Monday 29 July 2013


Just loved this photo that Liss shared on the facebook group of her Shelly repaint, so asked if I could share it with all of  you and Liss very kindly agreed.

She looks like she is listening to what's being said to her, her hands in her pockets, her head turned to make sure she catches every word !
I do love these dungarees with the pockets that they can place their hands in, gives them such a natural look, love how her hair's coming loose from her plait ! She obviously been busy but is taking time to stop and pass the time of day before she hurries on her way.!

Thank you Liss for letting me share this great photo of your waif, Shelly repaint.

Sunday 28 July 2013



Mum's decided to run a competition that we hope you will want to enter.

Enter your name for your Sasha, Gregor or baby  to come to the village and be the main character in a Village Tale!

The winner will select which bear or bears they would like in the tale and also which of us , the village clan , they would like to take part, then the rest will be up to Mum to work with your selection of players.

We would ask that you pay the fare here and we will pay your return fare for you and any goodie's you may have acquired on your visit.

To enter please leave a comment on this post with the name of your entrant, if unable to leave comment please contact me by email which is on sales page and I will add your comment.

The competition is open from today until 31st  August .then entry will be closed and names put into a hat and drawn out by the DH. The winner will then be contacted and also announced here.

The tale will then be told on here for all to enjoy.

Good luck from Raven and Winter, we are so looking forward to meeting the winner


Saturday 27 July 2013


Edward had been missing for a day or so, he would not tell the other bears where he was going with his little Miss Paige, but he'd said he would be back Saturday at 4 pm sharp!

The other bears had missed him, well not that new bear Reuben but the others.

Well at 4 pm sharp look what turns into the drive!!!!

It's Edward driving his new car A Morris Minor!

He drives swiftly up the drive turns and parks next to Mrs Mum's Micra.

He waits a while expecting some of the bears to have come to see if he's back! Then he calls out " HELLO!"
" ANYONE HOME?" still no answer so finally he gives up and goes in search of someone.

While Edwards in the house Mossy discovers the car on the drive and is soon checking it out and climbing all over the seats!
Then Reuben appears...

"Ello Gov! wanna buya mota ? " ask Mossy in his best cockney accent ( He's always wanted to pretend he's on only fools and horses) " Only in this verra mornin and cheap as chips!!"

Reuben looks the car over while Mossy grins at him from the seat.

"Come on Gov! " says Mossy getting well into character " Only one owner me dear ole ma!"
Reuben ignores the little bears ravings and checks the bonnet.

Come On Gov aint got all blooming day! Lets call it a Pony and it's yours !"

"What an earth are you raving about!" exclaims Reuben " It's a car not a pony!"

"Come on mate Lets get you in so you can try it fur ya self!"
Mossy shoves Reuben over the door into the car!
" I aint ..I mean... I am not your mate ! " says Reuben's muffled voice from the depths of the front seat

"Strike a light Mate.. I mean Gov It could have been blooming made fur ya! "
Reuben looks at Mossy with a steely glint in his eye " I cannot get my feet under the dashboard !"
" And ?" asks a bewildered Mossy " That's a problem?"
"Yes You FOOL!" shouts Reuben " I cannot drive if I cannot reach the pedals"

Mossy thinks for a minute " No problem what ya need is a driva !"

" Do you mean a chauffeur? "
"Whatevva Trevor!"
While Reuben wonders who Trevor is, Mossy goes off and returns with Hugo, they all change seats , with Reuben sitting in the back , Mossy in the front passenger seat and Hugo in the driving seat.

Reuben likes the idea of arriving at Lady K's in style !

"Right " says Mossy  " Lets go for a test drive ! Fire her up Hugo and head for the hills ! "

Hugo starts the car and heads off in a weaving pattern down the drive .

As the car lurches from one side of the drive to the other Reuben's thrown back into his seat!

Picking up speed as they head towards the end of the drive and the open road Reuben asks " How long have you held your driving licence Hugo ? "
" Oh what's a driving licence? " says Hugo " But I have had lots of practice on the dodgems !"
they hit the road and speed away with Reuben's shouts of "STOP THIS CAR NOW!" being carried on the wind...

Edward returns with Percy to show off his new car but the space is empty!

Edward legs go all wobbly and he has to sit down " I've been robbed ! " he whispers.....

Friday 26 July 2013


SASHA'S!!! Yes I know that rude Reuben's been taking over lately but he appears to have squirrelled himself away somewhere , while he works on his plan??
Anyway It gave me the chance to change some of the girl's into a few of the new summer outfits I have been acquiring.

First we have Claudia in a lovely outfit by Sarah of Vintage Sasha. I do love the brunettes in Red.

And a nice close up of Claudia a 1970 girl.

I am afraid I cannot remember who made this outfit but I love the fabric, a lovely cream with a little red pattern. Teamed here with some cream Jean Jensen sandals.

A nice close up of Rosina a 69 girl.

Another lovely outfit by Sarah of VS. A pretty lemon linen dress with white collar and cuffs, Sarah very kindly made a matching white beret when I said Marcie my French girl wanted it.

Teamed with white JJ sandals.

A close up of Marcie a 60's yellow eyed Gotz waif.

Here Winter is wearing a lovely smocked dress by one of my favourite makers Lesley of Special Delivery

A close up of Winter who is a Gotz 69 / 70 No Navel.

Here we see Winter with Summer who is also wearing another matching SP dress. winters sandals are by Jj Summer's are commercially made.

a close up of the pretty smocking by Lesley.

Another smocked dress by Lesley of SP, this time in a lovely green with yellow smocking. Agnetha
is wearing green double strap Jj sandal's

A close up of Agnetha's lovely face. She is a Gotz 69/70 no navel.

Winter and Agnetha together wearing their new summer dresses.

A closer photo.

Last up is Storm in her new SP dress by Lesley. Love the colour of this dress looks so nice with Storm's blue eyes.

Storm is a Gotz Esther toddler .

I have decided to run a little competition ,the details of which I will announce soon.

Wednesday 24 July 2013


What's this? What is that little Bear Reuben up to now? lets go see....

Reuben's found the family desk and appears to be having trouble with whatever he is writing! going by
the screwed up pieces of paper thrown about!

Oh Mr Steve , no surprise there but who's this one to! Her Ladyship??

Hello look's like the nosy little Aimee's found Reuben and is hiding with Gerty and listening to his muttering!!
" Oh what should I call her? Your majesty? Your Noble one? I don't know what to write!"

 Another piece of scrapped paper comes flying over the side of the desk and settles on Aimee's head! Much to Gerty's amusement she cannot look at Aimee for fear of laughing out loud and giving the game away!

Reuben Yawn's mutters and puts down his pen and gets down from the chair and goes in search of some food and a cosy place to sleep for the night, he'll finish the letter in the morning.

Once Reuben's left the room, Gerty helps Aimee up onto the chair with a lot of pushing and shoving!!
Then Aimee pulls Gerty up to join her.

 "What's he written ? " asks Gerty from behind Aimee

"The first is to Mr Steve!" says Aimee " Listen to this !
Mr Steve
Due to your ignoring my last two letters
I must inform you that I  NO longer
wish to return to your abode!
I have met all your Sasha's and must
say that they are not up to the standard
I require!

With no regret what so ever

The girl's pause in silence at such rudeness until Gerty says " What's the other letter say?"

"Oh " says Aimee " listen to this!
My dear Lady Kendal
I  have been informed that you are a member of the
Dollyocracy and live in a fine house in the north.

I will be travelling up that way in the near future
and wondered if I could call on you.

Your humble servant
Reuben "
" Humble servant! " exclaims Gerty " That bear could not be humble ! even if a bee bit his bum!"
"GERTY!" gasps Aimee giggling.
"It's true " giggles Gerty

" I wonder why he wants to go and see Lady K? " says Aimee
"To check out her Np's of course " replies Gerty " The wretch!"

"Well We had best keep an eye on the rotter ! Fancy writing to nice Mr Steve like that!" say Aimee
getting very excited at the thought of spying on Reuben " Come on! lets go see what he's up to!"....

Sunday 21 July 2013


Reuben 's finally come in from the garden and is trying to rest on a small bench in the playroom.He is just starting to nod off when he hears singing " Come and meet those dancing feet...on the avenue I'm taking you to...forty- second street "

" Rudy! Rudy! My Darlink wake up your Anna is here !"
" What the !" Reuben looks at the little strange bear in front of him " I was trying to sleep, go away!"
The bear gives a tinkling laugh " Ah Rudy you have not changed one bit"
" Who is Rudy? " asks Reuben  angrily " My name is Reuben not Rudy !"

The little bear looks closely at Reuben " Oh I make ze mistake you are not Rudy ze companion of the great Rudolf  Nureyev ! " for a moment the little bear looks sad then brightening she continues " my name is Anastasia Rachmanjackov Talstory formerly of the Bolstoy Ballet, that's in Russia you know and you can call me Anna!"
Reuben looks at Anna wondering if he's asleep and this is some kind of strange dream.
" Oh Rudy you look so sad! " she moves closer forcing him back " I can tell all from one look "

"Let me look into your Mincy Pies !" say Anna dramatically
" My What! " growls Reuben
" You Mincy pies ! Mm Eyes ! It is the cocky knees that Mrs Mum taught me " says Anna " Now hold still while I look deep" she holds Reuben still while she oo's and arh's.
" I see such sadness, you have lost some think! no no some one who is dear to you "
Reuben pulls away and turns his back.

" Do not worry so ! " says Anna to Reuben's back " All will how you say wash out in tide!"
"Time " corrects Reuben automatically
" Yes Time!" Anna's tinkling laugh makes Reuben shiver " Now you must come to my dance class it will help to relax these tense shoulders and bring some happiness into you soul!"

" I do not Dance !" say Reuben sternly
" Everyone dances !" exclaims Anna " I have been trained in the Ballet since I was a cub!"

" She gets up and does a twirl or two and sinks into a deep curtsy. Reuben is impressed not that he'd say anything.

"Now I am too old to dance ze ballet all ze times , so I do ze shows dancing tappy tap" she starts singing
" Heaven I'm in Heaven and my heart beats so" she sings slightly high and off key!

Reuben covers his ears at the off key singing. Anna stops and laughs her tinkling laugh " I know ze singing is not so goods but I love to sing ! It makes me happy"

"Well I cannot sit here chitting and chatting with you, I must prepare for my dance classes, I hold them every Tuesday and Wednesday 2 til 5 o ze clock, you must come! "
She moves to the edge of the bench ready to jump down " If you look for ze Np , you must talk with the Lady Kendal she has lots of those in her mansion in the north, ask Edward or Mossy they have seen them "
She jumps down hurrying away calling " Tuesday Wednesday 2 til 5 do not be late!!"

Reuben lays back down trying to get comfortable his head filled with the funny little Anna's words, Lady Kendal's Np's !

He tosses and turns and finally makes his mind up ! He must find out more about this Lady Kendal and her Np's maybe what he seeks is there! Slowly he falls asleep and a small smiles curves his mouth.