Sunday 29 March 2020


Well the world is fighting back and the country is on lockdown..ish only supposed to go out if essential ! Only go to work if you cannot work from home and if a key worker!
It appears I am a key worker ( HEY!  I knew I was Good! ) it appears even if you cannot go and spend your money, you still need to be able to go to the bank!

So I am still out there, however the banks are at least now only opening for three hours each day and no weekend opening. I am also on the underlying health risk list! Not the stay at home for twelve weeks now but the it's gonna be bad if you get it list! So I am allowed to go to work because a keyworker but not be customer facing! So I am working round the back doing all the admin, phoning etc.
Still a bit concerning as my collegues are customer facing and then I'm around them!  So will have to see how that goes.

However there is a very small silverlining in so far as there are almost no cars on the road, so I can leave later to get to work and we are finished and on our way home by 2.30. At least there are not loads of people coming into the bank and we only let one person in at a time.

Paul works from home, so is just carrying on as usual. Which in one way is great but in another, there are so many jobs he could be doing if he wasn't working as normal! Never mind retirement is slowly beckoning...

  Two of my bears are taking part in the going on a bear hunt and standing in our bedroom window so any passing children can see them.

 Judy on the left and Millie on the right are loving looking out of the window and so happy that they are not using a downstairs window where they would have to keep calling for help as the dogs carry them off into the garden to play!

My new, to me, lucky find doll arrived on Thursday and I am over the moon. Her only issue was that her wig was shedding badly but that gave me the excuse to find her another one!

So Friday I washed all her clothes and washed her and then removed her wig. Then it was a wig fashion show to find one that suited her and also fitted her. It came down to two , however one was voted favourite by the other two people in the house which I agreed with. This wig had long ringlets hanging down which we all agreed had to go, so they were cut off and the wig looked so much better on her.

So here is her before photo, with the shedding wig and

and here is her in her new wig. Her name is Louella which came to me as I was trying to sort out her purchase and just won't leave, so who am I to argue!

When I saw her on ebay and at a good starting price, I quickly bid but the seller was going to send her via a camel, wanting to make sure she'd arrive quicker, if I won her, I emailed to ask if they'd send her tracked and signed for. Well the seller said yes if I paid an amount she was looking to get for the doll. I said yes I'd happily pay that amount for her as it would save me having to go in a bidding war and possibley lose out. But instead of sending me an offer for that amount, she ended the auction, sent ,me an invoice and asked me to add the extra to the payment, which you cannot do once an invoice as been issued.
So we were back and forth trying to resolve this, with me anxiously worrying I'd lose her but we managed to sort it all out and she was mine!  Once she'd safely arrived I was content.

Her storyline is there just waiting for a few items and then she'll make her appearance, poor Bruno doesn't know whats coming..

I have finally finished putting all the dvd's into their new cases and have filled the recycling bin and have another four large black bags full of old dvd cases and wraps. The shelves that they used to sit on are now repositioned and we are re-organising the books to go on them.

After months of being quite good I seem to have gone on a mad buying spree! It started with some fabric , then my new Pongrtaz girl, who is being followed by a new Kathe Kruse doll , then because I'm home and we have been buying in food, not more than normal apart from bread flour. We could not get hold of bread flour for love nor money. It appears that either more people make their own bread than was known or people decided they'd try making their own bread because of the current situation !
I'd love to know if loads of bread machines or books on bread making have been bought in the last couple of weeks and then how many never see the light of day !
So Paul, who makes his bread by hand, he used to use a bread machine but it's just not as good, went on the hunt for bread flour and yeast.
We landed up ordering some flour online but it's taken ages for it to be delivered. Then our neighbours were out food shopping and found some for sale in a local deli and bought us back a bag.

So this all led to me sorting out the larder cupboard, to enable things to be seen and grouped in the right place (  the other house dwellers here tend to just shove everything in where they find a space ) which then led me to ordering a range of various sized Kilner jars to take these packets and tidy it up.

Then even though I have loads of yarn, I then purchased more to make Clara a couple of cardigans plus another couple of digital patterns ( like I don't have a whole folder or two full of them ) and then later more yarn, but it was soooo pretty, to make another one!

And finally a small playhouse that can be used indoors or out, sent to Clara as her Easter present.

So now I am banning myself from ebay etc in order to save money! At least once the yarn arrives I'll be knitting which will stop me cruising the online shops.

The clocks have gone forward today. so we will now get lighter evenings which will be good as I may actually be able to have some time to do some blog stories.
But the weather as turned very cold since Friday and today it was even trying to snow here! Yes the white stuff! But thankfully only tiny flakes that vanished almost as soon as they appeared.

So I hope you all stay safe and healthy, remember to keep your distance, wash your hands and stay indoors unless it's essential business.
And get those dolls out and enjoy.

Dee x

Sunday 22 March 2020


So another week's gone by with things constantly changing out there in the big wide and worrying world. I've decided that I won't mention again whats happening around the world, we are all aware of it and don't need to only hear about that.
So I'll carry on telling you about what's happening around here and you should sleep like a baby .. lol

Well I spent most of Saturday afternoon sorting out my dvd's when I should have been strutting my stuff on the dance floor at my friends son's wedding. However I have been fighting off a cold all week and it decided that Saturday was the day it would arrive, with streaming nose and watering eyes , not a good look for someone's wedding photos. So it was stay home and snooze and then get on with something easy... well easy is probably not the right word.
Who knew how hard it would be to sort out several hundred dvd's into groups that made sense, then take them from their boxes and place them in new container and write where they were on a list !

The first 104 empties with many more to go! Lots of recycled plastic's here. These were the easiest to place in groups, but then it got harder !

While doing this long and taxing job, I spied something I really really wanted.. but it all went pear shaped!!! At this moment I am trying to make it happen and flicking back and forth with a very anxious heart! between typing this and obtaining a very much wanted item !

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY ... It worked ! Once the item arrives I will tell all of the saga but until that time I just have to do the anixous wait for the parcel !

So back to the dvd's, I thought that the container I'd bought would take all the dvd's but of course , if I'm grouping them , then leaving a few spaces for any new additions, the box was soon filling up while the table still looked very full !

But luckily I had bought another smaller container so I've now started on that one

slowly getting there

still a fair bit of space in this one, just as well as there are still about 70 dvd's to move.

So all those dvd's will now be in these two boxes and three shelves are now freed up for the books.

The trough at the front is getting nice and colourful.

 we moved some of the pots of tulip bulbs we planted last year out onto the patio, so we can enjoy when they flower.

 We put two more either side of the fig .

Alas no doll play again this weekend although I did take a couple of photos, of a Schoenhut girl.

She was showing off her balancing skills.

 I'll finish with this photo of some Hellebores which are flowering up in the raised garden.

Wishing you all a safe and healthy week ahead.


Thursday 19 March 2020



I have today off as they need me to work tomorrow. So I decided I would spend a little time sorting out the dvd's to go into their new home.

You can see how the dvd's have taken over the place!

So I made a space on one end of the kitchen table and started piling them up.

 I was joined by Milo who was checked that I wasn't getting rid of his favourite film !

The piles get bigger

 Start spreading..

 and it's still growing !! Whose idea was this anyway?.....

Will I be able to make some headway before it's time for bed? will I decide who needs any dvd's and send them all off to the charity shops?  Will I be able to decide how I'm going to catalogue ?

Only time and an empty kitchen table will tell..............................


Sunday 15 March 2020


It appears that this new decade is coming in with a vengence ! Storms have battered the country almost every weekend and people are still unable to live in their homes due to flood water and now the world is being hit by a deadly, to some, virus!
 Due to this virus, the meeting that Petrana was holding for Sasha later this month has been cancelled but Petrana very generously sent out the gifts she'd prepared for those attending the event. She is also intending to hold the raffles , she had planned for the day, via the internet once she's got time to set them up.
I hope everyone will support her in this as the cause she supports is an important one.

 This is what I received from Petrana, a lovely bag, pen and badge plus one of her beautifully made dresses.

Since the Chat n Snap is not until mid October , at present it will go ahead as planned, hopefully this virus will have run it's course by mid year and everyone will be back to behaving normally.

On the home front, not a lot is happening due to other committments. The washing machine as given up the ghost, so we need to get a new one bought and delivered before the powers that be stop such things happening.

I have also been avoiding using the computer during the week in order to avoid any impulse buys and also spend time on other things.
I am continuing to try and reduce the amount of stuff we have filling the place , one of which is what to do about all our dvd's.

This is just one of the shelves of them and they are stacked two deep. I did once buy a case that could hold 40 disc's but then someone said that can scratch the disc's , so gave it await to a charity shop. But now I am thinking that I need to buy another one ! Does anyone store their dvd's not in their cases and if so what do you use ? and how have the dvd's got on?
Another course of action would be to get rid of a big chunk of them .. I could probably get rid of a few but it would not be enough to make much of a difference.

I visited a new wool shop that has opened up in my local town, of course I did not leave empty handed.

I purchased this lovely ball of multi coloured cotton, which is enough for a small blanket plus

a fat quarter bunch of 101 dalmatians fabric , which I want to use on something for Clara , her being an animal lover. It was nice to visit and see all the items available and I hope this new shop will get lots of support to keep it in business.

Last night we went to our friends join 60th and 40th wedding anniversary party. The music was wonderful totally of their era, 60's ,70s slowing coming up to date. I just love to dance to this wonderful music , so had a great time dancing away. So much that I have decided to use this as my first line in getting fit by putting on some great 60's etc music and dancing away for 30 minutes or so every other day! Living in a village and with a fifty foot front garden I don't stand much chance of any of the neighbours spying me strutting my stuff round the house thankfully but strut it I will be doing! I'll let you know in a month how I'm getting on!
I also want to get some new tyres for my bike, I have a beautiful black Paishley Princess which Paul bought me for my 40th birthday and I used to cycle around the kingsmeads and along the tow paths when I lived in Hertford. I have not really used it in the last ten years hence the need for some new tyres but I hope to start making some use of it once I'm a free agent in the summer.It has a great, some what now weathered  , wicker basket on the front perfect for a couple of Sasha's and a camera. I may need to buy a new cycle helmet but that's one of my retirement and get healthy and fit plans.

Well I must away and sort out buying my new washing machine and also sort through those dvd's.

I hope you all have a healthy and fun filled week ahead, keep safe.


Wednesday 11 March 2020


Today was lovely and sunny , almost warm! So Saffron was able to have a wander round the garden and check on things.

She checks on the Tulip blubs in the formal garden.

They are coming along nicely.

The sun is quite strong as she walks through the Lych gate.

The small Japanese Cherry blossom tree is flowering well.

She checks on the mice in the folly!

It's very warm, Saffron wonders if she could have left her coat indoors!

 It would be so nice if it stayed bright and warm for the weekend, thinks Saffron, there is lots to be getting on with out here.

She stays warming herself in the sun and looking at the garden for a little while, then heads back inside to report on her findings to Mum.


Tuesday 10 March 2020


The days just rush by so fast at the moment.. well unless I'm at work...

Well what's been happening round here  ? Due to Paul making our bread most of the time, if we have to buy a loaf of sliced bread we find it not as nice and so bland! So now the poor man is making a loaf almost every other day.

Thi sone was Sunday's loaf set to rise.

Then cooked and almost ready to eat..

He also made a dozen scones... this is doing my waistline no good ! But I'm not complaining!

I also received a couple of items for the dolls last week , this little set of books.

to add to their collection and

This set of antique dolls kitchen tools with rack. This is going to fit so well in my old kitchen in the doll studio. I'm trying to decide if I should re-paint the rack or leave as is...

Only about seventeen working weeks to go before I am no longer in the rat race....

Alas with all this coronavirus spreading round the world, meeting and get togthers are being cancelled. Hopefully it will hit it's peak soon and then start to recover, hopeing you and your families, all keep safe and well over the coming weeks.


Thursday 5 March 2020


Plus it's world book day and we all love a good book

And we have some lovely photos to welcome in Spring... yes it's on it's way.. maybe not today but soon!

From Viv we have this lovely Welsh lass celebrating St Davids day on the first of March. She was inspired by the late Marilynn Hopkisse who made a similiar outfit.  You can almost see spring heading our way !

Teresa F sends in her young lass getting ready to read some books for World book day looks like she's going to be very busy with those big books to read.

Oh what's that? Oh Mum is going to read to you while you sit comfortably and listen..

Over at Gregoropolis they are playing fetch with the dog, the dog is waiting patiently for the bone to be thrown so he can bring it back to start all over again.

 Meanwhile some of John's lads have escaped outside into the icy snow to enjoy that faintly warm slice of sun wondering just how long until Spring finally arrives!

Over here the girls are reading and celebrating world book day .. quietly..

 You could hear a pin drop....

  Karin girls are enjoying the tale of A Bell for Ursli a famous Swiss story book by Selina Chonz which celebrates it's 75th birthday this year and comes in perfect Sasha size as well as parents size.

It's not too late to join in with a doll photo, just send it in and I will add it once I'm back from work.

Many thanks to everyone whose taken part ..

Sunday 1 March 2020


Yes that's right it's the first sunday in March and also the actual 1st of March! Lovely, I can only hope these storms will stop appearing every weekend and the days will begin to start warming up.

On Thursday we had snow!! yes the dreaded white stuff! Luckily it didn't settle although it had a good try but turned to rain and was over and gone by early evening. So if it can just stay that way until the winters over it will be perfect.

Today was in fact a lovely bright sunny day ,although still cold. We finally got to go and visit Clara and Courtney for the day !

So plenty of toddler play but no doll play for me!

  I managed to get this one photo before I needed to put the camera's battery on charge. It's Magda looking at some of the books that have arrived this last week. The blur of black at the back is Milo who wanted to know where he's dinner was and was unimpressed with books!

Although I have managed not to buy any Sasha's in January or February I did have a little splurge on some craft books along with some pieces of fabric. Not, that in truth, I really need any more fabric at this time but I am consoling myself by saying I'm getting stock in for when I retire and am living on a limited budget!

Now there will be friends of mine, who have seen my stock of fabric , who will be saying.. just how much does she need !! .. Well I can only say can never have too much fabric....on standby for that moment that the mood strikes and you want to be creative!
I have some plans for some things I intend to make once I've finished work and some of the fabric on it's way is for them.

In the front of the photo is a little wooden table I picked up cheaply for the dolls the other week and the books are standing on another little book stand I also acquired the other week, I may swap it for the one I was usually as a doll bench or place it elsewhere.

 So now it's March it will soon be doll shelf day which just so happens that the fifth is also World Book day, so if you have not already taken a photo to send, maybe you could give it a book theme ?

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy March and week ahead. Hoping anyone with a birthday this month as a great time.