Sunday 27 November 2016


Over at Granny Fortuna's there's been a delivery of some of the Christmas stock.

So Granny as had to move things around to get more shelving in ! So the place is all at sixes and sevens!

" I will need to go get some more stock " Granny tells Bruno " While I am away you can start filling the shelves "

"Where shall I put the things? " asks Bruno as Granny starts to leave
" The same as last year " Granny says keeping walking

"Last year you moved it all when you got back!" calls Bruno
Granny laughs " and if I need to I can move it again this year ! Just get it on the shelves and hopefully I won't need to move much this time "

Bruno looks at all the things that need doing, where should I start ! he wonders but being a very organised boy and well taught by his granny, he soon makes a dent in all the work.

He moves the Christmas gifts across to make way for the Christmas cards.

Lots of lovely cards for the villagers to chose from.

The gift shelves are filling up.

But what's that? ...... mmm I think Bruno's playing with the goods....

" And make sure " says the Witch " that you mop the floor and clean the windows and cook the dinner and have it all done by the time I get back !"

" At last that old witch is gone! " says the woodsman " I will not mop the floor or anything else ! " he says with a very gleeful voice sounding just like Bruno " I'm going to sit in a chair and stuff my face with sweets and chocolate and anything else I fancy !"
The woodman looks a little surprised " Mmm last time I was very sick when I did that... mm maybe I'll just have some chocolate maybe a Toblerone ! "

"Yes I think a Toblerone would be perfect " says a voice from the other side of the counter
"What! I mean Pardon ? you do? "
" Yes I do " giggles the voice

Bruno looks up from his hiding place " Oh Hello Jenni " he says going red in the face
" Hello Bruno I love your puppet "
" Oh he's not mine I'm just putting him out ready for sale "
"I see , well your very good " if possible Bruno's face feels even hotter! Not a good feeling for a wooden doll! " Thanks " he says shyly
" Do you have any Christmas cards in yet? "
"Oh yes just over there "
"Thanks " smiles Jenni moving off.

"See that's what happens when you don't pay attention!" says the woodsman
"What!" says Bruno
" People suddenly appear and scare the daylights out of you !"
"They do? "

"Bruno! What a fine job you have done" says Granny appearing near the counter
Bruno's heart nearly stops when he see his granny watching him
" Hello Granny did you get everything you wanted ? "
"yes some very nice things to tempt the customers to spend! " says Granny happily " what's that in your hand? "

" Nothing " says Bruno quickly dropping the woodsman down behind the counter " just dusting... "
" What a good boy "

" You have been such a helpful boy today you can go watch a film and have a nice piece of cake " says Granny giving him a hug
" I can? "
" Yes " says Granny " and don't come back down until the film is all finished "
"Thanks Gran "

Bruno hurries away spending just long enough to put the Woodsman puppet on the table to be seen for sale along side the Witch and the Dragon.
Jenni is still trying to decide what cards she wants and how many she needs!

Granny clears away a few things and then checks on just where Bruno's placed things. She's very happy to find that she hardly needs to move anything.

She just settles in to trying to decide what else she can get in to make this the best Christmas sales ever. There is still lots of room on the shelves, even with the few items she bought back with her.

Now where's that phone ? There are a few things she'd best order quick if she wants them here in time to sell for Christmas!



Well I had hoped to post again another part of the story but the dark nights and working just don't seem to lend themselves to photography !

However I have just taken the photo's for the next part and will publish the tale either later today or tomorrow morning hopefully.

The promised role of wallpaper as not yet arrived! Not best pleased as I was told by Wednesday of last week! But that's not stopped the work continuing!

Look no door! Well I should say only one door , the new one!

From the new front door looking in! Paul's chipped away the render on the side of the old opening as wide as possible .

looking round to the stairs and the doors to Kitchen and living room.

a sneaky peak at the downstairs cloakroom that's almost finished!!

So on going . Will probably now not post any more about the house until the end of the year as I want to concentrate on the Christmas story.

So glad you like Granny Fortuna's shop only problem is now it's where the Sasha house was! So I now have to find somewhere else to set up the house so, I can go between the two! I do have a place in mind just need to sort it out!

A reminder to all you lovely people to send in those December doll shelf photo's , so we can finish the year with some great photos. Because it's the 1st of December on Thursday!

Right I'm off to write the next part of the Christmas story ready to publish later . Enjoy the week ahead.


Monday 21 November 2016


The sky is grey and the air chilly so it's been quiet all morning at Granny's shop.

No one's been in for over half an hour! "Bruno " calls Granny " Where are you? "

"I'm here " says Bruno dragging in a large lantern " Why can we not have electric light out in the shed? "

"This thing weights a ton! and I does not give enough light to see into the corners!"

" I nearly fell over! and could have broken my neck !" Bruno say dramatically !

" Psk! " says Granny dismissively " Broken your neck ! You are young , you would just bounce! "

While Granny and Bruno argue back and forth as to just what could or could not happen to a young boy alone in a semi dark storeroom, lets look round the shop.

Granny has all the things one could need to tide you over.

even chocolate and cakes , lovely.

The sound of someone struggling to close the door against the wind cause Granny to break off her talk with Bruno and attend to the visitor.
" Good morning Granny " says James cheerfully " a little windy out there today "

Granny moves back to the counter agreeing that it is very windy outside " and what can I do for you today James "
"I'm in charge of Christmas at home this year, so I need some things for my cake making !"

" You are!" says Granny amazed then says carefully " of course you are and what do you need ? "
" Well I need some self raising flour, caster sugar, Sultana's or mixed fruit if you have it !"

" Of course I have it !" says Granny turning to the shelves to get the items for James , " Oh and some Demerara sugar , chocolate power "

Granny turns back with everything apart from the Demerara Sugar ! " What is this for? "
" baking cakes "
" Does it have to be Demerara ? Can it not be Muscovado ? or some such? "

" Well I don't know " ponders James " the receipt said demerara , so I suppose I should stick to that!"
"I will have to go look in the shed.. I mean storeroom, is there anything else? "

Bruno is over at the pick n mix , picking himself a nice piece from the dolly mixtures!

Granny stops and turns " Excuse me James it seems we have a thief in the shop! "
For a moment Bruno does not realise Granny is talking about him!

When he does he gets very annoyed " Who you calling a thief !"
" I am looking at him !" says Granny sternly
" You said I could have a sweet once I finished in the storeroom! "
"Did I? " mutters Granny before saying sternly " and have you finished! I think not! "

"That's because it never ends! " says Bruno angrily " Bruno do this! Bruno get that ! Bruno sweep the floor !"
" You impertinent child , thank goodness your dear mother never lived to see what you have become !"

" What A Slave!" shouts Bruno

James decides he'd best cough so they remember he's there! So he coughs loudly, Bruno starts and drops the sweet and Granny takes a deep breath.

Quietly Granny says " Bruno mind the store while I go look for some Demi sugar for master James "
Granny walks off muttering about children and their manners. Bruno watches her go blinking back tears.

Just for a moment there's an awkward silence while Bruno gets himself under control and James tries to think of something to say.
Then looking round he spots just the thing.

"Why that picture looks familiar? I wonder where I've seen it before? "
Voice slightly trembling Bruno answers " That's because it's your Mum's, she asked granny to get it framed and then said could we keep it here until all the works been done at your house"
"It does look good there " smiles James " where's the pink van? "
"That's coming next week " says Bruno his voice now much stronger and even " Don't know where Granny's going keep that one! "

Turning James smiles at Bruno, Bruno smiles back shyly " Is this your Christmas range? "
" Some of it. there's more coming next week "

"These are great " James looks at the items. He tells Bruno all about how he's 'doing' Christmas this year and all the things he's got planned. Bruno thinks it sounds wonderful

Shyly Bruno points to a set at the back of the display " This might be good, it's a set of alphabet stamps with green and red ink "
" That's just perfect " says James looking it over " I'll have that to, please"

It's quite heavy so the boys carry it together to the counter where James stops to look at the Christmas crackers " Do you have any more? "
" Granny's taking orders , they'll be ready for Christmas "
" I'll work out how many I'll need and let you know "

Suddenly Granny appears at James shoulder " No demi sugar I'm afraid I could get some in? "
" Not to worry I'll check the receipt and see if I can use a different one"

" Shall I get Bruno to deliver these ? " Granny asks
" Yes Please and can you put them on Mum's account? " James then remembers " Oh I'll take the Mixed fruit with me though"

" Bye Granny, Bruno . Oh and thanks for the idea Bruno " says James leaving.

" I'll go get the trolley " says Bruno quietly walking away, Granny watches feeling bad about calling him a thief but what to do to make amends !"

" BRUNO CATCH! " shouts Granny , just in time Bruno manages to catch the thing flying towards him

Looking at his hand he sees a dolly mixture " I'm sorry " says Granny gruffly turning back to the counter " You are a good boy Bruno and not a thief "
Bruno nods accepting Granny's apology and carries his sweet off with him in search of the trolley.

It's such a worry thinks ,Granny, having to look after, feed and clothe such a young boy, what will happen to him if I get ill ! we are only us two with no others.

" Is my book in yet!" asks a voice snapping Granny out of her worries, she looks up to see Valentine
" and what book is that? " she sighs

Valentine rolls his eyes " The one I ordered yesterday Alexander McQueen and the Scottish collection !"
"You came at 4.30 and I could not place the order until this morning, so no it's not in yet! Have some patience Valentine!"
" I know Granny but I so want to see all the fabulous clothes in there I have plans you know !"
" Do you now " smiles Granny " Well if they involve your mother before Christmas you have no chance !"

Hurrying away Valentine calls " I will do it all myself, I don't need any help from Mum thank goodness " he says cheerfully " Mind you I may need to ask Hattie a few things! I'll call in tomorrow "
"Tomorrow? "
" Just in case it arrives " and with that he's gone...

Maybe it's just as well there's just the two of them.. thinks Granny , I don't think I could cope with loads of children all wanting different things !  where that boy got to now ? I hope he's not sitting about doing nothing!
Granny decides she'd best go check....