Sunday, 2 October 2022


 Yes, I know October! Only a couple of months until Christmas, it's no good saying don't say that because it's coming whether we are ready or not!

I was glad to see the back of September, what with Paul's dad taking ill on the 1st, then the queen passing away on the 8th and then Paul being unwell on the 12th! 

But his dad was 101 yesterday! A great age, I am reading a book called Queen of our times by Robert Hardiman about the life of Elizabeth 2nd. In it, it mentions that in 1955 395 telegrams were sent out to people celebrating a one hundredth birthday in Britain or in one of the Commonwealth realms, in 1990 that figure was 3715 and in 2020 (now a card not a telegram) the total was 16254.

So, more people are living longer but then that figure is still only a tiny amount if you compare it to the total population of the countries involved.

Paul had his covid booster the day before his birthday, which is also the 1st, and then was feeling rough on his birthday! So, this months, not started that well either! I just hope it doesn't go the way of last month!

Especially with the Chat n Snap happening in a few weeks, I can see everyone arriving to find just me and Lindsey trying to set the place up and get the food sorted! So, I am glad I changed the theme to one that won't involve much and not the usual stage display made and set up before everyone arrives. 

The week as been one of a little bit of gardening.

We decided to take out this climbing rose that is right down the end of the garden and to the side. We had cut if back a couple of years ago, but it had regrown and was hanging more over our neighbour's garden than ours and also climbing through a couple of small lilac trees and inferring with their development. There were two of these thick stems, one half I had already cut back the branches from and cleared away, but Paul needed to get the saw out to remove these.

In this photo you can see the stem going round and through a winter honeysuckle bush then turning up and through the lilac and over towards next door. The rose being the big stem you see near the top of the photo. I did consider if we could pull it forward and take it across above the path but there was too much going the wrong way.

The lilacs after the rose were taken out and cut up. Much lighter and that will help it thrive.
While I was working up there, I kept hearing this tinny sound every so often, I thought someone was working in the garden a couple of doors over. When Paul arrived to cut the thick rose stem back, I mentioned it to him, and he looked over and said its acorns falling from the tree and hitting their metal shed!

This is an enormous oak that stands on the recreation ground behind their garden, but half of the branches overhang their back fence, it is heaving with acorns. If there were any squirrels around that would be set for winter with loads to spare. We have a small very small oak tree that's appeared in our border that faces this as shown in the photo but further over, so now we know where the acorn came from!

On the doll front I sold a non-Sasha doll and bought a Gregor waif, but he is my donation to the CnS raffle so really doesn't count, oh and I bought a Gotz Hannah for Clara for either her Christmas or Birthday present I have yet to decide which.
For myself I only bought a few second-hand clothing for non-Sasha dolls. I am trying to wait for the CnS to make some purchases for the Sashas.

I came across this old photo of a sixties style outfit I put together years ago and then sold later, yes, I know once I should have kept but hey! I could make up another one sometime...

Don't forget doll photo day on the fifth,

Have a lovely healthy fun filled week 


Saturday, 1 October 2022


 A new month and a 'new' Elizabeth get's changed.

She tells me that the sweater is wonderful as are the shoes but really that skirt is not her! But it will do for now!

She felt sure there was a crown with her name on it! I said crowns don't have names on and she gave me a look!

Then asking if I'd finished taking photos and when I said yes, she replied, as she walked off. that she'd be going through the clothing and making a list of what I'd need to purchase at this Chat n Snappy thing that the others had mentioned !

Mmm why is I always get the Sasha's with attitude?..

Sunday, 25 September 2022


The weeks seem to be passing quite quickly as usual, so although we feel like we are getting things done, the time does seem to be running out before winter will rush in.

It will soon be time for the Chat n Snap, but I did alter the theme due to everything that's happened so far this month, to make it easier for Paul. I have changed the theme to Royalty in honour of Queen Elizabeth the second and the new King Charles. So hopefully there will be some snazzy dressed Sasha's and Gregor's cutting the rug as the saying goes.

Not much has been happening here apart from the never-ending quest to get the garden sorted.
We have been working on the flower garden, which is the first section you walk into via the metal gate.
It did have the bearded Iris bed in the centre, but although beautiful when the plants were in flower, it turned into a weeding nightmare ever after.

At one point we were going to keep the iris bed but turn it into a colourful flower bed and build a circular path around it but now we have decided to remove the iris bed and completely pave a central circle around the sun dial increasing the flower beds slightly to meet the edge with small paving off to reach the covered benches and the way to and fro. So, all the grass needs to come up and the circle dug out! 

Elsewhere in the family exciting things have happened...

After waiting nine years my youngest daughter, parent to the princess and prince, has finally fulfilled her wish to have a cat.
And not for her any old moggy, no, a beautiful Maine Coon kitten!
Above is a photo she shared of Clara and the kitten checking out the front view.
I have to say seeing this beautiful kitten did make me wonder about getting one but then Mabel came through meowing constantly for, yet another dish of food and I suddenly went completely off the idea! So, I will be enjoying their cat when I visit. 

She is called Nimue, since her dad's called Merlin. And yes, I am a little jealous, but it won't last once Mabel sees someone move and starts meowing for more food again!

On the doll front, I have just received as I mentioned a new to me Sasha, who I will show more photos of this week. I'm trying to find her look.
I have not been actively selling or buying, so nothing much happening there.

Although I did receive a wonderful gift from a wonderful friend, who bought a Gotz doll and didn't like the new style of joints, so sent her to me as a gift because she knew I loved this dolls face and they are rarely made, so getting hold of one is hard and also expensive.

She reminds me of my granddaughter Clara, with her big blue eyes and white, blonde hair and her sweet full cheeks.

Well, not much else to say but have a happy healthy doll filled week


Friday, 23 September 2022


 On Thursday 15th the post woman kindly delivered a few parcels, and I immediately spotted the doll box! I'd last tracked the doll a few days back and she was still in the US, so I was surprised to see her box.

I saw her on a US site a few months back and just fell for her, if anything I should have walked away as I could have picked a very similar girl off UK ebay but you know what it's like when you see one you love, you just have to go with it.

Anyway, I fell and paid her off a couple of weeks back and she was on her way. Of course, during her travels, our Queen passed away, so she was a nice lift when she appeared.

She is very minty looking and white strings so a 1970 girl.

Her string is a little weak, but I think that's more due to age than her being handled.

On the day she arrived in one of the other parcels was this..

A castle hall! Not for the Sasha's I might add but for some mice and some small bears I already own.

Also, in the post that day was a book on some dolls given to the Queen and Princess Margaret, so you can guess where this is heading.

Yes, she can only be called Elizabeth after everything, the queen, castle rooms, book etc! I will probably call her Beth for short, but she is named for the late queen.

Now she's off for a wash and a change of clothes and to meet her new siblings.

Tuesday, 20 September 2022


 I did not post here after the sad death of her majesty Queen Elizabeth the second, I found along with many others, that it was very much like losing a close member of the family. I have spent most of that time watching the coverage of the late queen's journey from her estate in Balmoral to Edinburgh, the scenery shown as the camera's high in the helicopter, followed her car made one understand just why she loved her home in Scotland so much, the raw beauty was a sight to behold.

 Her laying in state in Edinburgh, then her journey on to London and her journey to Westminster Hall where again she lay in state for people to pay their respects. I thought her flag draped coffin and guards were a perfect tribute to such a wonderful monarch, who served this country along with many others beautifully for seventy years.


Whether you agree with a monarchy or not, the queen was a remarkable woman who served her country and the Commonweath from the moment she came to the throne. She was also a mother, grandmother and great grandmother who did her best as all mothers do, sometimes we get it right sometimes not.

As a country we do pomp and ceremony extremely well and so it was with her majesty's funeral a beautiful, glorious sight from the military getting ready, to the final church service at Windsor. Nothing quite so tear jerking as watching the piper play and leave the church as the queen's coffin is lowered into the vault, the sound of the pipes slowly receding.


I thought the wreath of flowers on the coffin from King Charles were gorgeous.

Such care had been taken with them adding rosemary for remembrance and myrtle from a plant grown from her majesty's wedding bouquet. Oak for strength among other things.

It's been lovely to see the crowds of people paying their respects over all the days since it happened up until yesterday, her funeral.

No doubt the media will be sharpening their pens to stir the pot about the royals, costs, relevance, etc it is such a shame that no one allows people time to recover before the boot goes in.

I myself will be looking at the wonderful photos and gathering the information on the beautiful flowers of Charles wreath and quietly moving forward.


Monday, 5 September 2022


 September is here and so is the fifth, so let's share those lovely photos you have sent in.

Over at RoRoPo, Adelheid and Holly are out in the garden checking out the plants that are flowering.

They both add some more colour to this colourful garden, little gems of colour themselves.

Will, Marco and Miles from Grgeoropolis insisted that after those girls took centre stage last month, that it was time for an all-boy appearance. And what a great trio of early lads they are all, those brooding good looks and attitude! You are always welcome lads

From Wendy, in Australia, we have a Miss Dolly Schoenhut doll, who she has patiently, strand by strand brought the hair back to its crowning glory. 

Magda's been out in the garden checking out the new folly window and wall, I think she approves!

She is also feeling happy because Mum finally changed her out of her spring outfit!

Many thanks to everyone sending their doll photos for the post. Still time to add more, just get them sent in.


Sunday, 4 September 2022


 It's been a bit of a chaotic week! First off, we suddenly found there were still eight fish! After only seeing two for days, I suddenly counted another six hiding down among the pots. So just one goldfish seems to have vanished/been eaten? who knows.

However, Saturday Paul found one floating on the top, so we are now down to seven but five of them were finally up eating and rushing about, similar to how they were before. We will wait to see how it goes but nice to know only one fish vanished and not seven, so we don't need to go and get some more.

Also, this week Paul's dad took unwell and spent most of Thursday sitting outside the hospital waiting for them to find him a cubicle inside. At one stage there were seventeen ambulances waiting with patients with some coming and going. It didn't look good first thing in the morning, and we were all fearing the worse, then a couple of hours later he was awake and seeing his granddaughter sitting beside him eating a sandwich, said he was hungry and scoffed down the other half!

He also requested Paul leave the packets of biscuits the ambulances people had given us when it was time for us to leave him to sleep! He is now up and about but still in hospital while they try to work out what happened! So, he appears fine while the rest of us get over the stress!

Naturally that meant not much else happened this week.

On the doll front, I sold another doll and some clothing and some props which was nice and made a bit of space. We won't dwell on the fact that three non-Sasha dolls arrived although I will share a photo.

I do actually have a Sasha on her way to me also. I really should not be spending on the dolls with everything else than needs doing but sometimes you need to have a little treat or three!

Tomorrow is the fifth, so if you have any doll photos to share, please send them along, so we can all see them.

Now I'm off to sort out my photo for the fifth.

Have a lovely healthy happy doll filled week ahead



Friday, 2 September 2022



Arabella is outside checking over some plants we have bought for the garden.

" These plants seem to have multiplied. " Arabella states" and why all these ones the same? "

" Well because they will survive hot weather, they love hot weather, and we had a discount voucher so decided now was the time to get them"

"And what's with all this grass! " 

"Those three behind you, was one big one that had planted itself between the edge of some paving! So, dad finally took it up and split it into three clumps and we'll replant it in the flower borders"

" But Grass? " Queries Arabella 

" Yes, grasses in the borders are very in these days"

" Mm " She's not convinced

" Now can I ask you a question? " I ask

Arabella nods

"Why are you dressed like some hoodlum in a vest and boots?"

"Mother I am dressed like this because of the weather and being outside" she rolls her eyes as if I'm stupid for not knowing " and just because I am dressed so, does not mean I am a hoodlum? You should Never judge a book by its cover!"

With that she walks over to!

" Where did you find that? I thought I'd hidden that away!"

" I found it where you left it, in the old studio. Now I cannot stay to chat I have to go see Aunty Plum about getting this scooter pimped!"

" Getting it what! " I gasp but she's already riding away " Where's your HELMET?" I yell to her disappearing back 

"Wherever you hid it!" drifts back to me as she vanishes out of sight!

Monday, 29 August 2022



Yes, the folly is finished! More details and photos on the garden blog, see side bar. Paul's done a fabulous job and should be very proud of his hard work.

Now I can let him rest a few days before the next job....... lol

Sunday, 28 August 2022


 Finally, the weather is more like our normal summer although still missing a few decent downpours! Some of the trees are dropping their leaves having moved themselves into autumn colour first, so they can reduce their need for water, which we are not getting.

It's been strange watching other parts of the country deal with flash floods and thunderstorms while we remain basically dry.

It's been very much a house and garden couple of weeks, with a few things arriving for being collected.

We bought three pieces of stained glass from a lady who lived about twenty minutes away. This is Paul holding one of the two matching pieces up behind the bench in the pond garden while we decide the best place for them to go.

I had also seen some old stained-glass windows that would be perfect for when Paul makes some folding doors for the front of the carport and although that won't be happening anytime soon. It's best to get things when you see them rather than miss the chance and not be able to find what you want later.

So, the next day we went in other direction and collected the four windows which we got for a bargain price.

We will store them in their old frames until we need to use them.

Then we had to go out a third day running because while listing something on fb marketplace to sell, I came across two stone/concrete long planters. I wanted one to go beneath the new folly window Paul was building and this was two at a very good price. So, we set off yet again to collect something.

Both would probably fit along the bottom of the new wall, but I'll just try one to start with, my only gripe if I have one, is that the one the other side looks a lot older and more like stone than these but then again it cost three times the price than these two just for that one.

So, this is fine, and should I see something more suitable in the future I can always use these elsewhere in the garden. 

We also caved in and both two small heads for the new folly wall, from Marcus, the maker of our other recent pieces.

Eleanor of Castile and Edward 1st of England, Edward was called Edward longshanks due to his height. Eleanor bore him 15 children and when she died twelve crosses were erected at each of the places her body rested on its way back to London and what were villages at that time called Waltham and Charing, are now known as Waltham Cross and Charing Cross for that reason. You can still see the original medieval cross standing in Waltham Cross.

Paul has almost finished the 'new' folly wall and we should be able to add the two heads shown above in next couple of days, then I'll share a photo or two.

We did have a small disaster! The beautiful goldfish who would swim round in a shoal and come to the front when they heard Paul's footsteps on the gravel, when it was feeding time, suddenly vanished! Out of the nine fish that were in the pond only two appear to still be around!

I think the Heron finally caught a flash of their golden bodies in the sunshine and popped down for breakfast the other morning! The stupid plastic floating protectors obviously didn't save them! I'm not surprised as they moved around the water and would leave gaps, heron fishing sized gaps at the side! So Paul said we'd not get more fish but then we saw one! It appears two managed to avoid the menu and are still around. So now we will fit the metal protection to the pond, although it doesn't make for a good look, the fish need it, and we will buy some more to replace the fishing ones. A sorry tale but I should have trusted my instincts, when I saw that flimsy plastic and used the metal! 

The useless protector!

What we will now be using! 

On the doll front well to say I slipped down the slope is to be very conservative! I zoomed down it like a professional on steroids! Not content to just have finished my layaway Sasha, no I had to see a black-haired Gotz Hannah so snapped her up. Not content with that I then went on to buy another two Gotz happy kid dolls! Slip, slide and splat! I don't buy many of these dolls and have just a few that I love however these last two have a different face sculpt that I didn't have but have always liked and missed out on, as always leaving a discission until it was too late, and they sold out. So now I have two that should get the need out of the system... she says! 

Then not content with that, I put my name into a draw to be able to buy one of the Gotz chosen dolls that are exclusive to, My Doll Best Friend, thinking they weren't due until September and then the chance of my name being called well... 

Not only was my name called but it was this week just gone! So that's another doll heading this way!

So luckily, I sold a doll and some dolls clothing and have several other items listed to hopefully sell over the coming week or so. I have at last started on selling again, things I never use and that have been sitting around for ages. Some I will be sad to see go but I just need to find some sort of balance with these things! I cannot keep telling myself I can give them to the grandchildren! I only have the two and their mum would be shocked at the number of things I think they could have at some stage! So, trimming these items needs to happen! I mean three galleons could be two too many? :)

At least the weather has cooled down and yes, we are still having some hot days, we have also had some cloudy ones, which can make all the difference.

We are almost into September! So, I must start getting myself organised for the Chat n Snap, so it's not all last minute.

Have a great week ahead




Sunday, 14 August 2022


 Well, it appears the dry and hot weather is carrying on until Monday! After another week of the temperature ever increasing, I had hoped their forecast of a big drop in temperature form Monday was going to happen but now it seems another day and night to get through!

The promise of even a dash of rain never seems, to arrive along with rumours of thunderstorms! another myth, at least around these parts!

So, very little getting done around here at present and likely to remain that way while the weather tries to fry us!

Who among you read books? I ask because I have so many books I have recently read and have nowhere to actually put them without making things/places look untidy. So, do you read actual physical books? or do you kindle your books? 

I'm beginning to feel I should maybe treat myself to a kindle and start having books that way, much cheaper and no issues storing them etc. But on the other hand, I love having a physical book when I read! Maybe some of you avid readers out there, who maybe now use a Kindle can tell me if it's worth going along that route?

The newspaper I read is trying to encourage people to buy the paper in an online form, again it would be cheaper, save having to go and get one but cannot decide!

Part of me thinks, from an environmental standpoint, reducing the physical newspaper/ book will save lord knows how many trees, which we need to save the plant but the other side of me thinks will I be happy just reading from a kindle/laptop? 

Just a few that have found a space in front of others on a shelf!

However, on the doll front chaos is reigning!  I have just finished a layaway and then committed to another one! Bad! A friend offered me a doll who used to live here, and I'd love to get her back, so she is on the backburner.

Meanwhile I sold two Schoenhut dolls to a friend and did buy a couple of cheap outfits for a couple of my non-Sasha's who have been stuck in their original clothing for years! But the rest of the money is needed towards the garden remodelling!

I have been supposed to sort through more of the unused clothing to sell, but that's not happened yet! Part of me thinks sell it all and just keep what doesn't sell and start again but another side is, but I like all the clothes and some you cannot get hold of so easily anymore!

Poor Monica is still dressed as if she's off to visit for Sunday tea while all her siblings are mostly dressing in shorts and tee's. So that is something I will be doing this coming week, changing a few of the dolls into summer clothes because that is sure to bring along colder rainy weather.

I'll probably not be blogging for a few weeks, although I may put on a photo now and then, but I will be back on 1st September with a tale or two.

So, have a lovely healthy fulfilled couple of weeks and I will return soon


Sunday, 7 August 2022


 The time is definitely escaping around here! No sooner am I up, I turn round and its nearly lunchtime and then, late afternoon, evening and then midnight! 

Around ten-ish this morning I thought I must do the blog post and then, it's now a quarter past eleven and the days nearing its end!

So, I am dashing in quick before it's too late for a Sunday catch up.

I have had a lovely week, the weather was much better, more the usual English summer, cool breeze, baking sun when it escaped the clouds, all that was missing was the rain! and if the forecasters are to be believed we won't be getting any for at least the next ten days or so! The more plants in the garden are suffering and could so do with a mini monsoon to allow the ground to have a good chance to soak in some water!

We had a lovely day with the grandchildren on Thursday, they are growing up so fast and are always such a joy to be with.

Thursday was eye test day, this is for diabetes check, so they put in drops that make your pupils enormous, this time the lady put in loads, which meant I did have trouble making may way back to the car in the bright sun even with my reactor light glasses, I needed a hat really to help and it took until the following morning for them to revert back to normal. Oh, and don't panic I didn't drive home being unable to see, Paul had driven me, but I did start to phone him to ask where the car was, when he appeared behind me, having done a bit of shopping while he waited.

For once I managed to put a few household/garden items onto ebay while they had a reduced fees offer on.

One of the things we sold was this glass cloche, now listen to how fate? can be at work. It was on Ebay and I got a couple of offers by the time I got up the following morning, but too busy to answer them at the time, I left it and by the time I went back bids had been made, but one of the bidders stated they were not far away and did I have a BIN price. 

I don't believe it's fair to change from an auction to a bin if bids have been made, so explained this and left it, to run. Now it was finishing on Saturday, which just happened to also be the day Lindsey was going to a friend's housewarming party about half n hour away, Paul dropped her off and arranged a time to collect her.

The auction ended and the winner messaged to ask for detail about collecting, well when I looked, I saw it was the man who said he lived nearby, which just happened to be in the town Lindsey was in! I said we could drop it off when we collected Linz, if he made payment and told him the road we were going to. He paid, messaged his address and we told the cloche with us, picked Lindsey up, then put his address in the satnav, it turned out he lived in a road two roads down from where we had collected Lindsey!!! Fate or what?? It's a strange old world!

Paul's been building the folly wall and is two rows away from needing the window to continue! Problem's been deciding which window or windows to get for this side!! Finally settled on which one today, so will order it tomorrow and hope it doesn't take weeks to arrive! 

On the doll front, no dolls arrived, and no dolls have left! I have been very slow in sorting things and making decisions! Must be an age thing as I used to be so decisive! 

I did have a prop arrive for them but with the weather planning to get hotter, it may have to wait until the week after next to be used!!

Wishing you all a happy healthy week ahead


Friday, 5 August 2022


 Yes, it's the fifth of August, so doll photo day and we have some lovely photos to share.

Let's get started.

Over in Wales, Jenni's boy Robin is glad to have escaped from the sock she keeps sticking on his head to tame his hair! He doesn't want his hair tamed; he likes it wild and woolly! Finally, out wearing his new cheer up the Gregors outfits, he's loving it.

Well Robin thought he'd escaped until mum grabbed him to try on the new waxed coat and hat!

Don't worry, being in Wales there has been plenty of rain while the rest of us roast!

Over the pond, Steve's girls, Jennifer, Carolyn, Lara and Heather (a lovely group of 68's) are looking hopefully at dad, having asked for an ice cream. He's trying to decide if they'll drop it down their clothing so should he offer them a bowl of ice cream rather than a lolly! 

Here in the village, Ashley and Martha are having a picnic in the new pond garden.

Looks like they have a nice feast 

Hildie's boy Rick is wondering if he could dip his head under this tap without mum telling him off!

It's very warm and how's a boy to cool down without a nice soak?

Many thanks to everyone to sending in photos for the post, still time to add more, just send them in.