Thursday 31 January 2013


Due to all the snow , ice and goodness knows what else weather
wise we have been having. today was the first time I had a chance
to visit Gill since before Christmas.

Arabella insisted on coming along because she wanted to chat to her friend

The girl's were soon chatting 19 to the dozen!

"Oh Poppy that grey suits you !" exclaims Arabella
" Love the purple!" replies Poppy
" Vintage Sasha ! " they cry together
" She is a marvel " says Arabella " I would not wear anyone else's Dungarees!"
" Same here ! Her cutting is perfection!"
"Couture "
"Couture " agrees Poppy

"Mum put me in one of your mum's sweater dresses the other day!"
"Yes she did"
"Yes . Please do not get me wrong it was a beautiful sweater dress as sweater dresses go...but.."
"Exactly!" Poppy agrees " I totally understand! Mum tried to get me out of my VS's just yesterday but I was having none of it! I told her she'd better buy me another pair if she wants me to change!"
The girl's sigh in total agreement! 

" I have heard of Posh Spice " says Gill " But I think we've got Posh Sasha's here!!"
" Right girl's when you have finished discussing our poor clothes choice do you think I could take some photo's? " I ask.

Thankfully they agree and I take them into Gill's conservatory , due to the sun..yes the sun! we have to close the blinds . Realising the light behind them is not a good idea I change position.

Unfortunately the wooden box they are on is to close to the doors, I cannot quite get down enough to be level.

"Mum have you just cut off our heads?" asks Arabella
" No No, just a practice shot"
Gill offers to move the box but I say no , I'll change position.

That's better.
" Your mum's not very good at this, is she" whispers Poppy to Arabella
" I know but we indulge her" Arabella whispers back.

"She's taking a lot" says Poppy
" I know , she always does, then she uses about a third and the rest are just wasted"

"What's she doing now?" asks Poppy
"Lord knows! " says Arabella " But It looks like she's finished at last!"
" Thank you girl's" Says Mum
The girl's smile sweetly....

I have included this photo of Gill's school children. Looks to me like the group at the top's school does not have a uniform policy while the ones below them do!

Well I finally got to give Gill her Christmas present, a beautiful jade green dress set by Ginny and I received
a lovely red school satchel and a pencil case with pencils, just the things for my clan.
Well Gill picks up Posh Sasha! and I pick up Posher Sasha! and head home, having had a very nice visit.

Wednesday 30 January 2013


Olivia very kindly let me put on this photo
of her mystery girl.

Olivia found the head on a market stall and
it was very cheap.

So this little waif now has a body and a lovely coat and
hat. She looks like a very early saucer eyed girl ?

I think she is gorgeous and I am not a big fan of the saucer eyed girl's , some can be quite scary! But this little lady has such a sweet look, she could be an older Lonely!
She is going to go on display with some of Olivia's other Sasha's at a museum for a little while.

I also asked Olivia if I could share this photo of two of her slate eyed bondes looking very chic in Vinatge

These girl's have such lovely faces and the one wearing the beret looks very chic and stylist.

Thank you Olivia for allowing me to show off your beautiful girls.


I managed to keep Arabella in the sweater dress
long enough to take a couple of photo's which
I have put on below.

I love the colour of this sweater dress by Gill aka bruno0199

another view

The front view, I think the green boots by Lisa Hartley  go well with the sweater dress and Judith's  DD leggings.

and lastly a photo with some of the teddies. Oops yes Edward and the Panda!
Little Hugh is still wearing the sock on his head! He's taken a fancy to it and thinks it makes a fine hat!!!


Queeny sits upon her throne
her ice blue teeth she grinds
another verse has been put on
her character maligned

She wants the rhymes to be nice
she wants some words to treasure
She has no hope that will occur
she really should know better!

The battles on, the rhyming flowing
and Ted may yet be saved
She better find that Teddy quick
and make them tots behave..

Tuesday 29 January 2013


Cold and alone Lonely sat
and pondered long and hard
Who to send her present to
and should she add a card

She'd seen the village children play
and laughted along with them
Maybe they could come some day
and bring their ted's, all ten?

A cold icy finger shivered down her back
and as she wrote her card
Toby's name sprang to her mind
she no longer found it hard

So she sent to him a walnut whip
she was totally unaware
That he'd been chased around the house
and almost everywhere

the Ice queen in her bower did smile
her plan, her idea , her trap
for she'd been the one to drop his name
into Lonelys lap

Now Toby still lived in fear
of walnut whip attack!
So Lonely's gift a thought so dear
could seriously set him back

But fate did choose to intervene
and send into the battle
Arabella a sasha old and wise
and full of steel and mettle

So the Ice Queens plan did fail
and Lonely gains some friends
Who plan to save this little soul
and try to make amends


Arabella goes in search of Toby.

"Toby this letter came for you" Says Arabella finally finding Toby after searching all over the house.

"Oo !" Says Toby putting it on the table " I wonder who it can be from?"

"Never mind your letter " cries Arabella " Look at this sweater dress that mum's made me put on! "
" it's very nice, I like the colours " Says  Toby
" It is beautifully made by Auntie Gill.. BUT.. " continues Arabella " I am a dress person and it comes with a...HAT!" she says the word as if it's an insult...

" I do not DO hats! " she declares firmly " especially knitted ones. My hair is very delicate "
" you'd better not speak like that about hats when Hatties around " states Toby
" I have nothing against hats per se But they are not for me and either are sweaters!"
" Well just change then " says Toby getting fed up with the conversation and more interested in opening his letter "
 " Oh " says " Arabella "won't mum mind?"
" Nop, one of the others who loves sweater dresses will snap it up "
 Relieved Arabella asks  " Are you going to open that or not ?"

"Well !"
" I am just wondering what it can be!"
" Stop wondering and open it" says Arabella.
Mossy ,on the chair at the back, shivers feeling worried...

In side is a card with a message....

Toby reaches back into the envelope and finds something, he starts to draw it out.......

On to the table drops a perfectly formed replica of a... WALNUT WHIP!!!

Arabella watches stunned as Toby starts to run from the table Yelling!
"TOBY! " she shouts to be heard over the racket he's making " STOP THAT THIS MINUTE!"

Toby stops and turns back to Arabella, who is now holding the tiny walnut whip and admiring the workmanship.
" Look you silly boy, it's just a little tiny thing. It cannot hurt you!"
Taking a big breath Toby relaxes and looks at what Arry is holding , he starts to go red for being so silly.
" Here " says Arry " you hold it"

Toby holds the walnut whip and feels so much better! He finally thinks he might just stop dreaming that they are chasing him round the house!
" Well whoever that Lonely is , she's a wicked child for sending this to frighten you!" says Arabella sternly " I shall send her a very stern letter about playing such nasty pranks on people!"

" No! No! " says Toby quickly " you don't understand  It must have been the Ice Queen who suggested it!"
Arabella looks confused " Toby you cannot have it with Ice cream it's a toy!"
" Not Ice Cream ICE QUEEN " yells toby
" Do not yell  at ME "  Arabella yells back. " What ICE QUEEN!!!"
" Come on I'll show you "

He takes her to mum's computer because dad is working on his and starts to search for Lonely .
" Stop!" says Arabella as they come across the photo of Steve's No nose family. " What a beautiful family " say Arabella " Those boys are so handsome , that girl should move out the way "
" She looks just like you Arry! " says Toby " but with more hair !"

Arabella turns to Toby slowly " I beg your pardon what did you just say?" her voice is very soft and luckily for once Toby can hear the underling menace....
" Oh hum I said " gasps Toby franticly searching for some way to save himself.." I said ..arh  she looks like she does not care ! "
Arabella stares at him for a moment longer hers eyes steely then she smile " well where is this ice queen?"

Toby rushes to find Lonely thankful to have managed to save himself.

They watch Lonely look for her Bear, her one friend, who's been thrown into the pond by her nasty brother

 They read of the trials she faces in T.H.A.T house and the Ice Queen who rules with a icy hand!

and they see little Lonely sitting at the table all alone deciding to share her walnut whips with others!
Arabella gently touches the screen desperate to hug the sweet little child ...

" Oh Toby " cries Arabella " that poor alone..." she weeps on Toby's shoulder.
Toby wishes she'd stop she's making his eyes water......

Arabella dries her eyes and turns and with a look of pure steel says
" Some one had better give that child her bear back or else!"
then going in search of mum because she needs a cuddle and the phone number for child line!

Sunday 27 January 2013


down the end
a bear does stand and wait
A great seer of an ancient line
in a long black cape

He has sent upon his way
A bear of wide renowned
great Ciro , fierce,strong
and loyal to the crown

Ciro has come to live on this land
and protect all those inside
For to this place shall come a Queen
and here she shall reside.

Great Ciro who is wise and strong
is sent ahead to see
that all is well and safe about
and what they have for tea!

Mossy's emerald strong with power
makes him search about
Edward he has brought along
because he's strong and stout!...hearted

The seer he waits about his bower
for the little bears to come near
For he must give them warning
of who will soon appear.

Mossy stops still in his tracks
a giant bear he spies
Edward hides behind his back
he cannot believe his eyes!

The seer tells of things to come
of ancient lines of faery
the little bears never thought
to hear tales so extraordinary

 Mossy's stunned and Edward sighs
at events that soon will happen
He not so sure he can deal with this
he may just move to Clapham!


Hopefully this rhyming lark will soon end !
According to this blog I have today just done my 300th post! so it would appear I can talk ( so to speak)
the hind leg off a donkey!
My family will not be a bit surprised .My late father always told everyone I was injected with a gramophone needle at birth!!

Saturday 26 January 2013


I received a great photo from Steve of his new no nose boy
along with the two no nose's he already owns, a girl and another
lucky for me he agreed that I could put the photo on here for us all to see.

A great photo, showing his new boy in dolly doodles on the left and a beautiful yellow eyed red haired girl in the centre and another boy on the right.

I do believe that these style of Sasha can be an acquired taste, but thats a bit like all the earlier Sasha's.I was never going to have a no nose but now have Arabella ,a beautiful red haired yellow eyed no nose girl like the one in the photo and I was never ever going to have a boy but did in fact ask Shelly about Steve's new boy on the left but Steve had beaten me to him, which is good as I do not want one..Lol... unless of course like the one above something about him appeals!

So those of you out there going  " Mm their ok but I would never want one!"  be warned  never say never!

Here is a closer photo of the three. They are  very serious as if they are looking at some thing important!.

Thank you Steve for letting me post these lovely photo's.

Friday 25 January 2013


A Poem for Lonely on this Burns night!

Lonely stands upon the path
her heart beating cold stunned aghast!
Poor Teddy to the depths been slung
by Lucas nasty little one

Lonely's pleas will go unheard
because in the house
the ice Queens not stirred
to help poor lonely to recover
teddy from his watery gutter

Her pleas are joined from far and wide
but the ice Queen is pure ice inside
Smiles at all the fuss and bother
She has plans to steal another!

Riley a little babe in arms
the ice Queens fallen for his charms
A bargain she does try to make
Riley for Teddy she wants to take!

Kendal plans to save the day
and Fritz is  sent upon his way
to save poor Lonelys little Ted
from his deep and watery bed

Time will tell if Riley's safe
Will Fritz  save Ted from  that place
Lonely too  needs to be saved
from the house that appears depraved

Will good win out
will right appeal
will lonely escape
from this ordeal!

to be continued?

If you do not follow or view absolutely sasha you will not understnd this post, go look on last two posts on that blog especially the comments, then reread this, then it will make sense.. :)

Thursday 24 January 2013


While the bears are sleeping off, their garden adventures I thought it
might be a good idea to put a picture of a couple of Sasha's on as this is
supposed to be a Sasha Blog! Although those Bear's are sneaking in here and there!

These two pretty dresses are by Susan  ( ebay seller chirnside ) in Australia, I was lucky enough to buy the pink one first, I do love floral's and this pale pink with the deeper pink roses is lovely and the frilled collar finishes it perfectly.
Then Susan recently put on this pale green version which I purchased having loved the first one.

The green has a white frilled collar and came with the pink to green ribbon Virginia is wearing.

 The pink dress came with this floral ribbon hair band which Belinda is wearing.

I think Belinda's pink boots go well and maybe I should change Virginia's sandals for some green boots to match.

Tuesday 22 January 2013


It was getting dark and cold, the temperature dropping, the little bear's huddled
together, trying to keep warm, where was Mrs Mum! Would they spend the night
right at the back for the garden! pray to any passing fox! or Cat!

Then what was that! a sound ! someone was coming! At last Mrs Mum was back , tutting
and fussing, gathering them close and rushing back into the warm!

" Th tha thank goo d nes s M rs M um re mem ber ed us !" Edward says his teeth chattering with cold.
For once Mossy is to cold to answer and snuggles up to the hot water bottle.
They have all been given hats to help warm them up but Hugh is so tiny he is wearing a sock!

Mum comes back with a blanket from the babies and a promise of hot drinks. All the little bear's relax as they start to warm up and  to fall asleep one by one, what an adventure they have had! Wait until they tell their Little misses! They diced with danger and survived!

Monday 21 January 2013


Mum decide's to try and get a nice photo she can use for a Christmas card later in the year,
so gathering up her camera and a few prop's she heads for a part of the garden still filled with untouched snow,,

THUD!  " Mummm" sob sob....

" What was that?" question's Edward
" I cannot see it was behind me" says Hugh
" Shall I look?" asks Mossy
" No Mum wants us to stay still for the photo's"

Totally ignoring Edward, Mossy stands up and looks toward the front of the sled
" Oops She's fallen over...again!" he tells the other's
" Who? Mum?" questions Edward worriedly
" No Sasha "
" Who is Sasha? we do not have a Sasha!"
" Oh yes we do, they are all Sasha's  YOU said so the other week"
" I did not"
"Did too! Well unless they are a boy then you said they were a Gregor ! Strange going's on  if you ask me!"
" Well we did not " retort's Edward .

They sit about for quite a while, it starts to get darker
" What's happening? " asks Edward
" Are you asking me? " says Mossy smugly
" Yes" replies Edward grumpily
" Are you sure it's me you are asking ? " ask Mossy cheekily
Edward refuses to respond!

" Well we are going to have to wait for mum to come back"
" Where's she's gone?"
" I think she went back to the house to dry the S a s h a off"
Edward refuses to take the bait! " Well we'll have to pull the sled back to the house ourselves"
" I don't think so"
" Why Not!" demand's Edward
" Because mum's left us on top of the bird bath!"

"Mrs Mum ! " calls Edward calmly so as not to worry the others " Mrs MUMMMMMMMMMM"
The four little bear's sit waiting to be rescued, hoping mum remembers they are out in the snow at the end of the garden.......