Monday 26 March 2018


I knew I'd seen that bench before!


Sunday 25 March 2018


Well this weeks flown by .. again...

The week's been spent in adjusting to having a puppy in the house! Trying to avoid getting pneumonia from standing outside in the freezing cold, in just a cardigan, while waiting for Casper to do his business and received praise and a treat.
And the effort's paying off as he is now almost toilet trained plus he is now trained to his crate for sleeping and having some quiet time, he's taken himself into it as I type and is having a doze.

He spent the first few days like a whirling dervish, rushing everywhere, attacking everything and ignoring the fact that as a puppy his supposed to need 18 hours sleep a day! Thankful he's settled down more and is now having more naps and not always feeling the need that if someone moves, he needs to follow them to see what they are up to!

In the early days when the only way to keep him still was to pick him up!

He's been to puppy socialisation class , where he meets up with five other puppies , to learn to accept other dogs etc, he's got two more to attend before he moves on to puppy training. But he's a quick learner for some things. The cats have said hello and Mabel set him to task , so now he's careful of them and keeps his distance although making an overture for play.

The log Cabin was delivered on Monday and they had no problem as they carried the package down on a special forklift and were able to place it on the drive.

So we are now in the process of emptying the gazebo and finding places for everything and also what needs dumping or selling on.

I'd hoped to have some doll time this weekend but after working Saturday and finishing later than expected , then today's need to get on with clearing and removing the gazebo I've not had a minute!

Mind you Paul confessed that Casper found Elton Ron, the baby, and took him off ! But luckily Paul saw him and Elton Ron was rescued before he lost any more digit's.

So I'm hoping to get a nice Sasha/Gregor post together for in the week plus I'm sure the boy's at least will want to 'help' with all the changes happening in the garden.

We are just waiting on some warmer weather!! which according to the current forecast we are not getting anytime soon!.

We're cleared the gazebo and Paul made a start on removing the walls ,that we'd added so we could over winter some of the plants a few years back, then after that it became a bit of a dumping ground.

The rest will have to wait until next weekend , weather permitting , because it's Easter weekend we'll have four days to make some progress.

We now have loads of pieces of furniture under the carport along with various boxes of books, cd's and other items scattered between there and the kitchen and hallway! I truly cannot believe just how much there is!  So hard decisions will have to be made on what really must move on! I did think this would all be quite straight forward and not take to long ! but have to confess that it's hard work and going to take quite a while and involve a lot more work than I first thought plus I've just realised that just maybe I'm getting a little old for all this!
Not that it will stop me , I'll just moan about it more when I cannot find the energy to get up off the sofa at the end of a day of cleaning out and sorting out and carrying! But it's also a good way to find out just what you have hidden away and no longer need and that it all needs to go now !

Of course now the gazebo's opened up again it looks nice being able to see more of the garden through it! But it's no good  the Sasha studio can only go in that place, so lets hope it looks okay once it's up.

So only a couple of old Sasha photos to share today

Ollie back in 2015 nice and snug in his fleece jacket.

Some of the Sasha's back in 2016

 And Libby back in  Sept 2017 when it was warm!!

So hoping to do better on the posting front next week, I hope you all have a lovely week and if you are celebrating Easter or not, that you have a great long weekend.

Now since we can do no more to day I'm off to change a few dolls and take a few photos , that's if I can get out the chair!! ;)

Sunday 18 March 2018


I just cannot believe this 'Spring' weather we are getting in the UK!

 This was my front garden first thing this morning after it snowing all day yesterday ! Bitterly cold and icy.

and the back garden this morning! icy and still covered in snow up on the grass and borders!

And this weekend we'd planned a small trip away travelling on Saturday to return on Sunday ! Staying in a lovely B&B which had an animal sanctuary attached ! But after reading and seeing the weather forecast for our area and the areas we were to travel to and through ,we altered our plans.

When we left early Saturday morning it was snowing but not settling on the roads thank goodness has it was a long journey ahead. After about two and a half hours the snow stopped and it was just a very grey day which did improve but remained bitterly cold.

Messaging home we were told it was still snowing! But when we crossed the Severn bridge into Wales the skies were bright but cloudy.

View from car window, no time to dilly dally! So we made our destination four hours and twenty minutes from home. Stayed a while and then headed back to beat any incoming bad weather that was predicted. A long and very tiring journey but worth the effort.

Because the area we were going into was due to get a heavy snow fall Saturday night to Sunday morning!

Because the bear that Percy was hunting, was found and caught in Wales. Here's his photo...

Asleep in Percy's cage ! Looks like a large beast to me!! After a nights rest the 'bear' is starting to settle in, feeling his way about and finding his large feet!

So please allow me to introduce Paul's new Golden Retriever puppy. His name is Casper, named from our first retriever of Cassie and our last Jasper. He does have a Kennel club name but not one I'm keen on or wish to share on social media for safety's sake. He is darker than he appears in the photos which is great because Paul wanted a dark one.

This was he's come buy me photo ! How could we resist! We'd started looking casually for a few months , since new year, then Crufts Dog show was on, which made us look a little harder, then this lad's, along with his five brothers and one sister, photos appeared and well the rest was history!

So 2018 appears to be the year of Babies and Puppies in the household and we couldn't be happier !

Of course we'd taken down the fence panels between us and our neighbour and left it open cause we didn't have a dog! So what did we do ... buy one! So last weekend we got these new fence panels in !

On the doll front, I had a couple of outfits arrive which I'll be sharing over the coming week. The log cabin is set to arrive tomorrow, Monday! and because we've gone off on a tangent and bought Casper this weekend nothing's been done towards that ,but then due to the bad weather nothing would have happened anyway!

So I'll be trying to fill the blog with some Sasha photos and stories plus also keeping you up to date each Sunday with events in the garden. It's just as well I'm starting to feel better than I have all winter! Now if we could just have some proper Spring weather things would be perfect!!

Wishing you all a lovely health fun filled week ahead

Friday 16 March 2018


Toby and Ollie have gone in search of Percy , they've heard a rumour that he's going somewhere!

They find him down in the garden , at the small Sasha studio now storage shed! Ollie being quite shy lets Toby do the talking.

" We've heard that you are going hunting ! " says Toby excitedly " Can we come along and help, Please Percy"
" It could be dangerous " states Percy in a serious grown up voice " if you come you must obey me without question and do exactly what I say and when I say it!"

Toby ,in a  suitable serious tone replies " Of course we'll do whatever you say and be very helpful " he nods
Percy's not fooled,  knowing if he takes Toby it could be a risk.

But he does need some help, so he agrees, then wonders why, when both boys start whooping loudly.

Percy takes them over to the cart, that he's dragged out of storage.
" You'll be helping me pull this on our trip , it should do the job with any luck "
The boys look at the little cart " That should be easy enough " Ollie says
"What are we hunting for ? " Toby decides to ask, the cart is not too big so it cannot be much ! He starts to get excited maybe it's food!

" We are going on a bear hunt" replies Percy as if it's nothing
" BEAR!" shout both boys , " Are you M m m serious" finishes Toby
" Completely and if you've changed your mind , don't worry I can get Erik and Ragnor to help me "

" Oh no we still want to come " says Toby while Ollie appears to still be thinking about it

" Good , good " says a relieved Percy , he didn't want to have to ask Erik and Ragnor who'd probably turn it into some kind of Viking quest! " Ok you two bring this cart , while I go make sure the cage is ready "

The boys start getting ready to pull the cart for Percy.

Ollie looks at Toby " I wonder why he wants to go bear hunting? We already have loads of bears living here in the village ! Only yesterday I saw Mossy the green following Edward complaining about something or other while Edward rolled his eyes and kept walking!"

"Yes we do have a lot of bears living here already ? why does he want another one!" wonders Toby.
Just then Percy calls out " Come on you two get a move on ! haven't you heard there's bad weather coming this weekend, we need to get going !"

The boys turn back and both looked stunned at what they are seeing! as usual it's Toby who finds his voice first " What is that? "

"What's it look like! It's the cage for the bear! Now stop dawdling and get that cart over here, we've a long journey ahead and daylight'hs burning!"

" How big is this bear? " whispers Ollie in shock , for once Toby as nothing to say!!


Sunday 11 March 2018


Yes it's Sunday.. and it's been a busy week but one full of flowers!

Just before the snow's arrived the other week my youngest daughter sent me this lovely bucket of spring bulbs. It is meant to go outside but due to the snow we found it a place by the front door because it's nice and cool.

Since then and up to and including today I have received three beautiful bouquets of flowers from my girls.


So feeling very spoilt ! I also received a little something extra from them all , that until this year would not have been possible.

So one very happy and spoilt Mum and Grandee.

I've had a busy week and have not really managed to get a lot done! But today Paul ,with help from SIL Roy, got four of the new concrete posts in and three panels up, unfortunately I forgot to take any after photos until the sky was too dark! But needless to say we now have a pile of old wood and posts to get rid of plus a load of wood cutting from our neighbours garden where we, with his permission cut back his lilac bushes that were pushing or over leaning over the old fence.

But here's the photo of when Paul removed the old fencing on Saturday while I was out at work.

On the doll front I did received a small box of delights I ordered a while back.


In side were three iced buns , a jelly dessert and a small jar of meringues. Perfect doll sized food.

But there are other things  happening at present here in the village but I'll save the telling of them until next Sunday, It will soon come round!

So I wish everyone a great week ahead , let's speak again soon.


Saturday 10 March 2018


Ever since I was knee high to a grasshopper I have loved Elephants. There is something about these magnificent animals that reaches inside me and tugs at my heart.

If they announced tomorrow that in order to save these wonderful animals they needed people to keep two or three in their back gardens ! I'd be offering my garden before they'd finished the announcement!And if that meant my garden became a trampled mess, so be it!

But alas the Elephant needs to fight to survive against man's greed and ignorance and only time will tell if they will survive.

Although I cannot save these real elephants up close and personal, it gave me an idea about saving some others!

 I have never liked seeing wild animals used in circuses, it's not where they are meant to be , they are not for our entertainment, to do tricks or give rides. So I am glad that at least these practices are no longer accepted.

As I said I love elephants and when I saw this wonderful wooden Schoenhut elephant a few years back I just had to give it a home.
He's featured before on my blog with Cousin Ron.

This one was a one and only until I spotted one that was very cheap because it's stringing had come loose. So I decided to rescue it.

It's legs are loose as well as it's head and I'll need to find out how to tighten or replace his/her strings.

almost all of these Schoenhut elephants are missing the end  their trunks but this one still had it but it's degraded over the last nearly 100 years .It appears to be rubber.

At the same time I saw the very poorly elephant, I also saw this one, again at a fraction of their normal price, so had to snap it up too.

So now I had a small herd of elephants and that's when an idea came to me! My Schoenhut dolls , along with help from the Sasha's, will be running an elephant sanctuary and raising money for their care.

Normally in the UK a Sanctuary would be for Donkeys and or horses,!  It just so happens around the same time I acquired the two elephants I also acquired a couple of donkeys!

I do not intend to add to the donkeys unless one falls into my hands at a very cheap price , so these two will be the only donkeys at the sanctuary.

So here we have the first residences of the St. Ipps Schoenhut Elephant Sanctuary for the care and well being of elderly Schoenhut circus elephants.

The new boy Jack will be one of the helpers at the Sanctuary which will be run by Monty and his Family.When you see the animal's up against the dolls , they are tiny , so these will be a special breed of elephants , the Schoenhut Pygmy Elephant a rare almost extinct breed .

Mabel decide to show you just how small they are!

So you can expect to see more about the Sashas and Schoenhuts work to save and care for these wonderful animals over the coming year.


Wednesday 7 March 2018


" Do you think Dad will ever fill that hole in? "
" Probably not.. well not until he redecorates!"
"Oh it would be lovely to have another colour here!"
"I like the blue "
"So do I but it's been there a long time now"

" I think we'll have to wait until Mum gets her new studio to get a change of colour " says Saffron
" Goodness! that will be ages yet! " sighs Sansa " But maybe we could just do this little tiny piece of the wall? "

Ashley joins them " We could do with a higher ceiling!" everyone looks up"
" and a white one" agrees Sansa
" Don't think that will be happening here!" Saffron answers.

Wren comes in and places some flowers in the middle of the floor " Some flowers would be an improvement "
The others agree "It won't hurt for this floor to be sanded and re polished " mutters Ashley
"Yes and maybe a new rug? " says Sansa starting to get excited " and some new cushions! "
Soon the girls are all talking excitedly about the improvements that could be made to their living room.

"There's a lot of noise coming from in here " says Mum walking into the room
Silence... " Am I interrupting? " asks mum bemused by the surprised looks on all their faces.

Four voices clash as they say no, just chilling ,I must go see Percy , how are you mum can I make you a cup of tea!

Mum looks suspicious then says " Percy's in the workshop with Dad and i'd love a cup of tea thank you "
as they start to walk off, Saffron links arms with mum and says " We were thinking it was time for a new look when the studio comes " seeing mum's listening she carries on " and best not to wait until last minute.. we could start now...change the cushions..."

The others start adding their voices to Saffron's but I couldn't quite hear everything as they vanish down the hallway.....


Monday 5 March 2018


March doll shelf photos for us to study.

First up we have Gregoropolis who like to spend those cold winter days reading and what a lovely selection of books they have. I would not mind sitting and readying along with them.

Next up we have Rosie's girls modelling some sweaters with kittens that she's selling on ebay but first they get to wear them for the March shelf photo, keeping nice and warm in this wintry weather !

Karin's girl Lucy is wearing her fluffy lavender cardigan to keep warm in this Siberian freeze we are all having. She also carries some sweet scented lavender to help us think of spring.

A closer look at the beautiful Lucy in Lavender.

From Ursula we have her new No Navel girl Zazou admiring with her sister, Ronja, a nice indoor planting arrangement .

Meanwhile just over the way , Ellie, Tammy Ygritte and Uma  are admiring Karin's lovely miniature daffodils.

Ygritte leans in to catch a sniff of the scent which is very faint .

Here in the village some of the no navel girls were checking out the living room space.

Sansa, Saffron, Ashley and Wren enjoyed getting together for the shelf photo, they'd been worried it would be taken in the snow!

Ginger's new baby Bramble braves the early spring weather to share these lovely daffodils that are coming up at Cow creek.

Many thanks to all those who have sent in their doll shelf photos. There is still time to add more if you'd like to join in.