Wednesday 30 June 2021



All the button girls came outside for a group photo. 
"Where is Olivia? "
"Here " a voice calls 
"I cannot see you " I call back " Can you stand on a couple of pots? "
" No! I will fall and then spend another three years waiting to 
be repaired and laying around in piececs! "

" It was not three years " I defend myself 
" Well it was not just a week or two ! "
I realise I won't win this arguement , because she does have a valid point !

So instead I give her a piece of wood to stand on and take the photo from a different angle .

Octavia is quite shocked at the talk of buttons laying around in pieces for years! So to take their minds off it, I say " Ice cream for everyone!"
And they are soon inside checking out the freezer for their favourite flavour and all talk of pieces and years forgotten as they start eating!

Tuesday 29 June 2021



Octavia is still wearing her welcome to your new family outfit, so not quite matching her button sisters but close enough for now.

Her shoes are by Rosie Bloom in a lovely lemon yellow.

She did suggest that I could make all her sisters an outfit in the same fabric as hers ! So I had to explain that I could not buy any more fabric until I had started using the metres and metres I already have and it would be easier to try and find one to match hers sisters than for her to wait for me to get my act together!

I don't think she was impressed ! But she's new and she'll soon learn.

Monday 28 June 2021



Olivia is of the opinion that your shoes do not have to be an exact colour match to the main part of your outfit. She believes that finding a colour from maybe the small patches in the patterned fabric works just as well.

Which is why she chose these tomato red sheos by Rosie Bloom to link with the red flowers in her top.

" And I think you will find Mum, that we allow Magda to lead unless we disagree and then we take a vote !" Olivia informs me quietly.. even though I didn't say a work !

" But what if it's a draw ? " I say 

" Then we will ask Hattie to vote , since she is in charge "

" I thought I was in charge !" I say

Olivia smiles and says softly " Why yes Mum ... of course you are... " and goes off back inside.

Her words make me think.....have they ever asked me to cast a deciding vote? ...... Mmm I cannot remember having to .....

Sunday 27 June 2021


 So we are almost slapbang in the middle of 2021 ! The weather has turned very british , so it's almost like back to normal ! Well almost , I am due to go to a baby shower , which was going to be held in a small hall but due to the carrying on of restrictions is now being held on a beach ! So here's hopeing for some sun, in a week or so, to combat the sea breeze !

I finally started a bit more reorganising which is starting to turn into a ... Theres too much stuff! It's got to go!! But the problem with that is some sneaky dolls, who have been sitting in their cloth bags for the winter and spring , upon being removed into the daylight, look at me with sparkling eyes and a small smile and then I'm ..oh I do love your face... you can stay!! and you must get some shelf space so I can see you again! and so it continues!

Problem is I only have so much shelf space and I have worked out that for every five dolls that leave at least two others arrive! But it's not just dolls, it's their accessories too, so many 'things' to go through and decide what doll it belonged to or fits and then to move it on or store in a smaller box with the dolls name on.

Then we have the wool/yarn ! I have moved all my yarn boxes under the carport ,where they are safe and dry and not filling up my doll studio.. then today while looking for something I come across loads more yarn in various bags and boxes ! Now this I don't want to sell as I should use it up but do I have another forty or more years to work my way slowly through all this yarn? and it will be slowly because I am not the fastest knitter in the land far from it ! We won't even mention Fabric ! 

Sometimes I wish I was back in my old Edwardian five bed semi ,where I would have the luxury of using one of those bedroom to store all my things but then I think it would only be worse and I'd probably have three bedrooms crammed with things, as at least living here, in this three bedroom home does stop me from buying all the lovely furniture I see and drawl over.

I did consider maybe restricting the amount of each doll type I owned, like say only six of each..... exactly !! that cannot work especially with the Sashas, I have six button nosed kids and five no navels , just to start with ! I could leave the Sashas out of that cull but there are a few that can be included just no way will there only be six left at the end!

If I had enough space I would probably keep them all but I am fed up with having to keep quite a few in boxes which then clucker up the house .

But I have made a start, so lets hope they all go quickly so I don't decide that one or six can stay...

Due to someone , mentioning no names but you know who you are ! lol , I nipped over to the next website after them saying that Next had clothing made with William Morris fabric !

One of the labels , I'll say no more about what happened...

We have been working in the garden on and off depending on the weather and doing general household jobs. Due to the amount of rain recently, the garden is suddenly full to overflowing with plants seeming to have added feet rather than inches and leaves appearing twice their normal size!

If you look at the plant on the right of this photo, it's the Black Tulip Magnolia and the leaves are huge and also the most I have ever seen on it. The white flowers at the back are roses of The Rambling Rector ,which we will need to have a good cut back of in the autumn as hidden beneath it are a couple of Holly bushes!

On the doll front two have left for new homes and one arrived.. yes I know .... but two did leave! One was a Sasha who had not been here long Stella and I did love her look but since I have not given her a character it is easier to let her go than another doll who I have invested in , which is why I have put my single fringe girl back on the market. There will be another couple of Sasha / Gregor's on the list but mainly non Sasha dolls.

I have decided to keep a list of dolls sold and dolls arriving this year and that list is already  long, although some have come in , only to leave again quite quickly. 

Can I let this one escape the cull? she is a beauty......

Well I need to go and carry on listing dolls before I start caving in !

Have a lovely healthy doll filled week ahead


Saturday 26 June 2021



Bea needed to find some red shoes that were the right red not to clash with her trousers!

She managed to find these shoes by Lisa Hartley.

I was tempted to ask if Magda was head button but decided I didn't want to start an arguement !

Thursday 24 June 2021



"Excuse me Mum , but how come you took photos of Margot's shoes first ? "

"Well because she was closest"

" It really should have been me first for the buttons " Magda explains as if talking to an idiot ! " Yes I am the top button "

"Why are you laughing ? " demands Magda

" Well top button makes me think of a shirt " I giggle

Magda looks sternly at me 

" And " I continue " a top button is usually left open "

" So ? " questions Magda confused 

" Well it means that it's rarely seen " I leave her thinking that little gem over

Magda's shoes are by Rosie Bloom.

"Maybe I misspoke " Magda says " I should have said I am head button !"

" I see  and do your sisters and brother know you are head button? "

"Of course " smiles Magda " It goes without saying "

" As in they have not said this ? "

I get the look!

Casper arrives to see what Magda's up to. 

" See Mum, even Casper knows I'm top.. I mean head button . I bet he didn't come to see the others having their photos taken ! "

Mmm she's right about that... but no so sure her button siblongs would agree about her being the head button.

But hold on! She has some how managed to get five photos and not three......maybe she is head button....

Tuesday 22 June 2021



Margot was in quick to find this pair of slip on shoes with a pretty bead detail , that was in a different drawer of shoes !

She said to show you a close up view !

Now she is off to see which shoes her sisters chose, I wonder if they will show us too ?

Sunday 20 June 2021


 Yes it's already the third Sunday in the month! And what a month it's been so far with the heatwave that has swept the UK. 

I finally got round to finishing cleaning my bargain crate of terracotta pots.

I have stacked this last lot of around seventy pots into this plastic box with a lid, to store until ready to use. Now we just have to go and collect another fifty plus that a good friend as kindly given us.

This panda has been hiding at the top of the gazebo for around a week , getting some fresh air as he arrived smelling very scented! Problem is I keep forgeting he is up there ! He needs to be high up as Rufus thinks any soft toy ,even on a table, needs retrieving! I am forever having to call him back as he vanishes off round the garden , toy in mouth, parading his trophy !

So the heatwave finally ended with the forecast of days of rain and lower temperatures to come ! I all for some rain and also some lower temperatures as long as it's not for weeks !

The Panda even stayed there through Friday's day of  heavy rain ! But came in none the worse for it and still will a small scented smell !!!

Unfortunately due to the wind ripping up the gazebo roofing a few weeks back and then it being too hot to be climbing about said roof, the heavy rain was able to find a way in and soak some of the sofa cushions, so thats another job that needs doing as soon as the weather allows.

Today Sunday's been dry but so overcast that the wet shrubs from Friday are still wet ! It's also Fathers day in the UK and also Courtney, our youngest , birthday, so lots of sending and receiveing of cards etc. Courtney wanted some things for the garden, so we have got her a lovely green/blue glazed flower pot and a Hydrangea in a vibrant red. So we'll be off to visit her and deliver her present soon.

Also the week before last I finally caught up with a friend I used to work with and we had a nice couple of hours chatting over a cup of tea  in my case, coffee in hers, in the outside seating area of a large garden centre that is between where we both live. It also meant I finally got to drive my car for the first time in months !

While waiting fir her to arrive I found a lovely chunky vase in recycled glass that I could not resist.

I don't know about you , but I cannot remember the last time I bought a vase. There are so many shapes and styles around now, that I had thought , a long while back, about adding a few different styles and sizes to the few I already own. I rarely cut flowers from the garden, preferring for them to stay in their natural home but I have now decided that it would be nice to once in a while bring some into the house to enjoy.

So on the doll front I have managed to sell a few more clothes but I have not really been making much of an effort to list things to sell which I really need to start doing. It was my intention to get into the studio last week and get organising but that never happened , so that is now down for this week. The  display cupboards need sorting to get the dolls back in and this coming week's the time to do it.

I did have a couple of things arrive this week but not dolls but books and fabric.

I bought this beautiful book on Hydrangeas , we have several in the garden and would like to add a few more. They make for beautiful heads of colour both in the garden and also when cut and in the house. It would be nice to bring a few large flowers into the house and to put them in my new vase.

I also bought another Kaffe Fassett book after I purchased some precut patchwork bundles in his wonderful bright fabrics. I am really looking forward to making something with his wonderful bright fabric and the book on Cushions and pillows may be just the inspration I need to get me sewing!

Lastly I bought another of Helen Fields detective novels after almost catching up with all the books available by M J Arlidge. Probably is that once I start reading a book, thats all I want to do  ! So I will try and pace them or I will get nothing done for another week!.

Now that the country is slowly starting to open up, I'm hoping that we will be able to hold the Chat n Snap this year. The original theme meant for 2020 was supposed to be children being sent off to safety during the start of the war but now I have decided to make the theme a wedding because if we have to cancel it again, I won't have so much to store until 2022 . I am hoping it will go ahead as everyone , including me, is looking forward to finally getting together again.

So that just leaves me to wish you all a happy healthy week ahead 


ps and a Happy Birthday to Merrick 

Saturday 19 June 2021


 A pile of mainly Rosie Bloom shoes with some J Jensen and some others.

I figured it was easier to bring in this drawer of shoes and then match some to the outfits.

I also found a small plastic bag in my desk with several pairs of shoes in it!! which I added to these.

I do love Rosie's shoes.

Along with the late Jean Jensen shoes another wonderful shoe maker.

and these are just from one drawer  and the found bag..... I do have more Sasha shoe makers shoes, Marti and Monica to name but another two quality makers.

Bit at least the button's plus a couple of others do now have shoes although some not quite as perfect a match as I's like ... see even with all these shoes there is never just the right shade......

Wednesday 16 June 2021


 Not content with insisting on being changed now , on one of the hottest days of the year , now thay rae complaining they need shoes ! Kids !

but since it's still 27 c in the studio they can wait until after this evenings thunderstorms and the temp drop and I'll find them in the morning ! 

Tuesday 15 June 2021



Claudia is relieved to finally be out of her tights, boots and long sleeved dress and into a lovely summer dress by Ginny.

She knows mum likes brunettes in red, so she was very hopefully that she might get first dibs.

Now she is going to see if she can convince mum to change all her brothers and sisters....

Sunday 13 June 2021


 Well that week just flew by ! I didn't even manage to add a post between Sundays!! Could be the weather ? It is getting very hot here in the UK , not something we are used to !

We're more three or even six seasons in a day type of country, so when we get a truly hot spell it starts.... you know the drill...

I'll do it later when it's cooler.......... Oh it's dark now

I'll get up early tomorrow and do it, it will be cooler first thing........ open door to blast of hot air

It's bound to be cooler tomorrow........... No it's not!

It's starting to cool down, I'll go outside in a moment with the camera, who wants to watch a film....... Oh it's dark out !

I'll take the doll outside now it's cooling down and can get those photos, oh she's dressed for winter that won't do......... oh it's time for dinner

I'll do it now!.......................... No it's just too hot I cannot be a**ed

and that pretty much sums it up! 

So what snall things have been happening here in the village.. well I finalled decided that the two nicely made Petitcollin natterer boxes, that have sat in a corner of the living room , because they really were just too nice to just breakup and throw away, needed a new home, so I offered them on the natterer group to anyone willing to pay the postage and received an email within half n hour from someone who wanted them. So they are packed up and ready to go to their new home tomorrow.

I also popped to my neighbours garden and took a couple of photos of their gazebo which Paul put up for them and we have both been helping with where to place things.

Their one is side on to the adjointing fence opposite our flower garden area.

They used to have an old shed here but it was falling down, we gave them our  shed from the end of our garden and they put this shed at the end of theirs freeing up this the old shed  space for the gazebo which they want to give them the feel of  being in France, a favourite holiday desination of theirs.

I think it looks lovely and fits right in amoungst their trees.

In our garden we have been continuing the planting and repotting thats needed this time of year, along with digging out weeds and discussing what needs doing over the summer and also over the coming year.

I managed to sell another doll, which is nice and did get another in, yes I know that's counter productive but I had wanted this doll for a good while but she wasn't available in UK wearing the outfit I wanted her in. So when she came back in stock I just decided to get her rather than miss the chance and then regret it.

She is a Petitcollin Natterer Finouche Charlotte and I just love everything about her , from her soft wavy curly hair to her patterned crops and sandels.

 So I am very happy to have added her to my natterer family.

I also sold another couple of items from the sales page , so it's all going slowly but almost in the right direction.

However remember those natterer boxes I told you about earlier, well one was in a picture sleeve and then in another pictured box and one was just a box marked with the maker name. So after I had left them sitting about for ages, a few days back I opened the basic box and inside found what I thought was a pair of pants. Then I came across a small striped t shirt. So I put them to one side. 

On deciding to offer the boxes on, I needed to take photos, seeing the pictured sleeve encasing the box I was in two minds whether to remove it and check inside but in the end decided I would.
Well thank goodness I did  ! For inside was a complete outfit of summer dress, pants, shoes and a straw hat!

So then on looking at the previous discovery I realised the blue floral item was not a pair of pants but a pair of shorts! So two complete outfits. I have just the two minouche dolls that need to get out of warmer clothing and into these ones. Just goes to prove you should always check any box or bag completely if intending to send it off or throw it out!.

On the female side of my family we have a saying.... Pretties treasures.... this we will say to each other, or even ourselves, when we come across an item or items that appeal to our heart, even if they have no practical use in some cases.
It can be hard being such a person ,because more often than not you have to walk away buts sometimes you also have to give in and so it was when I saw these small cases.

They were being sold separately, so you could choose whichever size or number you wanted, they will sit inside , the top to middle then middle to bottom, so to store would be only size of biggest case but whats the fun in that !

I made the purchase thinking maybe I could give them to Princess Clara but she's only three and does she really need these at this time? No ..... Yes I know that was quick.... 

So what could I use them for ? Then I had it! The top one will be used for my doll Gigi's clothes and bits and pieces, she does not have much at present just a change of clothes.

I asked Gigi what she thought ?

She said " I only have one other outfit , so it will take me years to fill this case even if it's the smallest !"
I told her not to worry I was on the 'case'  ;)

So I already knew just what I'd use the other two bogger cases for.

The Natterer Minouche dolls clothes can go in the middle one and the Finouche dolls in the largest one.

See I knew they would come in handy! Yes I know I only have one single dress that can go in the biggest case, but I am in the process of sorting out all my non sasha dolls clothes , so am bound to find a few more items! 

Now I just have to find the space for them to stand in the studio........sorry I didn't quite catch that?.... Oh good luck..... Thanks  ... I think... 

I hope you all have a happy healthy week ahead filled with dolls plus pretties and tresures.


Sunday 6 June 2021


 Another week is gone and it's been a busy one here. But if you have a house and a large garden it does tend to be a busy time of year especially outside, even without me and my ideas and Paul's talent to make them happen!

The gazebo is almost finished  but a final part was added this week when Paul made the frame for the vintage tiles I had for under the window on the side wall.

We had the space under the window from matching the two longer windows beside the long short one.

I had this tile which I had bought a few years back and had plans to use indoors when I thought it , along with some others, would finsh that wall off perfectly. I was slightly reluctant to use it outside becasue I love it but in the end I decided it looked too good with the colours in the window not to use it.

But it did give me an excuse to buy some more tiles to match in with the colours in the stained glass.

So these are the ones we have used. Paul's amde the frame so it can be removed and the tiles changed if needed and I may chaneg the one on the far right at some stage for one with a creamy yellow background to match the middle and end ones.

So now the wood just needs sealing and then it's done.

We moved this little stone head from under the Lychgate , where it wasn't really seen , down to this wall and we may, if we see anything suitable, add another item or two in the years to come. But for now it's time to enjoy it.

On the doll front , I have sold a few clothes but still need to bite the bullet and get more on sale and also some more dolls. 
The weather this coming week is set to be good, so I'm going to finally get back inot the studio and finish getting the space I need to start story blogging again by the end of the month. I also now need to redress the dolls for summer ! It's a lot of work having sooo many children here ! 
I also have to sort the boys out with their postcard to the Gregoropolis boys or they will be old men by the time it arrives !

So not alot happening on the doll front last week but a lot of plans for the coming one.

Have a lovely healthy doll filled week ahead