Tuesday 31 January 2017


Well despite my camera accident at the beginning of the month, I have managed to get to the end and posted everyday ! And not just using old photos but using ones from the ipad too!

I think it's made for an interesting style this month! lol

Yesterday, work was stressful and busy and it was a relief to get home and rest. But I did not have time to take a photo for today however I did take a photo last night using the new camera,  of Brigitte my Sasha course doll and Martha my Gotz no navel. A lady on the face book group wanted to see them side by side to get an idea of the course doll size as she is awaiting one's arrival. So I took a quick photo and added it to the comment stream.I also gave her the dolls measurements.

This is the photo and it's quite surprising to see just how big the course doll is against the Sasha ! Although if you were to hold a course doll they do not appear 'big' at all ,in fact , I would even say that Brigitte seems quite slim

I have to say that January's not been a brilliant month what with one thing and another but hopefully February will be better!


Monday 30 January 2017


I have now started taking bookings for the Fifth Chat N Snap. It will be held on 21st October at 11 am in the usual place. If you'd like to attend please send me an email and tickets are still only £5.

I will get a website or page up for this years event soon. I look forward to see those of you who can come.


Sunday 29 January 2017


Is it just me of does Sunday seem to appear quite quickly after the last one? Certainly does not seem like it's been a whole six days that have passed.

Well I have taken a couple of photo's of the new stained glass in the front door during daylight.

from inside with the natural light outside.

from outside on Friday when the day was wet and overcast.

The door looks quite dark in these photos.

So not a lot happening on the doll front. I did a photo shoot of the different sized dolls I have with the new tea set , my biggest doll is Evelyn my Schoenhut girl .

 who is on the right here and is around 20 inches.

I need to get a photo sorted for the Chat n Snap so I can get the ticket sales going., which I hope to do today.

Paul bought me a new camera as his is still being fixed. I went for a small camera as we don't need two big camera's.

This is the Canon Powershot SX720 HS , it had very good write up's by people who own them, it does a little singing and dancing and now I need to get used to how to use it.
It can download the photos via WiFi to the computer ! But I will still buy a cable and a card reader, I like to cover all the bases!.
I will also have to get used to not having a view finder.


Having been down to my Sasha Studio to get the table and chairs out, I returned to try and find the food but due to having moved many boxes into it while sorting out the bathroom, I could not get to everything, so came away empty handed apart from the one cake.

I have to confess that even though I've not used the studio properly yet , I've been eyeing up the gazebo ! We plan to enclose it with walls similar to what we did on the porch , it will be a much bigger area at a guess around 12 ft by 10ft, is near to the house and we could possible heat it throughout the winter or colder months. So now I am wondering if this would be a better place for my Sasha Studio...

Another thing I'm in need of is another large doll cupboard !Yes I know there is one in the living room but I have a pile and I do mean pile of dolls up in my bedroom and a small cupboard with dolls in. I need to find a large old cupboard that I could use fr these dolls but in room settings.
If the gazebo gets done and gets heat, I could have the cupboard in there, of course my Sasha's Gregor's would be inside the house but my other less valuable dolls could live in there.

All this from seeing a doll on ebay around seven years ago and thinking I've always wanted a Sasha , I'll make a bid and see what happens.....

Wishing you all a great week ahead

Reminder that the 5th of Feb will be Doll shelve photo day, so time to get clicking


Saturday 28 January 2017


On the comments on yesterdays Tea for Two post, Kendal asked if the tea set fit the Studio/Course dolls ? Well I have a course doll and for some reason I always think she is much bigger and chunkier than she is, so had not even thought of trying her with the set.

So this afternoon after work I asked her and a friend to come along to tea.

so the table was set.

and Brigitte came for tea and once again the tea set was a good size for these slightly bigger dolls.

Her friend was Valentina , an Italian Waldorf  girl. Who enjoyed having a chance to practice her English .

They had a nice cake ready to slice .

Having been born in Germany and traveled from Switzerland Brigitte was more than happy to help Valentina with her English.

 Another comment from Steve yesterday was about the chairs, so I have added a photo showing the detail.

I was lucky enough  to pick up this and an armchair, photo to follow on one ebay search and then another two of these chairs.
For your information the size of the chair is as follows, legs from floor to seat 6 inches, from seat to top of back rail 6 inches depth of seat from front to back rails is 5 inches and it's also five inches across, hope that's helpful for anyone on the look out for suitable sized chairs.

The fourth chair I have is this one which has arms and is slightly narrow in the seat , still measures 5 inches across but only just under 4 between the side arm rails.The back is also slightly higher at 6 1 /2 inches between seat and top . A great well made chair but a little more rustic , I've never seen another one like it.

The beautifully embroidered tablecloth is in fact a vintage tray cloth again found on ebay for a fair price.

I just love finding things, hopefully at a reasonable or bargain price , that turns out to be exactly the right size or near as dammit!


Friday 27 January 2017


Today I decided to set up the table with my new slightly larger doll size tea set and take some photos.
I took lots of photos of different dolls with setting, seeing who suited this size of tea set.
After I finish this post I will put the other dolls photos on my dolly dreaming blog which is on my side bar.

All set for tea.

Who will come to tea ?

Well It's Christie joining us for tea.

although larger than you'd want are they just a little too big for a child with an adult cup in front of them? What do you think?

Here's Ollie come to take tea with Christie.

come and sit down Ollie says Christie

I think the set is not too bad a size even for them.

Now I am off to resize the other photos for the other blog post. One of the problems with using an ipad is having to send the photos one at a time due to size and then download each one and then put them in file , then resize , sort and use... thank goodness Paul's just bought me a camera :)


Thursday 26 January 2017


Today's photo is an old one of Robin looking lovely and summery in his dolly doodles shorts and top with Jean Jensen shoes.

Robin is an early 68 boy with  NP painted eyes.

Well I'm off tomorrow so will hopefully have some time to use my ipad..sigh.. no  camera yet... to take a few new photo's .

Wednesday 25 January 2017


Yesterday Hattie went along to the bank !

She waited patiently

When she reached the desk , the cashier when off to find the manager.

This gave Hattie a chance to look at the new layout!

She loved that there was somewhere for the shorter customers to stand ...

The cashier returned and took her over to some nice comfy armchairs to wait.

She was so comfy she started wondering if she could get some chairs like these for her shop? Maybe she could see about getting a small loan ?

Finally the manager arrived arrangements were made and photos could be taken.

What are they doing?

Seems Hattie is not the only person at the bank today

Wren and Martha are also at the bank.

and is that Robin holding up that large cheque?

So whats going on? Mm I see and so you all came along to show how much was raised..mmm.. yes I'll just tell them.

Hattie wants you all to know that because everyone at the Chat n Snap in October raised £1085.83 the bank gave another £250 to the Alzheimers Society and the manager asked if she could have a photo of them showing their cheque, to put  on the banks in work face book page. so Wren, Martha, Robin and Hattie came along to do just that.

So after their photo shoot and tour of the new modern bank they when back home to tell the rest of the family about their trip .

This years Chat n Snap is on 21st October, tickets on sale  1st Feb.


Tuesday 24 January 2017


To be continued......


Monday 23 January 2017


The girls have been joined by some of the others you have seen before in the Village winter trend.

 A little hazy due to sunshine from window in front door on the right.

spreading out

from the top
Christie, Meredith, Belle
Martha, Ginny, Mabel Lucie, Hattie
Callie, Magda, Jenny.

all these photos have been taken with the ipad , I will take these group ones again once I get the proper camera back.

but that was the Rustic shoot using the stairs.


Sunday 22 January 2017


Another cold weather week in the United Kingdom ! Very cold and frosty mornings with the temperature barely raising during the day although the days have been lovely and bright with sunshine but this as not increased the temperature much.

No doubt there are those who will find this weather an issue but in truth a bright crisp day is a thing to welcome and enjoy. Yes it's cold, yes it can be dicey first thing in the morning driving to work or if you have to stand on a cold train station platform waiting for a train but at least it's not snowing, there is no rain and the sun is shining!

And there is nothing like getting back indoors , into the warm with a hot drink to make it all worth while. I don't think I could ever live in a country where the weather stayed the same all year round.. what would we have to talk about ?

Paul offered to buy me a camera! Reluctantly ( I was in the car before he'd shut the front door! ) I let him drag me off to John Lewis , where we waited patiently behind a lady who seemed to take ages looking at some cameras and then It was our turn. I found the one I'd looked at online and was going to get but while waiting I'd noticed another slightly bigger and better one which after a discussion with the young man at the counter we decided would be a better buy.
So we waited for him to arrange for one to be bought up only to discover that they had none in stock!!! They did have the one I had originally been going to buy but of course I now wanted the other one but he said he'd get one in for the next day.. could I wait a day... yes if I had to... then we realised we could have it delivered to Waitrose in the town where I work.. lovely......only then  to be told they did not have any in their warehouse either and I'd have to wait for stock to come in to buy one!!!

I told the young man behind the counter that this was always happening to me , in this store and I was going to go over to the corner and cry at the injustice! I told him he should sell me the one on display since he did not have any others in the whole warehouse but he would not give it up! Paul suggested getting the one I'd first decided on but no I'd moved up a notch to bigger and better.. so dragging my feet I left ........still without a camera !

Paul's camera is still being repaired and will not be available for another couple of weeks! So I'm afraid it's still ipad photos for a while longer!

On the home front we decided that Paul would put the stained glass in the door and side panel and we'd put the letter plate in once the weather started to warm up in a month or two.

Of course this was late this afternoon, so it was quite dark by the time he finished, so here are some
ipad photo's taken late on.

So although you cannot see the door colour you can see the light shinning through the glass.

I will take some photos in the daylight to share next weekend. Being a creature of balance I'm tempted to think the side panel should have had the blue glass round the yellow centre diamond but if you see old photos of original doors with panels this is now they were made with a reduced design link.

I'm looking forward to seeing it tomorrow against the door colour , in the daylight . But another job done , so we can move on to the next  ( hope you are noticing the we , it is the royal we   )

Not  a lot happening on the doll front , a little none Sasha doll is in transit but other than that all's quiet. I am still trying to attack the masses of clothes I own for the Sasha's and have put a few of the brand new but unused items I bought a year ago on my sales page and also on ebay.

I thought I would share some old  photos of  Adam ( Gotz David) who is in his original outfit. Of all the later Gotz dolls He is one of my favourites and I just love his outfit.
He did leave me for awhile and went off to France to live with another Sasha collector but he found his way back after he'd enjoyed enough of the French countryside.

I originally got him from Germany, so he is a bit of a europhile and really should hold a passport for his travels.

I named him for Adam Faith  a singer from the sixties.

 I'm hoping that they'll get my camera in stock this week... but I'm not going to hold my breath and may see if I can find one elsewhere, in the meantime have a great week .


NB  Out of interest what make of camera do any of you use?


Saturday 21 January 2017



Ginny, Mabel Lucie and Hattie gather on the stairs

Joined by Martha making it four.


Friday 20 January 2017


Ginny in purple floral.

A closer view. My sweet Ginny adding some colour to the stairs.


Thursday 19 January 2017



Deepest yellow with golden knits worn by Mabel Lucie

Closer view

and this outfit also blends in with the stairs ! another happy coincidence !