Wednesday 26 February 2014


On Saturday Violet's quilt arrived unfortunately no one was home so had to rearrange delivery for Tuesday
At last the quilts are here and I can sort out about the beds!

" Ah ! Excuse me you are in the way of my shot!"

" I said Excuse me ! You in the yellow cloak can you please move for a moment? "

" Mmm would that be me you want to move? " says the girl in the cloak.

" Oh! Hello Elfine , what are you doing?  You are not supposed to be in this photo shoot"

Elfine takes no notice of me and pulls up a chair, takes off her cloak and makes herself comfortable!

"Now let me see " she says thoughtfully " last October , on Halloween I was allowed to make a quick appearance wearing my cloak and a mask " she pauses " in order to pave the way for my arrival. Am I correct so far? "
I nod

"October LAST year!! I was supposed to make another appearance at Christmas! "
" I know but I am looking for the right outfit for you to arrive in " I tell her
" I have been waiting over seven months! How long does it take to find or make an outfit!" she says in some annoyance " If you stopped spending on these villagers and their bears I would have had an outfit by now!"
I can see her point.....

She pushes back her hair to show off her Elf ears " I am a Princess of the Elf kingdom and I will not wait much longer, so be warned!"

She recovers her ears " If you want to know what mischief an elf princess can cause just ask that bear that wears the Emerald stone round his neck !"

Getting up from the chair, she gets ready to leave " I will wait just a little while longer then I cannot say what may happen if my story does not get told!" and with that she leaves......
Just what I need !! what with a new toddler in the village to deal with.....


Sunday 23 February 2014


Someone is using Dad's computer to look at the Sasha blogs.

Mm I wonder who it is? He's looking at Jenni blog What does it say? " Yes I Lucas!"

He looks very interested in the little boy Lucas? on the screen...
Oh now the little boy on screen is saying Connor is a good boy!

Why these two could be twins! I wonder what this lad is thinking....

Well he must be hot because he's removed the oversized sweater and mittens he was wearing and he is looking very happy!

A short time later we come across the lad again...

He appears to be searching through the baby and toddlers socks that Elton Ron brought back from Aunty Gill's as payment for all his help.

Look Aimee and Gertie are hiding amongst the fallen trugs watching the boy!
they are whispering to each other
" Who is that boy? " says Aimee
" Looks like he's up to no good if you ask me !" Gertie whispers back " I bet he is stealing those new socks!"
"Gertie! " says Aimee nearly raising her voice and giving the game away " You don't know that! He may just be tidying up!"
Gertie rolls her eyes " What a toddler tidying up!!are you mad!"
Aimee takes no notice and whispers back " I'm going closer " and with that she creeps forward round some trugs

The little boy appears to be studying the socks, he mumbles " Don't like pink!" and starts to pick socks up and place them in a trug.

Once he's filled his trug with all but the pink socks he looks straight at Aimee whose moved quite close.
" Hello" he says in a friendly manner.

Aimee moves closer still as she says hello back then asks " What are you doing with those new baby socks? "
The little boy looks at Aimee with a steely glare for a moment before smiling and looking friendly again
"I'm putting them in this blue thing " " Trug " say Aimee helpfully " Oh trug " says the boy " So I can carry them away "
Gertie whose moved closer whispers loudly " Take them off to sell !"

"Pardon!" says the boy looking steely eyed again
" I ah It was not me it was my friend who spoke " stutters Aimee her face going red " Would you excuse me a moment "
She goes back to where Gertie is hiding

" Why did you say that!" demands Aimee
" Because He looks like a crook !" states Gertie from behind the trugs
" He is tidying them up just like I said " says Aimee smugly
" He looks like that bad boy who lives with the Ice cream " states Gertie.

"Ice Cream ? " asks Aimee
" Yes The woman who was not very nice to Storm, that Ice Cream "
"Ice Queen !" says Aimee giggling " Not Ice cream, that's a lolly that's melting "
"What's melting !" asks Gertie confused.

" Are you two going to be much longer because I have things to do!" says the boy
" Oh No " says Aimee turning back " Gertie was just saying that you looked like someone we know called
The boy glares for a moment then smiles " Lucas? cannot say I have heard of a Lucas my names Connor " he smiles a smile that Gertie thinks is a little chilling

Gertie's still not happy and points to the pinks socks still laying on the floor " Why have you not picked them up too!" she demands
" I Don't like P.. I mean I was just going to put them on the top they are so pretty "

Aimee moves closer again "Where are you from then? "
"The valleys " say Connor
" The Valleys? where's that? " asks Aimee , while Gertie gives him the evil eye!!
" Wales " he says looking sad " My home is flooded and I had no where to go, someone said that I should travel to the Sasha Village where the nice people and bears would look after me " a tiny tear drops down one cheek..
Aimee's lip quivers at this sad tale " Yes it's good you have come here " she words catching in sympathy with his plight " Mrs Mum's friend Jenni walks round in wellie's indoors ! " she confides " because of the floods ! you poor boy you can stay here as long as you want ! " she states firmly .

Connor looks away for a moment Aimee understanding that he is so happy at her offer he needs a moment to stop himself from crying in relief!
While he is turned away Connor's face lights up in a big grin his eyes twinkling at how easy this is!!

Gertie sidles up to Aimee and whispers in her ear " That boys the devil!"
Aimee looks at Gertie in annoyance " Hush ! You'll upset the boy how very uncharitable of you Gertie! I would have hoped for better !"
Then turning away she calls to Connor " Come along with me and we'll get you some dinner you must be starved after your long journey "

Connor follows the little bear out totally forgetting all about the socks he was going to sell in the village!!!



The trugs are now empty
the teddies are gone
I wonder what will happen
who'll come along?

A curly haired Baby
 has come into view
He's crawling right to them
drawn by their hue

He sits struck in wonder
at what do they do
George crawls to join him
and wonders that too!

Quinn looks at George
George grins right back
The wheels in their heads
are on the same track!

So Quinn launches forward
and flies through the air
Not a trug is left standing
now these two are there

The trugs are all over
Quinn's on the floor
The boys start to giggle
they want to play more

When Quinn pulls himself up
He's wearing a hat!
A trug has decided
to counter attack!

George thinks it's funny
so he gets one to
and while he's at it
he gets him a shoe!

Quinn's now standing
in trugs red and yellow
when he starts to wobble
he lets out a bellow!

Elton Ron  heard him
and comes crawling in
Wondering why Quinn
is making that din!

 Quinn loses his balance
and falls to his back
Elton Ron's already
selected his hat !

It's covered his eyes so he pushes it up
to see brother Quinn legs all a muck
The boys do giggle then laugh out loud
Playing with trugs is best in a crowd!

The boys are still laughing
when mum wanders in
She's followed the noise
what she finds makes her grin

Cos George looks so sweet
Blue trug on his head
His eyes are twinkling
still dressed for bed

Quinn looks to Mum
and holds up his thumb
looking so happy at
what he's just done!

 And sweet  Elton Ron
so pleased to be home
Playing with his brothers
no longer alone

So there you have them
Babies one two and three
all wearing trugs
happy as can be!


Saturday 22 February 2014


A hug of teddies in a rainbow of trugs!

Hugo in the bright green trug says " I cannot see! "
Mossy in the bright pink trug complains" I should be at the top! not hidden by you two!"
Edward sighs...

 Aimee who only stops talking when she's sleeping and she been known to even talk in her sleep on occasion!! Is chatting to Gertie in the trug below " Well I told him good and clear ! No one and I do mean no one is going to like you if you don't stop ! " she states " Am I right or am I right! "
" Oh you are most definitely right!" declares Gertie in agreement

" I still cannot see anything!" says Hugo

Diggory kindly decides to give up his comfy cushion and passes it up to Lila for Hugo.

Lila struggles to pass the cushion up to Hugo " Just a little higher !" calls Hugo from a safe place on the other side of the trug!

At last Hugo gets hold of the cushion. While Edward asks someone to try and shut the curtain as the sun is blinding him!

"Too Bright! " calls Edward " Curtains!! "

At last everyone's ready ! Well Hugo can now see but he's worried about how high up he is! Diggory is now wondering where his cushion's gone! and Mossy is sulking cos he is not in one of the top spots!!
Don't you just want to HUG THEM!!