Friday 29 March 2024


 Is the pope catholic ? Of course he did.

Even the shelves are up and filled.

Walls have been papered and the purple cupboard is finally well covered.

Finally found a new space for this print.

My beautiful, at least to me, purple larder cupboard. The colours in this photo of the walls etc are truer to life than in most of the other photos.

From the breakfast/day room side

The carpets down so it's official !







So just the cornice to decide on, one if we do it and how. You can see a straight small piece on top of the left hand cupboard by the hob and the traditional piece is laying on top of the oven unit. It was just too cold and wet for Paul to be outside cutting it, so he'll sort it on Saturday and we can decide which one.

And look at that lovely wall space... just ripe for a picture or three!!!

Sunday 24 March 2024



So it's Sunday again! Time does certainly fly when you are having fun! or just living life. No I had hoped to give you all a little tour of the newly finished kitchen... but it's not finished! I forgot one important factor when making that claim, the larder cupboard!

It needed to be painted before any wallpaper could go up since the wallpaper will be butting up to and also behind it. So first 'sin' of the week was to say to Paul " Does it really need you to put undercoat on an already painted surface? " Therefore making him decide to save time and not do so.

Which has resulted in needing to give said larder cupboard, three to four coats of paint, fighting to get a nice even painted surface! 

We used Farrow and Ball gloss paint, because this colour way Pelt, deep purple, was recommended to look great in a nice glossy shine. I'm sure it does but it's a nightmare to use, unlike their other paints, the panelling for example.

Anyway, we will be moving on to the wallpapering tomorrow whether this cupboard looks perfect or not, if not we will have to return to paint yet another coat later, once everything else is done and finished!.

So ' sin' number two was looking at and bidding on dolls! Sasha's! I'm blaming the recent showing of everyone's black Cora's, Caleb's and babies on the FB group for this. I now want one of each, after having them and selling them on! 

Which is why Tattie, my new to me black baby doll, is this weeks headliner.

She's called Tattie, because her hair is not perfect nor is her face, she's been loved but not too much. Now I had at one time just Elton Ron, my only baby  and therefore sold off all the baby clothes apart from a few things for Elton. Suddenly after only having the one baby , for a few years, there are now three babies! Elton Ron, Peter and now Tattie !

I nearly added a few more big Sasha's to my family but forgot to go back before the auctions ended!! Not that I'm supposed to be adding any! But it does seem that quite a few nice Sasha's and Gregor's are appearing at the moment!

Anyway, now Tattie needs some clothes, so I will have to go and search Elton Ron's clothing to see if anything will do for now. I did have a quick look on ebay but it appears no one is selling any clothing at the moment.

So the third ' sin' was committed against me! I have been buying a few items of China on ebay for my dresser's blue and white theme. I won a lovely old plate for the starting bid of 99p. Which I was surprised and pleased about. However my six sense told me things would not go well and how right I was ! 

I had already bought a couple of other plates, which arrived boxed and well padded and these were washed and added to the dresser. 

Then yesterday the 99p plate arrived, left on the doorstep by the courier, picked up by me late last night when I saw the email that said it had been delivered , who could immediately hear and feel the broken pieces.

It had been sent in a plastic bag, wrapped in one piece of thin bubble wrap!

The plate ! Such a shame when people don't take any care about wrapping things and sending them. 

This is the box one of my other plates came in, sturdy with plenty of filling to stop the plate from moving about. I have only had a couple of items over the years that have arrived broken and almost every time its been because the sender didn't think it through and just wrapped it in the first thing that came to hand and trusted the rest to luck!! If I send anything fragile , I tend to over pack for fear of a breakage! 

So that's more than enough 'sins' for the week! The kitchen is almost done, almost! I may have bid on a Sasha.... and Easter is just round the corner! Wishing you all a lovely happy healthy week ahead.


Sunday 17 March 2024



Happy St. Patrick's day to you all. 

Well the kitchen is still being worked on, although all the units are in and we are using it. Just the finishing touches happening now and hopefully it will all be complete, with nothing left to do ! ( A First if it happens ) by next weekend!

Paul's put in the panelling that we needed around the few pieces of full length wall that could be seen.

He made the panelling from scratch, not a kit, it's cheaper this way even if it's more time consuming.

The man himself at work. Then because we had a couple of days of rain, he managed to sneak in moving out of the kitchen and into the breakfast/dayroom, to start panelling the wall in there! I gave in to the move because the boarding was all out in the carport and I didn't want the boards to bow in the damp air which can happen.

So this happened. Then all the talk was about this wall !

Then its well how do we want the wall to look!

do we want this set up of  panels?

or do we want four panels?

Do we want a dado height panel with a dado to show break?? Decisions decisions!!

Finally settled back where we started on three panels, What can I say I like to see all the options before I commit!!! 

So this then meant as it rained two days that Paul also added the side to start the cupboard to hide the boiler!

But then I had to stop him or the kitchen would never get finished! Even when he undercoated the kitchen wall panels , I had to stop him going round to undercoat the big wall, since he had the tin open!

So finally the panelling in the kitchen's had it's first coat of Emerald green! 

Looks darker in different lights, so glad I when for this more green of greens but will probably tone it down for the big wall.

I do have to say that the panelling in the dayroom is already looking good and that's before it's even finished.

After I finish this post, we are off to the garden centre for some plants for the flower garden, which means Paul will be out there between the paint coats drying! 

He's already repotted the lemon tree and put it out in the new pot, almost a month before he'd normally take it out from undercover against the frosts!

Today's headliner is Liberty, since she's the only girl in green and she is looking lovely out amongst the spring flowers.

On the doll front, I sold another non Sasha doll and a small teddy arrived. Apart from that not much happened on the doll front, although I did have an idea for a summer long story which I hope for once to make happen, weather and time and energy permitting!

So since Paul's waiting to go buy plants, I will end now and wish you all a happy healthy week ahead


Sunday 10 March 2024


 Happy Mother's day to all those celebrating the day today and a hug to all those who would have liked to be a mother but did not get the chance for whatever reason.

Tuesday 5 March 2024


 Wow, time is flying by ! But unfortunately not the cold days! Yes we have had some sun but when it's not around boy it's cold!

First up is Peter, Hildegard's lad who threw off his Sherlock coat to go in search of Spring !

Being the ace detective that he is, he soon found some flowers, so announced Spring has indeed sprung!

Meanwhile over at Gregoropolis, the kids are gearing up for St. Patricks day which is only two weeks away! The flags are ready and the green is being found, so a big shindig will soon arrive.

Here in the village, Arabella's gone out, without a coat!, to checkout what's happening in the flower garden, starting with the new seating.

She can see there is a still a lot to do! But dad needs to finish inside first!

She was sure mum said there was something else new in the flower garden but she cannot see what it is! Plus it's now getting far too cold to be outside, so she's off back for some hot chocolate and a biscuit !

From Scarborough we have these lovely girls dressed to keep warm, they know not to take off their sweaters until at least April!

Loving her little pink bunny with her green clothing, I hope she keeps her warm and dry if she's taking her out.

This little one is looking very smart in her floral outfit and still nice and warm.

Many thanks for sending in some photos for the day, still time to get your in and added.


Sunday 3 March 2024



Well February passed in the blink of an eye! Mainly because we have had so much going on. It's supposed to have been the wettest February in years and I'm not surprised! We have certainly seen a large amount of rain.

But we were amazingly lucky to have had our landscapers booked and arrive in the only rain free days in the last two weeks! 

So now we finally have a lovely space in the flower garden. Paul's been filling in the edges of the borders while we decided just where would be the best place for the four large blue pots. Also Paul decided he wanted to change the arbour bench seats and so two new ones are arriving on Monday and the old ones have been moved. One to the stone circle at the end of the garden and one to our next door neighbour. I will tell you more about the arbours at a later date.

All the kitchen cupboards are in and just a few little finishes to get done, then it's down to decorating the walls and I can then share a few photos. Now I am going to be up against the fact that the two new arbours will need painting a a few tweaks before they can be put up and in place. I had said that the whole of the kitchen needs to be done before we can move on to our things but I may just have to let Paul sort out the arbours before he wallpapers the walls in the kitchen. Only so that they can be put in place and be out of the way.

Todays headliner is Beatty, who wanted to chat to the little angel in the flower garden to find out all the goings on! Alas she wasn't very helpful as she'd been placed up on the cloisters in a large flower pot for protection!

On the doll front, nothing is happening but hopefully in a week or so and as the weather warms up, she says hopefully, the dolls will be out and about inspecting all the new things that have happened over the first half of this year.

So a reminder than it will soon be doll photo day and we'd love to see your photos.

Wishing everyone who has a birthday this month a lovely day and also a happy healthy week ahead.


Friday 1 March 2024



Could Spring be on it's way? Well it's colder now than its been for a while. I think we are going to have a slightly colder March than we usually do, just like last year when winter seemed to arrive later.

Percy and Robyn are showing last years spring temperature but that was in April, it's been half that today 8 degrees and with a cold breeze. Some spring flowers are around but the rest are waiting for some warmth.

So the start of March a nice new month, I wonder what it will bring? As long as there is no snow it will be lovely ;)