Sunday 25 April 2021


 Goodness two in a row! Could we be in for a glorious summer of warm dry weather? Wouldn't that be nice. We have not had any rain to speak of for a good few weeks! 

The lion head windows are now in place giving us some privacy from the lovely neighbours. More details are on the garden blog a link to which you can find on the side bar.

I continue to work on clearing space in the Sasha Studio but it is a never ending job, I'm almost at the sell it all stage ! But then that would probably take even longer , what with taking photos, listing them and then if sold boxing/bagging up and then posting! So for now I am just working on tidying and boxing things up.

Then I will revisit the boxes etc and clear more items. The good weather does help by enabling me to take things out of the studio and leave outside freeing up the floor space. I just need to achieve that part where I don't need to move anything to find the floor space!

The boxes I bought with some of my sales money have worked out perfect for sliding under the cupboard units, so I will buy some more to put under the remaining space. I tell you no space is being left empty if a box can fit !

Michelle's shop front just needs another coat of paint , a doo knob and some plastic for the window and then it's all done. However then it's now to get it to her ? May have to send it or put it away until her next visit. Jenny very kindly modelled for me.

On the doll front I did recieve another Lynne and Michael Roche doll, Hannah, who'd taken over a m onth to arrive. Yet another L&M roche doll who was posted standard post a week later will arrive next week!

More annoying is a Gregor I posted to the US, is still sitting in Chicago having arrived there on the 13th March ! Luckily the buyer is kindly willing to wait for his arrival but I may have to make a claim, to see if that kicks them into action if he doesn't move in the next couple of weeks!

I have sold a few more clothing items and also Gorgeous George , my ginger baby, it was sad to sell him but the babies get no interaction from me, so now he'll at least get some attention.

And although I'm downsizing, I do have an urge to add another brunette button nosed lass to my small band of Sasha's. But only if one I love comes up for sale at the right time and place.

So on that note I will wish everyone a happy healthy week ahead and get back to my studio clear up.


Thursday 22 April 2021



Margo loves the big flowers on the magnolia called Black Tulip,

the day's been lovely and sunny and warm! but now the sky is clear the temperature is dropping.

She is hoping that the cold nights won't bring any frost to stop the flowers from getting damaged.

Mmm Margo has found the old stained glass lion head windows that suddenly appeared in the garden, she wonders what Mum and Dad are up to now!!

Sunday 18 April 2021


 Well what a wonderful send off for His Royal Highness The Prince Philip. The day was bright ,the castle looked perfect and the soldiers, sailors and airman gave him the honour guard he rightly earned. Such stirring music played, hymns sung by just four singers , who filled the church with beautiful song and even sounded like there were more than just the four of them.

He had planned his funeral with the skill and dedication that he fulfilled his duty and service with. We will not see his like again, alas.

So we have spent the week sorting out the garden among other things, well I say we, when I should say Paul. He has single handedly replaced the old wooden posts with new concrete ones and replaced the fence panels.

So now the flower garden is nice and secure with decent fencing , just all the weeding and replacing of the path to do over the coming weeks and months.

On the doll front, my sales have gone well and I have sold another couple of dolls. I also sold some clothing not that you'd notice with the amount I still  have. 
My doll who went via Japan is now in the country so hopefully she'll arrive sometime this week, which will be nice.

Today I had all the boxes in my studio out, because I wanted to put the cupboard ,that used to be in the hall in there, which meant another change round , then one thing led to another and I landed up moving another lovely pine cupboard, from my old studio to the new one.

So now the tall plastic drawer units are between the door and the window. So now I have two cupboards I can put things in. I had got Paul to put my old press drawer on the wall but had to get him to move it higher so the cupboard would fit under.

He had also put up my little rabbit head hook up but that was able to stay in place. Now I need to spend next week getting things sorted. 

So I wish everyone a very happy healthy doll filled week ahead.


Monday 12 April 2021


 It snowed at 8 am today, so naturally this afternoon Atticus wanted to go on Safari ! 

He wants to be an adventurer and discover new lands and plants !

Or maybe he could become a botanist ? The oppertunities are endless for a child with his intelligence and enquiring mind !

But first he'll styart by exploring the garden.

"Mm Dicksonia coverupous !"  says Atticus , just then he hears Mum calling 

"Atticus I hope you have a coat on!"

" NO !" he yells back 

" If you catch your death I will kill you !" calls Mum

Atticus rolls his eyes, Mothers! They are a law unto themselves! He starts back towards the house.

He can foresee a long discusion with his mother on being the master of his own fate or in this case coat ! But he knows just where it will end... with Mum's standard saying of " because I say so!" 

Mothers ! you just have to love em !

Sunday 11 April 2021


Well this was/is a sad week for the british people with the death of His Royal Highness, The Prince Philip. I , personally , have always loved and had great respect for him. He did a wonderful and hard job supporting our Queen in her position but also he did wonderful work in his own right. The Duke of Edinburgh's award scheme and being head of the World wild life fund as it was called and being one of the earliest people to talk about saving the planet from mans folly when it was seen as poppycock! and those are just a few of the many things he supported over a long life of service.

In fact the Prince Philip played a hand in me meeting my darling husband. Yes you could say that he had a hand in arranging our romance.

For I was working as a 16 year old for the bank and they were big on encouraging their young staff members to join the Dof E ( duke of Edinburgh's award ) and so it was that I took myself off one evening to  the YMCA near High Holborn to attend a meeting. A few weeks later who should I meet there but a 19 year old Paul , who had been encouraged by some friends to try the D of E. He offered to walk me to the underground station after the meeting and well the rest as they say is history! 

So we in the family mourn the death of one of the old school, a gentleman who gave his life to serve his adopted country , it's queen and his wife.

On a happier note, I have been sorting out the dolls clothes and selling on quite a few , which is nice that they have moved on and I now have more space and also that I have some money. I have used some of the sales money to order a few smaller slimmer plastic boxes to enable me to separate the clothing in to small groups.

I did consider selling anything that had not been on a doll in the last year but then realised I'd probably have next to nothing left ! Or should I have a magic number? only eight dresses, t shirts, trousers etc ? but then what number would be best?

But at least the sales have gone every well and quite a bit of what I have listed has gone and so some space has been made. However there are still boxes and boxes! But I will stop for a while, so I can carry on with other clearing in the studio.

One of the good thongs that came out of posting lots of parcels was I finally found a Sasha knitting pattern book that I knew I had brought inot the house to use before Christmas then promptly mislaid and dispite searching on more than one occasion finally appeared , in a place I had searched before and even asked Paul to search for me!! So at least I can now start using upsome of my wool in the evenings.

I am waiting on a non sasha doll to arrive. It is on it's way from the US and was posted on the 22 March priorty mail, well that was a waste of money since according to it's tracking it sat in Chicago for ages , then when they finally updated the tracking this week, it said it had gone via Japan on the 1 st April and as of yet is still out there in the postal system not having landed anywhere since the 1 st! So fed up with waiting for it's arrival , I paid off another non sasha doll I had on a layaway and so that will arrive by Tuesday since it is coming special delivery in UK.

I have a couple of A Girl For All Time dolls, that I pre ordered last year, that were supposted to come by February but they have only just been passed their inspection and have yet to be sent from the makers in HongKong to the UK company, so who knows when they will arrive. 

I have a few items I need to get finished today and a couple of things I want to make in this coming week along with getting back into the studio to carry on with the sorting and tidying. Plus now the weather is improving there are the usual jobs to start getting done in the garden and of course the house.

So on that note with all the things needing doing I will wish you all a happy healthy doll filled week ahead.


Friday 9 April 2021


 in the pink !

This was taken when the snow was around earlier this year and since it's turned cold lately I thought het lovely pink glow would warm us all up.

Wednesday 7 April 2021


 I Spent most of yesterday sorting through five middle sized boxes and three large shopping bags full of dolls clothes.

This is the result from just one of the boxes! over the day the piles grew! I landed up clearing the three bags but then adding a couple of small boxes to take clothes for other non sasha dolls.

Today after a trip to the post office in town, this afternoon I sorted through the dress box, which was so full it could not be closed!

I was intending to load the dresses on my sales page and keep them in draft form until ready to sell but I could only update , so not wanting to lose all the work I'd done. The dresses are now on the sales page but I am not answering any emails re any sales until tomorrow.  the 8th april

I still have more boxes to check to see what stays and what goes! This tidying is very time consuming! but once it's over my studio will be a real haven.

**Please note these are not the items that are for sale.... see the sales page... thank you ***

Monday 5 April 2021


 Yes it's the fifth of April and now it's time for doll photos. First up is

We have three of the pussy cat dolls from Liz in Devon.

From Gregoropolis we have Gavin ,a fine Clarinet player ,who likes his hats to be has fine as his music and they certainly are if this one is anything to go by.

From RoRoPo we have Caleb in his lovely new sweater and following him , his cat. who says only dogs can be taken for a walk!

Ursula's girl Diana is pleased that the hogs have found an easter egg! No truffles today just chocolate.. well it could be a truffle chocolate egg?

Meanwhile Harley is stroking Lamby the lamb over in the flower garden.

Meanwhile over here in the village, Liberty is pretending to be a tulip !

Yes Liberty you make a great bunch of tulips but can you stop standing in that pot before your shoes get covered in earth and you flatten a real tulip !

From Karin in Switzerland we have Sasha who wanted to show us all her new bag which she is so proud of. Next she is going out shopping so others can also admire it.

Also from Liz in Devon, a lass who is rocking the sixties vibe.

From Jenni in Wales we have Aderyn with her nice big chocolate egg and a chick, celebrating Easter.

Many thanks to everyone taking part by sending in their photos, there is still time to have yours added, so just send them in.

Sunday 4 April 2021




Saturday 3 April 2021

GOING ...... GOING....


Goodness ! The shop is already sold ! I wonder who has bought it !


Please remember it will soon be the fifth, doll photo day, so please send in your photos , thank you 

Thursday 1 April 2021


 Well it's the 1st of April.

It seems Bruno and Granny Fortuna are out in the village 

"Look Granny " calls Bruno this shop is for sale !

Bruno looks through the window in the door calling to Granny " It's enormous inside come and look !" he sounds very excited.

"See Granny " Bruno points out to Granny the things he can see from the door. Granny just sighs.

"Come along Bruno we cannot dawdle about here , we have things to do !"  Says Granny sounding a little cross

" But Granny this would be a great shop for us! It's in the middle of the village "

" I have decided that I am too old to run a shop ! " Says Granny walking away " this pandemic as taught me there are more important things in life "

Bruno looks at granny's retreating back in stunned silence.

Bruno watches granny walk away ! "This shop would have been perfect for us " sighs Bruno " I wonder who will buy it now ? "

Is Granny retiring? What will Bruno do? Is the world changing so much?