Tuesday 28 July 2015


Just how much food do Sasha's and Gregor's need!!

It would appear loads!! These are really good for using with Sasha's, they are rubbers/erasers including the Milk carton at the side. the tubs of Ice cream are lips balms.

More food that Carol kindly gave me that's from the my generation range.

What's one to do but stock the fridge!

And the freezer

and slip in a loaf and some biscuits!!

The remaining food was put in a box and into the drawer for safe keeping.

I got this basket of 'fresh' fruit & veg off Shelly's site a while back.

These little items were given to me by Olive aka Hagnolly along with a lovely gingerbread man apron.

There maybe more!!  I'm still sorting through the boxes and bags!!



On Sharon's blog, see side bar, she showed us some of the beautiful commissions she's been working on, this time for a Kaye Wiggs doll. Check her page out if you have not already, the outfit is perfection on a doll!

She discovered that the dungaree's she'd made would fit Sasha with just a small adjustment or two. She'd also made a sleeveless hooded jacket, which she had meant to try on her Sasha but forgot and wrapped and posted.

Well I am very fortunate to own one of these hooded jackets, so offered to put mine on a Sasha to so she could see the fit etc.

So here are the photo's for Sharon.

So Ashley volunteered to do the trying on.

With hood up.

close up.

and back view.

I think it looks great and with a little tweak would be a perfect fit for our Sasha's.

Of course Elfine the owner of this hooded jacket insisted that she must also be seen wearing it, so People could get an idea of WHO it was meant for!!

It is of course windy today but Elfine did a very good job of standing firm.

 Back view.

Her hair is blowing in the wind!

A close up

Well I hope the fact that this hooded Jacket fits Sasha's does not cause trouble, Elfine is not one to Share her clothes, well share anything really, her being an Elf Princess!!


Sunday 26 July 2015


Well between work and the rain this week I have been very slow at moving things into my Studio but I have been steadily working at it and other things. I finally made two mattresses for two of the dolls beds, so they can be used properly .

The very lovely Sarah Price gave me these little wooden letters last year at the Chat n Snap, so they finally have a place in the Studio above the dividing wall windows.

I have been loading up the cupboard with bits and bobs that have been sitting around in boxes or bags or just on a shelf in the Sasha room.This is the tip of an iceberg.....

I moved the bike, scooter and Mr Mossy's bus over onto the large long shelf until the new shorter shelf's put up.

Things are arriving and being found a place just temporary while I get it all in.The shopping bag I used to carry things down in due to it keep raining.

 I decided to open the kitchen set and these are the goodies stores on the front of the fridge freezer.

and this over the cooker and sink.Even a little hands free phone!

Finally out of the box and looking good! This were very well wrapped and took a while to remove but this meant everything was in perfect condition.

I was worried that it would be a little small against the Sasha's and was making plans to maybe put a little plinth underneath to raise it slightly.

But when I went and got Ashley ,it's the perfect size ! But still wondering whether to raise it slightly ?maybe an inch? or less?...so it was level with that AG table?...

However this dresser that I picked up cheap in a local shop a few years back looks quite tall, so I am wondering about asking Paul to reduce the height slightly by cutting the bottom level? Also I believe this was made from an article in a wood work magazine, so it's far from perfect but  someone's Dad or Mum made it with love, so I will work with it. I think that I will rub it down and paint it to match in with the new kitchen.
What do you all think?

Going back to this photo , I was thinking I'd have to paint the dresser red but if you look to the left you can see the AG baking table in a lovely blue which I think complements well with the red of the cooker, so I am thinking to paint the dresser in a close as I can get blue with some paper that maybe as red in it for the back wall of the dresser shelves. Opinions please  :)

Well due to all the rain , I realised I would need a doormat to wipe my feet on when the weather was not at it's best, so said to Paul about going out to get one and also the small length of shelf I needed to finish the job.
Now I am trying not to spend too much on this refit but well B&Q is a wondrous place ! So slipped well down a slope while in there!

First up I bought this grey and silver lamp to act as a standard lamp in the living room, I figured it would help add some light on the darker days when I was blogging. It comes in beige or grey I chose the grey because the walls of this room will be quite pale so the grey will stand out more and not vanish into the background.

Then I saw and fell in love with this hall runner which was the perfect size to fit in my Studio and a good colour contrast to my floor! So a totally unplanned purchase ! I have not laid it down and won't until everything's in and finished . But now whereas I was going to just use anything to do the job I am now colour coordinating!! So for the curtains I was just going to use some of the fabric I found , I'm thinking they now need to 'fit' as I cannot have something that jars against what else is there!! Nightmare!! It's just a Studio in the garden !!! but I know it's too late! It's got to look lovely!! So hoping I am not going to have to go and find some fabric...but the fabric monster in my head is saying ...well you could just see what's available in the reduced bins.........in Laura Ashley!!

The view from the studio doorway , wet stones but a nice place to think on a sunny or dry day or to gaze out at on a wet one!

The view about to be blocked by Paul bring round my new shelf, he's just cut down to the correct size.

The shelf in place , just needs Paul to get some small screws to fit the back to the brackets and then It can have the bikes etc back on there.

So slowly getting there....I wonder if Paul could cut the uneven top detail on that dresser straight?... Paul....




Congratulations Ellen on your winning entry, I must say that I did love this photo as soon as it arrived in my email box. Such attention to detail and a great subject. Can almost hear those seagulls !

Many Thanks to all of you who  kindly sent in their photo's it was a excellent set of entries this month and was going to be very close until that last minute surge of voters.
Plus thank you to all those who take the time to vote.

Looking forward to August crop of wonderful photos!


Friday 24 July 2015


Hello Auntie Sarah

We'd like to Thank you Please

For making us these outfits
That cover up our knees!

For an English summer
we all know oh so well
can change from  so beautiful
to a living hell!

And so we thank you kindly
for covering our knees
It helps to stop our underpants
swinging in the breeze

Our Knees are warm and snugly
It's stop the breeze's raise
which on a very  windy day
makes water from our eyes!

So Thank you Auntie Sarah
For covering our knees
we love our new outfits
Anoushka Olivia and Me!


I love the Turquoise outfit by Sarah so much on Magda that I cannot bring myself to change her yet! But wanting her Button Nose sisters to be dressed the same I asked Sarah if she could make a few more of these cropped trouser outfits the next time she was due to list.
And so I was able dress Anoushka and Olivia to match Magda which looks so sweet.

So before the rain arrives I had a little photo shoot with the girls so they could show off their new outfits.

I was going to hunt out some yellow socks for Anoushka to wear but quite like her in just the sandals.

Here I have used the backboard so that the girls stand out without any distraction.

Also the girls hair is now in bunches which I think suits them all.




Three little button nosed girls, who'd have known!