Monday 30 May 2016


Well this months again shot round and it's nearly time for the dolls shelves, so if you have not already done so, could you please send them in ready to be included on the 1st June's post.

Also I am having another big clear out as I need to find that bedroom, so it can become the bathroom we want and need. So please check the sales page from time to time as lots must move on!!


Saturday 28 May 2016


Keeper of Dragons...


Wednesday 25 May 2016


I thought I'd do a non Sasha sort of post today. Who else amongst us  is a magazine/ pulled out page hoarder?

You know, you see something in a magazine and either keep the whole thing or pull out the pages that you want to keep?

Do you then use them? or remember why you wanted to keep that particular copy?

I've just been going through my hoard! and realise that most I have never used nor am I likely to use but some, thank goodness,  I have actually made use of!

I even  bought a box years ago, to keep them in! and then the box went in a cupboard and that's where it stayed!

The one's it appears I never use are the recipe ones.. you know that gorgeous apple/pear/ peach/ blackberry  tart/pud/crumble/pie or the casserole/ pie/ pizza that you never make but does look so delicious on the page!

This page is dated 2008!

Don't get me wrong I've made  fruit crumbles etc but I've never gone in search of the recipe above in order to do so!

I one's I have used have been the wallpaper seen in a room setting, the fabric made into a blind, the page above shows my kitchen blind in the large photo. It can take a few years before these things happen but they have happened.

We used this photo to make a plate rack to suit our kitchen when we moved here.

 This is the front door photo I saved with a view to having something similar when we finally change the front door later this year!

So it's not all been in vain , I have used some of the things I've saved but even now when I should  be emptying the box of all the unused never likely to be used , I'm thinking that tart looks yummy maybe I'll keep that one! So in another eight years I can find it and think about throwing it out again !

It's a bit like all those clothes we keep in case we'll fit back into them !, they'll come back into fashion ! Their too good to throw away/ give away... you love them!
The same with fabric, wool, etc. Can one be cured? or can one cure ones self? or at least curb the worse of this habit?

Don't ask me! I'm sitting here with a box of eight year old recipes and a pile of magazines that I just need to check before I put them out in the recycling in case there's a recipe, fabric or  room setting etc I need to keep!


Tuesday 24 May 2016


Our visitor who came for the Sasha Celebration Weekend , also brought a friend with her and she decided to make herself  at home!

What a cheek, feet up on the sofa!

Making herself right at home!

Now she's reading a book!

"Excuse me young lady , are you nice and comfy? "

"Pardon? Oh you'd quite like a muffin .. oh and a glass of milk! I see " I go off to see what I can find only to return and find her missing!

After searching the house I find her in the Sasha Studio sitting at the table...

She sighs "  I heard a Elf Princess lived here but I cannot find her! "
"Well that's because she gone away to Nottingham for the weekend, you've just missed her"

Dylan , for that's her name, studies her muffin " What's she like this Elf Princess ? "
" A royal pain at times but also she can be a sweetheart " I confide with a smile.

Dylan starts to eat her muffin " Well she's a royal pain for not being here for my visit!" she sniffs.

After her muffin she wanders out into the flower garden dragging the picnic table out into the long grass and sits down.

"Well " she grumbles " I cannot wait around forever , my plane leaves at 7 pm on Sunday and I've no intention of missing it to stay here and freeze to death!"
"Freeze !"
"Yes Freeze, I'm used to lovely warm winters and baking hot summers, not this bright sky and cool breezes ".

Hand on leg and with a sulky look , waving her other hand , she informs me all about the problems with an English summer! Since this is her first trip to England I just let her moan.

Her complaints follow me even as I back away , what time did she say her flight was ?


I love this little BJD girl but she is very hard to pose but does have a lovely feel and weight to her, Paul liked her too ! and even said I should get one like her!!!!!! But I'll have a think about her due to the posing issues. I know her mum's worked on her and managed to improve her slightly but mine would not have that work done to her, so I'll wait.


Monday 23 May 2016


One of the dresses I got from the Sasha weekend , I was intending to keep for another of my dolls , a non Sasha but I just knew the more I looked at it that it should go on Belle.

So I caved in, much to her delight, and changed her out of her Winter ice skating outfit and into the new dress and I have to say that it's definitely the right  dress for her.

We went outside into the flower garden for a photo shoot.

She was happy to stand beside the flowers.

She's wearing some JJ Shoes.

A study in white.

The dress is by Petrana.


Standing on the covered bench seat.



 Against my patchwork quilt that was hanging on the line.

Patches .

Can you spot why I had to retake the photo's after I saw these?

and I'll finish on this one.

Did you spot it? yes after I took the first photo's and when back inside there it was ! a yellow buttercup right beside Belle looking totally out of place. So it was back outside for a few more after pulling out the Buttercup.


Sunday 22 May 2016


Well I thought I'd covered everything from the Sasha Celebration Weekend, then realised I'd not shared my few purchases and my raffle prizes.

So first up my raffle prizes. I was fortunate to have four of my tickets win and I would have given on of them to someone who had not been so fortunate but by the time my numbers started to come up it was nearer to the end of the raffle so most people had received a couple of nominations each by then, so I kept them.

First up I was able to bag the donation given by Sharon , which I had so wanted when she'd been showing what she was sending.

And here is Libby wearing it in the garden. I love the detail that Sharon puts into her clothes, the little hand cut flowers with button centres and heart balloon.

The second time I went up , even less to choose from but I spotted a little bag who I was sure of the maker.

and I was right, a Frances Trickett bag !

The third time I went up , yet again less but then much to my amazement I found another France Trickett item.

This beautiful needle case. Result!

Then just a few before the end , with the last prize being a Sasha with eyes painted by Janet, they only went and called the ticket I was sure was going to be the last and winning one, number SEVEN BUT they called it too early!

So I found the last piece of treasure up there , this sweet hat by Rosie Laird.

Then it was time for the finally ticket.. It was drawn and I could see the colour .. yes I had that colour... I could see one of the numbers SEVEN, I still had thirty seven in that colour ! I could see that it was just one other number in front of the seven but could not quite make it out! Then it was called TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT WENTY SEVEN! WHAT 27 !  Yes fate had done the dirty on me and given my Sasha to Jonny!  But in truth I really didn't need another Sasha , so I was pleased Jonny won her but also pleased I came quite close with my tickets 7 and 37.
On the table I was sitting on, Liss won the first prize of  the Gregor with trolley of toys, Annette won a Gotz Sasha, so it would have been tempting fate for me to get that last girl!.

I was more than happy with the prizes I did win, I'm not usually that lucky in raffles.

Next my few purchases.

I went for the dress sets I had admired when Petrana had been selling them on Ebay or her site, I could have bought soooo many, just like if confronted with Sarah Willaims outfits, one is never enough and also Judith of Dolly Doodle, I could and would have spent a small fortune if I'd managed to get over to her sales table!

So without realising it most I went for are more autumn winter sets but that's good as they'll have something to go into later in the year.

First up is this Black and gold set, I just love that combo.

Then this deep pink and brown set, I love this fabric and bought a few dress sets in this last  year as Christmas and Birthday presents for Sasha Friends but if you are anything like me , you can only buy what you like , so it's sad to see them go! So when I saw this one I just had to get it for me!

Quite an unusual colour choice for me but I do like the modern pattern of this dress set.

Loved the colours of this set with two skirts and a sweater and tights.

I also bought one summer style set but I have used it on my Kaye Wiggs girl.

Being the longer length I thought it might work and it did ! and it goes so well with her Lilac hair!

and it can also be used by the Sasha's.

Petrana  very kindly gave me a couple of the outfits I was going to buy for helping her sell her clothing. I was a top sales person , even if I do say so myself ! Not only was I making very good sales I was having to keep her in check too! ;) I was so good I was selling the things I wanted! Drat!

A little hard to see through the cover but this longer length white dress as pretty green spots and hem detailing.

I just loved this white dress with beautiful detailed hem and net underskirt.

We were also given a goody bag when we arrived.

I love that Janet? spent the time to sew the Sasha logo on. A pair of cute little shoes with contrasting blue and red ribbons with Sasha C Weekend on.A pen, note pad, doll and car make up the rest.

I embellished a little bag , seen on the left bottom corner and due to chatting and time did not managed to get to the other tables. Theresa kindly gave me everything needed to complete a mask.
Anna gave me my Marionette kit , I'll need to get some feather's to finish him/her and Emma gave me a sheet on how to make the boots and slippers, which though interesting, there is no pattern piece's in the correct size to follow, which is a shame. But then I should have paid more attention and gone and gathered up what was needed.

Kendal kindly came round giving out these little gift sets.

And the lovely Ginger gave me these wonderful sandals.

So a lovely haul of treasure did manage to find it's way home with me despite me missing out on the sales tables.