Sunday 27 February 2022


Yes it is ! And a sad week for the world, with what is going on in the Ukraine. It is a dangerous time for all countries, as Russia try to take Ukraine from it's people. Only the people of Russia, who are also innocent , can stop the mad man at the top in their country from carrying on or those around him.

I will say no more as this is not a blog for political debate but I could not just ignore the current world situation .

Well it's been a productive week here. I finished Clara's jacket which I knitted using super chunky to a chunky pattern which meant I used up more balls of yarn than stated but that worked out fine as I didn't really want more leftover to have to use ! 

The Pattern, you can see it's meant to be over sized and with three quarter sleeves. 

The finished jacket, Clara like me loves bright colours. Guess what her favourite is.....O....I cannot say it ! But I may have to add a tiny bit to a future sweater....

I also changed the blue button at the bottom for another yellow one as that blue didn't match the yarn colour.

So I started a jacket for Adam in a baby wool double knit, and a size smaller than the last because he is quite diddy at the moment. Well the knitters out there will understand when I say the yarn felt so thin ! At least three times I checked that it was double knit ! This is what happens when you knit with a really chunky yarn everything else appears twice as small as before !

Well then I started thinking would this size fit Adam ? is this yarn particularly thin ? So I went and found some more yarn and started knitting that up to compare !

Then deciding that it also might be on the small size , I start the other yarn in the next size up ! The blue with white shown above is in baby yarn and the smaller size.

The green and blue is in non baby yarn and the next size up ! So what happens next is I'm knitting and I need the needles holding one set of knitting to carry on with the other set ! Now instead of having just one jacket to knit , I now have two ! and in two different sizes , which could cause a big problem if I forget which one I am working on and use the wrong instructions ! 

But it I do manage not to get confused and finish both, Adam will have two new jackets to wear !

Adam, on the move . in the last jacket I made him, yes it's got plenty of growing room ! But That's what my daughter asks for as they do grow so quick !

Both of them in the most recent knitwear I gave them , Clara wanted to wear hers as Adam was trying on his for a photo, both with growing room lol

So now I have to carry on knitting both up and at least that will be another four large balls of yarn used up. Then I can start knitting yarn up for the dolls.

Today the weather is so sunny and mild I have even put some washing out on the line  to dry ! and it's still winter for at least two more weeks.

On the doll front my layaway arrived on Monday , a lovely boy Roche doll called Theo.

So a sweet boy to add to that group. He has the wooden body with the porcelain head and hands.

I also sold a doll and an outfit on Monday which was a nice surprise. Then another doll on Wednesday and a third yesterday ! So a good doll sales week.

A chair I bought , to replace the one that was too big with the other blue one, arrived along with it's matching footstool.

Turns out I really should have checked the sizing ! This one is probably as big as the one I just sold !

The good thing is that with the footstool, it's okay with the Sasha's whose legs don't bend anyway and it's not like I don't have an assortment of bigger dolls that can use it ! But it would have been good if I'd got the sizing right !

So no more armchairs.... well for a while at least..... 

I have to confess I have not got on with any more sorting in the studio due to the cold windy weather all week but hope to get back in there this coming week.

Well it's almost March ! February is a short month and it's again shot past quickly. So have a happy healthy week ahead.


Tuesday 22 February 2022


 Like all doll collectors, half the battle in redressing a doll is finding clothes etc that fit ! How many times as something arrived only to be a disappointment on fit, way too big or small, too long or too tight !

It happens to us all I should imagine. A friend asked me about the fit of a Zwergnase doll's boot on to an eighteen inch Roche doll. Well I removed the boot from one and put it on the other .... massive ! It was massive on the Zwergnase doll to start with , because those dolls are styled to have big shoes but not big feet !

So I hunted out the next size down of the Zwergnase doll boots and found a 50cm dolls boot.

Still big although not as bad as the first one. Well I do own one of the smallest Zwergnase dolls, so went off to look on the KR bears and Dolls website at their Zwergnase boots for the smallest size 35cm Wagner boots.

Well I fell in love with a forest green pair , so bought them since I had a doll they would fit and I could try on the Roche doll.

They arrived this morning and are as rich a colour as I had hoped are also 

perfect fit for thr Roche doll Mary. Now Mary was wearing Sasha doll shoes, so I decided to see how they would look on the Sasha's.

Rupert agreed to try on one and it looks a perfect fit.

Luckily because Valentine had green in his cap, he agreed to wear both and have some photos taken outside.

Valentine is wearing really skinny socks with the boots but there is room for him to wear the lovely handknitted ones without a squeeze.

Valentine says they are nice and comfortable.

Valentine stops to admire the bulbs that will soon flower.

So there you are, another place to find some boots for the Gregors and Sashas. No doubt many already know this but for those others see above.

I do like things that can be used by lots of my different sized dolls and these boots fit the bill, I will try them on a few other makes and report back another time but for now I have to wrestle them off Valentine , whose'd decided that with his cap  he looks like a trendy workman in these boots and is trying to claim them for his sole use ! 

NB size 35cm made by Wagner, range of colours in both shoes and boots available from KRbears and Dolls in the UK.

Sunday 20 February 2022


 Well that was a week of two halves , nice and calm at the beginning followed by two storms, with the second being the biggest and widest the UK has seen for a good while!

Fortunately, being retired we just battened down the hatches and stayed in watching and listening to the gusts of wind rattling around the house and garden.

When the wind did appear to die down and Paul thought about taking the dogs out , it suddenly started up again!

Even though people were told to stay home, there are always those who don't think it applies to them ! I watched as a woman cycled up the hill disappearing at one point behind the trees and shrubs at the end of our front garden before reappearing as if almost at a standstill fighting against the wind as she started to reach the top of the hill !! For a moment when she didn't reappear I thought she'd fallen off!

A near neighbour lost four fence panels and a couple of trees came down in the surrounding roads and fields but nothing serious and no one hurt, so we did quite well locally.

So now it's turned cold once again and it's wet and not so windy ! However it appears tonight and tomorrow will also be stormy!

I have been working on my quest to clear a mass of yarn by knitting it up and am in the middle of a jacket for Clara which is using up quite a bit of the yellow and some of the teal. I was tempted to set it to one side and start a doll sweater but managed to stop myself , so it doesn't land up sitting about for a month ! I'm glad I continued as I just have one sleeve and the the neck band to do, then it can be sewn together , buttons added then it's done !

On the studio doll clearing front I am so pleased that I have now emptied four of the plastic boxes !

Along with the three cardboard boxes I emptied in the beginning plus a couple of shopping bags, I'm very pleased how it's gone so far. 

But I am getting worn out ? tired ? with all the selling, so will come to a stop for a while but will potter sorting things into keep or sell for a future blitz , the sales page will still get updated but no bazaar posts or ebay posts during March apart from whats already listed.

I did this week, have a look at my dolls, and decide to cull a few more groups down to smaller sizes. I had a doll on a long layaway and since I was very near to completing , I wanted to get it finished.

So I sold three dolls , a doll chair and a few items of dolls clothes, so have now completed my layaway and my new, non Sasha doll will arrive Monday.

At the beginning of the year I had around 50 large A4 padded envelopes and I have now run out ! very few have only had one item sent in them most have been two or more.  I sent fifteen items of old dolls clothes in one, turning into a small parcel and there have been a couple containing six hats along with another item. I would say I have easily sold around 150 item, if not more, since I started at the beginning of the year, which just shows just how much stuff  I have /had !

Valentine and Rupert have met and have been having a long and deep chat on the dresser !

These are the snippets I heard while walking back and forward while making dinner !

" Well Valentine it is a specialist school that I attend "

" Really , I have always fancied having a go myself "

Then later

" The girls are going to love you but then maybe hate you but I'm sure they will come round in the end "

"Just ignore Toby , he can be the village idiot sometimes "

Then they went off so Valentine could introduce him to his new brothers, he feels Rupert needs a day or so before the girls get hold of him !

On that note I will wish you all a healthy fun filled week ahead.


Friday 18 February 2022



Rupert selected this set that is usually worn by Robin , I'm hoping Robin won't mind !

He then selected some shoes, I explained that I believed they were the girls, he said he thought they were fine also for boys, since everything these says can be worn by anyone ! I think the girls best start checking their wardrobes before Rupert does.

Wednesday 16 February 2022


 Welsh that is, not someone to help you into your clothes, although Prince Gregor did ask for his valet when he arrived !

The broken corner

Lucky it was a single piece with a small decorative block from under that part also knocked loose.

with break


When it arrived it had a couple of strips of some sort of spongy stuff on the top upper shelves, some of it had been removed and was in pieces with the residue left stuck to the shelf. I cleaned it off with a knife blade and realised it had been there to keep the plates if up against the back from falling down.

Normally you with have a thin strip of wood nailed or stuck to the shelf to do this job, but you would need to do it before the shelves were fitted because it would be easier than after. I decided to use some draft excluder , the type you put round the windows or doors of the house. Paul found me a small strip he had left and I added them to the top shelf and bottom shelf.

Luckily it was in a dark brown, so does not show up easily.

I originally left the middle shelf as I didn't have enough to do all three but when I started loading it up, I went back and got the two offcuts and spaced them along the middle shelf so it could also support items on the back.

I tried it out in the studio kitchen area where the other dresser usually stands and placed some of the 1930's china from the chat n snap on it but I felt it looked too small against the range .

untidy view showing it with the other pieces in the kitchen just not quite right !

I have to say I loved the china on it but it would have only taken a few piece as the middle shelf space is the narrowest.

I put the old dresser back in place and reloaded it up.

see it fits better with this dresser plus if I'd kept the new dresser there, I had no place for the washing machine and sink. So this set up best for kitchen.

So where to put it ? I looked at Granny's shop but I felt it wouldn't fit in and would also be a waste.

I looked at the living area, which is still a mess but again it would mean a complete rethink of the layout and wasn't sure it would work there either. So where to put it ?

I then decided that since I wanted to load it with the good china, it would be handy if it was under some sort of cover, so it didn't get too dusty. The display cabinet ! They are empty at present as the dolls are all packed up indoors.

So I settled on the top shelf as it's got the highest space.

in place

It didn't take me long to find a couple of things to go in the bottom of the dresser.

Much to my surprise I had enough of this particular patterned Coalport Miniature china to fill the shelves ! Just two hooks unused !

I have to say that after I had finished setting this all up and went back indoors, I remembered that I had a couple of boxes with some china in, so went and searched and found them , containing a teapot, jug and covered sugar bowl plus another teapot and jug both in this Ming pattern. I have added them to the shelves but will need to decide if it's not too much and maybe put one teapot and jug away or i could try hanging two of the jugs up !

It's taken me a couple of weeks to finally get back to the dresser to take a photo with Magda , the teapots and jugs had been added along with a coffee pot and cup saucer and plate from a different set that is just waiting to be put away!

I have added this small china shelving unit ( old cutlery tray on it's side ) just to keep it safely out the way until the sitting room is set up properly.

So a couple of weeks late in posting but better late than never I say !

Tuesday 15 February 2022


Well it appears as much as I try to downsize another one will always find the means to creep in !

 This is Rupert, a Pyjama boy , complete with his pyjamas as you can see ! Also his bear .

Now I had an idea for a storyline and no one, already in the village was right, so what's a teller of stories to do but well obviously go in search of her muse .

He fits the bill perfectly, look at that handsome face ! He arrived with the name Rupert, I am friends with his last mum and since it's a name I love and would work well for his character he will keep it .

I actually already own a PJ boy, Percy . So is this new lad Rupert to become his twin? Mmm I will need to wait until he's been redressed and has met Percy to see if that's true.

But for the minute , I'll let him get his barrings and settle in before introducing him to his new family once he's changed .

Monday 14 February 2022








Please form an orderly queue, not kissing or grabbing or hugs but yes you can take a selfie with me ;)

Sunday 13 February 2022


Well another week is ending ! Where does the time go ? Most of last week was spent doing bits and pieces. It was Princess Clara's fourth birthday on Thursday ! Yes Fourth! Only seems like yesterday she'd just started walking and speaking.

We had intended to visit on the day and celebrate with her but of course the best laid plans ! Her dad tested positive for Covid earlier in the week ! He had it very mildly and so far no one else in the family as it but of course , it meant plans cancelled , but all being well we will go this coming Thursday instead.

One of the things I got up to this week was some knitting ! I needed to make a sweater for one of my Roche dolls, so found some sock wool and knitted one up. I just did it from guessing , so it came out a little on the large size, so I then found some more wool and made another with a few adjustments.

So two of the dolls got new sweaters and now I was back knitting it made me want to carry on knitting up all these balls of wool I have sitting around in boxes! But first i decided I needed to knit up some chunky wool I'd bought a good year back to make for Clara.

Good thing with chunky wool it knits up quick!

I also have finished Adam's jacket, which just needs the buttons to be sewn on. So I am trying to make a point of doing a little knitting every night and therefore hopefully, I'll get all the grandchildren's sweaters done and also some dolls items knitted and I hope to have emptied a whole box of wool/yarn by the end of April ! I will report back on how I get on !

This is just one of the boxes of yarn ! 

Be cause I am trying to clear the studio of whats not used or needed , when going to get some knitting needles, I moved a small box looked inside and found a Gotz Sasha head and a baby sasha that I have had for years !

This is the head , she needs re rooting on the top , middle and down the back and then a body to go on.There is a thin line of re rooted hair at the front but that's as far as I got be fore I set her aside.

The baby is in almost new condition except that she had falling hair, I again started on her re root and again she got set aside and eventually put away in the box with the gotz dolls head and there they have stayed for years and I do mean years ! But now my hands are to full of arthritis to pull the needle through, so I put them on the for sale market. The head's already sold and if the baby goes soon , that will be another box emptied !

Talking of the dolls, so far this week I have sold a few more Sasha clothes and have some other old dolls clothing with bids on, so they will also sell in the next day of so. The old dolls clothing will free up a decent amount of space , which is good and I was not even sure anyone would bid on them but they were to nice to just give to a charity shop which could have just decided to bin them.

The gotz doll head sold as I said and I have also sold another doll. I may or may not have sold another non Sasha doll, I'm just fielding offers on her.  So it's been a good end to the week sales wise even if the other doll doesn't sell.

A doll will be arriving early next week, I bought it a couple of weeks back because I had an idea for a new Sasha family member and of course I couldn't let one of the others play that part , no I had to go and find someone new !

I have also bought a few items of clothing for the Sasha but only because they were being sold on, so it was get them now or miss them. But since I have sold loads of clothing these few will not add much to the remaining items.

So I will get off to carry on looking in boxes and moving things about !

Have a great healthy week ahead full of things that make you smile.