Tuesday, 10 September 2019



Jenny decided that the perfect place for some peace and quiet was to take out the rowing boat onto the pond!

She enjoys dreaming about what it would be like if the lily pads were finished ! She'd be able to float around much more but for now the gentle rise and fall of the water is soothing , her eyelid's start to flutter.... was that a snore!!!



Sunday, 8 September 2019


Time goes when you are having fun.. so they say.. what about when you are just working?  Either way this week seems to have galloped past , which in one way is quite worrying and another quite good!

But here we are again and it's Sunday and only one post completed ! Well it can only get better cos it can hardly get worse!!

So what's happening in the village? Well I am still fighting the never ending battle with 'Things' you know the 'things' that are constantly appearing in the wrong place causing a mess , never seem thave a place to live and even though you think you've cleared up those 'things' , others arrive to take their place almost as soon as you have turned your back!

I have got rid of loads of 'things' but still I return/ turn round and there is more! And it seems that no one else in the house can see these things ! They never decide maybe they could move, get rid of them, they just walk on by !

I find that sooner or later the 'everything must go!' feeling hits me and I will start throwing things out with no care if they could come in handy later... in fact the words come in handy later are the reason so many people have sheds, lofts, cupboards etc crammed with handy 'Things' for years to come! So I am fast approaching the ..if in doubt throw it out... stage of the year! We are due to have two weeks holiday at the end of this month and have plans to hire a skip for a massive clear out of the sheds and carport, once all that's been cleared it will be anything else that just needs to go. Obviously if I can donate it  to a charity shop then that's where it will land up but most will go in the skip and we'll finally get the carport back in time for the colder weather and the place will look nice and tidy for..... at least a couple of months!

Once the big clear out is over we'll be able to move on with the redecorating of the house through the late autumn and winter months. Once the kitchen is finally finished we'll go upstairs to do the main bedroom, then we can return to finish the hall and stairs because any large furniture and new carpets will have already been taken up the stairs and therefore we should hopefully safe to hang wallpaper etc.

Remember my new to me , arts and crafts tallboy? well I found some lovely copper arts and crafts handles on ebay.

These are the handles on the drawers at present.

These are the ones I'm going to replace them with.

They could have been made for the job!  I just need to get some copper headed screw/nails in the right size, then we can replace them.

I'm hoping the kitchen will move along over the next couple of weeks especially as we will be off soon, so should be able to get a fair bit done.

On the doll front, my impulse buy arrived along with a pot I bought for my collection.

This is the doll , a Schoenhut , whose eyes have been damaged, the face is one I do not already own so I thought she/he would be nice to add to my small collection and I could repair the eyes in any style I want.

The pot that I received was a vintage preserve pot, for jam, honey or marmalade.

It's by a maker I'm collecting and after watching it for months I finally decided to buy it so I could add it to my small collection of vintage preserve pots.

These are the others , which I have bought vintage silver preserve spoons for, I'll need to find one for this new pot.

They are from the 1930's up to the 1950's , I will only buy the one's I truly love and that are in good condition. At the moment I'm happy with the four I have.

I found two cast iron mice which I bought for the folly, at present they are sitting up high until it's finished.

The garden still has splashes of colour around despite being neglected for most of this year.

 Luckily some plants like Sedum  thrive whatever!

Well on that note I'm off to pour the tea out and enjoy a few minutes in the garden before the sun vanishes and the temperature drops. Have a great week ahead.


Thursday, 5 September 2019


Yes September 5th already, so lets get started

From Carol in Canada we have her little toddler enjoying reading to her doll in the pram.

Then she takes her for a walk to help her get to sleep.

Over in Gregoropolis they are still admiring their new wallpaper.

 and the lovely pink walls where their family photos hang

From Karin in Switzerland we have the beautiful Ellie carrying her teddy.

 Over in the village Jenny is enjoying a lovely rest in the rowing boat just bobbing on the water while she dreams...

Many thanks to everyone taking part in the doll shelf photos, there is room for plenty more, just send them in to be added.


Sunday, 1 September 2019


and Sunday! and it's cooler! which is lovely, the sun is still out but there are clouds around to take away some of the heat we have been having, so you are able to actually do things, instead of sit about thinking about doing things then deciding not to because it was just too hot!

So what's been happening here in the village? Well a couple of the Sylvia Natterer dolls I've had on sale have found new homes, which is nice. They will get some attention, there is now a little more space in the doll cabinet and a few pounds in the paypal account.

Although I have to confess there are a couple of dolls also arriving! One who is on his/her way was a pure impulse buy! I'd watched the doll on and off over most of this year, it had slowly dropped in price and then I looked again, decided despite it's poor condition I'd give it a home and bring it back to life. No not a Sasha but another doll.

I also received a Schoenhut doll this week , whose been on layaway for ages, because I kept going off and buying other things, so finally got my act together and paid her off and she arrived this week to join her twin sister! I do like to have a set of twins! I've always been fascinated by twins ever since I was a child, don't know if it comes from my mum being a twin, although she was non identical, or what , but I always wanted twin dolls and a twin dolls pram when I was very small.

There is another doll on layaway who'll turn up in the not to distant future and one who may make it by the end of the year and then that is it !!!!!!!!!  No more !! Nil ! None! Nothing!  Although there is one doll left on my hit list who is way too expensive and if I'd stopped buying these waifs and strays I'd maybe i'd have been able to buy one but I've not totally given up on the idea....

On a totally different track I've been very into my love of arts and crafts furniture etc, which does also slip into parts of the art neuveau. I've had to be very good not to go off buying some of the gorgeous things I've seen lately! The only thing that's stopped me is I've nowhere to put all those things I've fallen in love with! All I can say is thank goodness I don't own a barn or it would resemble an arts and crafts home from home !
Mind you this is also where the internet can be both a delight and a curse! A delight in that you can see all these wonderful things that you might otherwise not see but a Curse in that it puts temptation in your way! lol

I wonder where this love of Arts and Crafts comes from? My great aunt Matilda used to sit in a chair almost identical to the one shown above, when she was very elderly and I was very young, around eight or nine years old and whenever my dad, took us children to visit his cousin Lily, her eldest daughter, she'd always be sitting in this chair in their breakfast room, she was probably in her late seventies or older at the time but I loved that chair even though I cannot remember ever sitting in it as it was always occupied but I'm sure I must of at some stage.

I recently bought this arts n crafts / neuveanu  tallboy , Paul will convert the hanging side into shelves so we can store our sweaters etc and it will go up in our bedroom , once that's been decorated later this year. In the meantime, I'm going to replace the ugly fake handles that someone's put on the three drawers. It's so annoying when people replace handles on old piece of furniture because maybe one is broken or missing ! I wish they'd leave well alone or at least try and find a suitable replacement.
I've just bought some original copper handles which I hope will be suitable  but truly anything will be better than whats on there now.

 The detail on the bottom of the cupboard door is very similar to a wardrobe we bought for our daughter's bedroom a few years back.

My daughter's wardrobe detail.

The kitchen is coming along slowly.... very slowly... the corner cover's been put in at the top where the cupboards cross from one wall to the next and the big old piece of concrete and brick stopped us from making use of that corner. It needs to be undercoated and painted out to vanish into the space.
Today we when and bought the long white tiles for the back splash and what we needed to fix them to the wall and the grout.
Paul's quite busy this coming week as am I, so not much will happen if anything this week but never say never !

Friday I went to visit Clara and had a lovely time with her and two of my daughters. Clara is growing up so fast and knows quite a few words now. She loves to read and also loves being outside in the garden, picking up acorns and placing them into a pot, pouring them into another pot, then tipping them out , to gather up again or wandering the garden looking at nature.

I've started collecting some toys for when she's older and I'm buying wooden toys and trying to avoid plastic as I have more than enough plastic things myself , which she'll be able to use when she's old enough.

My first purchase was this little wooden kettle, in red one of her favourite colours. I do have to say that the box it came in had a couple of small moths in, one of which was still alive  ! It was a carpet moth, the ones that eat anything wool, luckily I knew this so was able to destroy it and the packaging straight away but no good that the suppliers is possibly sending out carpet moths around the country which are a nightmare to anything wool people may own.

Well on that note I'll end , wishing you all a happy healthy September and a reminder that it's only four days until doll shelf day and all photos will be more than welcome.


Monday, 26 August 2019


Casper and Rufus enjoying some shade on National dog day. But where's Bob? or Digby?  a nice little Westie to complete the dog family....


Sunday, 25 August 2019


It's August , it's the bank holiday and its HOT!!! Not a sign of a cloud in the sky to give us a little shade! In truth it's too hot to even sit in any shade!

So too hot for any playing with the dolls, sewing, knitting, decorating or anything really, well part from saying to Paul about all the places we could build some shade for him to reply " For the three days of hot weather we get each summer ! "

"Global warming!" say I to which I receive the look.... you know the one where they are saying don't be adding any more jobs to that long list I'm not even half way through yet look!

We went for dinner at our old friends Gill and Tony's last night and marveled at their beautiful lush courtyard garden. I'd love a courtyard garden and did at one point consider walling off our patio area from the rest of the garden , having a big double set of doors to go into the rest of the garden but then decided I wanted to be able to see all the garden and worried that we could forget to actually go through those doors!
So instead we put up some trellis painting it black to go with the walls.

We started with just one central piece of trellis only for Rufus to be forever jumping onto or on occasion into the pond in order to leap across and into the garden when we'd shut the gates to stop him! So we added trellis either side to stop him.

we also added another piece of trellis to the other side, we need at some stage to add the last piece in the corner to match the two sides up.

There are small gates for when we want to stop the dogs going up onto the grass. Paul had dug up a golden banana plant to take to Gill and Tony's and he'd left it on the patio next to the sofa while I was out working.
Telling me later how good it had looked standing there ( he'd moved it over before I got home ) and how nice it would be to have some bigger plants up on the patio! 
I said maybe we could fill in the pond and he could plant that area up, which would also stop Rufus from dropping his ball and front paws into the pond and then trailing water back into the house! But then now I'm home again I like that we have a pond with fish and the eco system that goes with that !
In the photo above you can see some of the pots that Rufus has destroyed since his arrival ! But he is now much better and if we use bigger pots they may survive his rushing past at full speed chasing his brother !
So will the pond stay or go....

Since my sewing machine was still sitting on kitchen table on Friday I asked Paul if he knew where the two awning sails we'd bought were. We bought one before we bought the gazebo with the idea of using it to shade the sofa. However when we got it home it was not a triangle which meant the third point of the sail was out in the middle of the patio and would have needed a post to hang from. We returned and bought a second with the idea of  jointing the two together to get the triangle needed but then bought the gazebo so they were left in the shed.

So on Friday Paul helped me cut the two to form a triangle and then I sewed the two parts together.

It does give some shade but not unfortunately on the legs in the first half of the day but comes into it's own later in the day.
But at least it's better than no shade!

Well wishing you all a happy healthy week ahead.


Friday, 23 August 2019


With the Chat n Snap rapidly approaching someone in the family says he needs a ship! So he's been checking out the parcels that have been arriving this week... yes parcels...

"Wow " mutters Lucas looking at the small galleon that mum's left on the table in the garden " This could be a good pirate ship "

 walking round he decides it may be just a bit small and it doesn't have a skull on the sails.

Later he finds a different ship on the table ! This one's a bit on the smaller side !

But it does have a skull on the sails but also a pirate captain on the deck... waving a sword !

"Step away laddie" growls the pirate waving his sword "I dunna wanna make ye walk the plank!"
" It's alright " says Lucas " your ship's too tiny for me and I'd break your old plank!"
Lucas leaves while the captain calls curses to his retreating back " Come back you cur! I'll stick me sword in ye skinny bum ya ... " best not to listen any more.

Later that afternoon a cry of glee fills the air , Lucas has discovered yet another ship on the garden table.

He climbs aboard looking round, a little small but so much better than those others. " Yes this is the one for me!" smiles Lucas " now I need some crew "

He goes off and soon returns with a couple of companions.

Walter , Eric the viking's bear, who was lured by the thought of a trip on the water.

and Gertie , who appears to be tied to the mast " This is all your fault " she tells her companion, who is tied to the mast with her.

"Well that's not fair !" exclaims Aimee " How was I to know that, do you want to come for a sail on my ship meant we'd be tied up! I thought we were going for a cruise down the river!"
"and who asked ? " grumbled Gertie " Lucas! Lucas! that should have told you !"
Aimee sighs " Do you think he's got any biscuits? I'm starting to feel very hungry it must be tea time soon? "

"Quiet on deck" declares Lucas, to which Gertie blows a very long raspberry! Lucas tries not to giggle Raspberries always make him giggle. " Enough or your'll walk the plank "
" You don't have a plank... " Gertie sneers .. " Oh no my mistake .. there's the one in your head !"
Lucas is about to reply when...

they are joined by the other ships, what an armada of ships getting ready to set sail !Now I just need a pirate outfit and I'll find that treasure at that old Carrot Bean ! Lucas smiles happily .. I wonder if dad will make me a plank so that Gertie can walk it? ...humming happily he surveys his domain...


Armada over doing it? three ships! I know I know but sometimes I should not be let near ebay when a plan comes to mind! I'd bought the little wooden one thinking it would be great for Clara when she's older and I could use it for the CnS . Then I saw the little plastic on for £4.50 ! well she could use it now and so could I ;)
Then there I was on a search of all things wooden resembling ships when I came across the big wooden ship at another knock down price, so that was that ! I'd like to say this is it the Armada,  however there was the wooden ship that needed fixing and started at £2...... yes I cannot tell a lie, it's on it's way.... but think of the fun I'll... I mean Clara and any sibling will have in the future when visiting Grandee  , who has the most amazing things ! just waiting for them to reach the right age to play with......

Sunday, 18 August 2019


Already... but we'll say no more on that subject!

Today, Sunday , is going to be a sunshine and showers day, when the sun's out it's quite hot but there is plenty of cloud ,some of it grey, in the sky to bring along a shower or six !

Yesterday afternoon and early evening was a beautiful day, dry but with a breeze , we sat in the garden, Paul and I enjoying a cup of tea and making plans for the garden in late autumn/winter. There is always something that needs doing garden or house wise. Sitting outside looking at the house made us add repainting gutter boarding  to the to do list.
Everyone will know that houses and gardens are a constant source of ongoing work, painting, weeding , planting, cleaning , tidying the list is endless!

So yesterday I waylaid Paul ,from his work on the kitchen , to help me rearrange some of the items on the patio, now the gazebo's, gone the two bay trees which stood beside two of the legs, looked odd ! one just standing on the patio beside nothing and needing to be walked round either side.
Now they are either end of the fish pond, still not a perfect place but better than before. We also moved the new big storage box into the corner now it's no longer protected by the gazebo. Discussions were had and plans made re building a permanent cover over the outside sofa, another job that's already on the list.

Then again this afternoon we spent time sitting on patio chatting although the wind was much fresher due to the amount of cloud that came over, but did get the washing nice and dry!

Before we came back in

We finally managed to sweep the patio , it will need a jet wash when we have some time in a couple of weeks, but at least it's looking tidier.

I have to say that there is one part of the garden that always looks good, The Cloisters , even if it's not had any attention it just carries on looking good. Which is just as well as the rest of the garden is a Jungle!!!

and here's the proof!  Although this area doesn't look too bad probably due to the heavy planting there's not much space for weeds!

So it's been a weekend of gardening and house work ,so yet again no doll play , however I did buy a pirate ship and a couple of other items that I can use at the chat n snap and then save for Clara and any siblings that may arrive in future. Hey that's my excuse and I'm clinging to it! ;)

Have a happy and healthy week ahead, the next weekend is a bank holiday.. however I'll be working the Saturday , it's only the Monday the banks close, so hopefully a little doll play can occur then if not during the coming week.


Friday, 16 August 2019


Today I was planning on visiting the Princess that is Clara and her mum Courtney. However I've had a headache on and off for the last few days, but woke up feeling fine and was planning to go, only for the weather forecast to say very heavy rain would be falling when I'd be driving home on the M25 and other motorways, I was debating whether to go but then the headache returned along with a snuffly nose, so the decision was made for me.

So after a mid morning doze and a couple of headache pills, I was feeling somewhat better, so decided I'd make the cushions for the arts and crafts chair. I'd had to stop last weekend when I realised I did not have a cord foot for my sewing machine ! A scan of ebay found me two possible ones that would fit my machine , so I ordered them then had to wait!  They arrived in the week, so now I could begin.

So a couple of hours later I was finished.

Although I have made my own cord to use on furnishing's I had never used this style of cording and I think I'll make my own if I need to use any again. It was a bit of a nightmare to try and turn a nice straight corner and of course not knowing this I'd cut the bottom cushion to go round the front posts to have a nice finish. So had a triple corner in a very small length of fabric, which was a nightmare to manage, but I did if not as smartly as it should have been.

Which you can see in this photo, although I forgot to put it back a little to sit nicely before taking photo !

Although the pattern is quite big I think i suits the chair well.

So since Clara is not here, the teddies decided to try it out for size. First up was Flying Captain Freddie , he found it quite comfortable. Freddie is new to me but a vintage bear of many years

Next was Pebs, which is short for Paul Edward Bear ,who I've owned since Paul gave him to me forty six years ago, he is wearing a rugby style shirt worn by all my girls, making that a good thirty seven years old!

Well the rain started while I was sewing and it's not stopped and won't until early tomorrow morning but I feel I have at least had a productive day .