Friday 23 September 2011


A box arrives and Duncan and Toby are very curious about whats inside!

" I wonder whats in here?" says Duncan
" Maybe it's Ross from Kendal's brood , He likes travelling round in boxes! " states Toby
" Don't be silly " says Duncan " this box is too small for Ross "
" Maybe he's a little chap!" states Toby determined to be right " you cannot tell from pictures how tall someone is! "

" It's not Ross " says Duncan firmly " Mum said we could open it, so you'll soon see "

" Mind your head Ross! Your going over" calls Toby as the box tips.
"I'm just warning him, incase he's in there" says Toby sulking

" Oh " says Toby disappointed " It's not Ross. He does not travel in newspaper" he says with all the authority of his five and 1/2 years.
Duncan pulls out all the newspaper.

" Maybe it's mum's new red head?" wonders Toby getting excited
" I very much doubt it, she definitely would not be travelling in newspaper" says Duncan

" It's the baby's Radio Flyer Trolley" says Duncan
Toby is disappointed he was hoping for someone new to play with. He perks up when Duncan tells him he can go and get some of the babies to come play with the new toy.

" Look James ! George has put his toy in , you can put yours in too" says Toby

James is not sure, he likes his gorilla and he does not want him to fall out!.
after some persuading ....

James puts his toy in too and the boys play happily with the new trolley. Meanwhile Toby wonders where Ross and his box are? Maybe they have gone to the beach? or off on another adventure to another country!....

Friday 16 September 2011


Although the day started quite overcast, by late morning the weather was warm enough for Kirsty to take the babies into the garden .

All the babies sit around waiting for Kirsty to start to tell them a story.

There they all are, from left to right Sweet baby James,Rosie,Elton Ron,Dulcie and George. But what's this! suddenly the babies are invaded.......

Even Kirsty gets some close attention!

"What ya doing?" " Can we do it too?" " look i'm sitting on Jamie !" " theres no writting in that book"

" Look That books Empty!" says Kozie " How can you read an empty book? " asks Oasis

" Yep! there is NO writting in that Book" states Giggles from over Kirsty's shoulder.

" Do you mind" demands Kirsty turning to look up at Giggles " I do not need writing to tell a story ! "
"Oooh how do you do it then!" asks Giggles , giggling.

" I make it up in my head "
"Then why have you got a book?"
" because it helps me concentrate"
"Ok get con sa trat or whatever you just said! and we'll all listen"

"Well if you all sit quietly i'll begin"
"I'm always quiet "  "Me too" " Me Three" " No you are not you are always talking" " No i'm not, you are always talking"

Kirsty cough's very loudly and gives all the argueing Blue nose friends a stern look, finally they all go quiet.

" This is the story of the blue nose friends who could never keep quiet"
" I always keep quiet"
" no You Don't!"
" It's about me !"
"No it's not it's about Me "

Kirsty rolls her eyes and says sternly " If you do not be quiet, you can all go indoors and only the babies will hear the story"

All the blue noses look sorry and sit quietly after a very small amount of pushing and shoving to get the best position and finally Kirsty starts to tell the story of the blue nose friends who CANNOT be quiet "

"Who Said that ?"......

Tuesday 13 September 2011


Three of the girls decided to play with their prams and pushchairs out under the Lych gate due to the changeable weather!

Hermione looks into Kirsty's pram at her baby and teddies.

Miriam joins the girls with her baby. they stand around chatting for a while .

Kirsty decides to take her babies home , but Hermione and Miriam stay and chat for a while longer.

Sunday 11 September 2011


Yesterday when the weather forecast looked so wet , I asked DH what we would do today and he said that due to the nasty forecast he'd make my Sasha Shelving!!!
 I did not count my chicken's espcially when the weather was bright but breezy this morning but we when off to buy the wood etc and then he set to.

I helped him carry the shelving up into the 'Sasha room', having spent all morning moving things about so it could fit in.

Here are some pictures..

It will need some wall paper later when I find the right style and size.

This is the top 'room' with a bed and the toy chest .

This is the top 'room' with the baby crib and chest of drawers.

This is top'room' with Dusty and Isabella trying out the bed for comfort while they discuss wall colours! Do not think the boys will like the Pink idea that keeps coming up!.

This is the play room(middle shelve) with Grace and Violet playing connect while Lara watches.

At the bottom we have Annie trying out the settle in the Kitchen/ Dayroom.

A view of two of the 'rooms' together.

these shelves are 18 in deep and 39 in wide and I thought that would be plenty big enough but I could probably do with another 12 in the width and 6 in the depth! Cannot believe how much room they need!

I won a chair on ebay this morning, have no idea where it will go!!

However this is what we have and it will look great once I have added all the bits and pieces to turn it into a 'home'.

The main thing is they have somewhere to stand or sit that will keep them safe and hopefully Dust free ! I have not mentioned to DH about the clear doors yet !


Yes I know I'm saving for a red haired 68/69 Sasha but It will be a long and lonely road and like most Sashaphiles I will fall by the wayside now and again ! Temptation is constantly put in our way, we have to check all the Sasha sites and places just to see what is around and available, we are of course only looking!! we have no intention of making a purchase! But we must keep up with the current dolls available.......which is why another wheel  dropped off my wagon!

Below is a picture of Zak who decided despite my every resistance, that he needed to come and live with me!

He needs restringing and already as his hospital appointment with Brenda for the begining of next month.But he wanted to say hello.

And by the way , have you seen the lovely dolls Shelly as listed on her wedsite, there are a few more nice redheads...sigh............

Saturday 10 September 2011


Why is George peeping out from behind the statue?

Oh He's coming out..

George is sitting up and enjoying the garden. But whose that peaking out at the side?

'George, George! gessa cuddle!' George, george can I sit on your lap?' George  What ya looking at?' 'George I want to sit there! make him move!!' Hoy! George look at me i'm on your head, George George!'

Mmm Now I see why George was checking to see if the coast was clear! Blue nose friends are a bit like Sasha's you start with one and then next thing you know.........................

Sunday 4 September 2011


After climbing the Lych Gate they looked round for more to climb and decided that the Laburnum Tree would be next.
Ethan tests the rope tied to the branch.

Tristan's not so sure he likes climbing the tree.

Duncan who has climbed the other branch stops when he hears Tristan groan that he wants to get down.

Ethan and Ben wait at bottom of tree while Duncan helps Tristan down. Tristan decides he has had enough climbing for one day  Ethan and Duncan go back to the house with him. Meanwhile Ben eyes up the rope left hanging from the tree.

He makes a loop for his foot winds the rope round his arm and hand and he is off and swinging!!
'Hey Duncan, Ethan come and see what I can do!' he calls out but the others have gone in .

'Never mind more swings for me' thinks Ben as he continues playing on the rope.

Saturday 3 September 2011


Due to the lovely weather this afternoon, I decided to take a picture of all the boys together.
Starting from the left , we have Adam,Toby,Ethan,Tristan,Duncan and Ben. After the photo's Adam and Toby decided to come back indoors to play with their cars. But the others decided they would go down the bottom of the garden to play...the following pictures are what the tikes got up to!!

They all decide that they'd like a birds eye view of the garden and debate how to get high enough off the ground when Ben has the 'bright' idea of climbing the Lych Gate.!

Duncan goes first ,then Tristan who leans down to help Ben who is standing on Ethan's back so he can reach Tristans hand.

'Come on' calls Duncan 'follow where I climb and be careful '

The boys all help each other up the Lych Gate.

They all make it safely to the crossbar of the Lych Gate.

A view of the boys on their perch.

Duncan points out the view to Ethan.

Duncan eye view from top of Lych Gate cross bar.
'HURRAH' cheer the boys, pleased with their climb. ' Lets go climb something else' Ben cries and  start's to climb back down.

More of their antic's tomorrow.................

Friday 2 September 2011


Today is so lovely and warm that Duncan decided to try out his new golf clubs.Tristan offered to be his caddie and Ben said he'd come and keep an eye on him too!

Duncan judges the distance to the hole watched by Tristan.

'What club do you think I should use with this tee?' Duncan asks Tristan

'Well I'm rather partial to the Orange ones with my tea!' he replies

Duncan rolls his eyes and sets about getting his position right.

Duncan suddenly shivers ' I keep having the feeling someones watching me! '

'Doh! I'm watching you !' exclaims Tristan
' No not you. I can feel eyes burning into my back!' states Duncan
'Its the sun. it's getting hot now ! get a move on '

Duncan makes his shot.
'Great' says Tristan ' Let's go in. All this talk of Orange clubs has made me hungry! lets go and see if mum's got any?'
'What talk of orange clubs! Only you were talking about orange clubs!!'
'Whatever... She may have some mint ones! I quite like them too but I'd rather have an orange one'
Duncan follows behind mumbling ' all he thinks sbout is his stomach! and what happen to Ben? He said he was going to come and watch'

' Another successful mission completed' thinks Ben ,watching his brothers head 'safely' back to the house..