Friday 31 October 2014


All Hallows Eve began as a pre Christian Celtic festival and the calender at that time would correspond to our present calender of November 1st, the day marked the beginning of Winter and at the time was called the festival of Samhain. It was the biggest and most significant holiday in the Celtic year.

The Celts believed that at the time of Samhain more than at any other time of year the ghosts of the dead were able to mingle with the living because at Samhain the souls of those who had died during the year traveled to the Otherworld on that day.
On that day all Manner of beings were abroad : Ghosts, Fairies and Demon's.. all part of the dark and the dread.

Over time the night before All Saints Day, All Hallows Eve has become known as Halloween the night that spirits walk the streets..... or children dressed in fancy spooky costumes !

Ashley and Martha wish you a Happy Halloween.

It is a big event in the US with children going round in fabulous costumes knocking on peoples doors and offering a treat or a treat! It's best to give a treat for who knows what tricks they may have up their sleeves!!

Oh is that a knock on the door?  Must be a little child dressed in fancy dress collecting trick or treats......

OR IS IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday 30 October 2014


I was going to show you my purchases from the Chat n Snap but I really need to take some decent photo's of them, so it will have to wait until the weekend, after I finish work on Saturday !

I think the beautiful things I bought plus collected at the CnS would be best shown on the Sasha's etc, so looks like Saturday afternoon will be taken up with changing them into the new clothes. Which will at least mean that unlike last years purchases They won't be found months later in the bag they came home in!!

Plus a couple of big calender event's are about to occur, so I'll get them out the way first then continue on Sunday with the Chat n Snap photo's,

So Chatting and Snapping will continue on Sunday.

just a little hint of colour and things to come.... Sunday...


Wednesday 29 October 2014


Finally things have calmed down and people go for a chat and a cuppa and to discuss if they should go back and get that other item..or two...

still some determined shopper milling round.

More chatting and snapping..

Here is a shot of the Sasha's etc over on the tables being admired.

These visitor's are Sharon and Joyce's Little Darling dolls. They were very impressed with all the Sasha's and their Mum's and dad's shopping like it would go out of fashion!!

Then It was time for the Raffle, first the Baby raffle was drawn and Dawn did the honours pulling out the Lovely Carol's ticket. Carol who had travelled all the way from Canada especially to join us all at the Chat n Snap was stunned to win this lovely little baby.

next up

Carol's husband looks on, probably hoping they'll not need a bigger suitcase!

Chris M was next and chose the Dolly Doodle baby set.

Then Theresa makes off with her prize while Dawn draws anther ticket.

Joyce collects her prize while I call out the next winner.

Louise collects a prize won by her mum Gill, the last baby raffle prize.

Then on to the big Gotz girl raffle....

YES Theresa won the first prize AGAIN!! So another early birthday present , she looks very happy with her new girl.

Louise won the Vintage Sasha coat and hat set and I heard swapped it with her Mum's baby raffle prize!! That's a very good daughter you have there Gill.

Diane making off with her prize of a lovely Ginny dress.

Michelle won the raffle prize from Sharon of a lovely blue Rara dresses set.

Gayle wins a prize but tries to convince Dawn that Dawn really wants to swap  the beautiful baby layette that she had won in the baby raffle for the one Gayle's just won....Dawn said......No chance!!

Chris selected the lovely pink cardigan.

Sharon won a selection of fruit and veg for her Sasha's.

Dawn's laughing because I said Thanks! I did not want her to pick my ticket now!! I already have THREE wheelbarrow's so really did not need another!!
Luckily Diane won it for her Toddlers who are by now using it to take the bottle of whiskey out into the garden and hide them in holes all around the place!! or they could be taking the empties back to the off licence and bring back fresh supplies.... :)

Well that only leaves me to Thank everyone for attending and making the day such a hit and for supporting The Alzhemiers Society ,our Charity for this year. I'll let you all know exactly how much was raised in the next week or two but it's a very good sum.

Next up will be my purchases!!


Tuesday 28 October 2014



Earlier in the year I bought my first course doll and while I was waiting for her to arrive from Switzerland, Diane and Dawn met up and a photo of several of their course dolls was shown on the Sasha doll FB group.

It gave me the idea to ask anyone who could to bring their course dolls to this years Chat N Snap so people could see just how nice these dolls are.

Above is the gorgeous group that turned.

Again the face mould is the same but each maker on the courses taken by Sasha Morgenthaler finished their doll in the way they wished, wigging and dressing them.

The doll in the tube was purchased by Dawn Law's as a course doll but one day a photo of her along with others appeared on  Sasha site and she was contacted by one of the Anne's in the US and told she believed that it was in fact not a course doll but a very early Studio doll and could she bring it over on her next visit to a US Sasha Festival so this could be confirmed. Dawn did take her over and it was confirmed that this is in fact a rare early studio doll.
The next Sasha Festival is in Fort Worth ,Texas next year ,details of which can be found on any of the Sasha sites.

These dolls are very tactile and soft and lovely to hold, just like having a baby in your arms.

This little lass on the left is my girl sitting beside Joyce Jordan's two girls. They look so nice together and that bench fits three so nicely, I may just have to acquire another two in the future when I see just the right ones!

These two belong to Diane and the young lad on the right was the only boy course doll attending.

a very pretty brunette

This young lady looks very serious while her friend behind looks very happy to be here.

A very smart young lady in a studio style coat and hat with her friend in a pretty black floral dress and red ribbons.

a close up.


So a total of seventeen course dolls and one studio doll attended this years Chat n Snap.


Monday 27 October 2014



This was the equestrian centre with several horses lovers mingling , while Jocelyn's children showed off their horses talents.

This American girl brown and white horse was very much admired and notes taken by future riders taken of her details!.

A lovely group of Np's and other's

some lovely curly haired babies.

Michelle's no navel's looking very pretty in their clothes of dresses by mum and knitwear by Gill.

Gill's two brownies were hoping to help people carry their shopping to the car's but got stuck behind the crowd's of Sashas ,Gregors , Toddlers and Babies that arrived, so gave up and just enjoyed a good old gossip!

This is Gayle's repaint Anne of green gables.

A pretty Np red head in purple and check.

Diane's  toddler challenge resulted in 47 toddlers and raised £70 for the charity.

Diane's two African babies playing happily with their toys. And the beautiful purple and white pram renovated by Catherine.

A Swiss Miss looking at what's going on.

Chris Meatyard's boy with his fishing gear, he's hoping they'll stop by a river on the way home so he can catch them all some Dinner!

This little one's trying to keep warm while she wakes up from a nice nap.

A beautiful brunette

Loved this group in this beautiful knitwear the little one at the end look's like Linda's girl. while the two red haired girls above look like they ahve seen something happen over by the sales table!

Two of Ronnie's girl's keeping tabs on mum !

A closer look at one of the horses, he looks a happy chap!

A very serious rider!

Love this colour coordinated group, great colours and fab dolls.

a very trendy no nose boy

This young lady looks quite sad...maybe wondering if her mum will buy her a new dress!!

Another of Janet's 'studio' dolls, love this girl.

Well I'll stop there , plenty to look at, more tomorrow.