Friday 29 April 2016


This coming weeks theme for the FB group is Pretty in pink.
Two of the girl's are already wearing so they are first up to show off their outfits.

The days been bright, cold first thing , windy but great for getting outside for a couple of garden photo's.Here's Jenny checking out these small tulips we bought on offer in the local garden centre for just 50p.

Jenny is wearing a beautiful smocked dress by Karen Warnaka and Jensen shoes.

Also in pink was Sophie Elizabeth again wearing a KW smocked dress and a wonderful cardigan by?Also in JJ shoes.

Sophie looks lovely and warm for when that winds blowing in her pretty deep pink cardigan.


A reminder that the photo's of your wonderful doll shelves need to arrive in time to be included on the 1st May, so get those camera's out and sneak up and see what your dolls are getting up to!! Then send them in, we all love seeing all those Sasha's and others out there.


Tuesday 26 April 2016


At Ursula's house when a parcel arrives!

What can it be!

Not wanting to wait for Mum to come back the girls build some steps so they can reach the new cords! Honey climbs up and gets them.

But whose to get first chance to wear them? They loved how well made they were with working pockets and lovely detail.

The girls decide that they will draw lots to see.

They line up and take turns to take a paper from the heart shaped box,

 Looks like we have a winner !Emerald holds up the winning ticket stunned at her luck !

Emmie is so happy to be first to wear the lovely sage green cords., she cheers while others try to hide their disappointment.

So after a very quick change , she's back in the new sage green cords with her matching t shirt, Perfect.

Many thanks to Ursula for the photo's showing the cords she won in the T shirt comp and the story line she sent along with them, which I have add here.
I would like to thank Ginny who very kindly sent them to the winners and covered the postage costs.


Sunday 24 April 2016


Brigitte seems to have disappeared, she received two very lovely hairbands from her Auntie Wendy to go with her dress and after trying them on wandered off muttering about something or other!

I decided I'd best go see what she was up to since it had been very quiet for a while....

What is Brigitte doing? apart from making a mess!

"Goodness it's hard work looking for wool!" she sighs laying down.

"Mm it's quite nice laying on soft wool but I think there's a knitting needle in here ! I can feel it near my back!"

Brigitte starts to sit up holding onto the pink wool she's been looking for.

and this is now I find her ! Sitting in my wool box holding two skeins of wool " hello Mum !" she says with a smile " Look what I found ! Is this enough for my new cardigan? "


Saturday 23 April 2016


So one needs , a deckchair or two!

I just cannot resist small doll sized items , especially if they have some age to them! Which is why despite already owning a perfectly good old deckchair I found myself buying another!

It arrived in quite a big box and I had no idea what it was! Well until I opened it and then I remembered :)

The fabric is in need of a wash and if it does not come up clean enough I have a very noce piece of fabric I can change it for.

Annie decided she'd come and try it for size.

A good size? Yes , good. So you'd best get off so I can give it a good wash to see if this fabric's staying.


Sunday 17 April 2016


Well that week just rushed by! I always thought time was supposed to slow as you got older? But it would appear that's not the case!

Not had a lot of time to play with the dolls but on the face book group they are doing a dolls in green week. So I have had a look through the clan to see who was already wearing green and could therefore take part without any extra effort.

Erik was first up wearing his Green cords and tartan check shirt by Ginny from a Passion for Sasha.
His sandals are by Rosie Bloomfield.

Zak was also in Green by Ginny but wearing Jean Jensen euro shoes.

And baby Rosie's wearing another Ginny outfit.

They all come together for a  shot in the early evening sun.

I have quite a few items of green clothing as it's a colour I really like, so I may change a few more over the coming week.

A last photo of the two boys looking sweet.

Now my clearing of things and downsizing of items is going slowly but well . a couple of Sasha's have made their escape from the village to pastures new , where they can get some much needed attention. Also a few other non Sasha dolls have also moved on. It's a slow process mainly because I am not getting my act together to decide what to sell plus as we all know as soon as you look at a doll with a view to them going up for adoption, they turn on the charm and they go back on the shelf..... I wonder where that comes from? It's the same with clothes etc.

Well as much as some are leaving there are still a few arriving and a few weeks back this little one arrived.

This is Mona a Muller Wichtel doll by Rosemarie Wichtel who arrived here in early March.

I fell in love with these gorgeous doll after seeing them on Barbara's blog. You can find the link  on my sidebar or via Where quite a few of these happy dolls live and play.

I have to say these dolls are so happy that you just have to smile when you see them.

Mona wanted to show you her four plaits!

She thinks she should be allowed to take part in the face book green week but as she's not a Sasha she's not allowed !

Are you sulking Mona? No of course you are not! You're going to go play with the babies? That's good.

So another week over and a new one about to start, I have to work all week again! So posting may be few and far between but I'll try to do better than last week.

Now the weathers getting slowly warmer, although Friday and Saturday have been wet and cool, Sunday was lovely dry and sunny , allowing washing to get onto the line and time to be spent gardening. I always find this time of year fires the spirit to make plans and start projects and that's whats happening here. I'm trying to make sure they are not all Sasha related or garden related as the poor house as been waiting patiently for some attention.

But that said Sasha is always whispering plans of stories to come.......... :)

Enjoy the coming week.


Tuesday 12 April 2016


A couple of days back a friend asked me for some measurements for a Studio or Course doll.

Well I do not have a Studio doll but I do have a course doll , the lovely Brigitte. Today Brigitte received a beautifully made dress as a thank you for being good and letting me measure her and send the details on.

Brigitte is over the moon as she only as one dress and that's her original, which is looking a little faded due to it's age.

She tell's me she never going to take it off, ever!!

What are you doing now? Oh you are trying to show Wendy what the length looks like.

By sitting on the arm of the sofa and leaning back ! Why not just stand up?
Oh you have not got one of those thingy's .. do you mean doll stands?
Oh not a doll stand ! a .. pardon... a vertical assistance holder... I see...

Yes that is a lovely detail .

 Sorry why am I taking a photo of your back and holding your hair out the way?  Oh so Wendy can see the fit..

Well I think it's a wonderful dress and you should....

what are you doing now?? Oh it's so Wendy can see the length... I'm to what?

Oh turn the camera.. photo ... okay!

That's good we're all finished... pardon... you have a request... you'd like a new pair of pink shoes to go with your new dress...... well I suppose I could have a go at making some.... pardon  and  a

little pink cardigan to finish it off!  You don't want much do you? What do you mean no..... (sigh )
looks like Wendy released a Diva with her lovely gift !!!

Many Thanks to the lovely Wendy for this wonderful dress, both Brigitte and I love it. Now I'm off to add a pair of pink shoes and a cardigan to my never ending lists of things to do.....oh and a hairband.... sorry got to run before her list gets longer... bye.....


Sunday 10 April 2016


After lots of delays, by me!, finally here are the T shirts that have been design, customised by some  of people following this blog.

Number one  by Ursula

Number two by Julie

Only two people took up the challenge, so I feel that they should both win a pair of cords from Ginny.
Even I did not get my act together in time to show any customised T shirts.

 Despite having everything to hand !

The closest I  came was setting up these photo's today!

So I am going to challenge myself to complete five of the ten t shirts I have to do by next Sunday and then show them here, so you can see if I get it done! Then the remaining five by the Sunday after.

So Many thanks to Ursula and Julie who sent their photo's in ages ago and have been waiting to see theirs and any others that had been sent.

Ursula and Julie please look at A Passion for Sasha site on and let me know what colour cords you would like.


Friday 8 April 2016


So the song goes. Well today a Prince arrived in the Sasha Village! He is not a Gregor but he will no doubt make the girls giggle and swoon and the boys stand taller.

He came to reside with the A girl for all Time dolls as they don't have a boy in their numbers but I am sure the Sasha children will be seeing him on the odd occasion.

He is Prince Stephan by Carpatina but as soon as he climbed out his box he said his name was Prince Eric but I could call him M'lord !

He's already been outside to get his bearings and meet the medieval gargoyles who guard the house and garden.

I'm beginning to wonder what I have done!I can already here the sound of girls swooning and giggling.....