Tuesday 31 December 2013


Well it's nearly the end of 2013 ! Soon 2014 will appear with all it's newness and freshness .

The village as had an interesting year of comings and goings. Like every Sasha lover there comes a time when you may need to sell one Sasha or two in order to buy another Sasha's that's taken your eye.
The DH accuses me of running a Dr Barnado's care home when I send or sell another Sasha or Gregor ! But I look at it that my selling of one of my dolls gives someone else the chance to welcome that Sasha into their home while I welcome someone else's.

The year of the Blonde saw some beautiful Sasha's appear for all to admire and share and I thank all the lovely people who sent me their Sasha's photo's so that I could share them with everyone who passes by and stops to look.

Some new village members made more of an impact than others ( Reuben) while older members pushed their way into the limelight ( Mossy).

We held the first Chap N Snap, a gathering for Sasha lovers to have a good chat and meet up with old friends and make some new ones and also Snap up an outfit or three for their Sasha children. Everyone had such a good time that we will be holding another one in the coming New Year.I would like to thank my family and friends who worked so hard to make it all happen and also all those of you bought their tickets so well in advance that I knew we would just about break even, Then a big thanks to all the lovely sellers who travelled so far and wide and gave us such lovely things to buy we all spent a small fortune and would have spent more if we'd had it!!

Finally I would like to Thank all the people who stop by to view my ramblings and tales of Sasha's and their bears. It is lovely when people take time to comment and give their thoughts and tales , conversations run amongst us all as we 'chatter' amongst the comments given.And for those who are unable to leave a comment but take the time to email or tell me when we meet how they have enjoyed this post or that one and also those who just come and look and carry on, you are all most welcome and I do appreciate you all.


Dee xxx

Monday 30 December 2013


the winners of the Where's Mossy Competition ...

" Mossy Sit down and tell the people who won the competition please "
" But Mrs Mum I could still hide in the photo's so people can find me !"
" Mossy the competitions finished, so there will be no more hiding everywhere !"
" But I .."
"No "
"But ! "
" Enough Mossy please say the announcement "
" Oh all right .. " sigh...

" Hello It's your most favourite bear in the Village " he smiles " well in the whole wide world really "
" Mossy " says Mrs Mum
" Yes!" enquires Mossy
" Stop blowing your own trumpet and get a move on "
Mossy looks confused for a moment then grins " I can play the trumpet ? Well I never knew that !" he looks
at Mrs Mum " Can I have a trumpet ?"
" NO " says Mrs Mum looking at the ceiling! " get a move on or I'll ask Edward to announce the winners!"
Mossy gives Mrs Mum a steely eyed stare then addresses the camera.

" It is with much joy that I announce that the winner of the junior Where the delightfully handsome Mr Mossy  competition is ... " he looks at Mrs Mum " If I had a trumpet I could blow it before announcing the winner !"
Mrs Mum Looks towards the door saying  " I'll just get Edward "
Mossy quickly carries on talking " the winner is my number one fan Lora!!" he claps loudly making whooping noises until Mrs Mum gives him the Glare!!

He gets up and starts to climb on the arm of the chair " Where are you off to!" calls Mrs Mum
" To get the honey sandwich  you promised if I sat still and told the winner who they are!"
" But you have not finished yet ! There's the winner of the Adult Where's Mossy comp."

" Oh so there is " says Mossy getting back down " Yes now who was it again? " Mrs Mum just looks at him
" Mm she was like an eagle and did not miss a trick and even noticed when I only had a teeny tiny paw peeking from behind a pot .....what was her name ? " he asks Mrs Mum , who gives him another glare
" Oh I remember now it's ...mumble mumble rhubarb custard toffee apple pie mumble mumble "
Mrs Mum starts to put down her camera so Mossy stops mumbling and says quickly  " it's Mrs Kendal of the Sasha Brood , her prize will be sent next week " he looks at Mrs Mum " Can I have my honey sandwich now !
" Yes "


I would like to thank all who took part in the Where's Mossy competition, it was at times a very close run thing but Kendal was in the end well ahead of the field for the adults.

Mossy sent Lora's prize off before Christmas and she sent some photo's of her Sasha's enjoying their winnings.

Lots of animals interested in the box...

Lonely helps see what's inside while Cora adds a Mossy badge to their new Hattie hat.


Sunday 29 December 2013


is a something you do or you don't ! I have always been a collector I remember as a child collecting books, I loved Enid Blyton's Famous Five and The Secret Seven books. I would save my pocket money and go every few weeks to buy another book.
I still have all my collection , paper backs with price tags of 1 shilling and 6 pence. I also collect erasers at that time.

When I was older I collected Bookmarks from places I visited for holidays or school trips and also Key rings I remember a very large yellow one that had No on one side and Yes on the other and about another ten hanging all from the same ring , I don't however remember actually having a key!! I lived in South London in the days when the front door was only locked when you went to bed or everybody was out!

Over the years I have collected lots of different things, even now apart from Sasha's and Bramber Bears, I have Emma Bridgewater pottery and tea towels that I have finally started using after getting so many from so many different places over the years.

And of course a collector will have collection's of just a few items of a certain thing that takes their fancy.

My latest is tins!! Yes I know tin's ! I have always liked all the different styles of tins they bring out for Christmas but these ones are much smaller and so easier to keep and I am going to find a practical use for them.
These tins I have remind me of Hattie which is what drew me to them, also the pictures are so good, I am definitely a person who would buy a book by it's cover!!!

I think they may be based on a story book, if anyone knows please can you tell me, but I just love these winter ones.

In the same shop I also found the little Peter Rabbit tin and the tiny signs, perfect Sasha size. I am sure this collection will not be 'big' but then again who knows what I'll find now I am looking!!!



I thought I would show you my Christmas gifts which this year are almost all totally Sasha !

These are the gifts I received from my friends.
Gill bought me the sweet shop so I can use them with my shop front on the blog and of course I will need to eat and replenish the stock on a regular basis  ;)

Steve gave me the union jack suit which he knew I loved when I saw it on his NP eyed boy and now the boy's gone off to pastures new and I have an NP eyed lad ( Erik the Viking) he's passed it on to me, also included with his gift is the tiny brown Schuco bear from the 1940's/50's he tells me (The Bear that is ) that he is a very good friend of Reuben's!!!!!

Kendal very kindly gave me the red desk lamp and torch which are a perfect size for the Sashas. I also received from Kendal the beautiful  green Vintage Sasha outfit, which I was over the moon to get as I had missed the one that Sarah put on for sale and just adored the colour and I love Sarah's smocked dresses with shorts outfits.

As luck would have it  I had bought a matching pink outfit from Sarah at the Chat n Snap in October so cannot wait for next spring/summer when I can start using these outfits on the girls!

This is my present from Paul the DH!!  About a month or so ago Cathy put a link to this on the Ruby Lane site. I went to have a look and thought what a gorgeous almost mint pram complete with it's little apron.
I worked out the sterling cost and mentioned to Paul that this perfect Red pram with apron was on at a good even with postage price.
I saw him looking at the three I already own and I went off to reply to an email I had received from a friend.
When Paul said " I'll buy it for you for Christmas if you like" !
You would think I jumped at the offer but no I carried on with my email and thought about if I truly needed another pram ! Once my email was finished I thought about the fact that the price was very good for one with an apron and in such good condition and then that I could always sell one of the others later, so I accepted Paul offer to buy it and it arrived a few weeks ago beautifully wrapped in Christmas paper with a bright pink ribbon.

You can see how clean it is.

It still retains it original price ticket from the 50's /60's of $8.95 !!! oh to buy them for that price!! although no doubt that was a small fortune in those days!.

I bought one of DollMum's games sets at the Chat n Snap for the Sasha Village Clan for Christmas. They cannot wait to start using all the different games.
I also bought the babies the beautiful swing by KD, details are on my sales page. I would show a photo but it's packed away at the moment while the visitors are here but it will be featured in blog posts in the new year.

For the bears I bought this pet carrier. It attaches to the American girl bike I have and means that the bears can be transported about the garden on mass! I found this for sale on UK Ebay which was great as it saved on cost of US postage and customs charges.

I also have a new girl on her way to the Village which I bought with the money my three daughters gave me for Christmas. Well I actually bought her before they gave me the money as I saw her and she was too good to miss, so she should be here in the New Year, so more details when she arrives.

These are the Sasha cards I received from Sasha friends, I love receiving Sasha cards so interesting to see what people do.

A lovely selection.

These are the cards I sent to Sasha friends but being me I could not find the file I had put the photo in from last winter that I took especially for using as a Christmas card. When I finally found it and ordered them,on 2nd December! ) I did not order enough and had run out of time to get any extra, so if you received an ordinary Christmas card from me this year I apologise and promise to do better next!!

This is Claudia in her winter Dollie patch outfit pulling some of the bears along in the snow last Winter.

Well I think I have done very well this Christmas on the Sasha front and cannot wait to start using all these wonderful gifts in the coming year and beyond.


Oh and this is my 300th post this year!!!! What can I say but I do certainly know how to chatter!!!!


Saturday 28 December 2013


I thought I would share this lovely photo of Ellen Church's girls all wearing red for Christmas.I do love red on Sasha's and these girl look such a treat.
They brighten up a cold winters day.

Thank you Ellen for this wonderful photo.


Have been very busy last few days, working both Friday and this morning and then having family round this weekend.
But I like to put something on the blog for anyone passing by to have a look at, so you may just see a photo now and then while I deal with life! But never fear you may also come across a post or two!!when time allows or the creative mood flows!!


Thursday 26 December 2013


Every night since the 20th of December Sapphire has hung a lantern outside the front door .

She misses her twin sister Violet who Mum sent away to live with another Sasha mum. Slowly as the weeks have gone by Sapphire's become sadder and sadder .

It does not matter how dark it gets Sapphire stands for an hour before bedtime waiting and hoping that Violet will return .

She felt sure that Violet would return on Christmas day but no she waited but no one arrived. That night she would not eat any supper but took herself to bed , the others feeling sad for her and they all stood and made a wish for Sapphire to once again be happy.

But once again the night is falling and Sapphire's waited for nearly an hour and no one's come, a tear slips down her cheek. Finally she begins to lose hope and with a deep sad sigh she starts to turn back to the door.
Just then she hears a noise " Ouch!"

A voice says " I hate these stones! They hurt your feet when you walk on them !"

 Out of the darkness comes a young Sasha carrying a large bag....

" V..v.. Violet ? is it really you ? " gasps Sapphire her eyes filling with tears.
" Yes Saffy it is me " she grins over the lump in her throat " I am home.. to stay!"

Then clinging to each other not quite believing that they are back together again , They laugh and cry both talking over each other now that finally they are home.

"Mum says She's never going to send one of us away again " says Violet " and she's going to get us a greenhouse so we can help dad with the gardening "
Sapphire is too stunned to speak and just grins at her sister.

Violet steps back and looks at her sister " I nearly did not recognise you in that green outfit, I love your coat but Green! Sapphire !"
" I have not felt like wearing blue since you left " replies Sapphire " I felt so sad that I have just worn any old thing never mind what colour it was !"
Violet hugs Sapphire, then putting her arm round her shoulder she says " Me too! I have worn any old thing. Now we are back together lets go find some happy clothes !"
" Yes " smiles Saffy " Lets " she notices the bag that Violet dropped when she realised Sapphire was waiting "What's in the bag? "
" Our Christmas presents " grins Violet " a bear for each of us ! "
" I don't need a Christmas present now I have you back " says Sapphire
Violet gives her another big hug " I suppose I could give your bear to one of the others !"
" Don't you dare! " cries Sapphire laughing " If you've got a bear then I want one too!"
They smile and turning walk back indoors where bedlam ensues when the others realise whose come back home.........

While two little bears sitting in a red spotty bag on the doorstep hope that one of them will remember to come back before the lantern goes out!!!!


Yes It was me I did It! I sent Violet off to Shelly's to be sold. Well she sat there for a couple of months and I had just decided that I missed having her as a twin to Sapphire when the sale pending sign went up! So too late ...
But she was on layaway and over the next few months I was thinking I missed having twins but too late maybe I would have to have non identical twins at some stage.
Then the person who was buying Violet could not complete the sale, so I thought about her waiting there at Shelly's , spending Christmas in the cupboard and caved in and asked the Lovely Shelly to send her home!
Which she very kindly did, Thank you Shelly.

So the twins are back together and will stay that way because sometimes you just have to go with the flow....

Merry Christmas.


Wednesday 25 December 2013


Toby asks Arabella about the history of the house and before they can say  " Can I have another mince pie " they find themselves....

in another room with Arabella giving them a lecture on the House and Estate.
" The first building on the site was a Monastery in 1283 founded by Edmund , Earl of Cornwall " says Arabella " in 1539 it became a royal residence of Henry the 8th......"

"Why have we got these pads ?" asks Zak
" She probably thinks we'll make notes !" says Toby in disgust! " She can go take a running jump!"
" Yes " says Zak for once getting quite bold " It's Christmas!"

" In 1643 The Estate of Ashridge was plundered by royalist troops " continues Arabella while Agnetha starts yawning and Callie can feel herself slipping slowly under the table!!

Arabella stops  and stares sternly at her brothers and sisters  " Are you paying attention?"

" NO" they all call back then laugh at the stunned look on Arabella's face.
" Come on Arry " moans Toby " we want to go explore some more !!Schools finished for Christmas!!!"
" Oh that's true " sighs Arabella quite enjoying playing the role of teacher " Okay lets put the pencils and pads away and go explore some more "
The boys jump up and leaving their pads and pencils on the table and  run off !

Some time later the boys are standing on a chair in one of the downstairs rooms, trying to decide what to do next!
" I know " says Toby " Follow me "

The echo's of the boys squeals of glee as they slide down the bannisters of the stairs in the entrance hall can be heard all over the building .

Zak nearly gets caught up on the Christmas decorations but manages to stay on but it's touch and go!

Toby reaches the bottom " Whoo Heee ! Lets do it again Zak " he cries in joy

"WHAT " cries Arabella " do you think you are doing!  Get down this minute ! "

"What if you'd fallen off " says Arabella to the boys " and then we would have had to call an ambulance!
On Christmas day!  and all because you had to slide down the bannisters!"
Zak hangs his head but Toby just grins

" And another thing " Arabella continues now she's into her stride " Why are you wearing that duffle coat and those glasses Toby? "

Toby moves a few stairs above Arabella " Because some of the Harry Potter film was made on these very stairs!" he says in awe " So I am Harry Potter !"

Callie and Agnetha are up on the balcony looking at the lovely stair case and beautiful stone work.

 " What a great place to live " says Callie

" But what if we had to do all the cleaning!" says Agnetha the practical one
" Oh no if we lived here we would have to have a cleaner come in at least once a week for ooh maybe an hour or two " Callie says generously
Agnetha thinks that would be a good idea and starts to rearrange the furniture to her preference and tries to remember which was the best bedroom, so she can nab it !

With all the talk of cleaners Arabella takes the girls to see Miranda the enormous machine that takes the wet sheets and drie's, presses and folds them , in the laundry.

then she takes them into the other room and tells them that they will have to fold all the clean towels before they can go home!

Their hearts sink when they see the pile of towels!

"You keep her talking while I go phone mum " whispers Agnetha to Callie.

Arabella goes in search of Agnetha to tell her she was just joking!!

 Agnetha's found a phone and told Mum what Arabella wants them to do.

Agnetha was not impressed when Mum just laughed and said she was sure Arabella was just playing! It was ok for mum sitting at home while they could be folding towels for years!!!

Arabella managed to convince Agnetha that she's not going to make her fold towels for years and gathers everyone together for a photo in front of the Christmas tree .

Callie, Zak , Arabella, Toby and Agnetha have had a lovely time playing and looking round the beautiful Ashridge house and now must make their way home , leaving uncle Roy to watch his TV.

I can see lots of interesting dreams for these youngsters tonight !