Sunday 31 July 2022


 Where, as all the time gone? It only seemed the other day that it was too hot to do anything! and now it's the last day of the month!

Thankfully the weather cooled down to a more normal English summer around the 25/ 28c, still on the hot side for me but so much better than before. In fact, we have had a very English summers day today, windy which kept us nice and cool but when the sun broke through the clouds, very hot!

The poor garden is suffering with lack of water and the hot sun, we have cut back a few of the plants that we can and hope they will survive but the earth is like dust in places and although we have watered, we are doing so sparingly because we have not had any rain worth talking about and the country is starting to impose hosepipe bans in various counties. We have not had one yet but if we don't get that rain soon, I'm sure it will come.

We have managed to get a few more things done in the garden and plans are being made left, right, and centre!

Paul filled in the area that used to be part of the border when this area had a hedge and was curved so the lychgate was hidden.

At the same time, we tidied up the right-hand side of the area, where the edging had rotted away and the earth was slowly covering up the paving. Now it's nice and tidy behind some rope edging stones.

You can see more about this on the garden block, if you wish.

I've not been doing much doll wise, one due to the heat and two because I've not been able to find my mojo! I have a few ideas it's just getting myself in gear to do them.

Poor old Magda here wants a change of clothes and to go on a adventure, well at least have a picnic! So, I have promised to pack them a picnic tomorrow so they can get out in the fresh air!

On the doll front, it's been very quiet but mainly because I could not be bothered to list anything for sale, this time of year everyone is on holiday or about to go on one, so the market is very slow. However, I have made an effort to list a few pieces, not Sasha, and maybe one or two may go with luck.

I have bought a few Meileg items, a sweet teddy bear, along with his pj's and bed plus his mum and dad! The odd accessory too!

He's called Boris and his parents are Morris and Doris, just could not get those names out of my head when they arrived!

I have been searching for a needle in the haystack that is my studio! Somewhere, in a safe place, is a pair of pants to a dress I sold and the poor person, has been waiting patiently for them to reappear! Would have maybe helped if I had not forgotten I was searching for them!

So now I am doing a slow and steady search, because I saw them and put them somewhere safe just before I sold the dress! I just need to find them! I am also tidying as I go and today removed three big shopping bags, went through them and emptied them, then the fourth one turned out to be half full of nice clean clothes belonging to Paul and me!! How they found their way into the studio? But at least they are now back in the house and I can move about in the studio easier!

Now tomorrow is the 1st August, so we will be needing some August doll photos to keep us all happy for the fifth!

I hope you are all having a lovely fun filled summer and the world is treating you well. Stay healthy and keep playing


Tuesday 19 July 2022



The temperature today, so far!, under the gazebo in the shade!!! 

Nop! I was wrong here is the temperature now at 14:20

Will we get to 42 in the shade????????  41.1 is 105.8f in real money!!! OMG I'm a 72 with a light breeze kind of person!

I'd do and lie down but it's TOOO HOTTT! 

In the words of the wicked witch of the west ... I'm melting...

Oh yes! Three pm and it's 42.1...

Sunday 10 July 2022


 HOT HOT HOT! AND GETTING HOTTER! If there is one thing I don't do well, it's hot weather! Don't get me wrong I love the idea of it, and I do like nothing better than a nice sunny day with a slight breeze, so we can sit in the garden reading and chatting.

But this is burn up city! Not a sniff of a breeze in sight and clear blue sky with maximum sunshine! Even with a bit of cloud it's still hot! They say it will be even hotter from Monday onwards, which means staying in the cool and only doing anything before 10 am and after 7 pm! 

But finally, apart from a few tweaks, the new pond garden is finished!

I will try to get a photo showing the fountain working. Paul's worked like a trojan making it all come together with just a bit of help from me, where I could.

On the doll front, nothing it's just too hot to do anything until late in the day!

So, I will wish you all a happy healthy week ahead


Saturday 9 July 2022



The very hot weather is slowing us slightly, but we have almost finished the new pond garden!

Thursday 7 July 2022


Rufus who came to live with us four years ago today the 7th July at the age of eight weeks. He's been a delight ever since and is always wanting to 'work'

Tuesday 5 July 2022


 Now it's July we start on the second half of the year.

Rick ( RoRoPo ) in Germany says you must always have a good breakfast to start the day and that does look like a very good breakfast!

Ursula's Grace is happily checking out the flowers that are starting to bloom in the lovely sunny garden.


Over in Gregoropolis, Barbara and Beatrix have decided to coordinate not just their clothes but even their ice creams, now that's dedication!

Over in Canada, Carol's little great granddaughter, Mya loves to play with this little Sasha baby when she visits.

and this little one, sits in Mya's chair waiting for her next visit, covered by a nice warm blanket.

Here in the village, Ginny's been checking out the work that's been done in the folly.

She decides to check out the new untwisted shelf! Could make a great place for Sasha photos!

Thank you to everyone for kindly sending in those doll photos, still time for more .


Sunday 3 July 2022


 I'm still trying to decide if the first six months of the year have shot by or not! But we are now at the halfway mark and heading back towards winter!! So, I'll say no more about that!

I thought I'd start by sharing a photo of my birthday cake, it was a quick photo I took on my phone to send to my granddaughter the princess Clara, she loves a nice cake! Now I am official retired and not skiving ;)

We have spent the week working in the garden and thinking about what needs doing and in what order. We had made plans to build our pond one way, then decided to maybe go another way and then finally decided to go back to the original plans with just a slight change! 

Now we have to wait until mid of the week for the materials for the next stage but will still have lots to get one with elsewhere in the garden, having decided that this year we want to get as much of the hard landscaping out the way as possible.

So, on the doll front not a lot if anything is happening. I did buy a couple of Sindy's along with one outfit and I received a beautiful outfit as a birthday gift from a friend for one of my Roche dolls.

Thank you, Chris.

I did get a little play with Robin, while he checked out what was going on in the garden that's stopping them getting any attention.

So, a new month which means doll photo day on the fifth, I will need to make sure I get a photo or two taken, so I am ready for a change.

Wishing you all a wonderful healthy fun filled month ahead


Friday 1 July 2022


 Well that six months went pretty quick! Robin's been out inspecting the garden, to see why he and his siblings have been neglected even more than usual!

"Why has dad taken the trellis out? " Robin asks " I thought he was doing the new area? "

"Well. we have a spare fence panel and since today was going to be showery, we decided to use the time to replace the trellis with the fence panel"

"Mm I suppose it makes sense"

Robin inspects the new area.

" What are you doing Casper? " Robin asks, wondering why the dogs are sitting in the new gravel.

Casper just woofs and looks up!

"Oh, I say!" 

For a moment Robin is quiet while he studies the new head.

A Dark Pan

 Robin takes himself to the bench and studies all the changes Dad and Mum have been making.

Robin finds it a very quiet and restful place. He nearly forgets what he was doing before he stopped!

On his way back he sees Queen Guinevere and stops to admire! Heading back to the house, he knows he'll be able to explain just how busy Dad and Mum have been and also that they had all best start to think of much cheaper items for their Christmas lists!