Monday 29 July 2019


The problem with dressing a doll in an outfit you wanted to sell , is that you then remember just why you purchased it in the first place !

Sansa looks so nice in this lovely rich green almost velvet looking dress that , well I took it off sale.

 along with it's full petticoat and long pants ,which make another summer outfit on their own.

Sansa's happy and stating she thinks it will look even better at Christmas ! She could be right .


Sunday 28 July 2019


Another month seems to have shot by ! Next week we'll be welcoming August , the month when most children are off school and people and their families are away having their summer holiday.

The weather here as been HOT! yes too hot! Yes I am complaining as a true Brit would ! The hot weather was then followed by lots of lovely rain which cooled the place down so finally we were able to get a good nights sleep and the garden is soaking up all the water ready for the next hot spell.

On the hottest day last week there was a display, in the town where I work ,of knitted items to raise money for a local children's charity. I staggered down there to lend some support and see what was going on. The first thing I cam across was these streams of knitted hangings each with a little bell attached at the bottom.

Little knitted animals and creatures adorned the posts around the war memorial.

 with the Balls at each entrance covered with flowers.

I was just slightly too late to get a better photo of these young girl ballerina's posing with a group of knitted soldiers.

There was even a couple of knitted patchwork horses covering some metal benches.

There were fairies swinging in the trees

 and bollards covered with mushrooms and flowers ! It was such a shame that it was just so hot ! If I'd know it was happening I'd have taken my camera into work and spent more time look at the display and picking out the best but alas due to heat and only having my phone the shots are taken quickly before I headed back into the cool air conditioned bank. But it made for an interesting five minutes in the day.

The kitchen's came to a full stop due to the weather but I've been assured things will move on this coming week! Clearing out came to a full stop also but sales of items which are listed have ticked along nicely. So today I intend to get a few more things listed and some better photos taken of some that are already listed.

Now you would think that since I am selling dolls I'd not be tempted by any.. alas you'd be wrong ! There was a doll on sale on ebay that I'd previously considered buying, so I went off to see if she was still available, from one of the online doll shops but no. So now I realised she was no longer available, so I started watching her, checking back every few days until she was due to finish today.. should I bid I wondered... I had considered buying her before... and so it went for most of the morning, me checking back, should I bid.. do I need her?... would this be a last chance.... well I'm pleased to say her bidding suddenly shot up in the last fifteen minutes and she went for more than I'd have  been willing to pay and I was pleased I'm managed not to bid or even buy her as I did not need her!

I'm also currently resisting a doll on Shelly's site ! Which is a much more dangerous a place....

A good few of the boys have been changed into their summer wear so have been able to get outside.

Michael/ Harry finally was changed from his scout uniform, so it could be washed and used for a project for later in the year. He's enjoying wearing something different for a change.

Well due to the extremely hot weather no doll play was done, but hopefully this coming week will be more doll play friendly.

Have a happy healthy fun filled week ahead


Friday 26 July 2019


Someone is busy working  !

They are muttering away to themselves " mmm grey could be okay but I think the antique white will look better against the grain of the wood.... "

" I wonder if I could get a sample delivered by Friday? I must have a word with Frank  "

Valentine looks very busy and intent on whatever he's writing in his note book...he's not even eaten his macaroon  !

There's a lot of things in his workroom.

" maybe Percy can get it finished for Monday week? I'd best check with him!"

 Martha enters the workroom with Coco " Valentine we have a new member of the family "

" Mmm Percy may need longer than Monday week... I'd best go check.. "

"VALENTINE! " Martha raises her voice making him jump and spin round
" Martha ! I near had a heart attack !"
"Well you were talking to yourself and I want to introduce Coco  to you "

Valentine holds out his hand to shake Coco's as he crosses the room.

Laughing Coco moves forward and kisses Valentine on one cheek

 and then the other. Valentine goes a sweet shade of pink !  " oh I say!"
" In France we greet our friends and family so " says Coco

" So you are French? " asks Valentine stepping back
" Only half of me " smiles Coco " and you are the famous Valentine non "
"Oh arh non I'm not famous " laughs Valentine flushing
" But you are " smiles Coco " everyone wants you to give them the ...excellence du design.. it's you who are famous for this !"

Coughing with embarrassment Valentine looks at Coco and his heart just pauses for a single moment before starting once again... leaving him feeling strange..
"Would you like to see some of my designs ? "
" Oh C'est magnifique ! "

Turning back to his worktable, Valentine starts to show Coco what he is working on at the moment.

"and of course I helped Mum decide on the colour for the new kitchen doors, Look I'll show you the charts, I have them here somewhere "
Martha looks on ,    helped mum decide on colour for kitchen doors...... like mum cannot decide for herself... " Would you like to come and see the kitchen ? " Martha asks Coco.
" Val.. may I call you Val ? " says Coco totally unaware Martha's asked her a question " I would be hononree .. mm honored to see this charts? "

VAL! thinks Martha astonished ! last time one of the boys called him Val he landed up rolling round the garden tussling with him demanding he apologise!
"Well Val " says Martha loudly " I'll leave you and Coco to get acquainted then shall I? "

getting no answer , Martha turns and heads towards the door! Wait till she tell's the girls!

"It's great to finally have someone who appreciates good design and interior decoration !" says Valentine smiling widely
" I have always been.. how you say..sympathique a la decoration.... I would love to assistant you now I am here ? "

Martha pauses to listen before heading once more for the door...

" That would be.... " Valentine pauses a moment  " Tray Magnifique " he says blushing even redder!
Coco gives a very girly little giggle " bonne "

Martha heads off in search of the girls ...... ooh la la !


some photos of Valentines workroom




Sunday 21 July 2019


This month is rattling along at a steady rate! Alas I cannot say the same about everything else!

I cannot believe just how much time it takes to sort through a few dolls clothes .. okay a lot of dolls clothes ! I'm getting to the stage where I may list almost everything and just save a few things I just cannot live without!
Mind you , since I've been working at it all day and still have to pack and add postage to a few things and it's 9.30 in the evening , it will take me more than a month of Sundays to list the lot!

I have been fortunate and sold a few things but I'm still struggling to empty any decent sized box! Whats that saying ... less is more !

I'd like to also be able to say that all the money I've made has been put away and is building nicely! But no I have even bought a couple of things...... I know .. I know .. there is truly no hope for me! However most of the things are props! and as visual story teller always needs props , so really it's just like buying tools for a job.......right?

I've been adding new clothing to my sales page and also some non Sasha dolls , like these Gotz/ Petticollin Sylvia Natterer dolls.

Love them all but if I've looked at them once in the last year it would have been to move them out the way, so they are off hopefully, to new homes where they will get some attention.

Another problem with selling dolls etc is packaging! I'm getting to the stage where I need to start finding boxes to fit the bigger dolls and the large envelopes are starting to look depleted! So I'm going to need to order in some more! I suppose I could buy some dolls and then I'd have some more boxes... No you are right that does defeat the object !

Well on another note I did make Clara's cane chair cushion.

I made the seat cushion then decided to make a small pillow/cushion for the back.

So these are now packed and ready to be posted off tomorrow so she can get them quickly.

I was going to make the cushions for the Arts and Crafts chair today but got waylaid by sorting out all the dolls clothes etc.
Although I did also have to set up an area for the next blog post due to not having enough room in the studio due to having left things all over the place while sorting out these boxes.

I also got Michael because I wanted to wash his clothes, his short were looking a little grubby.

I also thought it would be nice for him to have a change of clothes since I did manage to change a few of the other boys yesterday.

He also came in handy to show the size of some bunnies I'm selling on my sales page and ebay. and did not complain that he was dressed in his underwear! He is still awaiting some clean clothes !

So I'm off to finish up the postage and possibly take them round to post box to save me a trip in the morning.

Have a great and healthy week ahead


I'll leave you with a sneaky peek at the  scene I need to set for the blog post, who would work in a room like this......

Friday 19 July 2019


"Percy ! Where's your shirt! It's cold outside and raining!"

"Mummmm ! Pirates don't need shirts!" complains Percy " and please be quiet I've got to make an announcement!"

" Ahoy! Ye Land Lubbers ! It be Percy the Pirate here ! Shiver me Turnips and butternut squash !
I be a tellin you all about the Parlay of all the Pi rat es in the Carrot Bean ! That will take place at
the chat n snap , where you may find a trove of treasures !
You'll need to come in ya best capt'n togs if you wish to attend the parlay or you can stay with thems old biddies that likes ta drink tea and gossip about.... ( shiver )... Sashas...
So remember only one of ya crew can attend the parley although it's been known for a stowaway or two to sneak aboard ! "

"So if ya comin ya better pay ya fee and get ya name of the parlay list , those winds will soon have a ship aheading to the Carrot Bean where the only meat eaten is by the sharks that circle the island..... "


Sunday 14 July 2019


Sunday arrives again much to speedily for my liking , as Paul and myself had this week off and have had a wonderful week, just pottering about doing things around the house and garden but with no hurry because  well we were on holiday!

My youngest daughter visited for a couple of days along with the Princess that is Clara. So her Grandee had a great time playing and reading books to her, giving her cuddles and all those other things Grandee's do.

I was able to see if she fit into an arts and crafts children's chair I bought a while back. When it came I was worried it was too small and narrow but she was able to sit in it fine and enjoyed eating her lunch while sitting in it.
The chair is shown here in the photo I shared on Friday, on the right with Teddy sitting in it.

The cane chair I have had for years , it's still a little on the high size for her, she needs to climb into it.

Here she is eating her lunch but being disturbed by the dogs in the other room making a noise.!

Of course I'd not got round to making the cushions for both chairs and also realised that this sweet wooden one needs some reglue-ing and clamping because it was pretty wobbly , when it suddenly had a tot and not a ted sitting in it!
So the wooden chair's stayed with me and the cane chair's gone home with Clara .

I have had a few successes in my clearing out. I had two very large boxes, both of which were full of old photo albums, they'd been moved from elsewhere and then just sat around in the way for ages .

Well I spent a couple of hours removing all the photos from the albums, getting rid of lots of photos that were just of the scenery , just keeping a couple or scenic views in each album. So these two boxes are now empty and out in carport waiting to be used elsewhere or given away and all the photos are now in just one small box on top of the wardrobe!

Here is a photo of the new box of photos! Tiny compared to the two above this one.

I was so pleased with how this worked out that I got three huge boxes from my doll studio and was determined to turn three into two, by selling on some clothes towards Coco's adoption fees and also having a general clear out of unused things.. Not only did I get the three large boxes I then went back for a few bags and smaller boxes !
Soon I was surrounded by a sea of clothing for various sized dolls!

By late afternoon , early evening I started listing a few on the blog sale page and then gave a link on the bazaar and added a few on ebay! So I was getting messages , along with offers and purchases from all over the place.
Which was lovely but I had to keep my wit's about me or I could have landed up selling something twice!

This morning I've been busy packing everything that sold and doing the postage online, while also dealing with any other sales.
I planned to stop and make Clara's chair cushion but the new fabric I'd bought for this reason smelt very chemically when I found the bag it was in, so that's now on the washing line having been washed and once it dries I'll make her cushion.

She's having a field of rabbits on her cushion.

Paul did do some work on the kitchen, putting the infill piece in the corner and fitting and painting the door under the sink.

We've also fitted a cupboard above the range cooker which will have one long door. We need to empty the cupboards on the left, so that can be moved over to fit snug against this new cupboard.

The new fitted microwave's arrived, so now Paul can make the door to the cupboard above as the internal shelves had to be moved to fit.

So not too far to go, some base/kick boards, infill piece for top corner, door to new over range cupboard, tiles, repair and repaint all the walls.... mm okay .. maybe still a fair bit to do .. but we are getting there ..slowly!

Well I'm off to continue sorting out these boxes, I've yet to have a completely empty and redundant box of any size! I did manage to empty a bag.... however I've filled another one with post!

but at least that will be empty once I've walked round to the post box later this evening.

Well I wish everyone a lovely healthy week ahead , I'll be back with more on Coco and her meeting with Valentine later this week.