Thursday 31 May 2012


"Come along Bertie. Mum says you need a nice walk "

" Look at these pretty flowers, Bertie"

"Oh Look at all the lovely Wisteria! Mum will be so happy, the snow destroyed her other two last year and only this one is left!"

Turning the corner they meet Drago, the little dragon. " Hello" says Mitzi politely " I'm just taking Bertie for a walk "
" Huffo Mitzzi" Mumbles the dragon very loudly, Bertie's not too sure he wants to get close to the dragon!
"What's wrong with your voice?" asks Mitzi.

" I havef a toootf ack"
" A toof ack?"
Mitzi looks at the dragon puzzled then she works out what he said " Oh you have a tooth ache!"
" Oh poor you! I'll go and get you some medicine"

She hurries indoors to find her mum.

She tell's the other girl's about poor Drago's tooth ache and they all go searching for their mum, they know she will help make it better, that's what mum's do best !

Wednesday 30 May 2012





I HATE WAITING..................................

Tuesday 29 May 2012


and looking on Ebay when I came across a brunette Gregor, It was very late at night and I looked at him, he ignored me! So I went on my merry way only to find myself back giving him the once over! He continued to pretend I was not there and one thing led to another and I had purchased him!!!

I have no idea how it happened ! Truly! I do not need another 70's Brunette boy ! I was not looking for another brunette boy! but It would appear that something out there decided that I did!!

So here are some pictures of  Dominic, yes his name came to me before I knew I was going to buy him and settled as soon as I had made the purchase and was going off to bed!!

Here he is on arrival wearing all his original clothing.

Here he is after a wash and change of clothe's.Lucky for him a pair of Dollydoodles shorts arrived today
so he nabbed them and one of the DD t shirts . I'm sure that the stone guardian is looking at him and thinking
" What! another one!"
He has also nabbed a pair of JJ euro shoes.

I do like the Brunette boys with their deep brown eyes.

He was not overly impressed when I placed him in this patch of Daisies until I pointed out that there was a pile of bricks behind him but he said I was not to show this picture to any of his new family, I agreed, to keep the peace and get my photo!

Sunday 27 May 2012


Well today has been very hot and not a lot of shade available in my south facing garden but managed to find a spot to take a couple of pictures, one of which I have put here.Miriam is modelling my classic summer hat which I am selling on blog and on ebay.

Friday 25 May 2012


I do love Helena of Dolliepatch's clothes.She puts such detail in them and they are usually sets of several pieces.I have been fortunate to obtain a few of her outfits over the last couple of years.Most I have purchased new and one second-hand, well worth keeping an eye open for.

Despite the heat some of the girl's agreed to model them for me and here we have Claudia in a pink check warmer dress most suited to autumn or winter. She is wearing Rosie Bloom sandals.

Now here is Violet in a pretty lilac striped dress.Which was the first one I ever bought, I especially love the under garments with this dress a lovely multi blue's,white and lilac stripe.

Sapphire is wearing a lovely warm brown striped dress with cross stitching detail, this also comes with a lace collar but due to the temperature today I gave up searching for it.

And of course we have Hattie in the latest addition to the collection.

Now here is one of the reason's I love these outfits, these are the petticoats! But to me they are a lovely set of summer dresses just perfect for this heatwave we are having at the moment.The girl's are also wearing their favourite JJ sandals.

The girl's move in a bit closer so that they can show you......

their long under pants that can also be used as cropped trousers with a little T shirt! So a very versatile set of clothes.And we even got Hattie to remove her hat! But not for long.


When I saw this dress I just loved the big bold bright print and the beautiful colour of the petticoat and so did Hattie!
She watched worriedly as the auction passed and was so happy when we won.

Hattie insisted that she be the first to wear the new Dolliepatch . She as teamed it with a red hat I did explain that a nice purple or pink would maybe look better to which I just received the the look!

I did at least manage to get her to wear purple JJ sandals .

Now to me this is one of the beautiful things about Helena's sets, she adds these lovely petticoats and matching pants, which to me are another outfit of summer dress and cut off's.
Here Hattie is modelling the petticoat as a summer dress and her strange but bright combination of purple sandals, red hat and pink dress go well together.
I just wonder how long the other girl's will have to wait for Hattie to let them wear it!

Friday 18 May 2012


When I adopt a new Sasha or Gregor into the family I like to have a brand new outfit ready for them to change into after they have washed away any travel dust.
But for some reason (could be several arriving at the same time!) Ginnie my No navel red haired Sasha did not have a new outfit, I did try one on her but was not happy with it, so she had to make do with a hand me sideways....

But a couple of weeks ago I gave in and purchased an outfit I have been admiring on Ruth Hartley's site for several months.It was very hard to decide which colour to go for and then made some what easier when two of the colours were already sold out.

So finally Ginnie gets to be the first to wear this outfit.
It is green and beige with mustard coloured shoes.

Here is a closer look at the mustard and white embroidery.

I do so love  Ginnie's face , when I first saw No Navel's I was not taken with them, some of the eyes, that have only the top defined, can look a bit odd. But I loved this girl from the moment I saw her and she has red hair too!! Bonus!

Thursday 17 May 2012


Rosie and Dulcie are happily playing with their toys.

What's this ! Mum gives them a new toy.

The girl's think this looks very interesting!

Poor Ellie is thrown aside and with minutes they have taken the new toy apart.

Mmm Dulcie is wondering if it's a hat!

The girl's think it looks different from when they started.....

They take it apart and try to remember what it looked like.......

Dulcie decides she'd rather just play with the green ring !

Dulcie I hope you are not chewing that ring?..

What's Rosie up to!

No I don't think it's meant to go on Ellie's trunk, do you?

Rosie is on the move! Where is she going now.....

 Oh Rosie you little tinker! I'm sure Dulcie does not want it on her leg!!

It's gone very quiet................

Well it looks like all that playing has worn them out and they have gone to sleep...I'm sure they'll be up to mischief again soon.

Friday 11 May 2012


Hattie is searching the garden with Mitzi..

 " I'm so sorry Mitzi " Hattie is saying " I was sure I put your pink ribbon in my pocket!"
" Well you cannot find it" replied Mitzi " So it must be somewhere out here!"
They continued searching but still no luck when they heard someone singing!

"There's a bright golden haze on the meadooh, there's a bright golden haze on the meadooh
The corn is as high as a big dragons eyeeeeeee and it looks like his climbing clear up to the skyyyyyyyyy"

The last note was so deep it made the ground shake under the girls feet!

Mitzi looks round the corner "What can you see ?" Hattie whispers
"Nothing" mumbles Mitzi , " Well take you face out the bush and look! " commands Hattie

Hattie peers round Mitzi so she can see who's singing.

" Oh what a beautifullllllll" Drago catches a glimpse of the girls out the corner of his eye " Pair of Little girlsssss" he finishes with a flourish.

" Well who have we here " He rumbles " If's its no the Misses Harriet and Mitzi "
" It is Us" says Mitzi confused
" That what he said " Hattie confirms " But He said NO the Misses ?"
" Cos he comes from Scotland" " Oh " says Mitzi totally bewildered.

" What are you doing ? Drago " Hattie asks
" Can yoose no see!" the little dragon demands " I'm selling trinkets to the tourists"
" What tourists?"
"We are not tourists! We live here!"
That throws the little dragon for a moment " Well what I mean is I'm selling trinkets to the passers by ! Thats yoose" he points out helpfully

" And why are yoose, I mean you  selling trinkets in the garden?" asks Hattie
" Because " says the little dragon rolling his eyes" Ma Aunty Ness says she canna visit at the moment , cause its the height of the tourist season and she'll be needing to stir things up with a sightin or twoose!"
" So why are you selling things?" " Oh cause she said fer me ta make a visit to her"
Finally they understand what's going on.
The girls look over Drago's goods, " That's Dad's screwdriver! and Mum's cotton! " exclaims Hattie.
" It's treasure I found in the garden" says Drago " It's the law ! anything left overnight in the garden belongs to whichever Dragon lives there!"
" Oh!" Says Hattie " I'm sorry Drago, we did not know that law"
Appeased Drago , points out all his wears to the girls " Is there no something ya fancy girls?" he asks
"Well" says Mitzi " I really love the pink ribbon" " Which one?" asks the little dragon sensing a sale
" The one round your neck"
Dragon looks confused "Round ma neck? Pink?"
"Yes Pink,Round ya... your neck" confirms Mitzi
"It's yoose lassie, quick come an take it before someone sees" Drago commands, Not being good with colours he had not realised that he was wearing a PINK ribbon, thank goodness the girls had told him before he met up with any of his cousins!He would have never lived it down!

Mitzi take the ribbon and ties it in her hair. " Why that looks prefect! " says Drago" yoose can have it fa free"
" Oh thank you Drago" smiles Mitzi

Drago goes bright green when Mitzi gives his head a kiss in thanks.
" Ma pleasure ma pleasure" says Drago blushing.
"We'll tell all the others about your wonderful things" says Mitzi happily
" Yes I'll tell Dad where he can buy a new screwdriver" adds Hattie
"Ock I'd no be disturbin ya father" Drago says hurriedly " just tell the wee lads and lasses, I'm here till Sunday!"
"We will " call the girls as they hurry back to the house.

"Lets ask Mum to pay for Drago to go visit his Aunty Ness" Says Mitzi
"  I'm sure she'll say yes" the girl's go back to the house looking for mum.

Monday 7 May 2012


Some of the girls watched the boys having fun in their Dolly doodle gear yesterday and decided that if the boys could do it so could they! There were a few disagreements about what could and could not be worn.

"You cannot wear a pink ribbon " Hattie tells Mitzi
" Why not?"
" Because if you are in a 'crew' you have to wear a beanie hat"

"But I like my pink ribbon! Why can I not wear it under the hat?"
" Because it would look silly" says Hattie " Look I'm wearing all these blue clothes when Helena would want them in black but Judith does not do black so I have to wear these! "
"Oh all right" sighs Mitzi " but I don't know why Judith cannot make pink beanies with ribbon on them!"
Hattie rolls her eyes and helps Mitzi take off her ribbon and put on her hat and pull up the hood.

"Well" says Violet " she's got the sulky look down to a T ! " the others giggle.

" YO! Judith we is your missive crew!" calls Sapphire
Hattie roars with laughter " It's Massive not missive you dolt!"
Everyone giggles at Sapphires mistake, then when they've all calmed down she tries again
" YO! Judith.." " I think you should say Aunty Judith " " Why?" " Because it's respectful"
"Ok" Say's Sapphire " YO! Aunty Judith RESPECT"

That just sends all the girls into another fit of the giggles which attracts the attention of some of the boys who are playing in the garden.

" What are you lot giggling about?" asks Zak coming up with Duncan
The girls tell them what Sapphire said.

" You cannot be a 'Crew'" says Zak " your wearing lilac! "
" Don't be silly " states Duncan " Of course they can be a Crew. It's not the colour you wear its the attitude you wear it with"

He calls the other boys playing in the garden over.

" Right lets do a Sasha Village Crew Huddle" they all quickly gather either side of the girls.

" Now " says Duncan " all together"
Their cry fills the garden frightening the birds and making Drago down his Cavern raise his head .

                                   "YO! AUNTY JUDITH RESPECT ! "