Saturday 31 December 2022


 Well what a year it as been! Some glorious ups and the some heart breaking downs. Naturally I refer to the glorious weekend we all had celebrating  Queen Elizabeth II seventy years on the British throne. The country and most of the world joined in to celebrate, we had a garden party for a few close friends.

And then just a few months later we were mourning her loss. The country almost came to a stop while we dealt with this unexpected blow. Yes we knew it would happen sometime, just we did not expect it to happen then. Her mother had lived to around 101 and so i for one would always think she'd still be around at that similar age.

We now have a King, still strange after having a queen on the throne all my life, but we are getting used to it and he is doing a wonderful job under some testing flack from certain parties. 

I completed two more cardigans for the grandies, plus I have another one, that just needs sewing together for Clara and have started another for Adam! I know that will hopefully be six cardigans in just over a month, unheard of ! It's because I have used chunky yarn so they knit up quite quick and I'm in the mood for knitting and have managed to not get too side tracked,

On the doll front loads left but also some arrived. At least more left that arrived so that was a plus. I also managed to sell  quite a few dolls clothes etc and a few props, so that's help make a difference.

Around seven Sasha/Gregors arrived over the year which is a very respectable figure, I remember when that number would arrive with three months especially after me stating I was not buying any more dolls!

These are some of the longest members of the village with only the prince being a newbie and Zak and Toby being some of my oldest Gregors, Toby was my first ever Gregor! Yes that scamp!, arrived back in 2012 wearing a pilgrim outfit and looking so very innocent! 

Well I wish you all a Very Happy and Healthy New Year and look forward to seeing what treasures 2023 will bring us all


Sunday 25 December 2022






Decided to make my own front door Christmas ' Wreath ' so took some holly from the garden and some branches of greenery with berries on from the front garden added a gold ribbon and here we are.

Sunday 18 December 2022


 The week has been cold! Freezing in fact! Most days have not managed to make it beyond minus 2, so most of the snow that fell last Sunday night is still covering the garden and parts of the roads that don't get hit by what little sunshine we have had, long enough to melt!

So we have not been out and about much, just stayed close to home and tried to keep warm. I have only dashed in and out of the studio, turning on the heater, if I knew I would need to search for something and even just a short trip required the donning of coat and shoes, no popping out in the slippers and just a cardigan!

The post is up the swanny ( meaning in a mess/not working) They were on strike two days this week, Thursday and Friday and then no delivery on Saturday for some reason, probably because some other section was striking! It seems to me most of the UK is on strike at present.

So I have not been listing things for sale, one because of them getting caught up in the strike and another because it's Christmas and people will be spending their money elsewhere. Plus It's nice not to have to worry about sending things for a while.

Not that it's stopped me making a purchase here and there. It just means I have to wait days if not weeks for the items to arrive.

I had hoped to get on with more knitting for the grandchildren but decided I needed to do the rib in a different colourway, since I'm knitting in Aran or chunky at the moment, naturally I don't have any yarn in my multi boxes of yarn , that would suit, so had to order what I needed, so am now waiting for it's arrival! Which is not good when I want to knit! and would therefore be getting it done.

Problem with looking a wool, it's a bit like looking a dolls or their clothing, you see something nice and decide to buy it. I had been preparing myself to knit something in oran... oran  orange! For Clara because naturally she loves oran.. that colour! Well I saw this wool and thought that it was a lovely mix of yellow, grey and orange, yes that is orange not a deep yellow! Well it's as orange as I am prepared to go! So that's also on it's way, so another cardigan/ sweater to knit, once it all arrives.

One thing I did do was go through my box of wigs, looking for a suitable one for a Schoenhut doll I have, then when I changed Monica into the tartan blue and green dress, I remembered she is wigged, so spent some time trying a few wigs on her.

I quite liked her in this blue and white wig, would look better if it was pulled more forward but it wouldn't stay in place.

She then tried on this purple mohair wig, which I love but just cannot seem to put on right and always has a section that's sticking up on the crown area. But I so love this wig and really would love to find a doll to wear it. Monica quite liked it but was not sold on it. So she went back to her existing wig, I think she was relieved.

I also changed Edda, a Gotz happy kid edition in celebration of Queen Elizabeth II, seventy years on the throne.

It's odd, how we need to dress the dolls warmly lol. 

Well according to the weather forecasters, it's supposed to start warming up from today getting into double figures! Yes double! Mind you it is also going to rain most days too, but I can put up with that for some warmth, it may motivate me to get on with some doll stories that are rattling around but not happening.

So I wish you all a happy healthy and warm week ahead.


Friday 16 December 2022


 Well it should be nice and clear because it's coming up to Christmas but of course somehow It seems to have acquired a doll or two!

Well It started with Bruno, who was sitting on the window seat by the french doors but this meant when the curtains were pulled he was cut off! Naturally I couldn't leave him there, so I picked him up and that's when he saw the Carousel Elephant and wanted to have a ride.

Then he looked so happy, I just had to leave him there for a while.

Then I needed to remove Edda of Edinburgh from her box, she'd been stuck there for about two weeks waiting for when I had some time to deal with her and her wee dog Jock. So I left her there for a moment until I have time to find her a change of clothes.

But she take Jock out to do his business and also to go and buy a Christmas wreath for the dolls.

Monica landed up standing in the jug, so I'd remember I want to take another photo of all the dolls in the blue tartan clothing. So that's how three dolls and a small scotty dog have landed up just where they are not meant to be! 

Thursday 15 December 2022


 Well due to all the snow outside and the minus 7, yes -7 daytime temperature! Unheard of before this for many many years! No one is going outside and unless they have to!

Monica, who was changed into a blue tartan dress today, after I found it in the dolls wardrobe!, Is sitting trying to decide where to hand the gingerbread man wreath.

" We don't have a front door of our own " Monica states " So maybe it could go in this window? "

" I'll have to see what I can do " I reply wondering if I have some blue tack I could use." I hope we have some blue tack or I may have to venture out!!! "

Monday 12 December 2022



Yes a rare happening for us here in the south is a decent layer of snow fell late last night, about two/three inches and because it's so cold it's still here!

Only Zak was prepared to go out into the garden and even he insisted on standing on the folly window ledge to look at the snow.

"I'm not going down there mum!" Zak states " It looks pretty deep and wet!"

"Well you don't have to , I can carry you back" 

" Thanks Mum "

some nice berry on the trees for the birds.

I'm afraid we were soon off back indoors for some hot chocolate for Zak and a cup of tea for me.

Sunday 11 December 2022


 Oh yes! It's cold! Them old minus temperatures are stacking up overnight now! What's that? Yes I am aware that some of you out there in this big old world are thinking, what an earth is she talking about, it's minus 10 here and I'm having to dig out five foot of fresh snow just to get to the mail box, amateur! and you would be right! 

The only thing I can be thankful for is, I've been to see the grandchildren yesterday and delivered their Christmas presents and had a lovely day. So if the weather gets any worse, which they are threatening, at least that trip's been done.

And I managed to get a cardigan for each of them, finished in time to take with me. I have more wool to knit them each another one but if they don't get them until the new year that will be fine. Since there are loads of days of postal strikes leading up to Christmas, anything sent via royal mail will probably not have not much chance of arriving any time soon! 

Naturally I have not ventured out much in this weather apart from a couple of  trips into town and the trip to see the little ones.

I have to say that we took so much with us that when we came to leave and I just had my handbag I felt like I'd forgotten something! But now the hallway is clear of Courtney's old Playmobil, which she'd asked for from the loft along with lots of my daughters old children's books, Spot goes to school, Threadbear, ( and the squeaker still works thirty seven years later) to name but two. I also decided I needed to clear out a few mugs, so four Emma B mugs also travelled with us.

Now the hallway is clear and once again tidy. 

On the doll front, I had planned on stopping selling but I did list a few items on the bazaar and

I did sell a few clothing items and shoes/trainers because I saw something I wanted and needed to raise some funds to buy it at this time of year.

Yes an elephant! I just love elephants, my favourite animal. Naturally I don't agree with them being anywhere apart from roaming the plains with their herds. But that doesn't mean I cannot love this elephant made to look like she is part of a carousel.

She is standing on the dresser for now but may move in the new year, once I have time to see the best place for her. When I bought her, the lady who wrapped her said, you can keep the wrapping for when you want to put her away! Like I'm going to put her away! lol  I really do need a bigger house! ;)

I did have a couple of pairs of blue tartan trousers and a sweater arrive from Michelle, so was able to take a photo for the blue tartans.

The reds, without the buttons who are also wearing red tartan, with Lucas now in his tartan trews.

So now it's all about heading towards the Christmas holidays , getting out the tree and decorations and re arranging the house to fit them in.

Wishing you all a happy healthy warm week ahead


Monday 5 December 2022


 For once I have a couple of photos ready to share! I know almost unheard of, so let's get started.

First is Lucas with Socks enjoying a ride on the sled in the snow. I'll put the other one at the end as it's not a Sasha doll.

From Simples, in the north, we have two beauties, a brunette side part and a red FCP, and even some of my favourite Emma B! 

A closer look at these beautiful girls. Now I need to go and have a lay down to recover from the shock of Simples sending in a couple of photos for the first time ;)

It appears Ursula has been inviting beautiful dolls to come and live with her, just in time for Christmas!

This young lad has already made himself at home adding one of Ursula's lovely sweaters to keep warm.

Percy and Robin have snaffled the new tartan trews that have a thin gold thread rounding through them! Percy telling me his after all is my golden boy! Percy even got his hands on the new white sweater! However, they soon lost the hats once the photo had been taken, shame I love the gnome hats

Over with Hildegard, Peter and Adelheid have been out in the snowy garden and come across a Christmas cat and a Christmas bear, who won't tell them what they are up to! Well, the bear says to ask the cat, but the cat then says He'd tell them but then he'd have to lock them up until after Christmas! So best not to know! All very strange!

Over in Gregoropolis they are already into the festive spirit, look at all their gorgeous tartan, everyone is joining in the tartan fun. Now there's the place to be this Christmas!

This is Theo, another boy in the village, taking his letter to Santa to the postbox, so Santa will know just what he'd like for Christmas. Even he is wearing this season must have   Tartan!

Many thanks to everyone who has taken part in this years doll photo days, without you all it would be pretty boring with just photos of my motley crew.

There is still time to join in.

Have a very happy Christmas.

Sunday 4 December 2022


 This week seems to have been all about sorting things out and also changing things around. First up I went through all my clothing and pulled out enough to fill a large bin bag for the local charity shop. I was hard and even if it was lovely, I put it in if I'd not worn it for at least a year, no putting to one side thinking I could cut it up and make something for one of the dolls! Because we all know that's never going to happen anytime soon!

Then I decided that my craft, doll, children's story books, along with the bookcase they were on, could come into the house from the doll studio. That way I might actually get to look at them rather than just a quick shuffle through when looking for a particular book.

It's actually made this area look much tidier, rather than the two small cupboards standing in that area. So, it refreshed the space

If you read my earlier post, you'll know by doing this meant the unfinished doll's house is now in the doll studio roughly in its place.

Taking the bookcase out and moving the castle over, has opened up space, even with having the doll's house now in place. It's also seeming to look brighter, maybe because there are no longer loads of boxes piles upon the two cupboards.

It's also been a week of doing little jobs that remove things from sitting around. Like I changed the bedside lampshades. I bought some new one's last year for when the room's been decorated but decided to just change them and donate the old ones to charity, thereby removing two square boxes from sitting on top of the wardrobe. I also changed the top cover, and we found the winter quilt and changed that. Only the lampshade changes reduced things sitting around but it helps. Paul also finally put the wooden ends on the downstairs curtain poles, so that's another two items out the way!

What is it with never quite finishing things, like leaving off the curtain pole ends? Yes, we had thought we'd have to cut the poles down, then didn't, so why did it take another couple of months before the ends were put in place? 

The weather is turning much colder, and the days are usually foggy first thing or grey, so taking a good few hours before we see any sun or brightness. So, my studio clear up as come to a bit of stop and if anything, I have piled a few items back in, thereby making it slight untidy again. I really need a couple of days in there working away at it but unless I turn the heater on and rack up the electricity bill, it's not going to happen anytime soon.

On the doll front, Lucas got a pair of tartan trews, to join in on the tartan Christmas theme and I also got a couple of blue tartan pairs as well which a couple of the boys are wearing. In fact, I have bought a few clothing items for the dolls over the last week or so.

I have a dress that's still in the post and it will be three weeks by Monday! I just hope it's not lost as it was made especially for one of my bigger dolls.

I have not sold any dolls but did in fact decide to keep Esme the Roche doll shown above, I had taken her in part exchange for another doll, having previously had an Esme that I reluctantly sold earlier. So, I decided that actually, this Esme could stay. 

I'll be carrying on doing those small jobs that help tidy the place and also re dressing the dolls. Don't forget to send in your photos for tomorrow's doll photo day. I will also have to put up the Christmas tree which will again mean moving things around! So, before the list gets any longer

Have a lovely fun filled festive week ahead.


Friday 2 December 2022


 What? I can hear you all ask, what exactly is she referring to? Which of the oodles of things on her list is she talking about? using up the fabric? the yarn? Tidying>? Selling? the list is endless!

Well, I'm actually talking about something that's been sitting around for so long that I know longer have the details of now it's meant to look when finished!

We will have lived here for 18 years next March, and this item came with us only partly constructed at that time, so I'm thinking that it's been in progress/waiting for completion for around twenty years! Why it's almost an antique!

I'm talking about the partly constructed dolls house that's been spending its life in either one of the sheds or a couple of times in a banking hall, helping encourage people to ask about mortgages!

Yesterday, Wednesday I moved the bookcase and crafting, doll and children's books back into the house.

So that I could today, Thursday, move the partly made Georgian dolls house into the doll studio.

It meant moving the Castle over to the former bookcase space because that cupboard was narrower than the one it was on, so now the doll's house is in the centre of that wall of the studio. Also meant I then had to remove the mini shelves from the wall.

It's not in too bad a condition, just needs a little cleaning in places.

Unfortunately, two if the internal doors came off when it was being taken to and from the bank, so they will need to be replaced/ repaired.

I do have wiring in this one, so it can have lights. I also bought lights, then years later sold some as I didn't think I'd get round to using them. I may add wallpaper to one of the downstairs rooms.

At one point we lost all the parts that we needed to finish the house but then a few years back found them again, but we didn't find the instructions or a photo of what it's supposed to look like!

This is the front that is in two pieces and I had painted the house a pale green but now I'm thinking should I repaint it in a cream/stone colour.

I didn't even remember the columns which are for the front portico! Now I found two bags of bits, and both have stairs in them? I think one set must be from a different dolls house or we could have bought them when we couldn't find the other bag.

So, I have searched online for Sid Cooke dolls houses hoping to see one of his Georgian ones but so far, no luck. Would be nice to find a photo of one, in order to know just what piece goes where!

But I'm sure we will be able to work most of it out.

This is the same as the doll's house I sold when we moved here because we didn't have enough space, of course now I wished I kept this in the shed and sold off the half finished one!. But that's what life is about making discissions and sometimes we just live and learn from them.