Thursday 29 May 2014


This is Sophie Elizabeth , she is a Gotz  Sofie made in 2000.She is my only girl from the later Gotz production. She comes in a blue jumpsuit with a wooden hammer, ruler and pencil, to show she is a wood worker or Maintenance person.
So she was dressed on Shelly's, looking very serious and quietly waiting. It took a while for me to give in and buy her but she had patiently waited for it to happen.
When she arrived home I promised her that she would not have to wear such boyish clothes unless she wanted too!
Sophie is a very quiet girl, happy to stand on the side lines watching what the others are doing, never pushing herself forward but happy when she gets a chance to shine.

Here you can see her sweet face, I love that she has brown eyes and blonde hair like my youngest daughter Courtney.

She loves this pink smocked dress  and the pink socks and shoes. Secretly I think she's a girly girl not a boyish girl and so never looked happy in her blue jumpsuit!

A last look at her pretty pink outfit.

Now Sophie has been joined by Ava .

Ava is one of the older Gotz girl's here and from the mid 60's.

Ava is a pale skinned brunette Gotz and I found her quite by chance late one evening on US Ebay , fortunately she was on a  buy it now price , so I asked if the Lady would sent to UK, luckily she agreed and the deed was done. Her seller who was not a collector of Sasha's and was selling her on behalf of her husband from a clearance he had done, had fallen in love with this lovely girl and was hoping that she would not sell and then she could keep her, she found her as I do a quite serene looking young girl. 

She is missing the first row of her fringe and at some time I will have it re rooted but for now , she's happy to live with it, not being a vain child.

Her pale pink dress with a hint of raspberry suits her pale skin and being another quiet little thing she gets on well with her sister Sophie.

Many moon's ago I did not like the Gotz!!! Now it would appear that I own more Gotz than Trendon ! Have no idea how that happened but me I just go with the flow.......


Monday 26 May 2014


Well what a difference from one day to the next! Saturday we had some sunshine and lots of heavy showers, Sunday was beautiful with lovely sun and just white clouds in the sky and today Bank holiday Monday it's grey and wet!.
So Sunday was spent with family and supervising the replacing of several fence panels, so no Sasha time.
and today the world is damp! so I have taken a couple of photo's of my blonde No Navel girls.

It was my intention to only have two of each hair colour, so two blondes, two brunettes and two reds. The last the reds being only a faint hope due to the rarity of the reds.
However the two blondes I had both had blue eyes although in the two different eye styles of the no navel girls.
BUT I always liked the brown eyed blondes and would see them come up for sale and be quickly snapped up before I had a chance but I had two blondes so no matter.

Then Sarah decided to sell a couple of blonde No Navels and there was a beautiful brown eyed blonde! I resisted for at least a day and when no one snapped her up well i knew she was meant to come and join my girls.

So now there are three blondes, Ashley in Yellow my first girl, Agnetha In Blue my second and now Sansa In red !

I have been considering selling Agnetha BUT I do so love her, so it looks like there will be three blonde no navel girls in the clan.

A closer look at their faces. I would have taken a few more photo's but due to how damp and wet it was outside they refused to stand around any longer, so they were back inside before i could argue the point!


Saturday 24 May 2014


For those following the garden blog a new post's been added with another to come tomorrow.
you can find it by clicking on the link on right hand side of this page or going through my profile.


Friday 23 May 2014


Today was very cold with sunshine and showers! I decided to change some of the girl's into some of the smocked dresses I have been slowly collecting over the last six months or so.
Wanting to take their photo's outside I had to wait until quite late before I could venture outside and find a good spot.

Finally the sun shone and I had time to take some photo's of the girls.

First up we have Sophie Elizabeth wearing a beautiful pink dress with pink socks and pink JJ shoes.

A closer view of Sophie who is a Gotz Sophie made in 2000.

Now we have Belinda in blue and red, I was not to sure about the shoes with the red socks but once I took her outside the look seemed to improve.

A close up of the lovely Belinda who is a single fringe 68 Sasha.

Now it's Arabella wearing a lovely deep rich cream dress with pretty red flowers and green and white smocking with Rosie Bloom shoes in a deep red.

A closer view of Arabella my no nose girl, I just love her little snub nosed face.

And here is sweet little Paige wearing a lovely yellow and pink smocked dress given to me by Ellen Church especially for the Paige. It is teamed with pink socks and pale yellow JJ shoes.

Paige is a 69 Dungarees girl .

Ava was happy to pose for a photo wearing a lovely pale pink dress with a raspberry red floral pattern, it is teamed with white socks and white Rosie Bloom shoes.

Ava is a pale skinned slate eyed Gotz girl from the 60's

Claudia is wearing a multi coloured floral dress which has the shades of pinks, green, red and purple in the flowers. So she is wearing white socks with Purple JJ shoes.

The lovely Claudia is a 1970 Trendon Sasha.

Simone looks pretty in this blue and white smocked dress with white socks and Rosie Bloom shoes.

A closer look at Simone who is a 60's Gotz Slated eyed Sasha.

Calico Kate is wearing a dress of the palest green with delicate blue flowers, white socks and beige shoes.What Beige shoes! I can feel Kendal tutting as I type! I should have changed them I know!  And retied her hair but one out of eight's not bad? I cannot be perfect or It would not be me!!! I'll change them tomorrow honest!!

The lovely Callie my red haired slate eyed 60's Gotz girl.

So that's all the girl's who had a change of clothes today, next up I need to change the boys into spring summer wear.

I thought I would include these photo's of the view from the house across the first garden and through the gate to the Johnson's blue geranium on the far side of the flower garden.

you can see the grey sky at the top.

The sun manages to come out from behind the cloud for a moment.



A couple of days back I saw an outfit for sale on Ebay for Sasha. It was love at first sight!
Why? a couple of reasons first well it hit my Chinz spot!! I just love floral's always have and always will.
Second it had a hat of the film star kind and third the colour was lovely.
So luckily it was a by it now item, so I did!

It is meant for the Sasha's but by the time it arrived I thought it would look good on my Kaye Wiggs girl Elfine.

So this morning I changed her into it and despite the blackening sky and the freezing cold!! I took her out into the garden for a few quick photo's.

It's freezing!

You could be done for cruelty to Elves!

It's not any warmer down here you know!

Thank goodness you've let me move my head I was getting a crick in my neck!

It's dark under here you know!

Does this come in red?



Blue? What about......
"Elfine Do you want this outfit or not? "
Pause.... " It will do...for now...."


PLEASE NOTE. No Elves were frozen in the making of this blog post despite what they may say!


Thursday 22 May 2014



Red from top to toe!


Wednesday 21 May 2014


Liberty in Blue.


Tuesday 20 May 2014


It was lovely to receive some photo's from Ellen Church yesterday. It is always such a delight to receive her round Robin of news and Sasha's from the US.

These photo's are of her new brunette NP Grace. Ellen's been wanting to add a second NP brunette to her Sasha family and was so happy to see just the girl she'd been waiting for on Shelly's Sasha site.

So she saved Grace from sitting around on Shelly's and she was soon meeting her new family.

And here she is. Look at her beautiful hand painted eyes.

Such gorgeous thick hair in wonderful condition. I love her in this elephant print dress, I do so love elephants and this dress just perfect.

Another sweet photo.

A back view of her wonderful hair.

Here she's chatting to Taylor who is quite smitten

Ellen's two beautiful girl'd together.

Pretty in pink!

Another beauty!

Such a serious pose!

One last look at this lovely girl Grace in the gorgeous blue Elephant dress.

I would like to Thank the very generous Ellen Church for sharing her Sasha's and their photo's with us, please be aware that these photo's are the property of Ellen Church and you require her permission to use them.