Wednesday 31 October 2012


Someone's knocking at the door! Who can it be? Hattie goes to look....

"Hello?" calls Hattie  " Oh There's no one here!"

She decides to go out and look down the drive.

how strange thinks Hattie there's no one in sight!

Well she cannot stand about waiting for whoever knocked to appear.

She goes back inside, mystified !

HA HA HA ........ HAPPY  HALLOWEEN  .......

Sunday 28 October 2012


Due to the lovely range of clothes Sarah put on , I was very bad and bought a second outfit ( in truth there was at least four I wanted ) and Ginny my No Navel red who is a little on the shy side, agreed to model it today.

It is  a new style from Sarah with a short jacket, trousers and beret.

You have lots of lovely hair Ginny , but we cannot see the jacket!

Thank you that's much better

Thank you Ginny that was very helpful.

Pardon? Oh how many people will look at your picture's? Well It could be no don't start having a panic attack!
Only about three really.....
Ah  Well Auntie Gill....and Auntie Kendal ..and Auntie Follower...

Yes that is a strange name....I'm sure you will have met them ,,I mean her...What does she look there's a question.....

Saturday 27 October 2012


One of my favourite Sasha designers returned last week. Sarah of Vintage Sasha.She listed a lovely selection of clothes and I was fortunate to manage to acquire a couple of outfits.
This is the first one. Paige saw it and told me she was sure it had her name on it! I searched but could not find it. However I took her word and it appeared she's right! The colour suits her perfectly.

I do love the shape and style of Sarah's dungarees and this teal colour is  lovely.

 Paige insisted on showing you the outfit from all sides.

What's this more pictures? Oh you have been studying the girl's on Kendal's Sasha brood!
and you want to do multi poses....OK.

Any more? No are you sure? what's wrong with my background?
Oh It's always the same old same old! 
I do have other's yes
Well I am waiting for the DH to attach them to the board I purchased
You'll go and have a word.....good luck..

Tuesday 23 October 2012


The girl's find Hattie packing her hats.

" Hattie we have a problem, can you help us?" says Callie
"I'll try" Hattie replies.

Mitzi's spotted the PINK cat pinafore and hat !
" Whose dress is this?" she asks Hattie
" Our's"
" Oh does that mean I could wear it ? "
" Yes " Hattie replies " it belongs to all of us"

" Mitzi! " calls Callie " Pay attention! We need to ask Hattie's help"
" Sorry " says Mitzi turning to her sister and away from the lovely pink dress.
Callie explains the problem with the new Sasha cupboard.
Hattie puts away the hat she is packing.

She gets the girl's Christmas savings tin and places it on the table.
" Let's see what we have in here"

She empties it onto the table. Mmm not a large amount.

" Look" says Mitzi " a fifty pence! Can i have it to buy some sweets?"
"Sorry No " says Hattie " We will need all the money we can get to solve the cupboard problem"
"Ok" says Mitzi " How are we going to do that?"
" I have a plan" Hattie say mysteriously

"Well while you are planning I am going to put on this lovely pink pinafore and hat" states Mitzi
" Pinafore Yes " Says Hattie " Hat No! The hat is sold and is being packed to send to the buyer"
Callie pipes in " Mitzi you have a pink hat up stairs, you do not need that one "

Mitzi put's the hat back not understanding at all why her sisters seem to think that having just one hat in a colour is enough! She's have hundred's of hats in pink..if mum would let her!
She goes off to change into the lovely pinafore planning on finding a nice pair of pink shoes or boots to go with it.

"Right " says Hattie to Callie now Mitzi's gone off to change " For this plan to work all the girl's will need to give up most of this months pocket money and we will need Mum to give us some extra money too"
" Goodness " says Callie worriedly " What have you decided to do?"
" I have decided to contact someone who can solve this problem for us "
" Who?" wonders Callie
"Come on " says Hattie " lets ask the others what they think and if they'll pay up! "

To be continued......

Saturday 20 October 2012


Mitzi's gone to the new Sasha cupboard to get a change of clothes. She loves Vintage Sasha but she really needs some PINK! Mitzi's favourite colour is pink and she always likes to wear pink somewhere even if only a ribbon.
She looks at the big tall cupboard and decides there is only one way to get a nice pink outfit....

She will have to climb......

She manages to get on to the first shelf....

She carefully edges along to the corner then.............. Oh No! She suddenly cannot move! She's frightened to go up or down !....

A voice says " What are you doing Mitzi? "

"Th thank good.ness " Mitzi's voice trembles " I am... stuck "

" It's OK " Comes another voice " I've got you. Just put your foot here" says Toby tapping his shoulder.

Within a short time, with Dexter's help Toby has Mitzi safely on the ground. She sits down to recover.
" Mitzi Why were you climbing the cupboard, it very dangerous you could have fallen " says Callie

" I wanted my Pink dress " explains Mitzi still quite shaky " and Mum's put It right up the top"

Callie helps Mitzi up " Come on let's go ask Mum to get you down a dress "
" But I wanted to get it myself , I'm nearly six I should be able to get my own clothes " says Mitzi sadly

 " I know " says Callie understandingly " We'll go and talk to Hattie she'll think of something "
Mitzi thinks that's a good idea so she goes with Callie in search of her big sister.

The boy's are left at the cupboard. Dexter looks up at the clothes " Your sisters have a lot of clothes "
" No MY sisters dont but OUR sisters do! " states Toby.

" Yes " says Dexter still a bit shell shocked from finally escaping his tube " that's right OUR sisters " it makes him feel all warm inside.He realises that Toby is looking at his legs " What?"

" That's it I am going to find my dolly doodles joggers and top! I am not waiting any longer "
" Are they in the cupboard? " asks Dexter " I can give you a hand up onto the shelf"
" No " replies Toby " we're boys we don't need no cupboard only Girls" he smirks "need lots of clothes. Our clothes are in a box "
"Well  let's go get them " says Dexter
" Great ! This way " says Toby marching off followed by Dexter whose getting to quite like this family lark!

Sunday 14 October 2012


A few weeks back a new Sasha supplier set up on called SASHAPOTAMUS, she sells lovely screen printed T-shirts for Sasha and Gregor and also all in ones for baby's.

These are the one's I have purchased but there are lot's of design's to choose from and lot's of colours.They come in the lovely little cotton bags shown.

A closer view.

And here is Ethan , who is looking for a new home, wearing the dinosaur T. Cassandra the seller also sells T -shirts for children in the same designs, well worth a look.
And also shown is the great little display stand which is sold by Ken and Doreen on ebay under the name wassno. Great for displaying clothes , I have plans for this in new year but you will have to wait to see what!


Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to a small meeting of Sasha  people over in Surrey. It was held by Judith who was restricted in numbers by the hall insurance. There had been about 40 due to attend but a few fell by the wayside, so in the end there was about 20/25.

Hattie had been requested to take some of her Hat's, which was why she was sorting them the other day.

This young lady of Judith's greeted us at the door.

There were tables to put your Sasha's on to display them for others to admire! These are Judith's brood.

I loved the short hair on the waif on the right owned by Jane and also the outfit on the Angela in the centre.

Sarah Price had bought some of her NP girl's , I was hoping one might like to come home with me but they all said they were happy living with Sarah.

Some more Babies and Np's love the re root red and also the Harlequin in the left hand corner whose had her hair dyed a strawberry blonde/light red.

Although Gill and myself had been the 2nd and 3rd to arrive we put our Sasha's on the ledge were they spent all their time gossiping ! Gill's are the three who came straight from school and mine the following three.

Catherine French's girl holding her baby doll.

Steve's Sasha on left and Michelle's Sasha and Gregor on the right.

 Ronnie's girls on the left and Steve's two in the middle.

Just loved this boy of Steve's with the Np painted eyes in this Great very 
60's outfit. Could just see him strolling down the Kings road or Carnaby Street !

More arrivals on display tables.

 People donated to a Tombola stall, shown above and a raffle.

There were some sales tables.

 A few sasha's and a few Non Sasha's for sale!

Hattie selling her hat's with Gill's sweater sets to the side.

Everyone had a good chat, donated food for Lunch, saw how to make a felt hat or watch film about dolls and had a purchase or two and also raised some money for Charity. So a very good event! There was talk of holding a weekend event next year in a more central part of the country. I will keep you all informed!