Sunday 29 July 2018


HOORAY! Yes I for one and happy that it's rained almost all day! It was raining when I got up and it's still raining now!

I have even had to put on a cardigan against the slight chill! perfect!

I can almost feel the relief of the plants and flowers in my garden as the rain continues allowing them the chance to get some precious water into their systems. Plus it also meant that last night was cool , so finally a decent nights sleep.

However not everything has been smooth sailing because ahead of the rain yesterday we had some very strong winds. Now we live almost at the top of a hill which means the wind can be very strong.

I'd not long been in from work and was walking past the french doors when from the corner of my eye I catch movement as the wind lifted one end of the gazebo and following a loud crash dropped it back down with one leg now standing into the large pot of the bay tree that was beside it!

I dashed outside, swiftly followed by Paul as I'd called out what had happened and we struggled to lift the leg from the pot back to the ground ! The wind was still gusting and whipping about , so I quickly because to release the ties that tethered the canvas roof fabric to the frame. Paul joined me and after a short while we'd removed the canvas roof.

Now the crash we'd heard was Neptune's head being knocked off the wall and taking two pots on it's way down to the ground , where it was laying face down!
I couldn't bring myself to lift it to see the damage so when straight to removing the roofing canvas.

It was Paul who eventually lifted him up, I asked what damage had been done to him? and waited for the details but Paul replied none!!!!
Somehow despite being knock off the wall and hitting two pots and landing five foot onto his face , he was unharmed!!

I'd hummed and ahh'ed about whether to buy this gazebo because it can be so wind here but since it had a roof vent I'd hoped that would help. Paul had suggested screwing it down to the patio but I'd not wanted to ruining the paving and look where that's got me ! I had originally planned for Paul to build a more stolid structure and since this is the first bit of decent wind we've had here and this has happened , we may have to do back to that plan if we cannot sort out a good way to weight it down.
Then one of my daughters will be getting a lovely gazebo !

The broken pots, you can see the drop Neptune took ! A plastic box which we'd been filling with water for Rufus to cool down in also got hit and broken!

The leg of the gazebo also took a massive bit out of the bay tree in the pot it landed in! Hopefully this wound will not get infected and cause the tree to die.

The broken branch of the bay tree.

Neptune resting on the patio table after his shocking fall! We were so lucky! If he'd been broken I would have been so sad because we've had him a long time and never seen another one of this quality and if we did he'd probably cost an arm and a leg now !

Now the day before I'd had a good result . We needed some small tables to put either side of the sofa so that we could place our drinks etc on them and out of easy reach of the dogs. I had found a table which we already owned that was a set with two chairs but hardly used now. Then I found this table above on a website, which was very similar
but looked to be slightly shorter than the one we already had.

But when Paul put it together it turned out to not only be the same height but almost a perfect match to the old table ! So once the warm weather returns and they say it will, we'll have a table each end of the sofa for peoples drinks etc.

I've spent an hour of two cleaning up my studio and putting things away and it was so nice to have the blinds up and be in there pottering about. I took some photos of my Schoenhut dolls as I needed to sort out their shelf.

I've also started gathering a few things for Lucas in wonderland , so it's slowly coming together.

Lucas is resting , he said he felt quite tired, Mossy is watching him with a worried frown, I wonder why?

Wishing you all the weather you'd like this coming week, enjoy the time ahead



Friday 27 July 2018


And Sansa and Raven are out in the garden

when the unexpected happens...

"Look!" exclaims Sansa " It's starting to rain ! "
"Really " asks Raven, then a drop of rain hits Sansa's outstretched arm closely followed by a big clap of thunder!

Raven is off at a run back to the house while Sansa strolls slowly after her, singing an old rhyme

"It's raining It's pouring
the old man is snoring !
He went to bed and  he bumped his head
and he couldn't get up in the morning!"

because she's been so slow when the rain does start to pour she quickly shelters under the side of the gazebo!

She looks over at Casper who is enjoying feeling the rain on his fur after all this heat !  " Come Casper Come!" she calls trying to get him to come over to her .

But Casper just puts his head down and lets the rain wash his face
" Casper! " calls Sansa in dismay! " I need to shelter under you back to the house , come here pleaseeee"
But alas Casper's having none of it and just lays back down enjoying the cool rain.
Finally Sansa gives up and starts shouting.. " Mum !! MUM!! "

Let hope mum hears her or she'll be getting very wet......


after over six weeks of none what so ever we've had one quick and heavy downpour when I took these photos and are as I type having another longer down pour along with the odd clap of thunder and flash of lightening!
and it's lovely and COOL!
The garden no doubt is loving the rain and it will hopefully help everything to survive a little longer.
They say we'll be getting more over this weekend , so that will be great and then the warmer weather will return next week.
It is also the first true rain that Rufus as seen since he's been with us three weeks tomorrow and before that he was with his mum and brothers and sisters in the birthing box, so he was curious of this stuff dropping on him, then went under the outside table to wash this strange happening.

The rhyme Sansa sings is one we sang as children in London, it's not until I sang it as it rained and decided to use it in this little story that I 'heard' the words !
He went to bed and bumped his head and couldn't get up in the morning !
I have no idea where the rhyme comes from it was just one we as children sang all those years ago.

Well since it's cooled down I have  a few things to do, so speak again soon


Tuesday 24 July 2018


Due to having to work this coming Saturday I had today off as toil. So I finally had a nice lie in, the first in weeks since Rufus arrived.

Still too hot to wander about outside ,unless it's very early morning or late evening, I missed the first and it's still a few hours to the evening cool.

So I thought I would show you two dresses I received for my bjd dolls. I know it's not Sasha but thought you'd appreciate the beautiful dresses.

When my friends came for a doll playday in June , Jane very kindly gave me this dress for my Kaye Wiggs girls. The dress is made by Jane, a very talented seamstress. When I realised that I'd be adding another girl to my KW girls, I decided to save it for her.
So Elora's been wearing it for the last couple of days while waiting for other items to arrive for her.

Then this morning the post lady delivered a small parcel for me. Inside was a gift from my friend Jenni, for my birthday.

This is the amazing outfit that was revealed when I opened the box. Beautiful fabric with lots of detail and beadwork. I decided That Elora could try it on first as she was at hand.I'm going to try it on some of my other bjd girls to see who it suits most.
I've added a post about this dress and the detailing on my Dolly Dreaming blog which you can find on the side bar.

I have to thank two wonderful friends for their kindness and generosity in gifting me these beautiful dresses.
I'm feeling very spoilt at the moment.


Sunday 22 July 2018


Well the best I can do this Sunday is not a lot! The days are still incredibly hot, from around 10 am onward's until late evening. Our house and garden are in constant sunshine from first thing in the morning until last thing at night. With very little shade, so unlike others who may be benefiting from being surrounded by houses and trees either in their garden or next doors, we are open to the sun.

This is the garden now at 6.30 pm still with the sun baking down, that shade is coming from the washing line!

I've even said to Paul about maybe planting a tree or two to offer some shade in years to come , if this is the way our weather is going to go. My studio is in the sun by midday and even with the doors and windows open it's hot inside, having insulated it well, this of course is adding to the temperature! So I think come the autumn I'll be looking for a tree to place just right to get the most benefit of shade for my studio in the afternoons in future summers.

The sun is drying out the pots and killing off plants that we've had for a good few years.

Oh to be a lady of leisure and just stay home and potter to my hearts content but alas I have to pay for my doll hobby and towards the household, so it's back to the work on Monday with all the other poor souls. It would help if they get our air con working this week! They are due to come but then they were also due to come last week too!

Rufus and Casper are growing well and Rufus will be having his second injection on Monday so will be able to start going out and about a few days later.
The last couple of nights we've also finally not had to get up at 5 am to let Rufus out, he's managed to get round until 6.30 ish which is making a lovely difference for our sleep!

These plants have actual benefited from us moving them to put the gazebo up, now they are more sheltered from the sun in the afternoons they are thriving.

On the doll front I received a lovely bjd girl that I'd admired of Sharon's. So when she decided to put her up for adoption a few months back, she let me know and I just had to add her to my doll family.

Her eyes are a little on the bright side, so I have ordered her some brown one's to help her look more childlike. I'm calling her Lindy, she's wearing a Sasha dress I also received last week but it's a little big on her and she needs some shoes.

I'd hoped to get some of the Lucas in Wonderland story sorted today but I need a couple of props before I can begin but hope to start it by the end of this week at the latest.

So to end this Sunday I'm going to share a few more old photos from the blog.

Gingham Misses.

In the garden, this was before it was all ripped out to make the folly area.

Babies at play


Well wishing you a lovely week ahead, we'll be hoping for a couple of decent downpours here ! But according to the weather there's not much chance of that happening.

Enjoy your dolls


Saturday 21 July 2018


So Wren and Magda are having a quiet rest in the garden.

" Thank goodness the suns gone in!" said Wren
" Yes it's lovely and cool at last " agrees Magda

" I heard tell there's a story in the making ! have you heard anything? "Wren asks
" Well I'm not sure I should say but I did hear something"

"Do tell!"
" Mmm I've only heard snippets " says Magda warming to knowing something her sister doesn't

" I know there's someone called Alice whose not Alice and there's a hole and a rabbit "

" Mmm " Wren thinks about what Magda's told her " I've got it!"

"You have? "
"Yes ! It's Watership Down !"
" Why not? "
" That's a terrible story the rabbits get killed!"
" do they?"
" have you not read it? "
"Well no " says Wren, looking surprised Magda had to ask " I've heard it's so sad, so I've avoided it "

" Well I think it's the Bunny picnic ! " Magda says happily " I so love that film with all those rabbit's going on a picnic and I heard tea mentioned too!"

" I love that film too! " Wren says with delight " How exciting whens' it happening? "
"When Mum stops faffing about and get's her act together, before the days get too hot to do anything "
Wren sighs... " So around September then "
Magda nods " Could be at the rate she's going....


Monday 16 July 2018


Well No ! Although this doll is dressed like Alice in Wonderland, that will not be her name. Introducing my birthday present from Paul.

This is a Kaye Wiggs Girl named Missy. However she'll be called Elora here  because she is an Elf.

I just fell for her sweet face and the fact she's an elf is a bonus, I so love all things mystical
and magic and already my imagination is running with stories in which she and the Sasha's can

Funnily enough I have a story line that's been waiting to happen since last year which involves
Lucas and Alice in Wonderland..... maybe now is the time to take it out and start it...

Last a close up of her Elf ears. So I have three days of freedom from work coming up , Lucas is sleeping in the Studio.. he' quite high up... I hope he doesn't fall.......


Sunday 15 July 2018


Another week's rushed by, still baking hot and no sign of rain here, although there was a down pour in a few other places in the country. I thought since this is a Sasha blog I'd actually start with some Sasha photos, even if they are not new!

On the facebook group they are doing favourite photo's this week, so I've been looking through my stash and putting on a few. Like the one above of  a very 60's look. The dress is by Frances Trickett , I cannot believe I actually sold this outfit on ! Like everything there always seems to be another item waiting or wanted!
If I don't use an outfit enough I do tend to sell them , so I can buy new and so it revolves around.

This photo of a group of the boys all wearing Dolly Doodle outfits back in 2012 or 2013 not sure which.

another of the Queen's jubilee party we held in the Village.

Paige meeting Edward,  back in 2012

Ginny on holiday in Shropshire looking out the castle window.

Toby who invited himself along to the Sasha UK Festival was left by the girls to bring in all their shopping when we got back home!

For the theme for the first Chat n Snap back in 2013 Paul made me three shop front's , one I gave to Gill, the second I put into the raffle and the third I kept for a short while but Kendal so loved them , That I had Paul repaint it in the colour  she liked ,which I think was grey, and I sent it to her as a gift.
With Paul saying he'd make me another and with an opening door!

some shops

Seeing the photos today Paul said he'd make me one once the weather cools down! I reminded him, we'd promised one to Michelle, so hopefully I'll have my shop front again, Granny Fortuna will be pleased!!

Well my birthday gift is in the country and just down the road! But I have to wait for them to deliver!!
Which will hopefully be tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest!

The studio due to working all week including Friday and Saturday is just as it was left last Sunday , but I am going to try and go in for at least an hour each evening once it's cooled down to get it moving along.

The props I bought arrived however and Saffy's agreed to show them to you.

First up is this little antique chest , I have bought it more for my other dolls than the Sasha's but it could be used in photos with them too.

It opens to reveal an old red velvet lined box

" I didn't touch it!" cries Saffron as it tilts over !
No she did not ! however it did get damaged in the post with two feet getting broken off. But I loved it, so reported the damage to the seller, who gave me a very generous partial refund, so I'll either get Paul to reattach the feet to keep the height or remove the other two and leave it smaller.

 Another item was this little bench. I want it for my Schoenhut dolls to sit on, since my Sasha's already have a lovely bench.

It's a little short in height between seat and floor, so I'd going to ask Paul to add some wood at the sides to lift it up a bit and I'll also make a small seat cushion to add another bit of height.

It started it's live as a book shelf and will now become a dolls bench but still be able to revert to a book shelf if needed.

On the home front, Rufus is settling in well and bonding with us all. He's grown even in a week he seems much bigger!

Casper was not impressed with him using the water trough to cool his feet in this heat!

And Rufus was not impressed when Casper got into the little box of water filled for him to cool down in!

We have rearranged the patio, so we could cover the sofa area and get some extra shade for the dogs, this is first thing this morning at 8.30 already getting hot!

We were going to put it up against the house but had not allowed for the opening doors which meant it would have finished at the edge of the start of the sofa's. so decided it would be much better covering the sofa area even if this meant moving all the pots and shelves against the black wall.

I have to say even with this it's just too hot outside most of the day at present, but the dog blanket seen by the sofa on the floor is at least when curtain pulled over half of the front, in some shade for Rufus who likes to play on it.

The poor garden is fighting for it's life! The grass is no longer green and some plants have just died due to the heat and others are showing signs of stress.

The grass will recover, hopefully and we'll have to hope that most of the plants survive this hot and dry spell. But we have just put up this nice gazebo so  it's bound to rain for a few days.....

Have a great week , I hope it cools down for those who would like it to, and that you all get to do something you love doing.