Wednesday 29 April 2020


Just some colour to brighten the day..


Monday 27 April 2020


Fresh from the oven, the rolls are for us and the bread for our next door neighbours. That Paul's getting better at this baking lark every day!


Sunday 26 April 2020


And what lovely weather we are having ! By the end of this week we'll be in May and heading towards summer and hopefully an easing of the lockdown, providing people behave as they should and not as they like!

Well It appears that the Sasha Studio , unbeknown to me, is in fact a Tardis! It is! Not in that when you go inside it's bigger than outside, no this is much more canny! What's inside is never ending! Which is why I introduced my new doll yesterday, as I'd spent most of the day inside the studio and although bags were emptied, things moved, items labelled etc, it still resembles a shop after the hordes have visited for a knock down sale!

On the plus side I am finding some ace items for the props department and also masses of clothes, well in truth masses of everything!

I started with this cupboard, more fabric, wool and a couple of boxes of assorted bits.

In the box file was the books!

 So now the bookcase is once again full for the Sashas and Gregors to enjoy a good read.

There were still bags to sort, so in I went, telling Paul if I didn't reappear he was to come and find me, I'd probably be buried under a mass of props!

 So back again today, Sunday, to try and win the battle..

I move the bears Car and Caravan out of the bottom of the cupboard so I could get more props on the shelves where I could see them. You can see three very large boxes of dolls clothes on the left by the door.

By late afternoon , I'd managed to go through two of the large boxes of dolls closes and sorted them into five smaller boxes, four of which went into the now cleared out cupboards and one is waiting to be placed. My plan is to open up this walkway !

 However to get the smaller boxes I had to empty the contents of about three of them onto the worktop!

But at least the area as you come in the door is a lot tidier, that's not a dirty carpet by the way, just shadow but I'll be able to give the place a good hoover by next weekend , she says...

 I'm labelling where I can as I go, which will make it much easier to find things once I've finished.

 Proof , in case you thought it just looked the same as Friday, these are the boxes cardboard and plastic that I emptied today , along with the red box and black bag of rubbish from Satureday!

 While I was spending time on my studio, Paul made this raised Vegetable trug for our salad veg.
More about that on our garden blog.

 I'd ask him to move our lovely old chimney pot out to the front between the trough's which he did today.

 He also put the bird of paradise plant at the end of the row, hopefully we won't get any more frosty nights and have to cover it up or bring it back in.

 The trough by the door is doing so well I'll probably have to remove a few plants to give the others more room!.

So things are coming along but very slowly so hopefully I'll be able to get the story of Louella back up and running by the first weekend in May. But now I'm off to make Granny an Apron, I found just the perfect piece of fabric while I was tidying, so at least it's starting to pay some dividends!

Hopeing you all have a lovely healthy fun filled week.


Saturday 25 April 2020


Sometimes you just need an instant doll fix, one that will arrive post haste, almost before the ink is dry on your quill ! And so it was for me the other day...

Here he is stumbling around the garden..

 A strangely dressed chap...

He's climbed up to the folly window to get a look at the lie of the land !

 mm I wonder who he is?

I suppose he could have been to a fancy dress party and got lost on the way home?

 Although there is a lockdown, so he cannot have been out to a party? Look his hair is long, maybe he's some sort of hippy type?

Whoever he is, he's taking a good look about, I hope he's not a thief !!

Now does that look like the face of a criminal? but then what does a criminal look like? He does have a certain air of mystery about him and looks quite the gent in his posh togs!

Well He's one of two things !
1/ He's the ghost of a highwayman who used to roam the village looking for his lost love !
2/ He's travelled in time from the 17 hundreds and is now stuck in 2020 in the tiny village of St.Ipps..

I know which one he is, can you guess?


Friday 24 April 2020


I decided that I would go into my studio and do a little tidying , so that I could take more photos to carry on with Louella's arrival.

This is what greeted me when I opened the door!

A gap big enough to walk through , if I move the bags on the floor!

 Bags of bits and piece's everywhere. the boxes under the living room setting contain fabrics.Behind the board leaning up against the left is in front of a double cupboard.

 Looking back towards the door.

Well I have to confess I stood and studied the place for a while, thinking that I needed to rearrange the items on the shelf area above the room settings, where I keep the bigger props but needed to clear the worktop that juts out into the room in order to be able to place things on it while I sorted them.

So I went to get the small steps I'd bought especially for the studio. However my mind had gone off on a different path by the time I returned with them. I decided I needed to clear the floor first and make better use of all the cupboards.
The double cupboard behind the boards as we entered was under used, so I decided I would put all my fabrics into that cupboard and clear out whatever was inside, to go elsewhere.

I was able to reduce the fabric boxes down to just this one at the bottom which is now labelled, the middle box was emptied and then used to put all the Christmas props in and labelled and the top box had been in the cupboard and is full of socks, tights, bags and hats and that is now labelled.

 Now the cupboard has my fabric's in various piles and there is room for me to add more ( I've still got a way to go and I will find more fabrics etc ) , the two large balls of wool are just in there for the moment.

 This little box is holding some trinkets and bead packets.

 and this box , that did have some of the Christmas props in, now has the lace and trims.

 The pram was found a place in the display cupboard and the four rabbits and the bear were rescued from a wool bag! along with......

 The elephant, the two hitty dolls and the steiff dog!

I also found this little rolling pin , that fits perfectly on the little utensil shelf I purchased recently. I now need to decided where I want this put up. On the wall you can see behind in the photo between the range and the blue kitchen unit or over by the sink?

So I cleared three large shopping bags, four small plastic bags, two paper bags, two cotton bags, one knitting bag and emptied and removed one large Emma Bridgewater red box that you can see in the first couple of photos. I rearranged the contents of five boxes, one of which is still empty ready to use as I continue my quest.

Alas the worktop still looks like this but the cupboard under it is now being used properly and I'll be able to find my fabrics much easier. So a good three or so hours work.
Tomorrow I'll go back again to continue sorting out the area as you enter into the studio tackling the double cupboard to the side and under the living room setting and the boxes still standing in front of the doll display cupboard.
Hopefully I'll be able to clear off most of the worktop at the same time. I need to get a move On or Granny will be on my case as she's make a slap up lunch for Louella and her dad !


Sunday 19 April 2020


Well the world is still going to hell in a handbasket as they say! But we here, in the village, are doing our bit to stay safe and save our NHS from becoming overwhelmed.

99 year old Captain's are walking along their front path to raise money for the NHS and have acheived an incrediable £23 million and rising and others cannot stay inside even though they have been asked to and/or told to by their doctors, but more fool them! People are still going out and shopping for cushions!!!

We are lucky in that we have a lovely long garden we can get out into to take our exercise, athough Paul does take the dogs out for a walk once a day but he as no underlying health issues and doesn't really see anyone , since this is a very quiet place. It just amazes me that people think all this does not apply to them ! I read an interesting piece the other day about people going out into the countryside for their walks and following paths and opening gates or crossing stiles etc and how someone could have been there before them and left the virus on the gate or stile and how all the people following behind  or even just one can pick it up and carry out into the public by then placing their hand onto something else! I will at this point say Paul doesn't open any gates etc on his walks infact doesn't need to touch anything but always leaves his boots by the door once home and washes himself and the dogs paws.
I do feel sorry for people with children who live in flats because they only have the streets to walk in and nowhere to play.

Well enough of the virus, what's been happening in our world this week! I have not left the house for weeks now and only go out into the garden for my exercise and fresh air. I'm working from home and am surprisingly very busy. Paul's always worked from home so he is just carrying on as normal.

So once I have finished work, I can get on with things, so we've been doing more tidying and sorting out.

I have been tidying the cupboard and using my new Kilner jars for the packaged goods. Which as now given me an idea for using up a shelving unit that's not really been used properly for years and I'm working on Paul to sort this out for me!

The up side of all this enforced staying home is you can see what needs doing and have a change around etc but the down side is you may need some things to enable you to make those changes but you cannot go out and buy them because the shops are closed!! Or the husband is still working!

This time of year is also our, it's time to visit the local garden centres and nurseries to replace plants / or buy more plants for the garden as we slowly make our way around the garden weeding and see whats been lost over the winter or where spaces need filling. Of course that cannot happen at present , so it's been looking at online nursery sites and seeing what can be ordered for delivery.
Trying to support our local nurseries where we can or having to go to specialists when we need to.

I have finally had Paul cut the piece of foam I bought to make the bottom cushion to the Ercol chair I purchased a while back , so expect to see some results in a week or six! I bought some piping cord , so will see if there is enough fabric to pipe the bottom seat cushion.

Clara's cardigan stash is growing by the day I just need that needle! either to find the one I have or the ones I ordered to arrive, then they can go off to her.

On the doll front..

I have finally managed to start on Louella's story with Granny and Bruno and the other villagers and hope to not lose the momentum because there is plenty of meat on this storyline!

I just need to get my backside in gear and keep taking the photos! Especially as the weather is lovely and sunny and warm at present,so an ideal time to get moving and ignore any household things that need doing..

I recently paid for an older Kathe Kruse doll I had on a short layaway and so she'll be heading home shortly and her brother hopefully not long after. He is naked, so I've bought him some shoes and need to knit him a sweater and make him a pair of shorts or trousers, but those may have to wait until his arrival, so I get the size right.

Well I have a lunch date with Granny, Bruno and Louella, so I'd best be off to see whats happening.

Wishing you all a lovely healthy safe week ahead.


Friday 17 April 2020


 "What are you making now Granny? " Bruno asks

" I'm trying to decide " sighs Granny " have you finished that washing up yet? It's time you went off to bed!"

Bruno goes back over to the sink.

A fair amount of time passes before Granny calls out to Bruno " Just how many times are you going to wash that same plate? "
Bruno turns with a start and a red blush " Oh mm I'm just finishing"
"Good then, off to bed "

Bruno walks as slow as only a child can when trying to delay going to bed, he pauses by the large triffle sitting on the kitchen table.

 " Wow is this for tea tomorrow!" asks Bruno excitedly, he loves Granny's triffles
"No that is for Boris " states Granny " put it over on the sideboard please "

 "Whose Boris ? " wonders Bruno
" Do you know nothing child!" demands Granny " He's the prime minister and he's had the virus and needs lots to build him up so he can come back and finish the job!"
" Now you are going to invite the Prime minister to tea? " says a stunned Bruno
" Don't be silly " Granny rolls her eyes " I'm going to post it to him"
" But it will all melt and fall out of the dish!" Bruno declares

 Granny pauses while looking in her cookbook , the child could be correct.. " Well I may not send him the Triffle " she says slowly " I may send him my famous Pavlova " she pauses to see what bruno thinks of that...
from the sideboard Bruno says " won't that get crushed if it's sent in the post? "
Quickly changing tack Granny states " I'm going to send him my famous fruit cake ! Let the post try and destroy that!"

" Well if he was feeling better that will do it " agrees Bruno " I'm sure he needs something to keep the door open " this last he says very very quietly
" Mmm what's that Bruno? " asks Granny destracted as she looks for her fruit cake recipe
" I just asked if I could have some triffle before I go to bed? "
"No! Get off with you now "

" Oh ..k.. " Bruno struggles to say, round the mouthful of triffle he's just taken, dipping his hand again into the side of the dish , he hurries off to bed

 Soon Granny's cake is baking in the oven and she's having a good moan to herself.
" It's all that Mrs Mum's fault ! I bet she started this talk about viruses just to stop me getting my shop back up and running! " she grumbles " I'll happily socially keep my distance from that one ! I think I'll add a letter with my cake to Boris stating that my shop is being kept closed when it's needed in this time of world crisis ... yes then maybe he can help me get that Mrs Mum to get her finger out and help me get.. .."

" Who are you talking to? " a girl's voice asks bewildered

Granny stills, there is something familiar about that voice...

 Turning she sees a young girl standing in the doorway " Don't stand in the door ! come here where I can see you " Granny demands.. I mean asks nicely

 Granny studies the girls face, it's slowly awakening an old memory, of a toddler from years back
" Well what do you want? " Granny asks

" I'm looking for your mistress " the girl states importantly
" My mistress.... I see " Granny returns  " and who might that be? "
" My Grandmother Mrs Fortuna "

Granny turns round and looks the girl over " Now I see " she smiles very slightly " Your grand mother Mrs Fortuna. What do you want with Mrs Fortuna ? "

" That's no business of the help " says the girl raising her chin in a haughty manner " Just tell me where she is please "

" The Help? " asks a stunned Granny " The h e l p ... "
" Well cook , housekeeper whatever " she carries on " where is she  please !"

 Spotting her holding the bowl , Granny pulls it to her side, the girl looks hungarily at the drips of the fruit cake.
" She's not here " states Granny " But I'll tell her you called by " she says in a dismissive tone
The girls shoulders drop " When will she be back? "
" Tomorrow " 

The girl turns to go " Then please tell my grandmother, I will return tomorrow " she walks a few steps " for lunch "
Granny watches her go.

 Little Louella Von Meyer , what was she doing here ? and where was that rogue of a father of hers! My poor Maria ! should never have married that pig,( Granny makes the sign of the cross,) she'd still be alive today if she'd stayed away from that man !

So they'd be back tomorrow will they ... for lunch.... so I will find out just what he's up to ! " Granny jumps as the timer for the cake goes off , she turns to remove it from the oven her mind whirling with thoughts of tomorrow...