Tuesday 31 May 2022



Yes! That is a fully covered new sofa cushion pad for the new 'to me' rattan sofa. 
I actually got on and made it instead of letting everything sit around for weeks/months! I know amazing!
I also made the new tablecloth for the patio table at the same time and today I'm going to make the tablecloth for the kitchen table, which actually has been waiting around for nearly a year!

I think the sofa needs a couple of throw cushions, maybe I'll make them next! Or maybe I need to lie down all this getting act together can be exhausting...

NB a note for Rosie on the cushion.

I bought the foam pad from Dunelm Mill, this one was closest in size, a slight gap at front side because the sofa tapers back and anything bigger would have been a waste. This time I placed the pad on the fabric wrapping it round and leaving an overlap. Cut fabric, then laid it right side in so placed pattern in position, then pinned fabric together so seam would be along back edge, also pinned one side edge, pulling fabric nice and tight.
Removed padded with help, then machine stitched these two edges along the pins, so to keep tight.
Turned fabric back to right side, bent pad so could get it back inside, then folded and hand stitched other side edge together, having made sure the back seam was in correct place. It means I cannot remove easily to wash but not impossible if I need to.
Saved faffing with zip or buttons or making with three to four sections as in top, bottom and side piece/and back zip button section.

Sunday 29 May 2022


 Yes, it's gone that quick! It is the twenty ninth of the month, so flaming June will appear this coming week! I have spent the last week getting my things sorted for the Queen's Jubilee celebrations ready.

So far only Lucas is getting into the spirit of the coming celebrations.

I have been sorting out then household celebrations and getting the gazebo in the festive spirit.

The bunting is up along with some new lighting.

A photo from the other night when we checked out the lighting.

I bought this vintage Sanderson fabric which I have turned into a tablecloth. I actually searched for floral tablecloths, that were not pvc and trying to find what I wanted that didn't actually cost the price of a decent Sasha was impossible, so I found this gorgeous fabric and made my own.

I also came across a Lloyd Loom rattan sofa that was for sale on Ebay, while searching for cloths, I've wanted one for a few years and had even considered buying a new one, however I came across this one on ebay that was being sold fairly locally. Much to my delight I won it for a nice low price.

So, we set off for Chingford to collect it on Thursday and while there the lady asked if I wanted to buy a Lloyd Loom chair as well! I said if I can get it in the car, I'd have it and yes, we managed to get it in!

I have bought a piece of foam to cover for the seat cushion, I already have plenty of suitable fabric..lol

We had dropped off a 20-year-old grape vine, that we'd sold on our way to collect the sofa, so the chair only cost us five pounds that we added to the sale money for the vine, result! 

On the doll front, I sold a non-Sasha doll but did buy a couple of clothing items for the Sasha's, one of which Lucas is wearing.

A busy week ahead with all the people and doll jubilee celebrations to prepare for, so I wish you all a happy healthy doll filled week ahead.


Monday 23 May 2022


 Have to confess I have not played dolls all week, what with one thing and another. Although the dolls are standing on the dresser watching the comings and goings.

However, we have eaten well this week, finishing off the party leftovers. It's also taken a day or three to put everything away and sort out what came back from the hall. I have also been making plans for our Queen's Jubilee celebration. 

Plus, I have been in the sort out, sell on mood. In order to get things from my new studio into my old studio, space had to be found and so I finally accepted my beautiful arts and crafts wardrobe had to go, I really would have liked to keep it, but it did not fit with my bedroom furniture and there was no place else it could go.

So, I put it up for sale and it was snapped up within twenty-four hours.

Of course, after It was sold, the birthday girl sees it and says " Mm that's nice I could have had that in my room and swapped it for my wardrobe" !!!!! 

Thankfully it would have a job fitting all her clothes that she keeps in her wardrobe, which is another beautiful arts and craft piece, and much bigger than this one, into this much smaller and slimmer one. So, I didn't smack her round the head for not telling me sooner ;)

The person who bought it, sent me a photo of it all beeswaxed and place in his little girls bedroom, so it finally found a good home.

I also sold on four flycatcher shades, all to a lovely lady whose recently moved into a thatched cottage and is changing the lighting.

I had advertised two bigger ones that we had used in the house before we redecorated, which she had, then I remembered we had another one, which turned out to be two, which I showed her and she also had. Which cleared out four shades and made some more free space.

Of course, as soon as I saw these two I was, oh they are so pretty maybe I should keep them! But I stopped myself and sold them on, the problem with selling things is you do love them or you wouldn't have bought them in the first place!

We have been working on the garden fighting the good fight against the weeds that grow as well if not better in some cases than the actual plants! There is a fair bit of basic maintenance that will need doing in the garden over the coming months. I am trying to also consider that we are getting older and need to consider that and make adjustments as we work. We need to rebuild the walls that surround the raise garden area at the very end of the garden, which were originally wood, which now 14 years later is rotting away and allowing the earth to spill over. 

We, will use breeze blocks along the straight sections and I will build a broken paving slab wall along the curved section. I have said to Paul that we need to build some steps into the straight section in order that we can get onto it and off again as we age without breaking a bone or two!

The days are lovely and bright and this week with the odd show or two forecast, so we can get the garden into better shape for our visitors for the Jubilee.

On the doll front it's been very quiet, just a couple of used items arriving that I won on ebay. Alas nothing leaving.

I will need to chase the Sasha's and Gregors up for their Jubilee party as they cannot leave it too long or they will miss out!

Wishing everyone a happy healthy week ahead


Wednesday 18 May 2022


 Well, the family and friends get together for Lindsey's birthday went brilliantly! There were some wonderful fancy dress costumes.

 I think Lindsey's friend Chris wins best big dinosaur and in the front left hand corner of the photo is the best mini dinosaur , one of Lindsey's other friend's baby, called Lara, who was also wearing a dinosaur costume.

Clara and Adam looked wonderful in their outfits, Clara an elf complete with pointed ears and Adam a Hobbit complete with the ring. But only being 18 months old, he wouldn't keep the cloak on for more than a few minutes 


The point where Adam Baggins hears he's got to go and throw the ring in the fire inside the mountain all on his own!

Lindsey set the hall beautifully and everyone says they had a great time. It was especially nice for the family members that made it, as it's a long time since we have been able to gather.

But goodness does it take it out of you! I could barely walk by the end of the evening and could even feel it in my legs the following day. Setting up and attending is a lot of work, luckily plenty of people stayed to help us put everything away at the end of the day.

Now of course the fridge and cupboards are semi full of the left over food, that didn't get used up on the day, so we have been having some lovely buffet style meals ever since.

We will be having a few friends and family over to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee, at the beginning of June, so we won't be needing to get any drink in with whats left over from Lindsey's party.

Yesterday we had a trip to the garden centre and I fell in love with a beautiful pavilion, which I thought would look wonderful in our garden.

I just love all the detail especially around the top.

For once I was very good and didn't just buy it and then search for a home for it, I decided to see if I have a place it would suit. Well it appears I may not ! sob .. but I have not quite given up yet, I will be studying the garden for a few days to see if just the right place can be found , with maybe a bit of a move round if necessary.

I'm always telling my neighbour, when he shows me something else he's bought for his gazebo, less is more! and I may just have to accept that in this case!

Not a lots been happening on the doll front, I have won a couple of outfits of ebay and sold a pair of shoes.

Enjoy the rest of the week


Monday 9 May 2022


 Claudia who doesn't get an awful lot of attention for once is helping to lead the way on the dressing for spring/Summer!

"Mum It's very sunny today " states Claudia 

"It's hard to see with the sun in my eyes! Claudia complains

"That's better " Claudia smiles " I can see you now "

"It's nice not to be last or almost last for a change " She says happily.

Sunday 8 May 2022


 Well, not the best of weeks. Still seem to be fighting off some virus that cannot make its mind up, if it is coming or going!

Then a doll I sold has been damaged in the post! It appears they have dropped the box it was in! So now have to try and see if she can be saved and then to chase the Royal Mail for a refund. So that wasn't a good start to the weekend! But today is another day, the sun's out and the virus seems to have wandered off again!

I find that this time of year I start to think about the less is more, something I quote often to my neighbour as he shows us another strange item he's bought for his garden gazebo, but alas It's not something I can seem to follow for myself! I also suffer from the "I may need that sometime" when I should just get rid of whatever it is, instead of coming across it five years later still waiting to be needed and even worse if it was needed but couldn't be found so another was bought anyway!

So, I need to clear the floor in my studio, so it can be used as a bedroom for one-night next weekend! Since the house will overflowing, which is why someone's drawn the short straw and has to use the studio, I cannot move any boxes indoors. The only other place available for storage is my old studio, which is part of Paul's workshop.

Today we have started moving things about to make some space in the old studio, I say old studio when I probably should be saying studio extension due to all the things for my dolls that are still in there!

Old studio .

From the doorway and this is after we have moved things so we can actually get inside! Behind the curtain (which some mouse has chewed on) is a cupboard inside of which are five large shopping bags of paperback books! They have probably been in there years, so they are now out and ready to be sorted and donated or kept! Which means a whole double unit is available to use!

The still unfinished dolls house.

more props

At least that big brown box is something I have sold and need to send on now the buyers has finally moved house.

More props or things for the grandchildren!

I even found this old sign for a 2015 Chat n Snap! Really should have taken off those pictures before now! and probably could have used it, if I'd known I had it!
So, I have spent most of the day sorting the old studio out, so I can temporarily use it for some boxes from the new one but then I will need to get my hard hat on and start listing some of the things, that are just not being used!

On the doll front, two dolls left but one not successfully. Some dolls clothes arrived which I bought on the second-hand doll market. One of which I owned years back! I really must stop buying things I once owned, it doesn't help with the reduction plans!

I did however finally cut out three of my doll clothes patterns, have not got round to actually making anything yet but once next weekends over with, that will be my next plan.

My middle daughter is forty this month and is having a party, hence the houseful, and its fancy dress themed sci-fi/ fantasy! Should be interesting , I hear someone's coming as a dinosaur!

So have a happy healthy week 


Saturday 7 May 2022


It's a nice afternoon, so some of the girls are outside exploring the garden.

Martha decided it was best to sit after diving backwards off the pot even though she was leaning on the post!

Whereas Ginny stood happily on her pot waiting for the photos to be taken.

Ashley decided staying on the ground was probably the best place to be after watching Martha sky dive!

Finally, they are all together on the ground.

Martha decides falling off the pot was all too much, and she needs to go and eat something sweet and watch a film!

I manage to get her to hold still for just a few minutes.

"Okay girls I'm all finished thank you " 

" Thank goodness " says Martha " I think I have a headache coming!"

" Oh maybe I'd best get you checked out at the doctors!"

" No need " she replies quickly " I'm sure some chocolate biscuits and a cup of tea will cure it "

" Yes" agrees Ashley " Come on M! I'll put the kettle on and Ginny can find the biscuits, we could all do with some"

" What film should we watch? " Asks Ginny, as arm in arm the three of them head off back to the house  "Something soothing " sighs Martha 

" Mm soothing what about Sense and sensibility? " Ginny suggests

" Or die hard with a vengeance!"  Ashley says

Shocked Martha gasps " That's not soothing ! "

Ashley looks surprised " Really? I love watching Brucie Baby kick some a ... "


" Oops sorry mum " giggles Ashley " Take down the bad guys " she finishes with a wink!

The girls voices, fade as they move further away towards the house, discussing whether taking down the bad guys can ever be called soothing! 

Thursday 5 May 2022


 Well despite you lovely people sending in your doll day photos I nearly forgot to post them!!

Must be because the sun finally came out and its warm outside!

Mona and her waterproof pooch are ready for whatever the weather sends their way! Mum Ursula is praying for the sun to come out, but Mona is taking no chances!

Over in Germany, Adelheid is up amongst the apple blossoms, enjoy their scent.

  She is picturing all the apples that will form over the coming months, Mum, Hildegard, says that the other trees have not blossomed yet so maybe there will be no apples! But Adelheid has faith they will appear!

Over the pond, the Gregoropolis girls are changing into their spring dresses and bringing back flower power, a trend we love here in the village.

And the boys say, " anything you can do sis!" and are rocking these great floral shirts, they are definitely getting on their groove over at Gregoropolis!

From Australia we have Wendy's photo of her Schoenhut dolls saying hello. Some of them used to live here but got fed up with being ignored and the very cold winters! It' nice to see they are happy.

Here in the village Monica is out and about admiring the flowers.

"This flower is perfect for my dress but soo big!" exclaims Monica " I think I might like gardens"

Thank you to all those who kindly sent in photos for the post, always time for more, so get them in.


Wednesday 4 May 2022


 Well even though I am not supposed to be buying any more dolls for a while, I have to confess due to the FB group button nosed doll week, I started hankering for another brunette and blonde to join the family.

So, when I saw this button waif, I just could not resist her and that was that!

So, I would like to introduce Monica! She told me her name the minute I decided to invite her to come live in the village.

A closer view.

"You have a lot of pots! " She states, while having her photos taken 

" Yes because we love to garden. Do you like to garden? "

" I don't know " Monica replies " I don't think I have ever been in a garden, well not to do any work in it"

" Well we'll soon see if you like gardening here, because there is always something to do in the garden" I tell her " But maybe not while in that dress unless you help with the watering"

" I would love to help with the watering " 

" But not today " I smile " First you need to meet the family, Come on lets go inside and find them"

Tuesday 3 May 2022



Ashley is outside looking around the garden under a cloudy sky.

"Mum these plants that are red and brown don't really stand out against the black wall " she says spotting me walking back to the house.

"Well, I put them there until I could place them round the garden" I informed her " But feel free to move them somewhere better "

" Oh hum I don't garden " Ashley stutters " plus I cannot get this dress dirty carrying pots about! Really Mum! What a thing to say! "  

Of course, then she's off muttering about being asked to do manual labour!!