall, he does not want to be seeing any more giant walnut whips tonight! Feeling much better now he's told mum the truth he is soon sound asleep dreaming of pirates and pirate ships.. with only the occasional very small walnut whip getting in the way!


When I saw this giant walnut whip in M&S I wanted it for the this post ! So I waited until they were doing three for the price of two and purchased two other items and this!
Of course now the posts done and I now have this walnut whip which I believe is filled with other walnut whips!! Mmm what to do! Well there's only one thing for it really.....I'll just have to EAT IT!!


Well this year seems to have shot round but then we probably say that every new years eve! But for me from a Sasha point of view, it's been a wonderful year.

I started the year with a wish to obtain a red haired Dungarees girl or a red haired 68 shorts boy and much to my amazement and delight I managed to obtain both! This was with the help and kindness of the person who was selling them, who I thank most sincerely.

Those who read this blog know that I love the red haired Sasha's and Gregor's and I decided this would be the year of the red and I would put a photo of a red haired Sasha or Gregor on the first day of every month, which I proceeded to do and again I was helped with some photo's of others fabulous Sasha's.I thank them for taking the time to send  and allow me to use their gorgeous photo's.

This was also the year of the English Sasha Festival in Stratford upon Avon. I was lucky enough to attend and that allowed me to meet and make new sasha friends and meet some Sasha friends I had only 'spoken' to via the web. It was a great weekend and I would encourage anyone to attend a festival but take lot's of cash for the sale tables and auction, raffles etc! If I had only known what was going to be available , I would have saved more and not kept buying Sasha's before I attended!

I have definately had a Sasha filled year with Sasha's and Gregor's arriving and some only stopping a short time before going on their way so that another Sasha or Gregor could arrive. Of course there have been the ones that got away!! One I remember was a lovely wide faced dungaree waif that appeared on Shelly's site and was gone before I could blink!! I was heart broken for at least a week with if only's!!
But some dolls are not ment to be and you move on , my sister and my friend Gill always say another will come along which is a good attitude to have and which I am trying to adopt! :)

The blog had a hiccup when I ran out of free picture space! This was because in my innocence I had not reduced the size of the photo's I had put on. I tried going back and reducing some but this turned out to take so much time  that I looked for another site and set up a blog on wordpress, now some people who had not been able to leave a comment were able to but I find this site much easier to use , so came back to this site as my main one and transfer all the posts to the other site as I do them.

I love writing this blog it helps the frustrated writer in me ! I have told my own stories since I was a child , my sister Michelle still remembers some of them! and my Sasha's,Gregor's and babies allow me to play with my creative side, which for someone like me is a god send. The fact that someone else reads them is an added bonus.

There are a few Sasha's that I would still like to get but I will talk about them in the new year.

I have several idea's for posts in the pipeline and just need to get my backside in gear and do them! I could really do with a little props crew that I could have working away on my Sasha sets so that I could sail in like the director and shout action ! Ah then the wonders you would see!!!! but until I win those euro millions or that lottery I will have to get my own props sorted and photo's taken.

May I take this oppertunity to thank all those who stop by and join in with my creative muse and all those who pause to comment or not, you are all most welcome and I hope you will enjoy the posts to come.

Now I'm off to take some photo's..there's Toby and a walnut whip involved ...I can see trouble ahead......

Sunday 30 December 2012


I received some lovely photo's of Ellen Church's room settings
here are some of them.

I wish we could get these American Girl room settings over here! And PAPER CHAINS!! I remember making these when I was a child and again with my own children! What a great idea to have Sasha sized ones! I may steal this idea for next year!!

I am going to keep my eye open for one of these armchair and stool sets. Ellen's partner had the covers made for her for Christmas. The little book case is also sweet.

A lovely little two seater sofa which would go nowhere with my lot! If you saw the post before this one!

A bigger view of the room with Chocolate drinks and sandwiches ready to eat!

Another part of the AG set the window with window seat! I may have to get a plane just to go shop in an american toy store!! The window seat even opens up for storage!!

Ellen's attention to detail is fanastic, notice the Sasha sized Christmas cards on top of this desk and over on the fireplace!

I must thank Ellen Church who allows me to share her photo's with you and for taking the time to photograph all these lovely settings and sasha's.

Now I'm off to add a few things to my new years List.....


Catherine (Kate) had been out helping deliver last minute present's to her friends who
had been away for Christmas and was wearing her new Christmas dress and hat.

Coming in, she is tired from all the walking and decides to rest on the new bench.

dropping her hat on the floor! She pulls out the tale of Mrs Tittlemouse and settles down for a nice read in the quiet.

Kate has barely read the first few words when Minnie and George Arrive! seeing Kate with a book they are quick to act..

In no time , Minnie is snuggled down beside Kate and George is asking her to read aloud to them
" Of course I will ,scamp" laughs Kate.
And she starts from the beginning.

While she reads aloud, two more of the babies arrive and settle down to listen, Rosie with her bunny and Maria who feeling tired sits back against the cushion.

Suddenly a voice demands " Me! Me! " Kate turns to see Elton Ron at her side demanding to get up on the bench.

Soon Elton Ron's is helping Kate hold the book and looking at the picture's while Kate continues to read aloud.

Now Quinn's arrived  and is trying to squeeze on the bench but Rosie is protesting that there is no room for any more!

George taps Rosie on the shoulder and says that Quinn can stand up behind him, if Maria moves forward. Kate tries to ignore all the commotion or she'll never get to the end of the book!

After a bit or pushing and shoving and a moan or two, Quinn is finally standing behind George listening to Kate tell the Tale of Mrs Tittlemouse.

"LO ! " calls Freddie from behind Elton Ron " Lo! Me sit "
Rosie and  Maria throw up their hands in despair , where is Freddie to sit!
Before the girl's can start crying  Kate stops reading and spends a few minutes moving everyone about .

Elton Ron gives Kate a big kiss and smiles and says " Ta.. Ka"

" Ok " says Kate " is everyone happy? " The babies all nod and say Yes, Elton Ron who is now quite tired settles down and Kate continues to read the rest of the story..

Every so often she passes the book over to George and Quinn so they can look at the pictures being careful not to wake ER who is sleeping on her lap.

Just as she finishes , Kate realises that Ashley is standing quietly at the back " I hope you are not wanting to sit down? " she asks
" No " laughs Ashley " I have come to get the babies for their bath , it's nearly time for them to go to bed"
The babies, those still awake, grumble until Kate promises to read them another story once they are all tucked up! It's lucky that Kate loves to read !


I have used Kate ,my Kidz n Cats Girl (Lena) who lives with the clan in the village, she arrived along with her brother William just in time for the Royal wedding a couple of year ago, which of course is why they have the names William and Catherine. Being an 18inch girl with movable joins she is able to sit and hold the babies and books easily.

Saturday 29 December 2012


My middle Daughter asked what I would like for Christmas and unlike the youngest
who always follows up with " For you not your Sasha's!"  she was quite happy to get
me a lovely outfit I have been coveting for a long long time!

Raven very kindly offered to be the first to wear this outfit and she looks very nice in it
I think.

YES! At last I have the Ruth Hartley Scottish dancing outfit! I do love this outfit, makes me want to head off to Scotland and start buying all things Tartan!!!!

You see, I like it so much I'm making you look at It twice!! In fact I would quite like another set but it's a long time till next Christmas! I may have to save up myself!!!!

My father in law who is 91 always gives money for Christmas as he can no longer cope with Christmas shopping. So when I saw the following item I decided to buy it slightly in advance of the money arriving and it arrived today so Evie is modelling it for me.
This is another item for my Sasha's I have wanted for a while and I do already have a couple of these that I bought recently and when I saw this one sitting on Karen's site and waiting for a buyer I could not resist so snapped it up as part of my Christmas present from MFiL.

It is in apple green, the golden delicious kind, with holly leaf motif.

Here is a closer look at the holly detail. Such beautiful little buttons on all these jackets.

I have one more Sasha related present that I will be posting later.

Wednesday 26 December 2012




Monday 24 December 2012



Santa's not moving
not even an inch!
Rudolf's complaining
he's feeling the pinch!

The snowman's not helping
he just stands and stares
The penguin is laughing
and calling the bears

The bears are to busy
to come and give aid
So Rudolf's not budging
till he's had lemonade!

Santa's unhappy to still
be at rest
He's feeling the cold
and missing his vest!

But look who is coming
to save the day!
Nathaniel Neil Owen
Hip Hip Hip Hooray

He may not be Rudolf
but he's all dressed in red
He's strong as an Ox
So he'll pull the sled

Rudolf is happy
Santa is too
Hooray for Nathaniel

Sunday 23 December 2012


Despite that fact that I should be tidying the house for Christmas I had to get all the girl's into their Christmas dresses, before I could put them out of the way!

Here we have from the left Sophie , Bella , Nancy and Claudia.

I know you have just seen these girl's in first picture but I thought all the pink's looked so pretty together that I'd do another shot.

From the left Evie, Mitzi, Arabella, Callie, Ginny and Tilly all wearing dresses by the very talented Lesley of Special delivery. Shoes are by Jj , Lisa, Rosie and boneka.

Here is a separate photo of Tilly's dress a lovely woven fabric with little red angels.

A close up of the detail.

 Here we have from left Sapphire, Ashley, Violet and Dorcas all wearing dresses by Ginny of a Passion for Sasha.

From left Bella wearing a dress by Susan ( Chirnside) Liberty in a dress by Lesley ( Beadsandbags), Claudia in a dress by Ruth Hartley, Raven's dress by unknown, Sophie's dress by Nikita ( Dreaming under the lilac's) and Nancy's dress by Videgraniers.

Well what started out as changing the last of the girl's into their dresses then became a mission to take a photo of all of the girl's together on this tiny cupboard top! Here I have managed to get eight of them but am now running out of room.

So next I bring in the new bench and we now have nine girl's in .

Hattie arrives to say that I need to get the girl's at the ends to stand on boxes or they will disappear behind the ones about to stand in front!, The child's too clever by half ,so now the girl on the ends are standing on boxes and a book.

Finally we have all the girl's in the photo! Hurrah!

Well of course the boy's decided that they wanted their photo taken together, thankfully not with the girl's!

Luckily the boy's had plenty of space to stand.from the back left are Ben, Nate, Dexter, Ethan, Duncan and Adam.
From front left we have Toby, Percy, Morgan, Tristan and Zak.

They decided that they wanted the Christmas sign behind them.

Well I could not leave out the babies! From the left we have Elton Ron, George, Freddie, Quin, Maria, Rosie and Minnie. Mostly wearing dungaree sets by Jen ( Alexisophie).

Well thank goodness that's done , although this is not my intended Christmas post!!! Let's hope I have time to get it done, I would hate to have to wait until end year!!