Sunday 25 November 2012


I decided that I needed to start dressing the girl's now if I wanted them all changed in time for Christmas.

I filled the rail with a selection of clothes for the girl's to choose from.

Claudia was put in charge of helping the other's choose a dress that would suit them.

The first to arrive were Evie and the twins, Sapphire and Violet.

Evie starts to pull dresses from the rail holding them up to ask Claudia's opinion
" Very nice " says Claudia " But try a blue dress "

" That's nice " confirms Claudia but Sapphire behind Evie looks worried, that's just the colour she wants to choose!
"Try another "  encourages Claudia

" I do like this one " says Evie holding up a lovely green and blue smocked dress.
" Then that's the one " says Claudia firmly.

The twins are straight in and Sapphire pick's the lovely blue cord dress in Sapphire blue and Violet picks the other cord dress in Violet!
" Don't you want to try something else ?" ask's Claudia

"No " say the girls together, holding the dresses up to show Claudia
" Yes I think you are right those dresses will look lovely on you"
Happily the twins go to change.

 Suddenly Hattie appears half dressed and begins searching the rail.
" Can I help ?" Claudia asks
" No thanks " Hattie replies scanning the rail quickly

"Just as I thought, the same old things" exclaims Hattie turning away.
"Well I love the lace dress you are wearing " says Claudia " you just need some nice shoes and maybe a piece of lace for your hair "

"What I need is more than a pair of shoes! I cannot go round half dressed in this thing" states Hattie hurrying away.

Claudia tidies the rail and awaits the next sister .


Here is a photo of the twins happily dressed in the cord outfits. For some reason the beautiful colour Violet looks deep blue in the photo but I will have to try and take a photo in daylight and see if I can get a true photo of this fabulous colour.

Here comes Hattie lets get a photo of her too!

" Hattie ! That top is one of the boy's Christmas presents! "
" What this boring thing! I was looking for something with a bit of colour but had to settle for this!"
" And why have you wrapped that kilt round that lovely dress?"
" Tartan is all the rage at the moment Mother have you not seen Karin's girls! And I had to put something over all the lacy white stuff"

" Well I'll be wanting your brother's present back!
" Then you'd best get knitting! Something bright with lots of colour!"

Thursday 22 November 2012


A beautiful  dress by Ruth Hartley arrived in the post  yesterday.Which then meant I had to decide which Sasha would get to wear it first.
After some deliberation I decided that Claudia my 1970 brunette girl would be first.

The dress is in a lovely pink and off white with beautiful smocking .I have teamed it with ivory socks and Rosie Bloomfield sandals in deep pink.

A close up of the smocking detail.

 Now Claudia is a 1970 girl and does lose a strand of hair now and then but you can see in this next picture she has plenty of thick black hair so can spare one or two!

Here is a close up of Claudia's lovely deep brown eyes. I cannot believe how lucky I was to get her after watching her go round ebay once and not get snapped up I  then placed a bid and won her without anyone bidding against me!

Sunday 18 November 2012


I have been buying some of these lovely jackets made by Jadzia and sold on ebay under her id: skibniewska_1960 , her daughter also makes and sells the same jackets with same id but ending in 1980.

Here are my girls, from left, Sophie , Ashley, Paige and Ginny wearing the jackets.You can see they go with both dresses and trousers and come in a wonderful range of colours.They are beautifully made and each is lined with a lovely floral or plaid fabric.

Now this photo I took on the stair's after Carol from US sent me a photo of all her Sasha's in Hattie's hat's, for a post I will do in new year, standing and sitting on the stairs.
What a clever idea I thought I will try that!

Slight problem being, the stairs are narrow and the back of the front door came into view and my daughters parcel not moved!. But I continued...

Full of  plan's to take a picture of all my Sasha's , Gregor's and babies I added another row of the clan......
Now hit first problem! I live in a 1926 cottage style house, so small hallway and deepish stairs and the door to kitchen is off set to stairs , so I could not move back far to take my photo's!
Then I realised there was another more worrying problem......

The cats! by nature a curious animal while I had been happily setting out the first of my clan, Saffy had decided to come down from one of the bedroom and was sitting looking down with interest on the proceedings and  Milo had arrived to look up from the hallway!!

Not being one to wait for the disaster to happen, I hastily removed my Sasha's from the stairs before they decided that Sasha skittles was the order of the day by chasing each other up and down the stairs!

But I have not given up on this plan and will try again and next time make sure no cats are within skittling distance!

I did however take one more photo of Paige in the garden, it was too cold to play lets stand the Sasha's, so only Paige had a photo but she always seems to look good in anything put on her so had to include this one.

Now I must go , Hattie has plans for a new hat range that involves me and the sewing machine.....I have avoided her but now she's found me and she's looking dagger's at me as I type, so I'm off into the realm's of the unknown.......I may return.............

Friday 16 November 2012


" I'm just a little grey bear cloud....hovering over the tree...." sing's a very off key voice...

"Where is the racket coming from?" asks Edward coming into the Sasha studio.

"Look Up " says Gertie whose been listening to this racket for some time!
Edward looks up..

" I'm just a little grey rain cloud pay no attention to little meeeeee"

"Mossy! " calls out Edward " What an earth are you doing up in the Hattie stand?"

Mossy stops sing , much to Gertie's relief and looks down at Edward " What 's a Hattie Stand? " He asks

"what you are about to fall out of if you do not get down this minute" says Edward sternly, very worried that Mossy will fall." And! Where are all Miss Hattie's hats?"

" Oh " replies Mossy standing dangerously on the top 'branch' " She's taken them to be photo'd for selling"
Gertie look's at Mossy " He IS going to fall!" she states
 Mossy ignore's the moaning little bear " Do You know Edward I can see all over the place from up here, it's wonderful" he sighs happily

Edward hurries to the bottom of the Hattie stand and hold's it stead while Mossy continues to look about .
" Mossy " say's Edward carefully and calmly " will you come down here I have a job for you"

"Well of course " says Mossy immediately swing down onto the 'branch'

" Is there food involve?" he questions " I am feeling quite peckish , I 've been aloft a whi.....oops ..arh..."
there follows lots of thumps and groans as Mossy loses his grip and falls out of the Hattie stand !
"Told you " grumbles a little voice from the corner " when I find out what time that bus comes.. I'm off"

Edward stares at Mossy's still body, Mossy stares at the ceiling!!!

Staying calm Edward leans over Mossy " Are you hurt Lad?" he asks gently " does it hurt anywhere bad?"

" I 'm thinking " gasps Mossy a little winded " That this would make a good Christmas tree "
Edward sits down in disbelief  and a little shocked from watching Mossy fall.

Once Edward's legs stop shaking he gets up to leave  " I forbid you to get up in that tree..I mean stand again! " he inform's Mossy walking away " and It belong's to Miss Hattie just you try putting things on it and see where that gets you" Edward storm's off as best as a bear that's just had a shock can.

 Mossy's voice follow's him out the room " she wont mind a little of the that shiny string stuff and a few baubles...Edward! EWWARRRRRRRD"

Tuesday 13 November 2012


This is a photo of Cathy's girl Isabel a no navel with restyled hair.She has the sweetest face and the style of her hair is lovely. Makes you want to find one of these girl's with bad hair so you can cut it!!!!

I do love the look of these NN girl's , such delicate almost elfin features. So I asked Cathy if I could share her photo and she kindly said yes.I hope you enjoy seeing her to.

Saturday 10 November 2012


Well the girl's are all happy deciding which dresses they will put on rail now Mitzi's removed some of her Pink dresses!
Hattie turn's her attention to the second surprise parcel that arrived along with the rail.

Mm wonders Hattie seeing her name to 'Miss Harriet Bonham Carter ! '

She cuts the box open " It looks very interesting!" she says to herself. Edward, Mossy and Gertie who have been sitting quietly on the table stand up trying to see what's inside!

Hattie manages to drag the box out of the way. She is still unsure of what to expect!

" Mossy get down " calls Edward
" I cannot see a thing " Mossy complains " I'll have to get down!"

Hattie stands the packet up carefully, standing back she looks it over, still mystified by what KD's sent.

" Mossy Mossy !" cries Edward in a loud whisper " Come away you nosy little bear!"
Mossy stares hard at the lovely wrapping paper sighing " I cannot see a thing ! "

Hattie starts pulling off all the paper and Mossy hurries out of the way after he nearly gets covered up!

Hattie and the three bears stare silently at what's been revealed. Finally Hattie finds her voice " Oh It is just perfect! However did they know it's just what I have been wanting !"

Mossy looks at the tall wooden tree? with the coloured ribbon....Hattie wanted a ribbon tree! whatever for!Maybe it's a Christmas tree and all the leaves have fallen off thinks Mossy
Hattie leaves the little bear's looking at her lovely gift and dashes away soon returning and decorating the tree!

" Just perfect " Cries Hattie happily " a Perfect Hat stand to display my hats for sale !"
She spends some time rearranging then rearranging again the hats from one side to the other or up then down.

Callie arrives and Hattie tells her all about her lovely early Christmas gift from KD ( Ken & Doreen) and Callie is very impressed by the lovely Hat stand " How did they know that you wanted to open a Millinery Shop? "
" Because they are wonderful entrepe erm entrep.....Crafts people! who want to encourage talent where they see it, their note said ' we hope you like your new Hattie Stand and  it helps to make you lots of extra money for your mini fund, have fun love from Ken and Doreen' see it's even named after me! "
" That is so very nice of them " smiles Callie
" Yes " says Hattie " They are nice people and they told me it was a OOAK just for me! " Hattie gets a little choked and needs to clear her throat ... cough cough " Now I must get hold of mum and tell her all my new idea's for hats! and I'll need to send  KD a little something to thank them for this lovely gift...come on Callie! we have work to do!"

"Edward" calls Mossy " I'm thinking these are some strange Christmas decoration's Hattie's put on this tree!"


I have added a new Info page with the detail's of where to buy any of the Sasha related item's that I find and like. KD's rail and detail's are the first on.

Friday 9 November 2012


Hattie sends for Mitzi .

" Oh! " Say's Mitzi looking at the large packet " What's inside there?"
" The answer to your clothes cupboard problem" replies Hattie

Tearing open the paper reveals a custom made Hanging Rail by Ken and Doreen of Dorset!
Mitzi is amazed at the beautiful rail " Look Hattie I can reach the hangers"
Hattie smiles " Of course, KD know just what size is required and make their rails accordingly"

Mitzi's so happy she gives Hattie a big hug! " You know all the best people" she sighs.
Hattie goes off to tell the other's that the new rail's arrived.

Mitzi quickly starts filling the rail with PINK dresses!

While Mitzi's gone , Callie , Belle and Ashley arrive with a couple of dresses and admire the new clothes rail.
"It will be so nice to just pick something to wear without having to get mum!" the girl's all agree with Belle's statement. They go to get some more dresses.

Mitzi arrives back " What are they doing there!" she says looking at the two dresses that are NOT pink.

"That's much nicer " she thinks having removed the two dresses and added some more dresses with pink in them.

The other girl's return " Hey! " cries Callie " Where are our dresses?"

Callie hangs up the dress. " Do not put that on the rail " says Mitzi " It's the wrong colour"
" Says Who?" demand's Callie
" Me " replies Mitzi getting angry
Belle goes to find Hattie...

The girl's are arguing loudly when Hattie arrives.
Seeing her they both start telling their own side of the issue.

" Mitzi the rail is not just for PINK dresses, it's for everyone's dresses what ever the colour"
Sadly Mitzi bows her head " But pink is so nice "

Not liking to see Mitzi sad Callie makes peace " I know " she says " Just for today you can keep all your pink dresses on the rail and then tomorrow we'll put on a selection so that everyone can choose a dress"
Mitzi likes this idea and starts to cheer up.

After Callie's helped Mitzi fill the rest of the hangers with pink dresses, they go in search of some food! It's hungry work moving clothes!
Ashley looks at Hattie " It's a great idea and a lovely rail " she says " but..."
" But What? " asks Hattie confused
" But... there are twelve hangers "
" Yes?"
" and eighteen girl's" finishes Ashley...

"OH NO" cries Hattie " Quick where's my phone! I hope KD was not thinking about having a rest for Christmas..."


have added a new Info page with the detail's of where to buy any of the Sasha related item's that I find and like. KD's rail and detail's are the first on.