Tuesday 31 March 2015


Finally after waiting about in a van for four days!! The poor children are finally home ! Tired after their long journey and still in need of a good wash and rest plus a change of clothes they did agree to be introduced to everyone.

So I would like to introduce my new twins! Olivia and Oliver , they'll be known as Livvy and Ollie for short.

Two sweet  no nose's. The seller wanted them to stay as a pair and sold them as such.

A pair of waif's, Ollie's had a little hair cut and poor Livvy is in some pain from how her arms have been repaired, so she will need a little work, to make her nice and comfortable.

They are a little clingy but that's to be expected when they have just had each other to rely on for who knows how long!.

Their hair needs a good wash as do their bodies.

So they will see you in a few days once they have recovered from their trip and found some clothes to wear.

Oh and no one noticed that they appeared in the two by two post before this one... :)

I blame Steve and Brigitte for this purchase ( More about that later in the year ) well and also seeing their sweet faces looking for a new mum.


Monday 30 March 2015


Because there was no one home to receive them!!! So they had to return to the depot and are spending another cold night on the lorry ready to return tomorrow when someone will actually be here to welcome them in!!

I did consider driving to the depot and demanding they free them from the van but our cat Saffy had been at the vets all day having five teeth out and she'd just arrived home and it would have been unkind to just drop her in and leave her. So I decided that I could wait one more day....just ONE mind..so they should arrive tomorrow and they'll have to wait until Friday to make their first appearance or maybe Thursday depending on what time allows.

So I thought I'd share a few photo's while I wait....

 Belle and Mini back in the summer sun.

Two of Gill's girls nice and warm in their sweater dresses.

Two of Ellen Church's family.

 Two of Steve's girls ready for a walk.

Two of Louise's talking fashion..

Belle and Claudia in the sun.

Two of Gill's no navel's looking fine.

Two of Ellen's sailors .

Livvy and Ollie facing the wrong way!

Two of Gill's girls doing VS fashion's..

Two of Ellen's no navels looking cool.

There seems to be a bit of a theme going on here two by two.......

another two beauties...

well hopefully my two will be here tomorrow ...


Sunday 29 March 2015


Well I have finally got round to re rooting some more of Ashlyn's hair. I was off ill for the last two days of last week and had no energy to move about so was just sitting, with my head cold, so spent some time when I was feeling a little better on the re root.

I have done most of the front and crown of her head but thought I would show you all the holes still left to fill.

On this side you can see close to where the hairs been done a group of tiny holes all on top of each other! That's what quite a few places on her head are like especially at the front! It means there are so many extra holes to fill but it's finally getting less, just have to keep doing it each evening because when I stop I don't go back for a couple of months and this girl would like to get home by the end of April at the latest!

This photo shows her hair down.

I do think this colour hair suits her eye colour , a lovely contrast.

Back view

You can see here that the holes are in almost oval lines across her head at the top, don't know if that's normal? But I think it's going to help with how I want her hair to look when I finish.

Thought I would add this photo of how far I was before this go.So have had a good push forward.

Ashlyn says Hi to her Mum .

Next up is the blankets! If you remember when I was cleaning up the Sasha room ( and No It's not done yet ) I came across some wool that I decided to make into blankets , then decided that they had to blend and went off and ordered some wool to finish the one I wanted as a Baby blanket, totally defeating the object of making up the blanket in the first place!!

Well I have finished one, well almost just need to finish the edge.

I was making it in the Splash wool that changes colour as you work it.

I had enough wool when I started to do up to the middle pink but then bought more to carry on.

So this pram/ pushchair blanket is nearly finished I just need to finish the edge completely. Well When I went to order the extra wool , it was cheaper postage wise as you all know to order several balls together and well there were many different combinations of colour in the splash and it was also being discontinued in the paler colours so I ordered a few balls.....

some how I landed up with nine balls.... these are the one's I have not yet used....well sort of because I decided that I would have to make TWO blankets, the first original one and then....

this one...... which I started as it's easier to take to work to work on before I start every morning.

I think these will make a lovely second blanket.

Somehow this extra unrelated ball of wool fell into my basket when I was ordering the others, Okay I confess I just loved the colour and I am sure I can make something nice from it for the Sasha's or Gregors and it's only one ball....

but I am wondering about this lovely block of pink,brown and golden yellow, it's from the only ball of the new wool that I bought and I am loving that deep warm combo, maybe I should buy a few more balls of just this colourway for another blanket? .........

Oh and I have not one but two dolls being held over the weekend by Parcel Force!! The tracking said that late on Friday night they'd been put on a lorry for delivery. Great thought I , I'll have them Saturday BUT NO that's too simple when I phoned to check delivery would be Saturday , they are for delivery Monday!! So I offer to come and collect them..BUT NO they have to TRY to be delivered before you are allowed to collect!! and these dolls were sent by 24 EXPRESS... sitting on a lorry for the weekend does not sound like EXPRESS delivery to me!!!


Saturday 28 March 2015


Well on my quest for Gingham for the girls, I asked Hattie what colour she'd like to wear to join in.
Hattie paused and smiled and said she'd like yellow  ( good thought I ) then continued with red , blue and Green !! But she was not as clever as she thought for I managed to fulfil her request after a visit to Ginny's Etsy page.

Hattie was very good and did laugh when I produced this Multi coloured gingham dress! She was very impressed that I had got all the colours she'd requested.

I think she looks very sweet in gingham.

She wanted to wear one red boot and one blue but I managed to convince her to keep to just red for the moment at least!.

Ashley joined Hattie both wearing the Lisa Hartley boots.

Paige arrived and joined in.I had meant to put some of the spring coats on the girls in the last gingham shoot but totally forgot until I had finished but this time I remembered .

So here are the girls wearing the spring coats that match quite well with their dresses.Paige could do with a pair of boots with a more lime or apple colour.

I love these little coats by Skibniewska-1960 which you can get off ebay when she lists them.

I am loving these ginghams....



The winner of March's photo competition is.....


This months competition was very close run with only one vote separating  three of the photo's.

So Congratulations to Anne for this winning photo. So The sweater dress will be on it's way soon..

Now it's time for you all to get out there and take those photo's ready for April's comp. Remember to send them in by 15th April
I think April's prize should involve CHOCOLATE...... remember you have got to be in it to win it!!

Thank you to all those who sent in photo's for this months competition and all those who took the time to vote.


Friday 27 March 2015




Monday 23 March 2015



I thought we could have some fun  and if you have a photo of one or more, we especially love group shots, of your Sasha kids in Gingham, send them in and I will add them here.

To start the ball rolling here is a photo of Ellen Church's No Navels in Gingham.

So how many more can we get... it's over to you.....

A lovely photo from Kendal of her girl in seersucker gingham perfect for Spring.

An indoor photo of the same outfit.

A pretty girl in Gingham with a lovely hat photo from Anne.

Carol in Canada has send in this lovely Sasha in her gingham smocked dress.

Louise's girl's in gingham and Checks.

Gill ( Louise's mum ) in Gingham with a twist , pretty flowers.

Jenny in Gingham