Wednesday 31 May 2017


Wren gave up on trying to find some socks and just pulled her her shoes and when out!

That cheeky little Gargoyle is chatting again!

Wren thinks she'd best tell Dad he missed cutting that piece of grass! He'll be delighted !

But first she stops by some roses to breathe in the scent.. wonderful..

Who'll find some socks? or shoes? over even a summer outfit and appear tomorrow.......


Tuesday 30 May 2017


Mary's taken the opportunity to get outside and enjoy some evening air.

She was hoping one or two of her sisters might join her but they still seem to be in search of shoes and socks!

So Mary decided to go alone.

Maybe one of her sisters or even one of her brothers will make it outside tomorrow....

but for now she'll enjoy the quiet and the garden.


Sunday 28 May 2017


again! Well I totally missed posting for last week! So Must do better this coming one ! Needs some planning and some taking of photos in preparation !

We did achieve something this week, we had the fridge freezer delivered and  decided which side it was going and then had a re arrange and all's now in place with some finishing off to do.



We have moved the cupboard that was next to fridge over to another area in the kitchen and replaced it with the drawer unit, which allows us more space as we come in through the kitchen door that is to the right hand side of this area. Paul's cut the wall unit in half and it's back on the wall which as enabled me to store all the glassware here, saving space in other places.
This cupboard that's now half a cupboard ! was always meant to have stained glass in the doors, so I've asked Paul to make them since it's now about 10 years later and 50% less work to do !

However this has made us realise that we never finished the kitchen when we made it! years ago, so that's something we need to get done this year! The list is ever growing...

I received a new doll this week , not a Sasha but Zwergnase junior in the new larger size.

These dolls you either love or you hate or in my case some I love and some look too angry, grumpy etc so I was a little worried about if I'd like this new face sculpt from them,  but I'm pleased to say I do! It's a more questioning face than grumpy.

So I've renamed her Rowan ( sold as Roelie )

I have a couple of dolls in the layaway pipeline that should start appearing next month or the one after.
I need to start on the Chat N Snap 2017 webpage, so I can keep everyone up to date with the event and it's theme etc.
The sewing machine is slowly making it's own way down the stairs to the kitchen having given up on me helping it! ;) and once it gets there I may open a piece of fabric and consider CUTTING IT! after which I may need to lie down to get over the shock.... 

Today we visited Audley End an English Heritage site, the guide, when we entered the house asked if we'd been before and I had to say yes... about 40 years ago! Lindsey, my daughter, thinks we've been between then but I can only remember the visit with my Grandmother and youngest sister who was about 9 at the time and will be 50 this year !

But we visit a few National Trust and English Heritage places every year, so she could be right after all her memory is younger !

Well I must go and take some photos , so the blog does not just sit waiting a whole week again for some input !  Finish dressing some dolls ! re find the kitchen table from all the rearranging of things just encase the sewing machine makes it down and numerous other odds and ends that are forever waiting to be done! If I stayed off the computer I'd have a much tidier house and more money in the bank!! But hey! you only live once so you have to enjoy it !

Wishing you all a great week ahead, a reminder that the shelf photos will soon be needed as half way through this week it turns into JUNE! Something else to add to my to do list!


Sunday 21 May 2017


Well last Sunday I was having a lovely breakfast with doll friends before getting ready to have a few last photos and then get on the road home. The week's gone so fast!

Before I left we'd put the dresser in place and I'd wiped it down and started the process of transferring things from the wall cupboard onto the dresser. Then of course went off to the SCW and then it was not until I was off work again on Tuesday that I was able to continue emptying the cupboard and at the same time decide what I was going to keep.

Only a few things didn't make the new dresser. So here it is dressed :)

It is still a work in progress as they say! The two teapots I want to put on the very top but there is a lip. so we need to add a piece of wood to make it level.

It's so nice to be able to put out all my small jugs, mugs and cups by Emma Bridgewater.

I'm very pleased with the size although like anything I thought i'd have loads of room to store extra things in the cupboard but of course that was not the case!

It's just taken the glass and china from the wall board. However we may cut that cupboard in half and put it back to the side of the fridge freezer and then the glasses can go back into there and we'd then have some extra space between the two.

With the kitchen table with cloth.

Without the table cloth showing the Pine table and chairs match the dresser.

You may remember that I said I bought another item I'd always wanted at the same time as I bought the dresser.

It was another piece of old furniture which is no longer in fashion.

It was an old oak bureau. It was being sold by the same seller as the dresser, so I made an offer which was accepted and it only cost a couple of pounds extra for it to be delivered at the same time.

It's well made with some nice details and could be from the arts and crafts period.

Now if it was in perfect condition I would leave it as is but it's not, It's had some repairs and also the back panel's been added, it would have had a part panel probably from the top down to the desk area but a piece of timber's been added to one of the lower shelves and the back continued down.

I made Paul help me bring it inside before we went to the Sasha C Weekend as I didn't want anything happening to it, so at present it's filling up the hallway! I have no idea where I am going to put it! It was very much a too good to pass up purchase !

It's missing it's inner sections but that won't be hard for Paul to rebuild for me.  So because it's seen better days I'm going to up-cycle it but only slightly.

I'll make the outside as nice and original as it can be but I want to add a little style to the back panel.

 I'm going to add some William Morris wallpaper to the top of the panel here and also inside the cupboard. I'm trying to decide if I should stick to just one piece of wallpaper or use a patchwork of different WM wallpapers , what do you think?

Then once that's all been done, I need to find it a new home somewhere in the house or maybe in my Studio!

After a fabulous weekend at the SCW it was home to all the rainy weather, much needed for the garden but a little more wanted all at once. But between those showers, the sun shone and a warmth was felt! I always find this time of year gives me ideas ( I can hear you groaning Paul! ) and the need to start getting things done and changed etc.

Plus it's amazing how buying just one thing can have a big knock on effect! And that's whats happened with getting the dresser. All the china has now been moved and the cupboard emptied, so I finally looked for and found a fridge freezer I liked and ordered it.
It's due to arrive on Friday, now that sounds , oh nice but what it really means is ..... a big knock on effect.... the cupboard now needs to come off the wall, the worktop needs to be cut down,the cupboard next to where the ff will go may need to be moved over slightly , which has made me look at the area and decide we need to continue the paneling round the wall to the kitchen door ! And in truth the whole of the kitchen cupboards could do with repainting......Sorry !  did the door just slam?.... hold on...... ( Opens front door... Paul where you going? .... Paul.... ) Mmm now where was I ? Oh yes , the kitchen needing painting! It does but not until we finally decide when that wall's coming down.... see what I mean ..a big knock on effect all from the purchase of a longed for dresser..... But hey once it's all done it will be fabulous darling!! :))

The one big pain in all this is when you take down any brickwork/wall the dust and dirt gets everywhere! If someone could invent something that stopped that happening and contained it , they'd make a fortune!

So we've ( that's the royal we've by the way,) spent the morning  removing the old china cupboard, pulling out the other cupboard , discovering as we thought, that we'll need to tile a part of the floor that was under said cupboard and then discussing changing the position of cupboard and F/F and or another cupboard!

Almost all gone!

Tiles now need laying, just three full and three part, luckily we kept a few from back when the floor was tiled.

And I have to say that I love it! I love changing things and giving the place a new look etc, Not so sure about Paul who does the vast majority of the work.

Elsewhere, the Wisteria that was hit by the frost and lots of the buds destroyed  that were high up has flowered lower down.

These buds were much larger when the late frost hit and more sheltered being lower.

So we still have a lovely display after all, you can just make out the frost hit buds up on the right.

All this as meant no time for Sasha play but I am in the process of changing some of the girls , they just need some shoes and socks and then I'll be able to take some photos for the blog next week.

I did take a photo of Winter in her change of clothes as she is ready to go outside and play.

She's wearing a Ruth Hartley dress with Rosie Bloomfield shoes.

Thanks for stopping by I promise to put more Sasha related things on this week. I hope the week ahead is all you want it to be.


Friday 19 May 2017


While at the Sasha Celebration weekend I collected a couple of items brought over from the US for me by a friend.

This doll sized edition of Little Women.

These doll sized utensils on a key ring, it's great that they put all these miniature items on key rings It allows us to find some perfect things for the dolls!

and this ! A paint and dress her yourself ... Xenis doll!

A friend sent me the link about the fact that Xenis were going to produce some dolls that people could paint and dress for them selves and that were a faction of the cost of buying one completed .

So I paid a deposit back on I think February and I was then informed she was ready to dispatch just before the end of April. So I paid her final payment and she was sent to my friend who very kindly offered to put her in her case and bring her to the SCW.

Here is a close up of her unpainted face.

Full instructions are sent on how to remove her head and paint her eyes.

instructions on the eyes.

She also came with a dress pattern, which is great as i can make one for my other Xenis doll too!
I'm looking forward to having a go at painting her and making her some clothes.

Those things I collected .

If you remember I liked the look of this Kidz n Cats Mini boy with the Heather Maciak dolls, well I looked on the doll sites I use and found one for sale.

So Freddy arrived today! I had some points available to spend on the site, so go him for a great price.

He was very happy to be out of that box and home. I think he can keep the name Freddy as we don't have a doll named Freddy.

So another boy joins the village family. I'm very pleased with how he looks as it's always the luck of the draw when you buy a doll from the internet.I don't know about you but if I was buying any doll or teddy or soft toy, I have to find the one with the 'right' face ! you know the one that appeals to me and if the shop assistant says' I'll go get one in a box, I always say ,no thanks I want this one! After all I may have just spend twenty minutes looking at them all until the right one comes to hand!

Well that concludes my SCW posts, I hope they've not been too long and it's back to Village life now.... well until the Chat N Snap.


Wednesday 17 May 2017


Next up we have the Dukelets who had taken this windowsill as their own and though they were locked in over night , there were strange noises echoing along the corridors in the night! Calls for Whiskey and the sound of hooves trampling the halls chased by giggling children!

don't trust their looks of innocence !

A closer view... yes I dared...

This girl looks like the leader....

One of the great things about meetings is that not all are just collectors of Sasha's Some collect other dolls and will bring a doll or two with them to share.

Shelly Cuff came with this wonderful Schoenhut doll, even with his damaged/ missing arm he's gorgeous with the best boys face I have seen on these dolls.

a little paint loss but not too much.

This Vietnamese Silvia Natterer doll was lovely and so different to those one usually sees.

These are a group of 8 inch Heather Maciak dolls apart from the blonde at the back who is a mini Kidz n Cats boy.They belonged to Anna and Laura.

A closer look. I was impressed how well the boy went with the girls, so have ordered one to go with my three girls.

Teddy had brought his Dollstown  girl and got a nice dress from the £1 bazaar for her.

She is a ball jointed doll.

Teddy also brought his other Dollstown dolls, the girl in the centre and the one on the end have the same face sculpt. The boy's is different. I was very taken with these dolls, my friend Jane had brought her Dollstown girl to show me but I was busy looking at her and another bigger doll Jane brought that I forgot to take any photos of them! We all had a great chat late into the night about these dolls and others.

The only non Sasha I took was Constance O my Jerry Berry girl, who you can see here at breakfast where her eyes were way bigger than her belly !

The crafts at this years weekend were wonderful , I only got as far as Frances Trickett's embroider and make a bag. There were four styles to chose from.


I decided to have a go at this style with the heart.

another of the styles.

and another.

All the crafts were wonderful  as usual I only got as far as the first one I tried , due to struggling to find the eye of the needle which was tiny! I was offered a bigger one but chose to carry on with the one I'd started with.... so took ages and still have to finish !

The other crafts were

these although there was also a jacket and they ran out of kits , so mine will be sent on.

Jane's was making a smart card bag.

Janet's a wool felt rug

Anna's was a push along toy duck.

Frances's the bag

Brigitte's a leather back satchel

Judith's an apron.

Everyone one of these craftswomen spent hours getting these kits ready for us and I thank them all . I will be making everything over the next couple of weeks and will show them off once I have finished.

This is my goody bag given by the organisation,

The harmonica at the bottom was given to me by Theresa at dinner. The gold box contained a baby dummy and rattle.

So next up is my purchases from the sales tables. Once again I was quite good mainly because I was helping Petrana so missed all the good stuff! But did manage to get to a couple of tables and buy an item .

I got four wonderful dresses from Petrana's I could have bought so many other I loved but was good and watched as others bought them!

I bought two outfits from Dolly Doodles shown at the top and a wonderful jacket from Linda Simpson.

From Marti I bought this little fisher price toy.

So we come to the raffle ! None of my numbers were called but I was kindly given a ticket and an item I'd been watching was still available so I picked it. I just know I'll have so much fun with this.

A cycle carriage ! No sooner had I won it , than it vanished ...

Someone was heard whizzing down the corridor !

I wondered how my purchases got back to the room!

Came in useful while we waited to go into the hall!

Teddy's dolls having a play while Constance O dozes ! I am so looking forward to using this with all my dolls. I can imagine most there would have not wanted such a large item but for me it's story magic!

So that is a snippet of what happened at the Sasha Celebration weekend, we all had a wonderful time and congratulate the all the people involved on a job extremely well done. Bravo !