Tuesday 30 September 2014


I have to say that arts and crafts flows through this house.My daughter Lindsey, who is doing the painting of me, put this study she did of her hand on FB, so I am going to share it here.

How she managed to keep her hand in position while drawing it with the other is beyond me! I would have moved!!

Well the Chat n Snap is now only 25 days away!!! and exciting things are beginning to happen. A very kind and generous lady has donated a SASHA for the RAFFLE!!!! Yes that's correct. The Sasha is on her way to me now and once she's arrived I will share the details on here at the weekend along with more Chat n Snap info.

The sun is shining and the day is glorious which gives one a feeling that all is right with the world! I love days like this that  lift your spirits and give you a warm glow.These days can come any time of the year, it could be a cold crisp winter day that's bright with the winter light that just sings to you, or a mild spring day with new shoots of plants pushing their way through the earth telling of glorious days to come , a summers day with air cooled by a breeze that ruffles the leaves while you sit and enjoy or like today an autumn day with a bright sky that is still warming the earth and plants that are giving that last flash of colour before they shut up shop for the year and go to sleep to rise again next spring.

I should be doing house work or making some berets to sell at the Chat n Snap but as usual I am putting everything off and enjoying this glorious day. I hope you are all able to enjoy just such a day soon.


Sunday 28 September 2014


 and although Summer is having one last blast it's time to dig out the Autumn / Winter wear.


YES ! That's right ! Today I am trapped and am only able to write this using Paul's iPad ! Why ? Because number two daughter Lindsey she with the degree in Art wanted to paint a portrait in oil!

Paul immediately said he needed to go cut down some roses! The traitor! Mind you I have managed to leave him sitting as her model when she wanted to do some drawings, so I suppose it's only fair that it's my turn!

I was hoping that she'd paint me without a few of the pounds that have decided over the year to sit on my face and also about thirty years younger ! But NO she wants me NOW ! Crinkles wrinkles saggy chops and all! Did I raise this ungrateful child? She takes after her dad! Well really she takes after me ! I as her mother claim all talent and skills and any bad bits belong to her father.

So I am-trapped here while she paints me, I had the clever idea of looking down, so that I could read or use this iPad while she works or I would have started moaning and complaining after the first ten minutes!

I have been unable to return the call from the national portrait galley in London! Plus her Majesty been contantly ringing with advice!! Where would I find an ermine cloak this late in the day!!

So despite my need to do a blog,tidy up and various other things I am being a good mother and sitting here, I am also not allowed to talk to her ! She's concentrating! So not even any conversation!! I wonder if she can paint me with a phone to my ear??
This iPad weights a tun when you have to hold it with one hand while typing!!

Paul's also vanished into the deepest part of the garden to clear some space in the raised border for his grasses! So no chance of a chat there! Just me ,the radio and a daughter that keeps sighing! I do understand it must be very hard to capture the beauty of such a face on canvas but hey! Someone's got to try!!

Have just read this to Paul who popped back and was given the LOOK by the artist.and after I had earlier Been discussing space for her ,with Paul , to have a studio area in the gazebo when we have filled it in!

Well it,s only about Four weeks until the Chat n Snap! Where has the time gone! Are we ready with the display.  Of course............not! That will all start becoming a mad rush over the next few weeks it appears that we like to have a close deadline in this family!!

I had considered trying to re root Ashlyn while sitting here but the would involve to much movement so that's having to wait another day.
At least there is a nice breeze coming through the French doors to the kitchen where we are working!

I get to have a break in about another hour! Before sitting again this afternoon!

So let's talk Sasha! After all this is a Sasha blog! What's going on? Why are all these lovely Sasha's appearing for sale? So tempting! It can be hard to resist ! But you just have to! I see some of the late seventies dolls appearing but despite the cheap prices I do not buy as it's not a bargain if you did not need it or it's not in the group you are collecting! Thank goodness I have moved on from buying because it was such a cheap for sasha price.
Unfortunately I cannot say the same for props! But hey I have to have some vice! Plans are coming along for reroofing  the workshop but first we need to get the CnS out the way , then one nice dry weekend and we will remove the old roof completely and replace it wood  boards and felt.
Then we will be able to clear out my side and I can start moving some of the bigger items down there ready for next year when it starts to warm up and I can set up the different areas to use for my posts.
Then I will be able to get out all the items I have gathered over the past few years for this purpose.

Well I think I'll finish here my hands starting to ache from holding this iPad and no doubt you are all thinking don't she go on!!

Will put a photo on later to make up for it, that's if I managed to escape......


Friday 26 September 2014

WHOSE THIS........................

Sitting in the garden??

Oh It's Flora ! My new baby. She's getting some sun while she still can before she needs to put on her big sweater and tights !
I have wanted an ethnic Sasha baby for a while but had until now managed to resist! Then this little one appeared and although I placed a bid on her I did not win!

Then I came home form work in the week to find an email with a second chance offer!! Well who am I to refuse such a chance, so as you can all see she's arrived. She was a little upset that no one was in on her first attempt to be delivered, so she had to wait until today.
But she soon made herself comfortable after a wash and change of clothes, she was outside warming herself in the sun!..

Having called her Flora I'm getting slightly worried......the words Fauna and Merryweather keep following on behind................!!!!!!




ERIK  who believes he was a Viking! and is interested in history and all things from that time.He dreams that he can become a Viking and sail the seven seas.
He is very protective of his family and friends and along with his bear Sir Walter they make sure all is safe and well in the Sasha Village.


Wednesday 24 September 2014


you just need to rest!

The sweet Robin tired from playing on his bike. He wants to be either a Doctor or a Vet or both! He likes looking after his Family or the animals, he hates them being poorly and is always first to sit by them reading a story or just being there in case they need anything.


Tuesday 23 September 2014


Came across this photo of Percy looking very nice last summer, so decided to share it. He is a 69 PJ boy with the lovely eyes, he wants to be a jointer and carpenter and help his dad make things for the family.


Sunday 21 September 2014



Out in the garden Major neighs softy to his new friend.

The two horses look well together but does Mum know that the one horse she finally agreed to keep, just before she left for her week away, has some how acquired a friend!!!!


Saturday 20 September 2014


A friend asked about the joints on the Kidz n Cats dolls, so I said I'd take a few photo's for her.
Then I thought maybe others would like to see them.

This is Catherine or Kate for short. She is a Kidz n Cats Lena. I bought her just before the wedding of Kate and William and she arrived along with Jacob a boy KnC doll, so they became William and Catherine.

Here's Kate in her underwear!

Her elbow joints.

Her knee joints.

Here sitting down.

Because I do not really like seeing the joints on any dolls including my bjd girl Elfine, I tend to dress them in clothes that will cover the joints.

I suddenly realised that Kate is a nine jointed early KnC girl, so when to get one of my newer girl's to show the extra two joints.

This is Lizzie, I cannot remember her KnC name. I did not like this face sculpture for a long time but then I went to look at some of these with my friend Kim, she of the FOURTEEN with TWO to come, KnC dolls and this girl looks a lot nicer in the 'flesh' .

Her extra two joints are in the wrists.

Thank you Lizzie

The poor girl still had her wrapping on under her clothes!! I set about removing it " At last! " she cries " I was worried I was not going to stay!"

I do like these dolls , their shoulders are a little like the AG dolls in that they are quite wide but the ability to pose them makes up for any short comings.
They do not have many different face styles but they do mix and match the hair and eye colours and style which is good.
They also seem to have done away with the boys and there are less face styles available which I think is a shame.

Well I hope you Sasha or death follower's are not too put out by this post on other dolls but normal Sasha time will resume shortly....  :)


Thursday 18 September 2014


Following on from the was it me? post, here is the picnic table that's now it's had a couple of coats of stain, colour Bluebel and I found the Chinese Parasol I bought a few years back and had not got round to using yet.

Katie a Kids n cats girl (Lena) Paige my dungarees girl and one of the babies at the back.

View of the parasol a perfect fit.

You can see the girl's shaded by the parasol.

I love the new table colour.

another view.

Without the parasol.  This is such a great prop for the Sasha's and their friends I can see this getting a lot of use over the coming years.

many thanks to Tom and Kim for making it for me.



The last year or it could have been the one before I showed my friend Kim my Kidz n Cats dolls. She had seen my Sasha's and although liked a couple and was always interested in seeing any new one's that had arrived, that was as far as it went.

Kim was also great at finding a few Sasha sized props, giving the twins their spades and the village a couple of cakes and Arabella her dog in the Harrod's bag.

When she saw the Kidz and Cats dolls she really liked them and said that the girl reminded her of her Granddaughter Lillie, so she bought one and then another one to represent her grandson Tyler.

Last night Paul and I went to dinner with Kim and her lovely husband Tom and I took a few photo's of her Kidz, I thought I would share them with you.........oh and by the way she only as five grandchildren.......

YES more than Five! I count fourteen plus a Maru doll! They all sit on her window and I love how she's posed them.

The boy on the bench was a girl that she picked up cheaply and had his hair cut so that she became he and now looks just like her grandson Morgunn. Her hairdresser was worried about cutting it, so took it into the barbers next door where a couple of young lads gave him his trim and enjoyed doing it!

The girl in the school uniform is Lillie!

Tom who was like most husbands in the beginning wondering when she'd stop!! Made her the picnic table when she was looking for things for them to sit on.

The kid with the teeth is an Evita and we were both unsure when we saw her photo but she is much nicer in the dolly flesh. I love Alister and his outfit.

I love they way she's posed these dolls, the girl with her foot up on the bench, one with her hand round her glass and her friend holding her shoulder.The friend is a Maru doll, the only non Kidz and Cats doll.

The little one in the denim looks quite shy!

Chatting and catching up while drinking their squash !

Another view of the attentive Alister!

The place looks so buzzing, you can just imagine the sound of young voices talking and laughing.

Love the wheelbarrow and the wellies which are actually soaps!

A closer look at the Maru girl who I think is very pretty and it would appear that Tom's buying her the red haired Maru doll Savannah for Christmas.....slip...slip...

Kim also mentioned that there were JUST two others coming and then that would be it.....well unless she sees a Galina..or a Mike....or...... :)

The lovely Kim and Tom had a gift for me....

my very own picnic table with Parasol! I'm going to give it a coat of stain and once dry set up some of my Kidz n Cats dolls on it .I'm sure the Sasha's will make good use of it too!
I was also asked if I wanted any of their off cuts of fake grass!! Did I! Of course ! So I now have a fair bit of this grass which will be very useful for my display at the Chat n Snap....hope that's not given Kendal a clue!!
and also for the indoor photo shoots that I do.

Well was it me? Did I set Kim on this slippery slope? Or was it the collector in her than saw these dolls and was captivated and just had to add another and then another......

I hope you enjoyed seeing these non Sasha's, I do not know abut you but I love most Dolls and find it very hard not to slip down many doll slopes but do on occasion by the odd doll just because it's nice to have at least one.........where have I heard that before??? :)


Wednesday 17 September 2014


We visited the National Trust property of Nunnington Hall and Gardens.

 The courtyard entrance.

There was a wire horse standing in the courtyard entrance.You can see their plants for sale over at the back...and yes Paul did purchase a couple...

 The Attic rooms house a collection of miniatures. This collection was gathered by Mrs Carlisle over forty years. She started just buying miniature antiques and then decided to create room settings and commission artist of the day to make items she needed to make the rooms true to that period.

The next photo's are of these beautiful detailed settings for those of us who love all things great and small!!

Not prefect photo's but I hope you can see some of the detail in these rooms
The William and Mary Parlour

Queen Anne Drawing Room

Georgian Bedroom

Carpenters shop

The Night Nursery

The nursery

Living room 1951

A view of part of the attic room , showing the stands for children to use so that they can look into the rooms.
What was needed was some bar style stools for us adults to sit and spend a few hours looking at everything!

I did not photograph everything there was to see but a great place to while away a few hours if you love miniatures.

Another view of the Hall.

We discovered Peter Rabbit in the Kitchen garden!!


Well it was time to have a last look about before we packed up to go home

Sansa and Erik had a walk round the village.

They checked on dad's plants to make sure they were not in need of a drink.

Sansa decided to go back and finish her packing while Erik said he'd just pop across the road and be back in a moment.

He asked Mum to go with him and had her take a photo of him leaving the local pub!
" I 'll tell Robin and Valentine that I have been having a pint!! " He laughed 

" I don't think they'll believe you Erik" says Mum
But he insists on a few photo's !

Soon the day's dawned and the car is packed but Erik and the bears are missing!
Everyone searches the house and then mum checks the garden

She can hear voices as she climbs the steps towards the wood store
" It will be fine! " Erik's saying " We'll stay a few more days then get a train home "
" But Where will we sleep " asks Mossy's worried voice.
"Here in this wood store, we'll be very cosy for a few days !"

"WHAT! " cries Mossy in horror " It's full of creepy crawlies " He shudders and starts to climb down the logs intending to go and get in the car with the others " I hope they have not left without us!" he cries
" You're a bear! " says Erik " You're supposed to sleep in the wood and eat insects and creepy crawlies"

Mossy looks stunned and pauses before remembering Edward and think's what he'd say to that statement " "Well young man I may be a bear but I am a bear with standards and sleeping in a wood pile is not one of them!"
He carries on climbing down.

" No one will be sleeping in a wood pile " says Mum's voice
Erik and Mossy look down feeling guilty while Sir Walter looks pleased to see Mrs Mum , thankful she's saved his old bones from a very uncomfortable few nights!
" Come along " says Mum " No one ever wants their holiday to end but end it must. " then seeing their crestfallen faces she says gently " Think of what other places and adventures await "
Mossy asks " Can you carry me please? I'm feeling quite faint!" Mrs Mum picks him up and walks away Erik following slowly behind until Sir Walter says " I must remember to tell Edward about that kitchen in that big house we visited , he'll be so interested and wished he'd been here "
Erik brightens up " Yes and I have to show Robin and the others our new helmets " he starts running " Come on Sir Walter !! Stop dawdling !! we need to get home!" Sir Walter smiles and picks up his pace but knights do not run accept into Battle!