Tuesday 28 April 2015


A while back on the face book group for Sasha lovers they did a theme on the Gotz No Nose dolls.
Which is what set me off on buying another no nose, one, because I missed Arabella and two, because they looked so good in a group!

This is Brigitte's family of No Noses.A wonderful collection including some pale ones and I love the girl in her short wig.

Lots of others showed off their no noses but only a few had a group.

This is Steve's group.Beautifully turned out of course.These make me think I need another girl at least!

Almost at the same time as I felt the need for a No Nose a Brunette girl appeared on Shelly's so I had a good look at her and then decided yes she was very sweet, so sent Shelly an email.

This is Shelly's photo of  Anoushka .Even in the orange dress I could see her attitude!

So Anoushka was on layaway and I thought that I would love to have a little group of these no noses and that it would take some time.
However a little like buses along came the chance to get not one but two more when I found Olivia and Oliver, so suddenly I had two here and Anoushka on her way.

So now I have my own little group of these No Noses and all without even trying!

Here is Oliver out in the shaded damp garden.

He is soon joined by Anoushka.

 and now Olivia's joined the group.

Ollie is watching the camera !

You can see they are in the shaded garden beside the new Sasha garden.

The Water nymph pretends not to notice them invading her garden!

They decide maybe it's best if they go round to their garden area.

They check out the space.

The sun comes back out and throws the shadow of the trellis.To the left you can see the tiny patch of garden that's the twins, Violet and Sapphires.

I love the shadows playing over their faces.

They decide to move out of the sunlight because it's quite warm out of the wind.

Ollie wonders if there are any more boy's like him in the pipeline ...sorry Ollie at the moment it's just you!

He's not impressed , he was hoping for at least one other boy!

On the way back to the house they stop in the formal box garden for a photo on the metal bench.

Wondering if Mum knows how to take a photo that's not going down or up hill! They wander back towards the house and some tea and toast!.

I am happy to have managed to acquire these three in a short space of time. They make a lovely group and I look forward to seeing their characters appear over the coming year.


Sunday 26 April 2015


My 1970 Brunette Claudia is one of my most photogenic Sasha's.She was a totally unexpected buy a few years back on Ebay. She'd gone round once with no bids and then she went round again! I asked the seller if he would send to UK and he said yes, so I bid.
Now when that normally happens someone else will decide that they will also bid but this time no one else did so she came home to me!
She has lovely thick hair that if brushed loses a hair or two but this is not a problem because to me she is just gorgeous and I don't brush her hair!

Today I needed to take some photo's of a couple of dresses I am thinking of selling, so since she needed to be changed from her winter clothes, Claudia became my model.

Here she is in the studio style green dress by Susan aka Chirnside, the collar is supposed to be up but I quite liked it down this time so left it there.The dress has matching shorts style pants.

A close up

She is quite shy but soon starts to enjoy herself.

This is another studio style dress by Susan but this one has long linen pants and a pretty headband.

another close up.

Pardon? Oh yes I really should have found some better shoes to go with the dresses but if I had gone looking You'd still be waiting!.

Yet another close up..

"where are you going? Nowhere you are just moving about so people don't think you are glued to the worktop! I see !"

"I'm to take another photo while you look down as if you've seen something? Okay! "

"I'd best take another just to be on the safe side!"

"That's lovely Claudia. You can now get into your new gingham dress, pardon? Yes I will be wanting a photo of that too!"

I received my new set of gingham dresses from the Lovely Ginny of A Passion For Sasha this week and finally got round to changing a few of the girls.

First is Claudia in the red gingham.

A closer view.

Then Claudia was joined by Jenny and Agnes also wearing the new gingham dresses.

Jenny on the left is wearing Navy Gingham with Rosie Bloom sandals in Navy, Agnes is wearing Turquoise  gingham with shoes by the late Jean Jensen and socks by Sharon and Claudia's in the red also with red Rosie Bloom sandals.

I love these gingham's by Ginny, I will take a group shot when I have all the colours I want.

A closer view of the girls.


Saturday 25 April 2015


I was walking round the Range a big store here in the UK, that sells lots of different household items. Amongst the many things available are decorative items.
Paul saw this and pointed it out to me and I thought Yes it was perfect, however it was not until today that I realised that it could be used for two totally different things! So this is it.

This is what Paul pointed out a small boat style shelving unit normally used for bathrooms.Cost £24.99

So today Paul adapted it for me.

Firstly Paul removed the middle shelf and that gave me the idea for the second thing I could use it for. which was.......

A covered garden bench! Here Ashley is showing you how perfect it is.

It looks quite good against the green of the hedge.

I do have plans for Paul to make me one of the covered benches but more like the ones we have in our flower garden, but this makes a good one also.

The removed shelf was cut down and two blocks added to form a bench.

 a view of the top of the bench from the top.

Put bench seat back into the Boat!

View into boat.

And there you are, Erik seating on the bench and Zak on the back of their new boat! Yes Erik did complain it was not a long boat but agreed that it was better than no boat!.

So for very little effort a perfectly sized boat or covered bench for the Sasha's and Gregor's.


Friday 24 April 2015


Anastasia  is filled with joy that her old pupil is sudden standing before her!

"Madam!" sighs the Girl " A friendly face at last! I cannot believe it!"
" Nor I Nor I !" says Anastasia happily.

Suddenly there is lots of hugging and talking and yes a few tears as these two old friends greet each other after such a long time.
"Anoushka It is so vonderful that you are to live here vith us in the Village of the Sasha ! " she laughs gaily "It vill be like zee old days !"

"Off vith zee coat" commands Anastasia
Anoushka asks why she's not speaking in Russian
" Because child you are in England and must speak zee English !"

" You speak very good English " says Anoushka without any accent.
"And you could be zee English miss!" answers Anastasia happily " Come child let me take you to zee others so that you can be settled in "


Meet Anoushka my new no nose brunette. It was love at first sight when I saw her on Shelly's even though she was wearing an ORANGE dress I was not put off , so I knew she just had to come home to the Sasha Village.

Here she is on her arrival.

But here she is looking much better in a lovely Vintage Sasha dropped waist dress.

I must confess when I first opened the box and got her out I was unsure, so she stayed beside me while I check my emails on the computer. The the following day when I got home from work took a few photo's and changed her out of her ORANGE dress I fell back in love with her!.

Here she is with Olivia , I was surprised to find that Anoushka is petite beside Livvy! Which I love!.

Poor Livvy is still waiting for her arms to be fixed as I need a couple of brass blazer buttons and I look on ebay and they look like plastic! So I need to go hunt for some in a shop somewhere!.

I thought you might like to see her in the ballet dress facing front.

She is so pretty, I am so glad I took the plunge despite the ORANGE dress and asked for her!.