Tuesday 26 November 2019


A few months back I decided I wanted my boys to have scout uniforms. So I asked Ginny of A Passion for Sasha to make me some that matched the Gotz Scout Michal which she kindly did. Once they had arrived I decided that I'd like the younger boys to have a different colour scout uniform and settled on the blue.
Again I asked the lovely Ginny to make these up for me but this time asked for the neckscarf to be in yellow with a blue trim.
From speaking to a scout today he confirmed that the different groups within a troop would have different coloured scarves or trims to denote that group.

Ollie and his best bud Bertie are so happy to finally get their uniforms and are already trying to decide what badge they want to try for first!  Bertie suggested map reading and camping, saying he could then make his way home back to Wales using a compass and a map and staying in a tent!

Mrs Mum said she didn't think that would be a good idea with winter settling in and his poor Mame waiting at the other end for him to arrive!
Bertie took a bit of persuading that he would not be quite ready for such a long cold and lonely hike but finally agreed once Mrs Mum said she'd ring his Mame to find out what she thought!

Since we had an old boy scout present or was he a sea scout? anyway , he kindly showed us how to knot a scarf without a woggle, I wonder if you can tell which one he did in the above photo?

Well the boys are all almost ready for a few adventures, just need their belts, woggles, long socks and some equipment. Goodness this scouting lark is very demanding!


Sunday 24 November 2019


30 days have September, April June and November! which means today is the last Sunday of what seems a very short month even if it isn't!

My working week was busy, due to staffing levels along with staff holidays, so not a lot of time for much in the evening. I was also out Tuesday night and had the dentist on Friday morning.

The weekend's been spent with the Princess Clara, so no true dolly play although she did enjoy playing with Bruno and Sansa, although today Bruno was her favourite.

I did however received my scout uniforms that I had asked Ginny to make me and dressed four of the boys over the weenend.

Ollie and his best friend Bertie were happy to go outside for me to take a couple of photos of them, they just need their belts and a badge or two and they'll be set to join the Sasha Village scout troop.

Paul made some scones and rye bicuits to share with the family, he also made some bread which was soon just crumbs.

With Christmas just round the corner, I did have a little wander round our local town, after my dentist appointment , stopping to look at all the goodies that appear this time of year. Of course I saw loads of things that I loved , which is always the way when you are meant to be buying for others.

And yes I did buy a couple of things.....

I bought these mushroom tree decorations, so sweet , I'm very into mushrooms at the moment of course they are not for the tree!

 Here is Contsance Olive to show you their size, they will make perfect props for the dolls. In fact my son in law saw my large mushrooms and jokingly said no need to wrap them for Christmas he'd take them as they were! Seems they'd make  a good prop for his games! He does battlefields with loads of metal soldiers and also other fantasy figures I believe I did show him the small mushrooms that he thought would be even better, so will try and buy him a couple to put in his present next time I'm in town.

I did also succome to another item for myself, yes I know you should not buy things this time of year incase someones already bought you it for Christmas. But since I'd not aksed for this item I felt safe buying it.

This Emma Bridgewater, winter animals at night, tray plate was just too lovely to pass by ! It will come in handy at Christmas and meanwhile look great on the dresser.
Unfortunately it did also make me start to think It could be nice just to fill the dresser with Christmas china every December ! Which would give me a good excuse to buy more of the Christmas china in the future plus it would be nice to ring the changes on the china kept on the dresser adding more interest. So a win win ...

Well it's a short post today, I hope you all have a lovely healthy week ahead.


Friday 22 November 2019


From the left Squadron Leader , Snug, Betty, Judy (front), Beauregard, Growler ( Front), Paddington and Pebs.
Some of the upstairs bears.


Sunday 17 November 2019


I thought I'd start this Sunday's post with a photo of what I think is a most beautiful cabinet.

 It's by Percy and Albert interiors, who you can find on facebook, they upcycle older pieces of furniture and then sell them on. I saw this and was blown away at just how wonderful it looks. I love the colour chosen and the gold highlights and the bright bird wallpaper inside.
If you remember I have a much less vivid bird wallpaper to go into my Arts and Crafts bureau but seeing this is tempting me to maybe go BOLD!
But could I bring myself to paint it? No ! not the outside even though it's obviously been repaired but I was planing on painting the inside of the desk area and seeing this as confirmed that would be a good thing. Either way I love what Percy and Albert interiors have done to this cabinet giving it a new lease of life for many years to come. There are more photos of their other projects on their FB Page.

Moving on .. I seem to be fighting a sea of 'things' no matter what I do , how much I sort out, remove, give away, tidy away there is just more ! But I will not be defeated in this endevour and so today I did a little more sorting out tidying away , I'm working on the every little helps plan!  Work on the house has come to a grinding halt ! partly because other things needed doing, garden, housework etc and  we need an electrician to come and sort out the switches that used to be on the wall we removed , plus a little bit of plastering needs doing! Although there are some things that could be getting done in the kitchen , it's just not happening! Now with Christmas aproaching and all that entails I think it will all have to wait until the new year or that time in the new year when it hits you.
You know , when you suddenly look at the house and need things to happen! I usually find this is around February when spring is on the horizon.

I did however decide to dress lots of the girls in their Brownie and Guide uniforms,

Although some are still waiting for some socks or tights to complete their outfit  at least  they have had a change of clothing.

I need to get on with my new chair cushion but cannot decide if I should use piping ( made in the fabric ) on the cushion edge? Of course because I'm undecided  nothing is getting done about it! I did however buy a lovely large cushion pad for the back of the chair , so in truth I could cut everything out apart from the piping while I make up my mind.... 

Well I have lots to be getting on with, a Christmas story to think about, I do have an idea , I just need to workout where it's all going to happen!

So have a lovely healthy week ahead


Sunday 10 November 2019


Well another week has dashed past ! It never seems quick while you are working it but it does once you get back to Sunday!

I thought I'd share this photo I took from the road looking at our front wall this morning showing the sun shinning through the smoke bush.

I'm really pleased with how the front garden as filled out and now we can only just make out if a car is parked in the road. Usually at the weekend it's mine to save keep swapping cars about.

It's been a very sunshine and showers weekend, and although wet thsi morning I'm pleased to say the sun came out and stayed for a good while. I cannot say it warmed the place up but it probably stopped it being really cold !

It was a three day weekend for me. I tend to rest up a little on the Friday getting a small lie in and then it's a leisurely breakfast along with a read of the newspaper. Then I'll potter about over the day doing household jobs etc. I did however this Friday sort out the old studio, so that my new arts and crafts wardrobe could be stored in there over the winter along with my old dropleaf oak table.
These were then moved into it and freed up space in the carport which now needs to be rearranged and sorted out, so that the cars can get inside for the winter.

Because we needed to concentrate on putting the garden to bed for the winter :ie wrapping up the banana's and dicksonian's and also moving all the plants that need protection inside the greenhouse or undercover whereever we can find some form of cover, that's how we've spent most of today Sunday. Along side all that Paul's also planted up ten very large pots with between fifteen and twenty mixed tulips each pot!
So we are looking forward to a lovely splash of colour next spring and summer.

I also planted up a long metal trough that we bought for out the front of the house back in the late summer and it's been waiting for some plants to see it through winter to spring.

 Primulas , primroses and winter pansies and a couple of cyclamen should do the trick.

Of course needing some fleece and also some plants for the trough involved a trip to the local garden centre and Christmas is coming so I had a look round their Christmas items and all was going well until I spotted this little chap!

Reginald ! I just couldn't resist him! Made of metal he stands about 26 inches high but is quite slim so doesn't take up much room. Although his diamonds are easy to fall out as you can see from his wand!I just need to find where it dropped to glue it back again.

 I'm so tempted to stand him here once December arrives and the door wreath is on, living in a village and in quite a quiet road he'd probably be safe however we do get deliveries so I'm not sure if I'll chance it yet!

Well as usually I had loads of plans for this three day weekend and only managed to do a few of them! The carport is half cleared and my car is now under cover but Paul will need to wait until next weekend's final clear out before his car can join mine.

A bag was put in the postbox for a charity collection on Monday and there is now a big pile of clothing and knick knacks waiting behind my car to be put out in the morning for their collection.

I never even got to look inside my studio ! never mind about sort it out! that will have to wait until this weekend coming. But I do have some clothes waiting to be put onto my Sasha's and Gregors , so I can get on with that tonight.

I did get to change my Kaye wiggs, Faun Elfine into her favourite outfit which was given to us by a very good friend a while back. She's getting to meet an old companion later this month and wanted to look her best!

So progess is slow in some areas and a little faster in others, also does not help when I change my mind about what to do first or whether to start again which happened with the clothes I'd got out for the girls.. should I put them in their brownie and guide unfiroms to join the boys  or should I start dressing them for Christmas!!!

Well on that note I'll wish you all a happy healthy week ahead.


Friday 8 November 2019


I thought I'd share a photo of our smoke bush thats in a corner of the front garden and is warming up that area with it's display of wonderful bright red leaves! and to think a few years back we thought it was dead/dying and nearly dug it up but decided to give it a chance to recover and recover it did!

 This is a view of it from the front door, there is even some fushia's still flowering in the front of the photo and that dot of a yellow rose on a bush in the middle ! But it's now truly getting cold at night and also late afternoon, so time to put things to bed in the garden before Winter arrives next month.


Thursday 7 November 2019


Back in the day Kendal took a couple of her Sasha's to Cranforth station and posed them in honour of the classic film Brief Encounter.

 The film poster

 They enter.

 Under the clock on the platform.

beside the trunks and luggage of the travellers.

 Kendal was  leading the way in outdoor Sasha photo shoots while we were still innocent of the pull of the these dolls. Her blog, which you can find on my side bar under Kendal's Sasha Brood, if you don't already know it, is a feast for Sasha loving eyes. But be warned , you'd best get yourself a drink and something to munch on before you venture over there because you'll be there a good while unable to tear yourself away from her fabulous photos.

Many thanks to Kendal for sending me these photos to share.


Tuesday 5 November 2019


So the eleventh month is here along with the eleventh doll shelf day ! So lets get started..

Over at Gregoropolis the gotz kids are enjoying some photo time and were more than happy to share some with us.

   " I will play my accordian " Says Rolf " and you can sing the carols !" looks like someone at Gregoropolis is getting in the festive mood!

Over here in the village Toby is up to his usual tricks! getting Zak to help him go collecting Penny for the Guy ! Let's hope mum doesn't catch him or it may not be just the bonfire that's burning....

 Over in Switzerland Karin son grew these large pumpkins from seeds! And Sasha here is helping you to see just how big they are!

 She is also supervising the cooking , making sure the pumpkin and vegetable soup is simmering nicely.

There is still time to add your doll photos for November and  a BIG thank you to those who have sent in some photos this month.


Monday 4 November 2019


Gunpowder treason and plot!

 Jenny responding to a loud knock at the front looks out!

 "Whose there? " she calls , then turning her head shouts back inside " can someone put the outside light on please? "

A light fills the porch.

" Penny for the Guy , Miss ? " says Toby
" Who you calling miss ! " Jenny replies " You know my name and what guy? "

 " This Guy " says Toby nodding his head towards the cart behind him "  Mr Guy Fawkes ! He needs money for his fence  !"
" Defence " whispers Zak
" That's what I said " argues Toby " the fence !"

" I'm sure you'd like to help him save his fence Jenny!"

Sighing Jenny asks " Do you know who Guy Fawkes is?  have you heard of the plot to blow up Parliment back in 1605 and that Guy Fawkes was one of the men who plotted to blow the place up and all those inside? "
 Toby looking baffled but unwilling to go down without a fight " Obviously ! But that doesn't mean Guy Fawkes cannot have a new fence , does it ? "
"Defence ..Defence " moans Zak
"Are you going to give us a penny or not? "

 "That would be no " says Jenny turning back to the house.
Grumbling Toby tells Zak to pull the cart " We'll try next door , I bet their not MEAN!" he raises his voice so the retreating Jenny can hear.

 Suddenly the light goes out!  " Charming! " growls Toby " I don't remember Mum saying she had this trouble when she and her sisters went and took their guy over to the bus stops and the people getting off the buses would give the money ! A penny for the Guy!"

" Well that was in the olden days " sighs Zak struggling to pull the cart " are you going to help ? "

Ignoring Zak's question Toby continues " How are we supposed to get fireworks if we don't have any money? "
"We'll need more than a penny for fireworks " states Zak puffing " and anyway mum says you may as well just set you money alight ! "

" You cannot burn pennies! " huffs Toby " anyone knows that! Come on Zak, if we get a move on we could do the whole road before Mum comes looking for us "

Toby rushes off while Zak struggles to pull the cart over the cobbles wondering why he didn't just say no when Toby asked if he wanted to go out and play!


Years ago Guy Fawkes Night , November the fifth was a big thing in the English calender. Children would get old clothes and stuff them with paper or straw , making a head on which a hat was placed and a face was drawn or maybe a musk was placed, then they had their Guy.

Then the Guy would be placed on an old pram or home made go cart and pulling round the street, the children knocking on the doors asking for a penny for the guy.

Raising money to buy fireworks to let off on the 5th of November , people would get together and build large bonfires and the guy would have the place of honour at the top. Then Fireworks would be let off with everyone enjoying the spectacle.

Alas Bonfire night ,as it is also known, is no longer what it once was, fireworks are expensive and  extremely noisy and dangerous and people now buy them and let them off whenever they like. There are some big displays which people can pay to go to but these are few and far between. So another tradition fades and a piece of history slips from peoples awareness and some innocent fun is no longer.

Sunday 3 November 2019


I must be having so much fun because time is certainly flying! Well I've had a busy week as you do :)
My working week was slightly different in that I didn't work Thursday because I worked Friday instead along with another Saturday.

Not working on Thursday turned out to be handy because I suddenly realised that it was Halloween ! and because I was home I was able to spend some time redressing some of the Sasha's for a Halloween photo, mind you I didn't cotton on until late afternoon so I was racing against the dark gathering items and clothing up and finding Sasha's willing to have a change of clothes, they are not always willing you know, in fact a couple decided that they were happy as they were and when off !

I could only find Christian to represent the boys ! The rest were off who knows where, no doubt up to some mischief or other!

Well it's not long till Christmas !! I know I know, too soon to be mentioning that word... but I've been so surprised that the shops have not been pushing Christmas on us since September that I've only just started to think about it!
Of course first on my Christmas list is Clara and last night I snapped up a couple of things for her Christmas present. I intend to knit her some cardigans, I just need to stop picking the wrong patterns! I started one last month and have almost finished the back but am now not sure if I've miss read the pattern, so It's been put to one side to be revisited when I have more time to sort it out.

The weekends weather is going to be a rainy affair, lots yesterday and more today but at least todays is less frequent , so they say! To that end I've just spent some time sorting out my old studio to make room to put my arts and crafts wardrobe in there for the winter along with my old oak dropleaf table which I cannot quite bring myself to sell. I listed it once and was pleased that noone actually bid on it! lol So now it's being tucked away until a place can be found or I finally have to give in and sell it on.
I moved a few things in my new studio which is almost overflowing with 'props' and needs a good day of sorting out and finding places for things. Now I have decided to use the top long shelf for storage instead of Granny Fortuna's shop  at day sorting that out will make a big difference and give me so much more room in there. Since I'm not working next weekend I plan on useing one of those days for studio time.

My 'new' to me sofa arrived while I was out at work and I came home to find it in place.

My girls are calling it my granny sofa! because it's got an old fashioned style fabric ! I have to say I've actually been wondering if I am turning into an 'old' woman with my purchases lately! But I don't think so as in truth I usually find myself just ahead of some coming trend! But either way I've always bought what I like and never gone with the flow!
It's a Parker Knoll large two seater ex showhome sofa. So was a faction of the new price and as been professionally cleaned and sold on. It's actually about 8 inches longer than our old sofa!

Paul had covered it with the large throw I use for the outside sofa's, this is to protect it when the dogs jump on it , especailly Casper, who believes that everyone wants him to keep their place warm if they get up and go out the room! However he declines to give it up once they return !

 I'm really pleased with it as our old sofa which had nothing wrong with it , had a lower back which meant I was forever having to prop a cushion up behind my head to feel comfortable , this sofa back is about 4 inches higher and as made a big difference. It's now just a case of 'wearing' it in. My old sofa is now where the Habitat one stood which is why my poor old Habitat sofa was cast out ....

Now I have a question ? How long does your kitchen table ( if you have one) stay clear of clutter?

This is mine this morning! Admittedly I did just bring the dollhouse in and also the clintons bag of christmas wrapping but behind the dolls house is a large box of tulip bulbs  and some other stuff under the clintons bag!  I completely cleared this table off about three days ago and by this morning it was only missing the dolls house and bag!
What is it with tables? do they have some sort of magnetic field that pulls in boxes, bags, papers, tins etc? I can usual find a cat or two nestled in or atop whatevers cluttering the table , then it gets left because you don't want to distrub them !!!
I will again clear this table later and I can almost guarantee that it will have acquired something it shouldn't have before the day is over!  Does anyone else have this problem?

At the Chat n Snap my friend Jane gave me a love gift for my Kaye Wiggs dolls, a woodland outfit.

This is a photo of my Kaye Wiggs elf girl Elora wearing it out in the garden. Beautifully made by Jane, she had also made a couple of her KW dolls the outfit and purchased soem toodstalls from John Lewis that she recommneded I purchase knowing how I love a good prop !

Here is the brown set I bought, I also got the green, they are meant to be for Christmas decorating but are just perfect for doll photos.

 I used them the other week with my JerryBerry doll for a quick photo shoot.

They are going to be great for some natural scene setting or using in other ways for photos. I do have some carved wooden ones but these are so much more realistic.

Well on that note I'm off to sortout a change of clothes for the Halloween kids and try and gat a few photos taken before the light fades and I'm back to hunting around for time and light by Tuesday!

Have a lovely healthy week ahead.


Friday 1 November 2019


 Martha and Zak have been enjoying the end of the half term holiday, playing outside in the garden, well wrapped against the cold.

Yes It's the first of the November ! so not long to doll shelf day on the fifth ! I am determined to get my photo done this weekend instead of dashing about at the last minute and being late!  I'm working tomorrow and they are forecasting heavy rain and strong winds ! Plus England having thrashed the Kiwi's in the rugby, will be playing first thing in the morning ! So between that and the weather the morning could be quiet with a late surge of people.

Hopefully there will be a dry spell during the weekend for some photo shoots for the coming days.