Thursday 31 December 2015


For this year ! Did that get you worried? or relieved? lol

This years been a very interesting one and a very indulgent one on the doll front!

Back at the beginning of the year old Simples challenged people to state how many Sasha's they would buy this year and if they went over that total they would have to pay a forfeit to Charity.

Well thinking to be clever I set a limited of TEN Sasha's / Gregors for this year planning to buy no more than four if that. I don't know if my subconscious saw this as a target to reach or what but Sasha's and Gregors started falling over themselves to come live in the village !

I don't think the typeface was dry before someone offered me a red haired No Navel  with the most gorgeous thick hair, so I was up and running.. yes running as I soon had another three or four dolls in the pipe line or on the way but in my defence they were dolls that anyone would have plunged in to buy ignoring any old challenge that may have been around.

Darcy who brought my red haired No Navel's up to four but I have since sold her on.

I went from No Button Noses to three...

then four....

Then FIVE!

I also found a brunette NP' eyed boy to join my red and blonde boys .

The lovely Ragnor.

Millie joined Sebastian and Samuel who had also arrived, Sebastian has moved to a new home.

Teddie rapidly joined Babette who just happened to come our way... both 68 Girls, Ragnor is also from 1968 and this again seems to be a theme running through this year with the arrival also of

The lovely single fringe 68 girl Meredith ( Merry) and then

 just this month Sheridan ( Sherry ) another single fringe 68 girl.

Oh and lets not forget ...

Georgina (Gina) a red haired baby I could not let pass me by....

so it would appear that I not only went over the limit I went 50% over! So that's taught me an important lesson...... Take no notice of Simples she'll just lead you into trouble... :) and never ever say how many dolls I will buy or not.. it's just impossible!

I have also bought some other dolls, Kidz n Cats and  Zwergnase, a Natterer or two and also my first Schoenhut doll.

At least I have cleared out and sold a lot of  Sasha clothes and also Fabric and wool that's been around for years and a few dolls which as all helped pay for the rogues gallery above.

My collection of Sasha's is ever changing, I sometimes get the, there are too many or there's too much stuff/clothes connected with them and then a big clear out begins, I can feel that another one will probably happen soon ! Maybe one day I will get to the level that will just tick along without adding to or reducing from the numbers.
I just don't have enough time to 'play ' with them all, which is a shame as I do enjoy dressing them and writing the stories for the blog and I do have so many stories that come to mind but never get be written.

The Chat n Snap in October was a lovely calm affair , where everyone was happy and friendly and I believe enjoyed themselves. So I will run another one next year and will start taking membership in January.

My Sasha Village studio is finally underway and I hope to be in there early next year taking photo's for my blog posts, there are still a few things that need doing and as soon as the weather starts to improve in Spring I'll be in there enjoying the space!

I would like to thank everyone who drops by and reads or views the photo's, leaves a comment or not. It is nice to receive comments as it tells me if you are enjoying whats being shown or sometimes it can lead to wonderful discussions or memories and laughter being shared in the comments, somethings there can be a thread of comments that are better than the post written !

It's also lovely to receive people photo's especially if you don't have a blog of your own to share them on, we all like to see others dolls and what they are wearing or doing for that matter.

So another year draws to a close, for me it's been a lovely Sasha and doll year and I look forward to sharing 2016 with all of you who continue to drop by, for who knows what the coming year will reveal ?

Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy New Year, see you in 2016

Dee xx

Monday 28 December 2015


It's strange how some things happen. Earlier in the year  a friend of mine, who does not do paypal or technology asked for my help in buying a doll she'd seen on a website ( she likes to cruse the net, window shopping ! ) , the doll was in the US , so I asked a friend there if she'd take delivery and forward it on, as the sellers would only sell locally.

To cut a long story short, I took receipt of the doll and found her to be an interesting little thing and quite appealing in her own way.

So coming up to date , early in December I was out shopping and on my way home I decided to stop at a car boot / market that was taking place. I have to say that I very rarely, if ever go to these things although when I see them I always feel I should go check for Sasha's!!

I looked around keeping my eye open for that NP doll lying in a box or for anything that would be suitable for my Sasha's size wise but alas nothing!

And then I see her! No not a Sasha another doll , I go over to get a closer look and check her out, she quite big about 20/ 21 inches, naked but in reasonable condition for her age of over 100 years. I get chatting to the seller and after a while we agree on a very good price for this girl. If I say I had £30 in my purse and I still had over £10 when I left with her you'll know it was a good deal.

So she came home with me and I spent a few days deciding if I liked her enough to keep her and not sell her on to my friend for what I paid. But I found she intrigued me , I liked her size and her face which in the photo's I'll be adding she looks quite sad , she actually in real life looks quite serene and friendly.

So if she was staying she needed some clothes, so I found a dress to fit her but was quite short but at least it covered her dignity until a couple of dresses I found on etsy could arrive.

I'm very happy to say that the two Etsy dresses were the right size , so now she had a dress to wear and a spare. Next she needed some socks or tights, I found that some tights I'd bought for my Kidz n Cats dolls fit, although not the right colour for her dress they'll do until I can buy some more plus she's wearing a pair of slippers also bought for the kids n cats, so she needs some nice shoes .

So here she is  a 21 inch Schoenhut doll made in 1911.

She does not have too much paint damaged to her face which is a big plus as this can be where they suffer most wear and tear.

I would say this is her original wig which is plaited with the plaits rolled round to the side of her head.

Here I have taken her plaits down but they want to curl back, so she's had this style a very long time. I am wondering about trying to give her hair a wash...

Here she is standing by the chair.

I am very pleased with the dress I found for her, it could have been made for her it fits just right!
but I think she needs some pink or white tights rather than the black.

Lucas kindly agreed (well with a small bribe of a biscuit or three ! ) to stand with her so you could see her height.

These dolls are the forerunner of today's BJD dolls, with their movable joints.

Next up she needed a name, all dolls have names in this house, so I set about trying to find one she liked.

I considered family names from people like my Grandmother who was born in 1903,Ivy Beatrice to her sisters Matilda , Rose, Daisy  etc.

Paul's first suggestion was Clementine but she was not keen , so he looked up names from 1910 in America, from where she originates, we both liked the name Martha but I already have a Sasha with that name, then he called out the name Evelyn.

Which she liked as did I, so Evelyn she is,  Evie for short which I think really suits her.

So I have added a Schoenhut doll to my collection. I did not think I ever would as I do not like the Miss Dolly Schoenhuts of which there seem to be so many, it's the teeth , for me I just cannot like that look but there are quite a few other face types of these dolls, just like some people don't like the Button noses or the gotz dolls, so it is that I don't like some of the faces of these dolls . But that said there are a few good faces out there, so who knows I may add another..




Sunday 27 December 2015


Finally managed to get some of the lads dressed in warmer clothes. Poor Robin and Ragnor were still in shorts and t shirts , yes I know the weathers been quite mild but still a lad does need his elbows and knees covered at this time of year! Plus it meant they spent Christmas dressed that way!

Percy had been wearing his Pj's so he needed to get dressed, so now at least all the boys have shoes and long trouser plus long sleeves.

Here they all are standing by the new snowy backdrop.

Looking much warmer.

a lovely looking bunch even if i do say so myself ! :)

close up

They're been joined by Samuel who was waiting for a pair of shoes which he now finally as!

He said he was nice and snug in his jerkin and sweatshirt , so he'd stay with them.

In a mixture of A Passion for Sasha and Dolly doodles my two favourite boy clothiers.

These two shirts and Ragnor's burgundy cords are winter purchases from Ginny of a Passion for Sasha, the red cords by Ginny we already owned.

 a close up

Robin in the red and white.

A close up


A close up.

I was worried this dark colour would be too dark for Ragnor with his brunette hair but I think it suits him.

So there we are, five boys snug as bugs in rugs for the Winter finally! Mind you some of the girls are still in their Pj's so another job to do before I'm back at work!! 


Saturday 26 December 2015


I have been looking to get a glass fronted cupboard to keep my other non Sasha dolls in and also my course dolls( in order to keep the dust off them ) and to try and get some order in the madness that is my doll addiction!

Every time I saw a possible cupboard, there would be something that crossed it off the list! too small, too big, too expensive or non movable shelves etc.

I saw the perfect cupboard tall, not to wide , one single glass door but also glass side panels and glass shelves all in a beautiful oak frame, slightly expensive but worth the cost, so I asked the only thing that could stop a purchase.. were the shelves adjustable? back came the answer NO! so another one one bit the dust.

Then on the Sunday before Christmas I came across a pretty painted cupboard with glass doors with lovely fabric internal curtains. It looked lovely, was a reasonable price, I just needed to ask about the shelves.... back came the answer YES they could be adjusted. It was not as tall as I'd hoped to find but it would be perfect until I could find a bigger one and then be used for something else.

The seller was very helpful and delivery was arranged for the following Tuesday before Christmas, it arrived around ten on the day, we'd already decided it would be easier to rearrange the bedroom furniture to fit it in rather than the lounge.

Here it is in the bedroom, at this point we'd already removed the curtains, I want to see the dolls after all and also removed a shelf and adjusted the other.

Soon the dolls were fighting for space! on the lower shelf.

The girls at the top have much more space due to the two course girls, min you not for long as a few more get added.

I will rotate the dolls  and move them out to display them or when I need them but for now they are at least in one place and  able to be seen !It was not until settling them in this cupboard that I realised just how many had been standing about waiting for a home.

With the door closed, you can see a few more and sneaked in!

This small pine cupboard was the one I was using and am still using for a few of the Sasha dolls and also the babies.

Although they look a little crowded, it was really funny the other night when I returned home from work and went to change I was sitting on the bed and looked over at the cupboard which is side on and looking at the dolls in the bottom from the side, they looked just like I was in the cupboard and they were looking in and even chatting to each other ! They looked happy? maybe because they are together and can see whats going on from their new position.

Gathering them all together, it's surprised me just how many others there were, non Sasha's that is  ! I still have another couple of dolls that won't be able to get in !

I still want to get a much bigger cupboard , when I find the right one but I have to say having them here and being able to see them makes me very happy!


Friday 25 December 2015


                                     MERRY CHRISTMAS

                             FROM EVERYONE AT THE SASHA VILLAGE


Thursday 24 December 2015


It was very late when  Lucas , Edward and Mossy finally reached home.

They were all tired and what had seemed like a great idea , now felt not so.

Suddenly someone appeared out of the darkness " Is that you Santa? " asked Lucas in a worried voice.

"No" Said the person moving forward " It's not Santa ! I don't think Santa will be visiting here tonight, do you? "

"WHAT!" cries Mossy, tears gathering in his eyes " No Santa? "

"But Ben I was just being a king for Jesus time!" gulps Lucas also looking tearful

" I can see that but you took these camels from the zoo without permission !"
Lucas replies in a tearful voice " But I left them a note and all my pocket moneys !"

Edward collapses in relief ! maybe he won't have to go to prison after all !

Taking hold of the reigns Ben starts leading Lucas towards the garden, so that the camel's could be sheltered for the night.

"Lucky for you , they found the money and the note and after calling Dad, he smoothed it all over with a donation and a promise that you'd not do it again " said Ben " Oh and in the summer Dad's taking you to the zoo, where you have to help clean out the camels every Sunday for a month.

" Clean out them's poop! " says Lucas wrinkling up his nose in distaste , then yawning  " That's not fair "
"Yes It is " says Ben then smiling gently continues " I'll come and help you, so don't worry "

"I love you Ben " says Lucas tiredly
" I love you too Lukey " grins Ben " Merry Christmas Imp  "
"Merry Christmas Ben "