Monday 31 October 2011

31st OCTOBER 2011

It's very handy having a daughter who's an artist and knows her way round a computer! My thanks to Lindsey for spending part of her day off carving my pumpkin and then taking picture and adding words.

George insisted on having his photo with the pumpkin, he says that his Hagnolly set is just the right colours for Halloween ( we wont mention that his hairs not a bad match either!)

Sunday 30 October 2011


All the children decided to stay in and watch a film due to the grey overcast weather today.They were very fair and had a vote on which film to watch! They chose between three, Pirate of the Caribbean, Johnny English and The Kings Speech! ( which was Hattie's suggestion because her beloved Helena stars!) Naturally with most of them being crew members of the Jammy Dodger It was almost a landslide for Pirates of the Caribbean! Although Ben, Adam and Lara voted for Johnny English and Hattie and Mitzi ( who did not want Hattie to be the only one to vote for her choice) voted for The Kings speech!

Hattie refused to join them all round the TV even with the added bonus of popcorn and fizzy drinks. So everyone settled down to watch and Hattie decided to go for a bike ride round the garden.
Hoppit ( who was looking forward to watching the film) found himself sitting in the basket at the front of the bike.

She was soon bowling along.

At least she had agreed to wear a jacket but only because it has owls on it,which she loves, however she refused to wear the matching cream pixie hat, because it matched!!!!
She weaves her way round the paths.

"Look at the lovely colours Hoppit!"

She makes her way through all the autumn plants and shrubs.

" It will be November next week Hoppit! Do you think Mum will let me keep wearing my shorts?"
'Not likely!' thinks Hoppit ' Why can you not wear a nice pair of trousers? or a dress? Do you know the stick I have to take off the other toys? No you do not! Why just the other day I had to shut Brutus in the toy box to make him be quiet about your clothes!'

" No I dont think she'll let me wear them either" continues Hattie"mmm I wonder what Helena is wearing?"
If Hoppit could roll his eyes he would! But He would not change places with any of the other toys! secretly he loves her wacky ways. He settles down to listen to her  and enjoy the ride, he knows that once they've been round the garden three times, she'll sneak back indoors and they will watch the end of the film and get some popcorn! He can wait, she's Hattie and he loves her...

Saturday 22 October 2011


I have managed to change the last of the boys into warmer clothes.

Toby was no trouble , he was already wearing this lovely purple hooded sweater by Patty at the now closed Sasha wardrobe. But Duncan and Adam were a struggle! They did not mind their sweaters by Susan of scueby-doo but were not happy to model the lovely pixie hats and mittens by the wonderful Olive ( Hagnolly).

And because they have made such a fuss about 'They dont do pixie hats and mittens' I'm going to put two pictures on!!

Look at the scowl's on them faces! especially Adam on the left. He insists I tell you he has removed the hat and mittens and thats the last time I put them on him!! Luckily the younger ones , love them keeping their ears warm when it's really cold. I love Olive's Pixie Hats and Mittens they look so cute on the Sasha's and Gregor's.

I also managed to change a few of the babies. But first I have put on a picture of the girl's Rosie and Dulcie in some dresses and cardigans, with booties and bunnies made by Olive.

Don't they look sweet!.

And here we have some of Olives Pixie sets for babies, Little leggings with lovely multi coloured jackets with matching boots, pixie hats and mittens.They look so snug and warm in these outfits, all ready for those winter winds! Yes Rosie is still wearing her booties from the summer outfit, of course I can only find one of the matching boots at the moment.

And here is sweet baby James in a cardigan by Michelle  , a hat by Susan and socks by dollie4u from Shelly site.

Talking of socks, I do love the knitted socks in multi colours and also plain. I saw the  wheel of the most beautiful socks knitted by Nicki ( sashadollstyle) for her autumn collection and so wanted all of them!!! but of course they were to go with her outfits. I decided I would have to start knitting socks!!! Unfortuately I do not have a pattern and have never knitted a sock in my life, so at the moment I am buying them and below is a picture of my sock wheel so far.

They have been made by various ebayer's and are all lovely.

Here are a couple of my girl's in the sock wool sweaters and sweater dresses that I sell on Ebay to help fund my Sasha habit! Although because I knit in the good quality sock wool, there is not much of a profit margin if any! But I love the colours the sock wool comes in and enjoy knitting and seeing what they come out like, so I'll continue for a while yet.

Well almost everyone is now in winter wear but of course I have realised that I need an item or two to finish the job. So of course I'll have to make a purchase or so .......yes it will be hard ! but needs must as the devil drives ( what does that mean!!!) It will be a challenge but I will go forth and spend like a good Sashaphile would.....

Friday 21 October 2011


I have finally started to dress my Sasha's in warmer clothing. To help me get a move on I decided to do a blog on winter kniwear. So I have been dressing some of the girl's in their winter woolies! The Jammy Dodgers refused , all apart from one, to remove their pirate sweaters stating that it had taken ages for me to put them in the sweaters and so I could wait until they were ready to take them off!!!

Hattie or should I say Harriet Bonham Carter also refused to change out of shorts and into something warmer and matching! stating " One (?) should not be constrained by the opinion of the so called ' fashionista's' but be free to show their spirit in anyway they choose! " Well that told me!!

However she did agree to button up her cardigan to keep warm and model a few of the hats she liked.

She likes the mutli colour's of this hat and the tiny bells.

Another mutli coloured hat with pompom.

A very christmasy hat and scarf. all by scueby-doo from ebay. The cardigan is by Michelle on ebay as snuzz1mich62.
 I did ask if Hattie wanted to put her bunny Hoppit down but declined, I asked Hoppit if he wanted to get down ? he just said 'Hoppit!' I was not sure if he wanted to get down or was expressing an opinion!!!

Last year I was collecting these sweater sets for my girls to wear for the christmas season.

These sets are all by Gill on ebay as bruno0199 I love all the different colours and slight change to pattern here and there.

Here is a closer picture of some of the different designs.

Here are the twins, Sapphire and Violet wearing matching sets with their name colour in the detail.

And here is a picture of four of the girls. Dusty in red wanted one without the hat because she says the hat makes her look boyish.

I will put some more winter woolies on tomorrow, which will make me finally dress the last three boys in jeans rather than the shorts they are still wearing!! ( shock! Horror!) and also the babies need some warmer clothes, but they are warm under their blankets...honest!.

Tuesday 18 October 2011


LAND AHOY! SHIVER ME TIMBERS! To Harlan and Zane from the Crew of the Jammy Dodger....

They roam the kitchen cupboards in search of their Bounty... Twix and Twirl but their altimate goal is the Barrel O' Jammy Dodgers , where they leave nothing but crumbs in their wake!!!!!!

Sunday 16 October 2011


I will give you some clues to see if you can guess.......

Here's another clue....

and another

and if you have not guessed by now this will definately confirm your suspicions....

A shoe that noone else makes so well.......

Yes it's VINTAGE SASHA.....

I have mentioned Vinatge Sasha before but decided that Sarah deserves her own in praise of blog. When i decided to do this blog, three of my sasha's were already wearing Vintage Sasha , so I did not have to spend too much time dressing the girls for the photo shoot.

Mathilda is wearing one of the classic Vintage Sasha style outfits that I love, the long line top with the trousers that fall over the shoe with the stitched hem.She loves this outfit and as been wearing it for a while.

Evie is wearing a more recent Vinatge sasha outfit with the smocked top with short sleeves in a beautiful patterned material and co ordinating trousers.

And now we have Claudia in the Vintage Sasha Dungarees and top, unmistakable Vintage Sasha, again with those extra long legs that fall over the shoes.

Here we have Evie modelling a Vinatge Sasha Coat and Hat in a beautiful Purple tweed. Again that classic style that will never go out of fashion and will look as good in twenty years as it does now.

And last but by far not least, the hooded coat. Maisie is wearing the complete outfit of hooded coat, longline trousers and VS shoes,wonderful.

The first time I ever saw a Vintage sasha outfit was on ebay when I had bought my first couple of Sashas and I saw a hooded coat. I in my innocence? thought I'd bid and then watched it climb into the far distance in price, It must have been a orginial sasha Coat I decided ! Then as time worn on and I watched ebay I realised that Vintage Sasha was not Orginial as in 'old' but Orginial as in quality and design.
Now that Sarah sells from her blog site we all have the opportunity to admire her designs for longer, now they do not vanish when purchased, we can sigh over the one that got away or admire her new items, as we scheme a way to make that purchase even though we are not 'buying ' at the moment.

I noticed that three of my models today are Red heads, this was not intentional , but some how the Reds have taken over my Vintage sasha clothes at the moment, I'm sure there will be a mutiny when the other girl's realise!! Maybe I'll just have to slowly buy more, purely to stop any fighting you understand!

I will leave you with a couple of group photo's , if Maisie's hair looks a mess it's because she 'fainted' due to the unseasonally warm weather!


Maisie's hair looks quite scary!!!


I have added picture of Miriam now dressed in warmer clothes for Autumn.

She looks lovely and warm in her pink sweater with was made by scueby-doo on ebay.She makes lovely patterned knitwear. This sweater has a little knitted lacy collar.


I took part in Lorraines swap group and below is a photo of the lovely things that Rochelle sent me.

Annie on the left is wearing a suit made from vintage grain sacks, a lovely purple and white and Maisie on the right is wearing a lovely cardigan made with striped sock wool, also included was the little teddie at Maisies feet and a smocking kit just behind Annie.
Thank you Rochelle for your lovely swap.

Saturday 15 October 2011


Or so it seemed. I had a note to go into the garden because a surprise was waiting for me there!  I rushed outside to see 'my surprise'...

Oh My God! a red haired Sasha?...

What lovely red hair shes she a 68? or a 69?.....

TOBIAS YOU SCAMP! what are you up to !

Where did you get that dress and wig?...and it's not funny...

It's not that funny, you scamp....

Yes you should be sorry pretending to be my 68/69 redhaired Sasha, i'll be putting your pocket money in the fund this week!.

Here is phoebe wearing the new auburn wig I bought from Shelly. I think she looks really nice in it with her bright blue eyes, she is one of my pintuck girls.

I may put her wig away and keep her in this one, it looks so nice.

Sunday 9 October 2011


get into their warmer clothing now the nights are drawing in..

Kirsty is wearing a nice warmer pair of cord dugarees,Nancy is in a warm check long sleeved dress, Mitzi is in navy cord with tiny pink spots,Claudia is in Vinatge sasha dungarees nad Lara is in floral purple cord set from Nellierose. The cardigans are by Michelle on ebay.

I do love this outfit and think it does suit Mitzi very well, if you click on photo you should be able to see the tiny pink spots in the navy cord and the pink and white stripe in the top. It is one of the very first outfits I ever bought for my Sasha's from a Lady in US who sold under Greenfinger? tag, she no longer appears to sell clothes for Sasha which is a shame as I have a few other things she made, all of which are lovely.

I also love Vintage Sasha as soon as I put this dungaree set on Claudia, she looked good. I am partial to the dungaree sets and smocked top with trousers sets. And her coats..........I love...........Oh that I should win the lottery and have all my girl's wearing Vintage Sasha clothes topped with a Coat! That's is of course after I have purchased my red haired 68/69 Sasha who would be top to toe in ' Vintage S' can but dream...

Well I have managed to change a few of the girl's, there are several more to go and the boys and the babies! It's hard work being a Sashaphile, I do not remember it taking this long to get my girl's ready for the winter!!but then there were only three of them.......

Friday 7 October 2011

HARRIET WHO.............................

Toby was playing with Brutus in the garden, teaching him to fetch his frisbie.

" Now Brutus, listen carefully when I throw it You are supposed to go and get it NOT ME!

"Maybe it's the grass thats putting you off" says Toby " lets go on the paving and see if thats better"

Who is this? " Hey Hattie! Where are you going?" asks Toby as Hattie does a quick about turn, when she sees him.

" My Name is not Hattie " States Hattie.
" It is!
" No it is not. It is Harriet! Harriet Bonham Carter! After the famous actress!" declares Hattie...sorry Harriet.

" Harriet Bonhim who?" demands Toby " No its not! Your name is Hattie Owen! and why have you got Kirsty's reading glasses on?"
" Go away you horrid little boy" says Harriet angrily " when I'm a famous star you are not coming to my films"

" Yeh Well I dont want to see your silly films!! if you are in them!"

" You are a child that only a mother could love!" declares Harriet walking away
" Mum loves me" calls Toby angrily
" EXACTLY" shouts Harriet hurrying away.

" Bye HATTIE.....THATS HATTIE......OWEN...WITH AN OOOOOOOOOO" Yells Toby to Harriets back.

I asked Harriet Bonham Carter if she would allow me to take a couple of publicity photo's .I think she is getting there with the look of her idol Helena but still has a way to go.For one thing I have not noticed Helena carrying a Toy Rabbit about with her..but there is still time..

Looks like Brutus has deserted Toby.Whats that? you were worn out watching him run back and forward throwing and then fetching the frisbie! Shame on you Brutus...

Another day in the Village................